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  1. Ryuu reads one of the posters and thinks too himself 'I thought to be a knight you must be knighted by a Lord or King' Ryuu shrugs thinking there is something he did not understand from this group.
  2. I do know what you mean Evark.....but everyone is on the GMT Timezone map....I am either Eastern Standard Time or Greenwich Mean Time -5 so it really should be "Non-Americas Timezone Events"
  3. 10/10 DON'T KNOW YOU BUT I DO
  4. 8/10 Not saying it is always good fame but fame none the less...:D
  5. Do /show mcnames or /showmcnames forget which I had the same problem and this fixed it.
  6. Marcello enjoys all the new guardsmen that Alras has
  7. *hugs everyone on the server* Lets just get along!!!

    1. Parading


      I was told to kill myself ;( #crieretime #banoren

    2. max.


      OMG U r filthy rp defaulter/pvp god defaulter ur such a bad person w0w u deserve to die for following pvp/rp default u filthy excuse for a human bean!!!!!111!111!

  8. Plugin is pretty good :D

  9. 5/10 Seen you a couple times
  10. Come one! Come all! Get a free drink at the CT Tavern on Marcello!

  11. 1/10 Never seen you before :D
  12. 8/10 I know I have seen you around LotC
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