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  1. free art please

    1. Kim


      yes officer, this man right here...

  2. Ttsim

    can u lend me 3 dolars and 50 cents, half a bean and an old boot? Thanks

  3. Ever


    1. chaotikal


      cant believe ur still alive

    2. Telanir


      my favourite person! ?

  4. You’re not supposed to publicly announce the secret police, that’s missing the point.
  5. Sky

    i missed you

  6. hey, sorry I saw your profile and I just thought it was really cute ((I really wanted to tell you that)) It's really rare to see girls playing video games haha! I dont know why I like it so much its a guy thing honestly. I saw you playing on a cs:go server I use and you were pretty good. ;) sorry that wasnt flirting I promise, I'm just trying to be friendly... was that too far? just don't meet many girl gamers haha we should talk sometime you seem really cute and fun xxx

  7. I was going to make lore like this but you beat me to it. Sure. I'd love to play one so +1.
  8. Watching old aegis videos makes me realize how short entity view distance is now. Back in Aegis you could see players 256 blocks away now it's 32 blocks.

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    2. KBR


      It makes no sense though, you should be able to see them. Oh wrll

    3. big narstie
    4. UnBaed


      I don't think it's all Minecraft servers @KBR on some other servers I've been able to see people extremely far away when on lotc people don't load in unless they're right in my face

  9. tbh mobile phones have worse coverage than our messenger birds do @BathRugMan It's a really cool design (love the drawing) but I don't think it really fits into LOTC unless it was severely temperamental. However, we have seen stranger things; if anything, something more akin to a golem that carries people would work better, in my own opinion. If anything, using telekinesis for this over straight steam power or something akin to that makes it harder; telekinesis cannot lift living beings, after all, because their shape, centre of gravity and momentum are infinitely changing. Having a living person on top of a device like this only makes the process more complicated. As such, I think telekinesis is unfit for such a device but I am no expert in it. Overall, I do like the design but I think it needs some changes. Good luck!
  10. You're right but the issue being addressed is that you can't strip powers from someone when they vanish from / go inactive your guild, only to return with RP and OOC power. That could happen in an arcane magic guild just as easily as in the Clerics or whatever. If guild/nation leaders can implement consensual permakill clauses they can most definitely implement magical mothballing clauses. I don't really get what the difference is, especially when/if it's a case of "You can literally only be a Paladin if you're in Bob's Paladins".
  11. Okay and why can't guild-level rules that are self imposed fix this? Why do they need to be arbitrarily applied to all deistic magics? What about arcane magic guilds? Are they somehow exempt?
  12. If you can talk to a teacher to get your magic back, what is the actual point of this whole pile of bureaucracy involving lists and moderation when in reality it just adds an extra hurdle to whatever issue is going on.
  13. How's this an advantage though? People will schism over OOC issues whether we have this system or not, and a contrived scenario hardly proves anything. If anything this simply makes it harder for people to reintegrate because their magic is inexplicably gimped without much reason why. A much better solution, would be to make players gimp themselves (Gasp! Players being held accountable!). Guild rules should state that inactivity means the leaders can excommunicate or at least mothball your magical powers until you become active again. Either that or players should willingly mothball themselves until later. Having it defined at a guild-level is much better than admins applying it an entire branch of groups that are only loosely connected.
  14. I don't see how having your magic gimped removes any executive power you might have unless you have a really badly organized guild. Honestly seems like busywork for the sake of busywork and more needless complication. If people come back from a year long hiatus and wave their magical wang around they're the problem not the system. Guilds don't have a zero-sum on slots, after all. Who revolves their whole hierarchy around magical tiers that don't even exist anyways?
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