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  1. Hi there im a Diamond VIP and need my forum group setting. Also i hear i get a channel in teamspeak or something. (Im on old player from way back when) Thanks Ben
  2. Well it wasn't otherwise i would have been perma banned. although it may just have been because of what i was using it for, even though it was still wrong to use it and i totally shouldn't have and now the laws have tightened up like a million % from what it was like back then. (jumping over the walls of the warden fortress so i didnt have to go all the way to the other side to go through the gate house, + flying above the camp to check the layout (i was designing and building it for malinor as i was leader of the army and also to cut down all the floating trees that were left around the area) but i got unbanned for that so I don't see how it should be brought back and used against me as it has already been dealt with.
  3. Yes and then i was unbanned again after that. but then because there was dispute over my character name i was supposed to be temp banned until a new one was decided so as not to ruin rp. but then respiren decided to keep me banned as we argued and he counted it as not showing him enough respect
  4. dunno i think it was not showing respiren enough respect or something. I think cos i argued with him
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  6. Report: none Rule Broken/Disputed: none Character Witnesses: Respiren, shiftnative Event Details: Hi guys i was just wondering if it was possible to get unbanned yet. thanks ben. Screenshots/Vids: none
  7. [b]Report:[/b] [there isnt one] [b]Rule Broken/Disputed:[/b] [None.] [b]Character Witnesses:[/b] [Respiren, serenityonyx] [b]Event Details:[/b] Hi i dont have a ban report because it was only supposed to be a temperory thing. I was temp banned by respiren over a name dispute and so as to not break rp while deciing a new name and back story. But then resporen left without unbanning me. So im just requesting to be unbanned as really i shouldnt be :L. Thanks Ben [b]Screenshots/Vids:[/b] [none]
  8. Bannee: BenjaminKayEight Report: http://www.lordofthecraft.net/forum/index.php?/topic/20465-ban-report-benjaminkayeight/page__p__89141__hl__benjaminkayeight__fromsearch__1#entry89141 Rule Disputed: stealing items Character Witnesses: Crackerjack494 Event Details: was having abit of a crappy week or so because of college i wasnt on that much and so wasnt able to propperly lead the wardens (elven military which i set up aswell as the previous pathfinders) so i handed over the leadership to Crackerjack494 after a few days i popped back online and was helping somone build in the bad lands and decided to make something myself which i couldnt decide wether to make it for myself or the wardens and as we had mostl been doing things ooc i thought i was still apart of it. I took some stuff from the warden store chests which up to and including that point i had always and still was using it as my personal store room where i kept all my stuff. I admit i took more than i needed but it was rather far away and didnt want to travel and i would have taken back any left over items i had, but the whole thing got blown out of proportion with missunderstanding and my indecision on what i wanted to do next and a whole lack of communication. I admit i was in the wrong and shouldnt have done it but at the time i really didnt think anything of it as i was just continuing to use the store room like i always had. I have since talked to crackerjack494 and apologised and would like to request being let back into the server. Thanks BenjaminKayEight
  9. I BlackThorn may or may not be leaving the server until it is decided please put forth all questions to the other officers. thankyou
  10. I dont know about the other officers but im (BlackThorn) online from about 5pm - 10pm GMT im usually on all day but because i have started college i cant be otherwise i would be dead walking lol. im usually on or just logging off when the other officers are. obv for the moment everything is on hold thanks to notch's stupid coding.
  11. we will be having a gm event soon (mentioned in the livestream) with the elven wall built in the north :D
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