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  1. Rangers Of The Forest (New Page Up)

    MC Name: CaliMkali (started a new character) RP name: BlueBeard Age:22 Race:Elf Gender:male Time Zone:Eastern Brief Description of your characters personality: My characters personality is pretty much determination because he want to fight bandits off the roads and want to help the community. Biography: BlueBeard was born in 1299 and hes only goal was to be like his father and follow his traits and footsteps. After he moved to Malinor, avoiding the big battle between the orcs and the elves, they settled in and wished it didnt happen but they can change the past. Right? Why do you wish to join?: To get bandits off the roads and help the rangers community by fetching recources and buidling bigger walls or something like that. Roleplaying skill(I don't want a bloody story!): I can role play What does your character prefer to fight with?(Include skill level too if possible): my character fight with a level 28 iron sword. Can your character build?: yes he can Any other special skills?: Not of im aware of... Will you uphold every rule, and if necessary, enforce them?: yes i will and i will respect your culture. Skin: LotC app link:http://www.lordofthecraft.net/forum/index.php?/topic/4549-my-application-2/#entry16390
  2. TheDarkNinja's-- Now Recruiting!

    Im decidin to close the guild down, iv started over my character and changed. Sorry
  3. The Dark Brotherhood

    Yes i know, got to wait lad, we are sorting things and contracts out at the moment so we'l be in touch soon... :grin:
  4. [Accepted]Petyr's GM Application (drplat)

    Supported! +1 for mate!
  5. The Creed

    Instead of makin your own assassain guild why dont you join one like the dark brotherhood or TheDarkNinja's, there realy good guilds and freindly staff. :razz:
  6. The Foundation

    So you a writer?
  7. Sapphireshard's FM App

    I think your terrible -1 fer me! Its a ton of rubbish :angry:
  8. TheDarkNinja's-- Now Recruiting!

    Aye ye right but i want to make us stronger, but good idea i mgiht think about it <_<
  9. TheDarkNinja's-- Now Recruiting!

    Thats the point!
  10. The Dark Brotherhood

    read my ban appeal?
  11. The Dark Brotherhood

    i dont know realy, i think it was no rp kill.
  12. TheDarkNinja's-- Now Recruiting!

    yes! to be honest I wanted to betray the FOA.
  13. The Dark Brotherhood

    ThedarkNinja's, its on the guild in the forum. I got banned to!
  14. The Dark Ninja's are a group which fight for revenge and freedom, also we hide in the darkness and we worship our god Iblees and we help out the undead by scoutin for items and killin unwanted people, including people who dont deserve to live and who just dont like there life. But we need to build power and our strength to take over the Land Of Ageis but we will need some recruits to start us off, but before you do that you should fill in this application right at the bottom: Ranks Soldier Ladder: Commander- main weapon[ 100 level] General- main weapon[70 level] Captian- main weapon[ 50 level] Private- main weapon[30 level] Soldier -[Complete the Trials] Recruit -[Get accepted][level 10 needed] Ninja Ladder: Head Ninja (Rendo) Expert Ninja's - main weapon[100 level] Elite Ninja- main weapon[70 level] Secret Spy- main weapon[50] Private Ninja's - main weapon[30 level] Amatuar Ninja -[Get accepted][level 10 needed] Info on The Ranks: Commander Commander is in the charge of all the soldiers and can give orders to any as he wishes. General General keeps everyone in order and makes sure everyones doin there job. Captain Captain is in charge of all the chores and items needin to be deilvered, and orders soldiers to go fetch these items. Private Private is just a more advanced rank as a soldier. Trainee A trainee trains all the soldiers and is in charge of all the trainin days. Recruit Recruit is basicaly a newcomer and needs to complete all the 4 trials. Head Ninja Well Head is kind of a tough job because hes in charge of all the assassains and runs the guild. Expert Assassains they are the most trained and powerful Ninja, best rank! Elite Assassains They are like the Expert Ninja's but they dont take part of dangerous missions. Secret Spy They gather information and locate high Targets such as, the kings, princes and princess's and they spy on other target what they get given to. Private Ninja They are super low profile Ninja's and get sent off to steal and rob others to get money for the guild. Amatuar Ninja They are the new comers and they cant go on missions yet.Until they proven there selves. Rules Dont Attack your own brothers Always obey the Rules Betrayl leads to death Be nice to each other PUNISHMENTS Head cut off! Drown! Burn you alive! Contracts Assassaination- 100 Minas-200 Minas Bodyguard- 300 Minas-500 Minas Scare someone- 200 Minas-300 Minas We are currently savin up for a guild house costin over 40,000 minas so please donate some minas. Allie's Dark Brotherood The Black hand Signature: http://i51.tinypic.com/2z587bo.png