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  1. ((Has any lore been accepted that actually allows Axios and Aeldin to be connected? Because you kind of need portals to reach it from Axios/Vailor/Athera/Aegis))
  2. There's a complete difference between a scar and an eye being removed, it's not the same. I haven't seen many players say a monk healed something of theirs when it's a cut or a broken bone (You just log in the next morning and a month has passed IG, so you don't need the monks to heal you). You get them doing that when an arm, an eye, a leg, a foot, the tongue, ears, etc, are removed.
  3. Should only be a % of the fee, we need a mina sink.
  4. Nope, nothing alike sit. While for sitting we have an invisible armorstand which the players ride (all entities can be ridden), laying down requires very complicated stuff that is done already in knock out, where we trick the player into thinking the character is laying on a bed when there is no bed. Also it would be confused with knockout.
  5. but he could tamper with what Aeriel cared most for, the passage of souls. Apohet felt a sense of triumph as he attached his realm to the passage, the dead's spirits now flowing into a newly made plane within it. But Apohet wasn't a malevolent being, or at least he didn't think of himself that way, and he didn't approve of those who were. And so he made it that only the good, the virtuous and the honourable souls would be able to come to him. So was his final insult to Aeriel; she would receive only the evil-doers, the apathetic standers-by, the greedy and the callous. I can't quote that for some reason, but it's in here: Edit: I found elementalism lore, but where is the lore for the other subtypes?
  6. Even if Krug is the most powerful ancestral spirit, he has no command over who enters the ancestral realm, that's up to Apohet, which was active when Krug entered it. At this point, not even Apohet decides who enters, he decided when he made it, and now it keeps the same way. Like it said in the lore, it's like a net, catching some descedents based on what they did in life. And it doesn't seperate between races when it does it. Only exception might be human because of their blessing, but that's about it. This was self impose limitations that the dwarve playerbase wanted, but that made no sense with lore (magic resistance makes almost no sense considering most magic have the same properties as the non magical stuff), and force new dwarves out of magic. LMs just said we would not accept such lore because it would stop new player dwarves that did want magic to not be able to have it (and saying they had a bit of irongut blood is BS'ing and you know it). Forest dwarves would not be able to be druids, but somehow they would be able to bypass that limitation with runes. For some reason you're still discussing it after 4-5 year, AEGIS player made lore, which was the map which had no lore team and everyone could invent whatever they wanted. Most stuff didn't pass.
  7. What are you saying, no LM has ever said orcs are braindead savages, ever. This is for Ologs, not for orcs. Ologs that were super tall, had to start hunching over. Actually it's Apohet that decides who enters the spirit realm, not Krug.
  8. Make it look good =/= change what it is. There's a big difference between making an area look good, and scrapping it and making something else.
  9. Seems like another reason to remove the concept of region owner and leave things to rp. If something isn't possible in rp, well, you can't do it then. Also, are they paying the 50000 minas needed to buy the LC to change all that region? Oh, wasn't selling LC being stopped for a while? Edit: Also pretty sure no one can own the regions that aren't being built on. Just because someone has region ownership in a supposibly non buildable region, doesn't mean they should have it.
  10. It was part of lore that the tusks were part of the reason for playing blah, and that the tusks make it harder to speak common. Why it started like that, isn't really important right now.
  11. Dormant is probably not the word you want then.
  12. What does this mean? Does this mean they don't have the orchish curse?
  13. I saw that video, but halfbreeds in LOTC already have their drawbacks. A half elf/orc/etc, is worse in almost all things than if they were original. Infertility is a curse, so only the half orc/elves should have that problem. If you give it to every half way, then you are saying that the half elves don't have a second curse.
  14. Shouldn't be any reason that a half breed can't have children. Halfbreeds don't become infertile, they just gain all the curses of their descendants.
  15. Only IC, OOC'ly it's been pretty cool. Brings some different dinamics to the town, and different outlooks on spooks. Though after spooks try to kill one of the biggest family in town, IC you'll be called a bad leader =P.