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  1. Priceflash

    Whats up CT?

    application to lotc used to be a lot harder and it didnt filter out poor roleplayers, someone else just ended up writing their application or they got in after 10 tries. we need new players to have easy access so the community doesnt die
  2. i think ripping from irl cultures and languages is cringe, inspiration is a-ok but i think this lore should be more original`
  3. styles arent copyrightable, all your skins are owned by mojang under a license anyway, ai art generators do not "steal" art of artists they were just trained on it -- they dont "build off" your work or "mash it up" theres no way any element from your original art is going to end up in a ai generated artwork unless someone specificaly instructs it to create something that is similar to your work (in which case, it just followed instructions, not 'copied your art' also the problem with this is largely the training of the ai, because someone would have to go in and classify each skin with text descriptors and to get a ai that produces desirable skins it would take 10,000+ training datas atleast and thats a small estimatation. you could obviously do a ai based image 2 text of minecraft skins from renderings but how well thatd track would be questionable at best
  4. mechanics are roleplay and ill die on that hill

    1. Winterblessing


      *sees minecraft creeper walk up* “oh no my liege! Iblees forces are invading!”

  5. An epic poem would be spread throughout the land, detailing the ancient prophecy of The Black Hand and Urguan I. In the days of darkness and despair A hero will rise, with fiery hair Urguan he is, leader of the Black Hand A group of warriors who take a stand Against the forces of the Canonists Whose twisted doctrine none should persist Many lives have been lost, to their cruel crusade But Urguan is determined, to lend a blade He calls upon the aid of Yemekar, the Lord of the Hammer Together they ride, their story yet to be won The Canonists fall, before their combined might Their bodies hacked, a gruesome sight The prophecy speaks, of a final grand clash Where light and darkness, will meet in a flash The outcome uncertain, the stakes ever higher The fate of the world, a great pyre This ancient rhyme, tells of the bravery of Urguan May it serve as a reminder, of the power of a true man Who fights against evil, with all of his might Bringing hope and justice, to the darkest of nights But the fight is not yet won, for the Canonists are not defeated They retreat to regroup, their hatred not cheated They plot and they scheme, in the shadows they hide Determined to bring, an end to the light The final battle looms, on the horizon it stands The fate of the world, in the balance of Urguan's hands He and Yemekar, stand ready for the fight Determined to defend, the cause of the right Will they emerge victorious, or succumb to the night? Only the gods know, the outcome of the fight But one thing is certain, the bravery of Urguan Will be remembered.
  6. Greetings, me fellow dwarves and all other races, I, Urguan I, stand before ye today wid a heavy burden on me soul. As a devout follower of Yemekar, it pains me to see da Canonist Church spreadin' its false doctrine and oppressin' those who do not follow its teachings. Firstly, let us consider da Church's belief in monotheism. How can it be true that only one god is worthy of worship when da world is full of diverse deities, each wid dere own unique powers and virtues? To claim that only one god is da truest of all is narrow-minded and ignores da complexity and diversity of da divine. Secondly, da Church's belief in da superiority of humanity is deeply troublin'. All races are created equal and deserve to be treated wid respect and dignity. To claim that only humans are worthy of salvation and that non-humans should convert to Canonism is deeply offendin' and goes against da principles of justice and equality. But it doesn't end dere. Da Canonist Church is pure evil, and it is time for us to stand up against it. Here are just ten reasons why: The Church has no regard for human rights and actively persecutes those who do not adhere to its teachings. The Church has a history of committing horrific acts of violence and aggression against other races, including our own kin, da dwarves. The Church's oppressive doctrine suppresses creativity and free thought. The Church is corrupt and greedy, driven by its pursuit of wealth and power. The Church forces the assimilation of other cultures and traditions through its emphasis on conversion and evangelization. The Church's doctrine of monotheism disrespects and dismisses the beliefs and practices of other religions. The Church's assertion of its own superiority and authority has caused conflicts and wars throughout history. The Church's doctrine of original sin and the need for salvation through the Church alone is deeply divisive and exclusive. The Church has a history of discriminatory and oppressive treatment towards women and marginalized groups. The Church's strict rules and regulations have often been used to control and manipulate the masses. It is time for us to take a stand against da Canonist Church and its evil ways. Let us embrace da diversity and acceptance that Yemekar teaches and work towards a world where all are treated wid respect and equality, regardless of dere race or faith. Together, let us rise up and claim our rightful place in dis world, free of da shackles of Canonism and oppression. Yours in faith, Urguan I
