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  1. I'd say if you could possibly just only allow the core npcs and disable all the other ones that'd be a preferable outcome as I feel like banks and auction houses are just nice to physically see. If that is technically too arduous, I'd say remove them all until the fix can be created. I think removing them could impact the new player experience but if someone lags out 10 times the first day they join a server that can't be right.
  2. I'd have a story team member play her for me and i'd fade to black.
  3. IGN: priceflash RP NAME: Verrik Grandaxe CANDIDATE: Durorn Ireheart
  4. in rp shouldnt your character have to walk somewhere and harvest a rare resource cited in lore to do alchemy
  5. Grand Admiral Verrik Grandaxe claps, screaming "NARVAK OZ URGUAN!!!". The screams would appear to be coming from far off the water at the ports....
  6. pray for my unban besties 1 like = 1 prayer



  7. wait for me zaddy



    starships were meant to fly; nicki minaj is coming perrrr get ready for NM5 kids

    1. Nug


      my anaconda dont

  9. Based and Kowaman pilled.
  10. happy new year besties

  11. CREME BRULEE CONGRATULATIONS FRILL you a shrimp cocktail OREO ICE CREAM SANDWICH!!!!! HUSHPUPPIES ONION RINGS (these look good af btw ) loaded baked potato pizza omgggg SALMON!!!! YUMMY
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