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  1. Anyone else unable to get onto the server?

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    2. Potts244


      I'm on right now making some hot soup.

    3. Pureimp10


      I'm having trouble, and I'm in America.

    4. ShameJax


      Try direct connection. I'm in America, and was having issues until I tried that.

  2. ((OOC)) MC Name: Bethykinss Skype: Ya' know it. Timezone: GMT IC Name: Beth Winterleaf Race: Wood Elf. Nation Allegiance (Only if you are a political member, this does not count citizenship): Age: 200 or so. Can you fight?: Yup. Do you know magic?: Druidism! Would you do work (Nexus professions) for the Scions?: When I have the time.
  3. Updated the Weaknesses, nicknames and created a new topic for recent events. ^^
  4. Snow Druid Beth Big Booty Beth Full name: Beth Callaxson Nicknames: Squishy, Meanie, Bethy, Heavy B, Betty, Betsy, Big Butt Bethy, Big Booty Beth, Pointy, Chu-B, Elephant Arse, Badonkadonk Beth, Woodwoman, Leg Water Lady. Age: 351. Though Beth doesn't know her exact age. Gender: Female Race: Wood Elf Status: Alive and well, at the moment. Beth at Present Time Beth, now having reached the age of three hundred has inevitably succumb to insanity, as have very few other old druii. She is not villainous, nor wicked by any means, her personality and morals have not altered because of the change. Prior to Vailor she was partly sane, though due to being a druid for many years she has succumb to complete insanity over time. It might not be noticeable at first, though it would be shown by her actions or when she tries to explain topics with odd logic that makes little to no sense, or when she speaks out phrases which are unheard of. She tends to vocally exalt her logic. which leaves a few people generally confused. After continuous injury to her head she has become forgetful of many topics, and tends to get distracted at odd times. However, she usually remains attentive when a very serious or urgent issue is brought up. She still remains enthusiastic about most things, but has developed new peculiar fears out of the blue, such as the "Bad Talk". Physical Description Beth looks to be about 29 years of age, standing at 5’9”. She is tanned, spending most of her time out in the sun. Though she would be a lot more tanned if she chose to eat carrots. She has tousled brown hair that she does tend to dye often, her preferred hair colour is white. She has hard dark blue eyes and a lean and well-defined build, though people tend to call her squishy to tease her. In the middle of her back she has a large scar that resembles a Lur Wolf. Beth also bears a few other scars around her body from other incidents, though none around her face. Beth wears a sleeveless black shirt under a long dark green robe with many different designs, colours and odd things around it. She wears a reasonably new brown belt and brown leather trousers with dark brown, long boots with a lace going up the side. She carries a long sword in a scabbard, which is attached to her side. She carries a worn leather brown satchel with her that looks as if it’s been through quite a lot. Her arms and right leg are wooden. Her arms seem to be long birch branches that break off into smaller branches to form fingers. Leaves surround the branches, especially at her finger tips. Her right leg is different, however. Her right leg is made of normal wood, with long metal bars that circle it, probably to protect it from splintering. The bars are covered in odd engravings. Unlike her arms, it is removable and is normally filled up to the brim in water. Health Beth is quite healthy and rarely comes down with a cold. When she does she tries her best to hide it. Though she's rarely successful. She has gotten the plague about three times, so far. Personality Beth has a very feisty personality. She often teases her friends but is very loyal to them and will stand up for those she truly cares about. She tends to give her friends nicknames for amusement or just because she doesn't want to say their whole name. She is generally a cheerful individual. She doesn't really flirt, and if someone were to flirt or compliment her she'd generally reply with one word, "Thanks." She is a very strong-willed person but at times can be very mellow. She can be humorous but doesn't actually realise when she is. She can be quite stubborn, not allowing people to change her thoughts on a certain subject. Once her mind is set on something it's set. Beth is definitely not a shy individual, she tends to speak her mind and is known to be "Weird", even though everyone is, well according to Beth anyway. She is an honest person but when she has to lie about something, for example to a child about where babies come from then she will. She doesn't enjoy staying in the one area for long because she can get bored fast if nothing interesting is happening. She is known to hold long grudges against a person. She is very blunt about things, sometimes she doesn't realize that she's being blunt until someone tells her that she is. She absolutely hates being talked down to and can get very irritated by such. She has a sharp wit and can come up with reasonable comebacks when she wants to. She can be quite childish, many times not acting her own age but she doesn't care because it's who she is. She has a general distrust for authority, often ignoring orders. Though she does listen to her friends, sometimes. She tends to go around the rules to help a person who is in danger or to do what she thinks is right. She frequently jokes and banters in life-or-death situations trying to mask her own fears and anxieties. Likes: Beth likes many things, including fights, travelling and taking adventures as well as heal those who need it. She also likes to make clothes in her spare time, the outfits she wears are always the ones she makes. Since she is very competitive she loves winning arguments, even the most silliest arguments. She also likes beards (She tends to stick her arm in beards to see if the person is hoarding anything.), nicknames, nature, good company, having fun, cake and a good challenge. She loves snooping around houses, caves, labs, ruins, really anywhere. She also loves to poke people, though others see it as rude she sees it as a way to start up conversation and she just finds it fun. Dislikes: Beth may like many things but she also dislikes many things. She