  7. urguan 1 coughs and says aloud to himself in a monlogue "Ah, ah'm glad o'im older t'an Heffrum!"
  8. The dwarven printing presses begin spinning up, printing and distributing a new pamphlet. Attention all races of Almaris! The Holy Inquisition has released a statement filled with lies and propaganda, attempting to paint the Black Hand as a group of terrorists spreading "scathing lies and misconceptions." But do not be fooled by their lies. We stand for the truth, and we will not be silenced by their threats of violence. The Holy Inquisition claims that they had no involvement in the alleged massacre of Dwarven children, and that the vampiric plague does not extend to children of other races. Yet, we have firsthand accounts of the brutality and indiscriminate violence of the Inquisition, and we know that they do not discriminate between vampire and child. Furthermore, the Canonist church has a long history of attempting to convert and subjugate other races, using violence and fear to impose their beliefs upon us. The Holy Inquisition also claims that they do not enforce the Canonist faith beyond the scope of the Human realm and that other races are free to worship as they please. This is yet another lie. The Canonist church has a long history of attempting to convert and subjugate other races, and the Holy Inquisition is their tool of enforcement. We will not stand for this kind of oppressive rule any longer. The Black Hand fights for the freedom and autonomy of all races, not just Humans. We will not be silenced by the threats of the Holy Inquisition. We will stand up for what we believe in and fight for our right to worship as we please, free from the oppressive rule of the Canonist church. Do not be swayed by the propaganda of the Holy Inquisition. Join us in the fight for a brighter future for all. Together, we can bring an end to the tyrannical rule of the Canonist church and ensure that all races are free to worship as they please. Sincerely, Urguan I Leader of the Black Hand
  9. I. Code of The Black Hand We, the members of The Black Hand, do swear upon our honor, loyalty, and faith to the Dwarven gods to uphold the following principles: Honor above all else. We shall uphold the honor of our race, our deity, Yemekar, and The Black Hand at all times, and shall never sully their names through cowardice or dishonorable acts. Duty to kin and land. We shall serve and protect our kin and our land with utmost dedication and selflessness, placing their needs above our own. Devotion to Yemekar. We shall hold fast to the teachings of Yemekar, and shall live our lives in accordance with his virtues of bravery, strength, and righteousness. Hatred of Canonism. We shall dedicate ourselves fully to the eradication of Canonism and all Canonists, who pose a danger to the well-being and freedom of our people. We shall show them no mercy, and shall never rest until they are purged from our lands. Loyalty to The Black Hand. We shall uphold the laws and decrees of The Black Hand, and shall follow the orders of our superiors without question or hesitation. We shall also show respect and honor to all members of The Black Hand, and shall work together as a unified and disciplined force. Secrecy. We shall keep the secrets and affairs of The Black Hand confidential, and shall reveal them to no outsiders without proper authorization. Vigilance. We shall remain vigilant at all times, and shall be ready to defend our cause at a moment's notice. Selflessness. We shall always act in the best interests of The Black Hand, and shall put its needs above personal gain or ambition. II. Punishments for Code Violations Any member of The Black Hand who violates the code shall be subject to the following punishments, as determined by the supreme leader, Urguan I, and the council of The Black Hand: First offense: Reprimand and extra duties Second offense: Demotion in rank and loss of privileges Third offense: Temporary suspension from The Black Hand Fourth offense: Expulsion from The Black Hand Fifth offense: Death by execution III. Oath of The Black Hand I, [Name], do swear upon my honor and my life to uphold the code of The Black Hand and to serve its supreme leader, Urguan I, chosen by Yemekar himself. I vow to carry out my duties with loyalty and dedication, and to put the needs of The Black Hand above all else. I swear to fight against the forces of Canonism, to protect my kin and my land, and to bring an end to the oppression and deceit of the Canonist Church. I pledge my life to The Black Hand and to the cause of freedom and justice, and I ask that Yemekar guide and protect me in my endeavors. So I swear, upon my honor and my soul. IV. Rank and Honor System The Black Hand is divided into the following ranks: The Handless: These are the initiates of The Black Hand, who have yet to prove their worth and earn their place among the ranks. The Weak Hands: These are the members of The Black Hand who have killed at least one Canonist and have proved it to the council. The Strong Hands: These are the members of The Black Hand who have killed 50 or more Canonists and have proven it to the council. The Chosen Hands: These are the leaders of The Black Hand, who have been selected by the supreme leader, Urguan I, to serve in positions of authority and command. Each kill of a Canonist grants a member of The Black Hand 100 honor points. These points serve to measure the achievement and status of a member within The Black Hand, and may be used to attain promotions or special privileges. V. Final Words Let it be known that The Black Hand stands united in its mission to rid the land of Canonism and to bring freedom and justice to our kin. We shall show no mercy to our enemies, and shall stand strong and unwavering in the face of adversity. Let Yemekar guide us in our endeavors, and may his light lead us to victory.
