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  1. i miss the good ol' days walking on the Kingsroad and eating people. 

  2. hi jistuma, i play one of your adopted children and im here to claim the throne

  3. Think you should at least find another drawback to the Replicants. The basic difference between dopplegangers and Replicants is the removal of two drawbacks (no magic, and no morals). Maybe the fact that the soul and body aren't compatible could lead to some unforcene complications that aren't there in the other homunculi types. For example, since homunculi normaly can't do magic, an interesting side effect to replicants doing it could be that instead of mental fatigue, the damage would be inflicted directly into their bodies, they starting to desintegrate (drip for water, specks o
  4. Hasn't direct healing been removed for over a year now?
  5. Just because I have questions about a lore doesn't mean I'm heckling with them. I'm asking for examples because I've seen nothing in the lore that stated that they can do half the things you've said they can do. What are the latent potentials, what are these supernatural effects, what are these volatile herbs? I assume by mend you mean replace, and if you did, it's the first example I've seen. Also I can tell you that normally magic and alchemy don't mix all that well, though I can think of a few ways it could be useful. I have nothing a
  6. So tippen roots becomes... same because it's already pretty good, and blissfoil numbs the area permanently because it's already powerful as heck? Unless you mean for things like natural antidotes, and teas to become stronger again after a sickness, and for healing actual illnesses, the herbs available are already powerful as they can be. Tippens can already stop bleeding from a lumberjacking accident, blissfoil can permanently numb an area, serpent stalk and frost vine are already pretty good at dealing with burns, though I guess this one could be a bit better. Normally alcohol is
  7. So... what are the actual effects of the enhanced plants? Do their properties just get more potent? Could you give some example and limitations?
  8. Adunians it got a bit weaker, so ye, it might get a bit weaker with many generations. Though for adunians was an end life of 200 instead of 150, so even for them, it wasn't much.
  9. I'm a bit concerning about the healing, because, as far as power goes, blight healing is a LOT more powerful than any other healing. It can regrow a small forest. Since Tree Lords are plants, would that mean they would be able to regrow limbs very quickly? They would be able to do that on normal trees, would that be denied because the plant is a tree lord? As far as I see it, it because a heal that would be the most powerful healing power in the universe at this moment, far stronger than clerics. Edit: Why not use the other subtype and say that it works directly on the
  10. Pretty sure they did, maybe I forgot. Either wya, 'they are plants' doesn't change the fact that they are still people. Blight healing's redline should unclude all characters. If it isn't said in the lore of either blight healing or tree lord, then by all standards, it's not allowed (yet at least).
  11. Thing is, blight healing does not heal people, it restores damaged plantations and land. Saying it heals a tree lord is bypassing one of it's redlines and shouldn't be allowed. They already fully heal themselves if a wound is not deadly.
  12. Infertility Potion Description and effects: This potion works as it’s name suggests, it causes infertility in a man or a woman, temporary or permanent. The normal bases of this potion lie in the ‘contraceptive’ plant Black Sun’s Splinter, which when eaten makes a woman unable to have children for a few hours, and if consumed in excess may make the woman infertile. This potion takes the plant to a new level, making it work on man or woman, making the effects last longer, and lessening the horrible taste. The lesser kind of this potion does the same effect as only th
  13. Would you mind moving the previous creature list to the outdated lore archive? The wiki link which should send to the original lore, sends back here, which makes a loop, because the lore here is the one on the wiki. Also, amber wolves are missing: https://wikia.lordofthecraft.net/index.php?title=Amber_Wolf And hair leech: https://wikia.lordofthecraft.net/index.php?title=Hair_Leech
  14. Just like I can summarize the current dark elf lore into 2 paragraphs, so could it. History lore doesn't have to be extensive imo, just like you don't need to know the full details on what happened in ww2 to know what happened, why and how. Though I only responded because I found it weird that you hadn't read the old lore. I liked the old lore, but in the context on what was suppose to happen. When I knew that almost nothing was built into the map, most of the lore I liked became useless and without context in the game.
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