greatly dislikes when people brag, up to the point where she may want to hit them. She dislikes when she’s being talked down to or insulted, and also hates losing. When she loses an argument or a fight she tends to sulk and she isn't fond of the colour pink. She also dislikes the abuse of power, being alone, slavery, the undead, jewellery, wearing dresses, writing poems and she has a general dislike of Oreners because of the way they act, but has made friends with them before. She hates castles because she finds them too cold and dark. She also doesn't like big houses or manors. Flaw(s): Beth has many flaws. She can have trouble trusting others because of her long past but she can make friends rather easily. She is quite stubborn, not allowing anyone to change her point of view. She can become fixated on winning an argument or a challenge at times. Beth can be somewhat-immature at times. She can get irritated easily and has slight anger issues though doesn’t admit to them. She has abandonment issues that she never talks about. She has no idea how to cook really anything, she never learnt how and isn't really interested in learning how at the age she is now. She's rather blunt. She can be overprotective when it comes to family and close friends. She is sometimes nosy, and loves to snoop around places she's never seen before. She becomes easily jealous when in a relationship, often sulking. Beth's unpredictable, her actions are difficult to foresee because tends to not plan ahead and is doing something different everyday. Inventory: Beth normally carries around food and medical supplies in her satchel at all times. She also carries around her pet Bee Bumble who treats her satchel as a small home for himself. She becomes really annoyed if she loses her satchel. Further Details: She’s a damn good friend. Lifestyle Alignment: Neutral Good. Deity: The Aspects Religion: Druidism. Alliance/ Nation/ Home: Dwarven City, Druid Grove, Cerulin. Job/Class: Archdruid Title(s): Snow Druid Beth. Profession(s): N/A. Special Skill(s): Beth is skilled at using a blade after practicing with it for years. She is also good at climbing, used to travelling around forests. She is very good at mundane healing, her avid practice and healing many over the years shows this. She is a good tailor, making clothes for herself and at times for others, though she’ll rarely make clothes for others. Since she wears little armour she can be agile, it'd be easily to outrun a person in full armour. Fear(s): She has a deep fear of death, though doesn’t like to admit it. She also is afraid of being alone and has abandonment issues as said before. She used to be absolutely insane and somewhat infamous because of it, she had her mind healed and is afraid of turning into anything close to that again. Weakness(s): Beth doesn't wear a whole lot of armour, some strong hits would damage her more than it would if she was wearing armour. She can be impulsive. She tends to get hurt a lot because she likes seeing what potions, dangerous plants and so on will do. She gets into trouble often, getting into fights and so on. She takes bets and dares very seriously, which can get her into a bit of a fix. She tends to say she is fine, even if she is not so that her friends don't worry about her. This more than often leads into trouble soon after in her life. Weaponry Fighting Stance: Beth takes up an offensive position when fighting. She is proficient with a blade, any type. Though she prefers wielding a longsword rather than a dagger or shortsword. She will use the gifts and her fists in a fight if necessary. Trained Weapon: Blade. Favored Weapon: Beth’s favoured weapon is a longsword. She has never had any practice with another weapon except for a bow and even with that she knows very little. She's an amateur with a bow, at best. A blade is the only weapon she wielded while training and is the weapon she prefers most of all. Biography Parents: She also has two adopted mothers, Kyral Winterleaf and Lillith Winterleaf. Siblings: None. Though she sees a few people as her brothers and sisters. Such as Elvi who she sees as a younger sister. Children: Her biological children are dead as far as Beth knows. She has two adopted sons called Arveldir, Ailluin and Zaki. Extended Family: Cir'dian is her adopted Grandson. Pet(s): She has a small pet spider called Eskth. She also has a bee the size of a baseball which she calls Bumble. She has a pet Ker Wolf called Wolfy and a Karin Kitten though now a cat called Kitty. She also has taken on an enormous piglet called Fatty which she was given by Perdric. Artwork: N/A but if you would like to do any Artwork of Beth then go right ahead ;)
  5. I think someone could easily powergame this magic, being able to heal major wounds at tier two is a little bit fast.. I think you should maybe change that. It just seems that tier one you are very inexperienced then tier two comes along and you can heal major wounds, it just doesn't seem too possible and a bit quick in my opinion.
  6. My laptop screen has gone blue ._.

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    2. Telanir


      oh noes it must be sick, give it some aspirin or something

    3. Telanir


      or follow Geo's lead, it's probably thirsty

  7. I crash and then I can't log in.. NOOOO

  8. http://xpaw.ru/mcstatus/ Das why u can't log on
    1. Gwonam_Blaze


      Ohokay, thanks for sharing this.

    2. Fid


      :I We were going to RP today, to :(

  9. I have to write about a fairy tale.. But there are so many! Hmm..

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    2. Blundermore


      well, apart from Tolkien's world

    3. JCQuiinn


      Write about the time I had a girlfriend.

    4. Mish_


      Your on a server all about one, pick a time in rp

  10. Long live the Pumpkins! They'll devour the water melons and their little minions too!

    1. Bircalin


      We could only hide so long...

  11. Did anyone else crash or is it just me?

  12. Saw Mortal-Instruments: City of Bones today ^-^ Great movie

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    2. ixTec


      Was it as good as the books?

    3. JtPv


      Apparently, it's a parody of Scary Movie. Wot.

    4. Bethykinss


      The book is better but the movies are very good. And it is not a parody of Scary Movie! xD

  13. The server seems to be competing with itself

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