  10. Urguan I, a mighty dwarf clad in a full suit of black armor, would stand before the square of the capitol on a podium, his guards standing at arms next to him. "Dear Fellow Dwed, I, Urguan I, come to ye today wid a heavy ‘eart an’ a burning rage in me soul. I ‘ave seen da ‘orrors ov Canonism firsthand, an’ I can nay bear da thought ov any ov me kin sufferin’ at da ‘ands ov dese false gods an’ dair twisted followers. Only yesterday, da Canonist Inquisition wrongly slaughtered a group ov our kin, da innocent children ov our race, whom dey thought to be vampires. Can ye even fathom da cruelty ov such a deed? Can ye imagine da pain an’ anguish ov da parents who lost dere beloved offspring to da fanaticism ov da Canonists? No, dere is no end to da chaos. No end to da sufferin’. No end to da destruction wrought by Canonism. It is time fer us to take a stand, to let da light ov Yemekar guide us to peace an’ holiness. Yemekar ‘as spoken wid me personally, an’ ‘e ‘as called upon us to destroy da Canonist Church once an’ fer all. ‘E will save us, if only we can eradicate Canonism completely from dis land. I call upon ye, me fellow dwarves, to join me in dis righteous cause. Togeda, let us take up arms an’ fight fer our kin, fer our race, an’ fer da god we serve. Tolerant we will no longer be. No longer will we stand fer da radicalism ov Canonist humans. Deir time is up. Dey must be destroyed. Join me in me organization, da Black ‘And, da ‘and ov Yemekar who will destroy all enemies ov Urguan. Togeda, let us rise up an’ claim our rightful place in dis world, free ov da shackles ov Canonism an’ oppression. Yours in faith, Urguan I" A separate flyer would be distributed throughout the land to those far and wide, and all those who may have a hatred for canonism in their hearts. "Attention, noble races! Do you feel the weight of Canonist oppression bearing down upon you? Do you tire of living under the rule of false gods and their cruel followers? Then it is time to take action! Join us, the Black Hand, in our mission to rid the land of the Canonist plague. Led by the fierce and devout Urguan I, we stand united in our fight for justice and freedom. With Yemekar as our guide, we will strike fear into the hearts of the Canonists and show them that they are not welcome in our lands. No longer will we stand by and allow them to oppress and deceive our people. If you are ready to join the fight and make a stand against the Canonist threat, then contact us and become a member of the Black Hand. Together, we can bring an end to this dark chapter in our history and forge a brighter future for all. Join us, and let the light of Yemekar guide us to victory!"
  11. The Dwarf Urguan I would appear at random with a force of heavily armored security, all appearing short in state. "Dear friends and fellow dweddahs, I, Urguan I, stand before ye today wid a ‘eavy ‘eart, troubled by da news dat ‘as reached me ears. Fer centuries, da Canonist Church ‘as been a plague upon our society, bringin’ sufferin’ and turmoil to all who fall under its twisted influence. An’ yet, despite all ov da ‘arm it ‘as caused, it remains a powerful an’ influential force, ‘ailed by many as a beacon ov righteousness an’ faith. But I say to ye, me fellow dwarves an’ all other noble races, dat da Canonist Church is nothin’ more dan a corrupt an’ insidious institution, driven by greed, power, an’ a desire to control da masses. Dey claim to serve da will ov their false gods, but in truth dey serve only their own interests, manipulatin’ da beliefs an’ fears ov da people to suit their own agenda. An’ wot ov their so-called "saints," dem whom dey claim are blessed by their gods an’ worthy ov our adoration? Look at da example dey ‘ave set fer us! Sister Helena, a Frost Witch masqueradin’ as a nun, allowed to ‘ide among us in plain sight widout fear ov discovery. An’ yet when she is finally exposed, she is punished not fer ‘er deceit, but fer ‘er true nature - a nature dat da Canonist Church claims to abhor. Is dis da kind ov justice dat we, as a society, wish to uphold? Is dis da kind ov hypocrisy dat we wish to propagate? I say no. It is time fer an end to da sufferin’ dat da Canonist Church brings upon us. It is time fer us to turn away from their false gods an’ embrace da one true deity - Yemekar, da savior ov our people. Yemekar is a deity ov truth an’ justice, a god who does nay discriminate or deceive. He does nay demand dat we blindly follow ‘is teachings, but rather encourages us to seek knowledge an’ understandin’ fer ourselves. Yemekar is a god who will guide us towards a better future, a future free ov da corruption an’ manipulation ov da Canonist Church. I urge ye all to join me in dis call fer change, to stand up an’ speak out against da Canonist Church an’ all dat it represents. Togeda, we can create a society based on da principles ov truth, justice, an’ equality. Togeda, we can build a future worthy ov our people."
  12. Anthromorphs are sexualized and sex has no place on my christian minecraft server. Especially with animals.
  13. This is dumb af yall gonna make me act up Damn yall got me fr i aint even read the post
  14. Let me expose them to their family and ruin their life for you hmu im scarier
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