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  1. Bug has been found, and a fix has started to be created. Thanks for the bug reports. I've also made it so that the bird is sent first, and the letter is deleted later, so that if something bad happens, at least you still have your letter. It's still not on the main server, but will be soon. I'm still thinking on ways to resolve this particular problem. I want this to be as simple as possible to the user, but since you need to select the MCname and then the Persona you want to send it to, becomes harder to make it user friendly to send it to multiple people. If anyone has any suggestions on this, please share. At the moment, the timer to send a new letter can be checked by trying to send a new letter (it will tell you how much longer you have to wait to send the new letter), and it is between 2 and 5 mins, depending on the distance of the users (offline counts as the longest distance)
  2. Hello, Birds are represented by a parrot yes, but they disappear after some time, this is due to limitations of minecraft (such as chunks having to be loaded for entities to move). As such, you can't camp between two aviaries and snipe them all. The birds also go in a random direction, since the other player can receive a note in any aviary, not a specific one. Maybe later, first it's important to have the basics meet, and only then do we improve and add onto it. Shooting down flying cats seems interesting. I only did the plugin, but for what is allowed to roleplay them as, you'll have to confirm with moderation. You get a message saying your bird was killed, and another message is sent to everyone around when a bird is killed. You can think of them as flying rats if you want. I've made a few checks for that. The bird disappears after a while, and someone can only send one bird every 2-5 mins. Because of all those, i don't think there will be much of a problem with lag. If there is, I'll have to change stuff again to make it better. I don't remember this plugin, we didn't even have parrots in LOTC back then. Heck, I made another plugin of aviary in one of the later maps, and that used a flying chicken, but that was canned because of a minecraft update that broke it immediately. If there is feedback about how bad it is, I'm here to take the blame (only about the plugin!).
  3. ━━━━━━━━┛ ✠ ┗━━━━━━━━ AVIARY UPDATE JUNE 2022 ━━━━━━━━┓ ✠ ┏━━━━━━━━ Hello people! Finally it has come! The bird/aviary plugin is done and finally will be added to LOTC! So, what is the aviary plugin? Basically it’s a way to send letters to other players with a plugin instead of using /msg. How does it work? There will now be Aviaries on major cities and other spots on the map. All you have to do is go into an aviary with a note (piece of paper where you write with /notes write) and type /aviary send [McName], then select the persona from the list. A bird then flies off with the letter! After a few minutes (2 to 5 mins, based on where you are on the map), the other player receives a message saying he has received a letter, and has to go to another aviary and type /aviary mail to receive the mail! Be careful that the birds can be killed while flying away, and your note will fall from the dead bird. How do I get one? A nation capital, nation subregion, lair, mercenary camp, or independent settlement may get an aviary. The PRO must /modreq to have one created. You will also need to have the aviary build ready before the Moderator sets it up. Make sure aviaries conform to build standards and have exits for the birds. Aviaries will also be located at the four travel hubs and Cloud Temple. Using /msg as a birds is not allowed anymore? That is correct, any roleplay messages have to be sent through this plugin. No more meta birds! When you need help/aid immediately, you will not be allowed to use /msg to contact other characters. Anything related to roleplay will have to be communicated through this plugin. There will be a 5 day grace period to allow Aviaries to be set up. The following rules will be in effect Monday, June 6 at 12:00pm noon EST: Aviaries? Aviaries are buildings where you will be able to send birds. They have to be built so that the birds can leave, and in positions where after leaving, the bird can still be killed. Wait, I can kill the bird? Of course, you can kill the bird and it will drop the letter it was carrying. The bird has 1HP so it’s very easy to kill. Also, the birds have to be able to leave the aviary for the letter to be sent, you can’t block the bird exits of the aviary in a way to stop the bird from being killed, it will not work. When you kill a bird and pick up it’s message, you have to emote it in #rp or #s. Because of limitations, the bird disappears after a while. Spamming mail? Yes! But you also aren’t allowed to break other rules with this plugin. Annoying another player with multiple letters over and over again is not allowed. In other words, don’t spam mail on a player to annoy them. It’s also a bit hard to do it, because you can only send one letter every 2-5 mins. What else do I need to know? Just that, in aviaries type /aviary send [MCname] and select the persona with a note in hand to send mail, and /aviary mail, to receive your mail. Also, moderators can know what note you sent, and when you sent it, and to who, so don’t abuse it! What is this used for? Besides removing meta birds, it allows for messages to be sent to offline players, and allows for new ways of roleplaying. Newsletters, special authorizations, love letters (while mods can know who sent the letter, the player does not), reports, etc. Plugin made by Jistuma Post made by Jistuma Please send all your hate mail to Jistuma For feedback and questions, send a letter to Jistuma, it will be answered in 1 to 5 work days If you find any bugs, please contact the nearest authorities (Triage Team via /treq, our issue tracker, or Jistuma) Want to know more about upcoming projects? Join the discord: https://discord.gg/HnXdaj3ZAU Check out the Roadmap: https://github.com/orgs/Lord-of-the-Craft/projects/3 Cheers, Jistuma & the Tech Team
