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  1. I am probably necroposting and all, but I say "What the hell? I might as well." I've recently been writing a series of short books in the development of a world for pen & paper RPG campaigns that is largely constructed from my own recollection of past role-play experiences. As I was writing the chapter on halflings to describe them as they exist in that world's canon, I couldn't help but remember that one curious and highly driven halfling Aedan met in the vale of Elysium. What times those were, and what fond memories I've got of the little fellow. He's considered one of Aedan's closest friends and one that was very particular among them. I gotta say I really enjoyed interacting with him myself.
  2. In all my years role-playing (soon-to-be 10, to be precise) I never heard of people not understanding RP is nowhere near superficial, and that morality is one of the most important things to consider (LotC is the exception to this, but I don't quite count it in my curriculum). Then again, this is most people's first RP experience, so a guide doesn't hurt. Thanks for contributing this to the community. Hopefully they'll read it and give it some thought.
  3. Not sure if this helps but I feel it needs to be said: I believe the reason the community is flipping shite all over the announcement is because, if I may generalize, the problem is we don't want a Lore Admin at all.

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    2. Jistuma


      I assume if you don't want a leader for the LMs, you don't want the LMs?

    3. Aedan The Bard

      Aedan The Bard

      Lore Moderators are needed. Game Moderators are used for keeping technical and mechanical issues at check with the playerbase. Lore Moderators are like the guys we go to when we don't know something regarding RP.

    4. csmalls
  4. So... Is MPM a thing again (compatible, etc), or are we still in the dark ages? D:

  5. So... I arrived to see what was up and I see why I wasn't around for so long. See you around again o_o Oh, and happy new year, everyone!~ :D

  6. Happy New Year! On behalf of everyone~

  7. Merry Christmas! We're all hoping to see you soon, though we have no idea if it'll become reality or not.

  8. Hi! Things have settled down, surprisingly enough, thanks to the whole break/hiatus we're both taking (I suppose) from all the drama. I finally sorted out what was killing me inside (irl stuff) and, well, someone even messaged me saying they were glad to see the real Jack, my old self, back on track. I only hope you come back too, someday.

  9. Anyone seen Ari active or around yet? :/

  10. So, today's time for my monthly/weekly (not really systematic) check-in on the server. That said, how is the server doing? Have things gotten better or are they the same? (has it gotten worse, even?) How's everyone?

    1. ExcitedEXE


      Pretty good, just a bit.. bland.

    2. Lark


      Plans are afoot. Plans I say!

  11. Would you.. please say something?

  12. I hope you're taking care and, hopefully, coming back soon. Cheers!

  13. Someone should add to the lore/wiki that it was an Adunian who created crucible steel IC, through aprox. 30 years of research, trial and error, and, at last, 5 hours of intense blacksmith RP of making the first Ulfberht; with the help of Morvan Orvar and his cousin, Byrnjolf.

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    2. Anderssn


      Kay, Because we had an ulfberth and some crrúcible steel axes in fringe with a professional blacksmith.

    3. Anderssn


      And now that Orvars left I think we're the only viking/dane based culture/group left.

    4. Aedan The Bard

      Aedan The Bard

      Thing is, crucible steel wasn't officially made by anyone but the Adunian I mentioned. Most people just implied their stuff was made of that material, but none went through the RP of developing it, thus most of it is either lesser quality crucible steel or fake crucible steel as far as IC knowledge goes.

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