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  1. That's ok... I didn't want to play anyways.

  2. Dear knights who were inbound for Silva Insula. Better luck next time ;D

  3. I missed getting on the server, but now I just don't want to be reminded of the landscarrings :/ Thanks again to shift and everyone else that got the server back on again. You guys are the best!

  4. So is this DDoS attack still going?

  5. Reads the poster with great pleasure. He begins to remember the stories of Brokk Andvare MacGowan and his failed attempt to accomplish such a task. Without haste, Steviathon sends his letter to Aegis Keep on the collar of a messenger dog ((MC Name - SkittleGhost)) Name - Steviathon Combat Skills - Master swordsman and professional archer ((100 and 68 respectively)) Non Combat Skills - More-than-decent farmer ((50 farming)) Are you willing to fight - Under the title of Mercenary, yes.
  6. Amazing "300" forum picture...

  7. Its time to read ban reports...

  8. - pats back " It's fine.. " -

  9. Look, we just all need to stop bringing this up, so then we can just calm down on our own time. Then tomorrow we will be back to the way things were before the leak. Is that too much to ask?

    1. Lago


      TBH, people are just having fun making jokes about it now. The crisis is over.

    2. Steviathon


      Oh I know, I just had to go somewhere before I could send it and I didn't want to leave a post to waste...

  10. "Oh sweet new patch!" -server closes- " D':"

  11. Is /ooc not working or did I miss something?

  12. I really think people should vote more. If we all did, we'd be making it to the top of server lists for sure!

    1. Show previous comments  6 more


      I have to agree with Capt0z. His ads always remind me to vote and make it really easy to. Thanks!

    3. gingernut97
    4. Antharin
  13. *downloads modpack update* *server goes down* D':

  14. Why can't I go into Arethor without something bad happening? ;_;

  15. That feeling you get when you go into war and prepare for any type of killer... except for gravity.

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