  4. B-b-b-b-but aviary plugin! Ok, so ye, I coded an aviary plugin that never really got implemented before, and I wrote the plugin for /notes. I'm biased, here's my thoughts on the subject: First, if no plugin is added to the server, don't change a thing. Just because a player can more easily write notes, doesn't mean it's easy to write notes, head somewhere to send the note (like a courier or mailbox or something), and have the note delivered with actual time for it to make sense. Birds aren't only used for combat, many times are used to invite to areas or events, to communicate information that is rather simple between two characters, or just to goof around. Also many characters have pets which they use to send messages, which are kind of fun to rp at times. Second, with an aviary plugin, when/if it's done. Don't prohibit the random birds calling for rp or events or things like that. Or at least only 'prohibit', as in "If it doesn't hurt anyone, we don't care". Though in conflict, or where it would be important to have a physical item that a note was sent, it would be manditory to use the plugin. Now onto what I would do with aviary plugin: - Aviaries in towns/cities which can be bought from Moderators. Any letter/note can be sent and received by anyone through any aviary. - Sending a note would take some time (30s to 3mins) for the other player to be able to receive it. To send it, a bird is spawned that CAN be killed and will drop the note being sent. (Killing birds would be logged to ban griefters) - There could be "personal birds" which have to be bought or gotten somehow. These can be used to send a letter/note at any place, but the bird would also be able to be killed mechanically, and it actually needs to be able to "escape" the area to send the note. - There could be "personal mailboxes" which have to be bought or gotten somehow, to not having to go to an aviary to receive your mail. - Just because there's a plugin, doesn't mean you can not emote and just use the plugin to send a bird. Just like it is right now, you should be able to be stopped before sending a bird. - Every single bird is logged for moderators to be able to find abuse, harassment, etc - Players would receive "You got mail" message when logging in, changing persona, or receiving mail. Edit: Oh discord integration. "You got mail" in discord when you get a bird. No idea how to do that, but it should be possible, and interesting I guess.
  5. Think there are people to focus on the forums? That might have JS? I haven't checked, sorry Gaius. Ask Kowa.
  6. I think the most important thing I can tell a new player is to join a group. Look around the forums a bit, join the LOTC discord and talk to the players there, walk in the game and talk to the people you find. If you enter with a goal/skill already defined for your character, head to a city and try to find out where you can join a group that fits into your character. A group is what will make you not only meet players to rp and play with, but also keep playing with the same players and create friendships. Also, as said in a previous reply, some of the best fun I had in the game was the group banter I had with the players outside the game in chats. Use #h channel, I didn't have that when I started, it's pretty useful. And don't be afraid to make mistakes when you start, your name will have a light purple name that will indicate to others that you are new. Hey Delmodan! Glad to see you still around. Well I finished uni then started working. so pretty much lost most of my time to play. Now I'm pretty confortable with time, so am around.
  7. It has a mix of everything really. Techs go from completely unknowledged to Arche/Telanir level, so of course all the plugins aren't going to all be documented, nor clean, nor readable, nor working properly. I'm not saying bad stuff about the plugins, they are functional and the code doesn't need to be super high level stuff if the plugins are simple. The complicated plugins are normally done by more experienced developers so they are more organized and documented, but smaller ones made by new developers are more messy. But that's like that everywhere, don't think professionally made code is super clean and documented, that stuff only happens when the programmers are very good, and they have time to do the documentation. I can tell you I've made projects with full documentation and testing, and projects which I was amazed didn't break the moment they got released from how hammered it was. Depends fully on the context, and in LOTC, it's mixed. But the stuff Telanir is doing right now is actually really high level stuff, I was really amazed when I looked at his code and what he's doing with it. The things he can do with MC are pretty amazing. And Kowa is managing pretty well the team, and keeping track on the conditions of the plugins, and even code reviewing after other devs make a plugin. He's really giving it his all for the server. I think Tech team is in good hands.
