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  1. Land charter (cart) or Sea charter (boat): Land Island: Asul Point A: Veris Exact co-ordinates of Point A: x:1505 y:54 z:2625 Point B: Aleksandria Exact co-ordinates of Point B: x:1165 y:45 z:1251 Distance: 1415 Price: 607 minas
  2. What about places that don't have PRO? Democracies, councils, and the like? Dwarf council may remove the king from power if it's unanimous (I think) for example.
  3. Unless big things are being destroyed, I don't believe a region owner should have a reason to say no to anything happening to their region. The only problems that come are when too much is destroyed, or too much is changed. If a house is burnt down, you don't have to rebuilt it right away, and you shouldn't either. If something is broken, the blocks shouldn't just be placed back and be done with it. If roots break your road, it'll just look different in MC, and make it feel like things happen in the town. Not everything has to be villain like as well, accidents can happen.
  4. Infertility Potion Description and effects: This potion works as it’s name suggests, it causes infertility in a man or a woman, temporary or permanent. The normal bases of this potion lie in the ‘contraceptive’ plant Black Sun’s Splinter, which when eaten makes a woman unable to have children for a few hours, and if consumed in excess may make the woman infertile. This potion takes the plant to a new level, making it work on man or woman, making the effects last longer, and lessening the horrible taste. The lesser kind of this potion does the same effect as only the plant, but works on men as well. It works for a few hours, and masks it’s horrible flavor. The moderate kind can last for a couple of (IRL days) months, it’s flavor is bad once more. The greater type may leave a man or women infertile, or it may take a full (IRL week) year for the effects to lessen. It’s taste almost makes a man throw up. Infertility by this potion may be healed eventually, either by holy magic help, or with other potions. In all types of potions, the color of it is always a thick black. Very rarely would someone drink this potion and think it was not a poison. Recipe: Lesser: Base: water 1 earth symbol (protection) - Black Sun’s Splinter 1 water symbol (life) Moderate: Base: distiled water 2 earth symbol (protection, resilience) - Black Sun’s Splinter and another 1 water symbol (life) Greater: Base: aqua vitae 3 earth symbol (protection, resilience, death) - Black Sun’s Splinter and another 1 water symbol (life) Author: LM Approval Required: Yes for the greater ones, only to ensure that the player drinking it can opt to not remain infertile forever. No for the rest.
  5. It's done... but now another plugin broke, and that means the whole plugin broke... Great stuff.
  6. Oh, no idea then. Seems like a stupid idea to remove the resource island and only have one place to get them from.
  7. CT farm is for new players to get a bit of wood, not for leveling up. Use the resource islands to get more amount of wood.
  8. prices should probably be like in Vailor: 5 iron 8-10 gold 15 diamond And please sell other buy other stuff besides ores. You can even buy food boxes now, so that breeders and farmers can sell their crops.
  9. Would you mind moving the previous creature list to the outdated lore archive? The wiki link which should send to the original lore, sends back here, which makes a loop, because the lore here is the one on the wiki. Also, amber wolves are missing: https://wikia.lordofthecraft.net/index.php?title=Amber_Wolf And hair leech: https://wikia.lordofthecraft.net/index.php?title=Hair_Leech
  10. This is way too excessive, normal wards (which only stop one type of spell) can not go over a house big, why would cleric wards (which stop all dark spells and stop passage to dark beings) be a lot more powerful when it does so much more? Also I think cleric wards should do what wards do, stop magic. If a dark being is using dark magic to disguise themselves, the disguise would disapear. If they were attacking someone with magic, the magic wouldn't work, etc. No dark creature should be stopped by the wards. Though another sugestion is also alike other wards, which ward can only do one thing, so a cleric ward would be able to stop 1 type of dark creature. I feel that current cleric wards don't create rp, they stop rp. You can say they stop unwanted bad rp, but they still stop rp by making an area OOC'ly denied for a few characters. Examples of wards I would think would fit with clerics: - At a gate, a ward to stop disguises. - Over tainted land, so that it doesn't spreed while it's cleaned up. - In places like jail cells, so that a necromancer can't suck lifeforce from a guard.
  11. Just like I can summarize the current dark elf lore into 2 paragraphs, so could it. History lore doesn't have to be extensive imo, just like you don't need to know the full details on what happened in ww2 to know what happened, why and how. Though I only responded because I found it weird that you hadn't read the old lore. I liked the old lore, but in the context on what was suppose to happen. When I knew that almost nothing was built into the map, most of the lore I liked became useless and without context in the game.
  12. 67 pages of 5.0 lore, not elven lore. Though Connor exagerates, it could be a lot more simplified. I'm looking at the doc, it has 2-3 pages of it, it's mixed with the main Elf lore. There's also the lore on the Wood Elf Origins there, and some other minor lores that involve some wood elves. The dark elf lore is on page 3-6 btw. [Edit] Btw so that others don't misunderstand, I'm pretty sure all of that lore is scrapted.
  13. Did no one really give you the doc with all the 5.0 lore?
  14. I hate mining fatigue...
  15. That's because you have 20 hearts instead of 10, which means you need more bread. Still, you get 24 bread from /bread, that's like 4 times or more regaining your full health bar. /bread isn't supposed to be used for those that run around losing health (pvp and jumping through moutains I guess), it should be (imo) for players to stay alive without having to keep a lot of wheat in their inventory.