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  2. I BlackThorn may or may not be leaving the server until it is decided please put forth all questions to the other officers. thankyou
  3. I dont know about the other officers but im (BlackThorn) online from about 5pm - 10pm GMT im usually on all day but because i have started college i cant be otherwise i would be dead walking lol. im usually on or just logging off when the other officers are. obv for the moment everything is on hold thanks to notch's stupid coding.
  4. we will be having a gm event soon (mentioned in the livestream) with the elven wall built in the north :D
  6. We rp found the base for a 2nd time we did it with GM supervision so it was fair and the looting and searching was gm sanctioned contact NekoDanie
  7. just a note. 1. i do have power as GrandHighBorn not just in the wardens but in Malinor. 2. Those deserting the wardens without being dismissed will be subject to arrest and trial. 3. Shush up- we are working very hard to try and get thinks running so please dont complain about not having stuff to do, remember laurelin is a peaceful nation we are here to defend it not wage wars OK!
  8. Also wardens are not allowed to follow non wardens into battle
  9. Warden Rules of battle and war: The wardens are The elven army we do not go to war unless commanded to by The high prince. You may join fights against the undead and help nations we are allied with but you cannot join a propper fight without a warden officer being present this means if you see an undead attacking a few people then help if they are attacking a city or outpost an officer must be with you.
  10. Ranks and what they can do: Leader: GrandHighborn: Anything this guy does is allowed officer: Highborn: basicly leads while the grandhighborn is away officer: Nobles: Are the leaders of different sections of the wardens Crackerjack494 (Quazar): He is the grandhighborns voice and should be asked all questions. officer: Waywatcher: These look after the guards and initiates and report to nobles they are there to sort out disputes so higher ranks dont have to, ask them for something to do. they have no real say in what goes on in the base. Guards: guards are allowed to arrest
  11. The warden base is south west of laurelin and is open to the public
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