  8. It's not the same, you won't puke out a fish if you drink beardweed :( One thing that kept on changing throughout the years was the building quality. As much as I like the server, and a lot of the things built Asulon onwards, Aegis was just awful. And it isn't just the fact that more items were added, the builders of LOTC have always been really good at making fantastic builds with simple blocks. I even think having too many types is impeding a bit the quality of builders, the creativity came from having to make a lot from little. Though even thinking that too many block types might be hurting creativity, the buildings in LOTC just keep getting better. But the biggest thing that I see when I compare LOTC now with how it was in Asulon/Aegis and even a bit of Anthos, is the plugins aiding LOTC. You guys have NO idea how hard it was before for what we take for granted now. Personas? Didn't exist. Quiet? Didn't exist, you either were talking with a person 1 block away or 32 blocks away. Name with spaces? What is that, every word had to be connected by underscores like Todarian_Mira'Len. /sit? lol. Different emote colors? Everything was yellow when emoting, or white when talking. Emotes and talking in same line? Are you crazy, that requires two colors on the same line! Writing more than 50 characters in a line? Just write in multiple lines. "Name's" (apostrophe) emotes? You must think it's easy to remove a space if the next character is 's. Another big change I see is the amount of teams there is now. In Aegis, there were only moderators, and they were kings. They could do whatever they wanted, and it was moderators who accepted people as well (as in read their application and everything, that's why it took me like 2 weeks to be accepted). The fact that Moderators now don't have access to everything, and that there are teams to help with so many things, I think makes the server so much more smooth in management. Event and Lore team were made in Anthos, that's 3 maps in.
  9. Really great memories. Thank you, but it couldn't be done without someone to build. One thing I really like about LOTC is the buildings. I tried to have Rosso become a Lich but it didn't work out, so ye, he's dead. He was probably my most played character, if you consider that he changed appearance in Athera and opened a tavern. I'm halfway there, already am a bartender! All that's missing is stealing the tavern from the nobles who own it then turn the underground into an alchemy lab, and use the connections to the police and army that I have been making while a bartender to sway the government to leave the explosions be! On a more serious note, I like not being in charge for a bit. I have other responsibilities now, before I was studying, now I have work, which means I don't have time to manage things like I used to. Best moment with Elvira? When I tricked her into eating an Elrow Berry (forgot the correct name, it's a spicy berry), and she almost passed out from overheat in the middle of the snow. Those alchemy lessons were the first ones I did, and were so much fun. Edit: Best moments, not moment. Teaching Elvira alchemy was always a highlight at those times. It was really fun to travel with her and show her all the alchemy ingredients and how to get them. Seeing her rise up as an alchemist while screwing up like Daniel did before. Really great how through rp Daniel became like a father figure to her, and how sad Daniel was when she moved away to marry Zero's character Ramza, that Daniel was sure it wouldn't work out (and it didn't! He was right!). The RP consequences that Daniel took when he found out that trying to make Elvira into a contract mage ended with her being tortured instead, and how he kept that guilt in him and stopped her from torturing someone else (by doing that himself). That time I exploded her eye as a homunculi by taking advantage that he looked like Daniel was pretty fun. Pine tree destruction is a skill I learnt during the days of Asulon and Anthos, where I had to cut down and replant pine tree after pine tree after pine tree after pine tree... to build walls and a giant bloody pine tree for Silva Insula and Vaerhaven. There was no LC back then. Also, you can't destroy pine trees with fire! They are strong trees which will survive! There were a lot of memorable moments. - Silva Insula (the Forest Island) which started out as a slave island and ended up being a town fighting for independence against the Holy Oren Empire. - Joining the Dark Brotherhood as Jistuma, my first character, while he was already mute and a ******* phyco (he was the one that made the island into a slave island in the first place) - Rosso following a crazy man growing trees and ending up fighting a drake in the high elf town, and then making a fireproof jacket from it's wings. - The long RP fights against Meta while using a wooden staff as a weapon. - Thinking up the whole backstory of Vaerhaven and then having the posibility of making that backstory come true while building it together with Zigge. - Having a LOT of rp rooms in the places I built, with no other reason than just being something different (cheese house, frozen body room for frost