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  2. Hey can you add me on skype? I'd like to help you build the swamps on 3.0.


  3. did we break the server?

  4. hey-oh, listen what I say-ohohoh

    1. -Max-


      the more I see the less I know, the more I like to let it go

  5. Crashing always interjects with my good rp >.>

  6. Lol! Anything's possible~ ;)

  7. you were even HAPPIER after you read it? impossible. ;)

  8. ~PERPETUAL ELATION~ Your fancy words just made my day! xD

  9. I know you're busy with guildwars, but leaving a comment on my villain application would really help out! thanks! (for some reason my messages receive an error when to your account :P)

  10. if you've liked my rp in the past, or haven't liked it, please make sure to drop a comment on my villain app!

  11. Sorry dez :P



      Lol bad timing for a DDoS

  12. What happened to you? What happened to Thicketbane? The last message from you was that you won't be online for a long time. Thicketbane has already fallen to nothing.

  13. Have you been around Thicketbane? We haven't seen you for a while.

  14. oh no, it's all fine.

  15. Sorry for my absence in town. I'm still in the process of getting a stable Internet connection in Japan...

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