witches, prison tower, maze of sewers below Vaerhaven, bookstore, alchemy lab below a tavern (in Athera), giant Golden Bell, giant clock tower THAT WORKED with redstone, giant secret underground corridors below Silva Insula, giant pile of gold and diamond that I placed (and then got stolen of course), keeping Vaerhaven only cultivating potatoes and carrots because the cold would kill other stuff, warmed bathhouses, a distilery, and many more stuff) - Black Scourge moments were quite fun as well. - That one time I did an event where I played a skeleton which wanted to meet up with his dead wife. - Alchemy practice where I kept screwing up (rolling low) and pretty sure I cut off my character's finger at one point. - That time my character's eye exploded for using contract magic. - That time I exploded Farryn's character eye. - Being a kind, shy, cannibal druid dedicant cook, which the Druids didn't mind, because eating meat was natural, and I wasn't going around killing people, just feeding people to other people. - Creating a plugin that added throwing lava bottles (that was so abused, but so fun as well. I still remember all the war claims saying "No Alchemy Fire allowed") - Beating up Evark over and over again. - Last week when a nun started throwing holy water at a person and praying for him in the middle of the tavern, that was so fun. And plenty more Edit: adding more - The alchemy lessons with Elvira and other students - Returning to my character's home one day and it being filled with messages saying Evark is going to kidnap my character's son - That time in the Fringe(?) where I could roleplay Jistuma again, and became the owner of the town just because I was the first one to build a house there, so it became a dictatorship where each time my character grabbed an axe, everyone else drew their weapons as well, even if the reason for fighting was as stupid as "Get off my lawn!" - Having to allow Vithcar (missspelled) to be created because Mechanical Standard was a thing (Allen got so pissed, he made a new rule about specifically things like that) Edit2: - Dear god I almost forgot the time where I tortured King Barry in Asulon. I almost made him kill his wife by making him think his wife was dead, and dressing the wife as Jistuma (the character I was playing). I think I'll have to make another post about that, the story is deep.
  10. I thought Vortex was Nexus necromancied? I'm kiding, I hope Nexus got saved to a harddrive that got burnt in a fire. Haven't read the full state of alchemy yet, though I am sad I can't do a hair growing potion anymore... The best memories I have of LOTC were the group skype chats during Asulon with Zigge, Meta, dsdevil, Resia, rocketteam, Rethlor, Truth, Pixie, ttwesten, Saviordude, Skyler, Khel, and a few others. Silva Insula chat was so amaingly stupid, we goofed off so much in those chats. Lately I've been hearing Electric Swing, thought I like a bit of everything. I change what I hear every few months since I listen to something while I work. Example of something I've been hearing. I had 5 meetings today... I'm tired... And I'm glad you guys remember me! Still remember just walking through the wilds and finding you and pixie there, then offering you a home in the slav- I mean forest island. I remember Killeki being an idiot flirter. First memory of Vallel I don't have in mind. I remember her more in Vaerhaven where she lead a group and tormented other towns, but left Vaerhaven alone since Rosso would beat her up if she did anything there. While I did enjoy Vaerhaven a lot, Silva Insula and Vaerhaven existed because of Zigge (and a bit because of Timelord_Valve), not because of me. Without a talented builder with great imagination and passion, I won't be able to make another town like those. I focused on the RP and some OOC aspects of the town, not on building.
  11. Hey guys, Since I started playing on the server long ago, I decided to make one of these. I have no idea if I've done one before. So it's your chance to ask questions, if you have some. Make them interesting, or stupid, I don't mind :)
  12. i miss the good ol' days walking on the Kingsroad and eating people. 

  13. hi jistuma, i play one of your adopted children and im here to claim the throne

  14. Think you should at least find another drawback to the Replicants. The basic difference between dopplegangers and Replicants is the removal of two drawbacks (no magic, and no morals). Maybe the fact that the soul and body aren't compatible could lead to some unforcene complications that aren't there in the other homunculi types. For example, since homunculi normaly can't do magic, an interesting side effect to replicants doing it could be that instead of mental fatigue, the damage would be inflicted directly into their bodies, they starting to desintegrate (drip for water, specks of dirt dropping for earth, ash falling for fire, deflating for air). Instead of becoming tired, they would become injured, the use magic would come with a bigger drawback, one which could even expose what they are. Just an idea.
  15. Hasn't direct healing been removed for over a year now?
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