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  1. A Piece of LOTC History, Our Favorite Ascended Kalen Forseths Teenage years.


    1. Hobbs_Burrows


      Die!for iblees folos!

    2. Mr. Pettit

      Mr. Pettit

      Inquisitor Dolir in the house when we coming back

    3. Hobbs_Burrows


      monkeychez youre a fuckin genious

  2. Luchian

    Your View: Antagonist v3 (last one)

    Well, considering it was supposed to be run by me, AllenTheGreat and Atles all three of which were undead back in Aegis. So it had a pretty good lineup from the get-go. But Allen got accepted into a uni he really wanted to go to so he left(Obivously), and Atles left aswell. Problem was the way we were controlled, and forced to do stuff that did not really make sense for the undead/Iblees. Along with some scripted events that were bad, and getting limited. The way Iblees was handled and used, with the way we were managed also caused issues. Those Issues caused me to leave, I was part of the planning and the start of the 4.0 undead. Dont know what happened down the road, but for my part it was the same **** that pissed us off in Aegis that happened again. (Remember the weeks of not being allowed to leave the north/undeadkeep?) along with some new spicy stuff. Me and Allen had worked for a while to bring back the undead, literally years (From around 2.0). We had high hopes for 4.0 but well, and planned to have a focus on dynamic events/Siege events just like we did in Aegis though that got ruined. So I guess in some way we got hijacked, we got controlled, and yeah some of the players we wanted to originally bring on were blacklisted for better or for worse. What happened sucked, I hope the undead can return just as the Ascended are still around. I also believe that Iblees should be the main antagonist, though not just using the undead every time, and also with down time between his apperances. Maby have a cult of Iblees working to corrupt the land, turning it against the descendants or releasing a terrible plague wrecking the lands. But I dont believe he should activly be in the mortal world leading, he shouldent be played, he should be in the background orchestrating the events, etc.
  3. Luchian

    New clan/subspecies of dwarves!

    We got the Ironborn which are basically this, though that is an event clan.
  4. "I have been banned for having a 'corrosive attitude' (for those who don't know, that's a step up from 'toxic' but still slightly below 'acidic')" - Dalek, the firespitting halfling

    1. mitto


      imattyz is acidic

    2. Pureimp10


      this is straight savage

  5. "A thousand minas, Only minas or would you be intrested in items, and valuables also" A pinned note says, next to the original note.
  6. Day 3.. Still I cannot connect to the server.

    1. Salvo


      Use a VPN. That's how I fixed. You'll be able to play, even if you'll lag.

  7. Luchian

    Fimlin's At App

  8. Luchian

    Lym's Fm Application

    Yes, Lym is an active fellow, just look at the VA section, he would be great as an FM. I would not trust him around children though.
  9. So are we allowed to go into castle Greywhin (somthing like that) now?

  10. lol, it lagged and suddenly I was far under in a hole of lava lol. tis lag

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    2. cmack1028
    3. Luchian


      Well, somewhat glad I'm not alone.

    4. cmack1028


      I crashed soon as I fell in and I can't log back on, so I wonder if I'll still spawn at the CT.

  11. Luchian

    Aegis Style Undead Return

    1: If somebody one lines it and runs away, it's pvp initiated, that's how its been for a long time. If you just turn around and sprint, with close to no rp, and no chance for your opponent to react before you're off, then you deserve to be hunted down. With nexus though, you would not be able to run as fast with armor. So Nexus solves this problem of yours. 2: Watch the livestream about Nexus, it's doing this aswell. 3: There was no rp killing before, but honestly. It isn't a problem lol, it never really was. It was the occational guy no rp killing and getting banned. With nexus though, attacking just completly randomly and spam clicking somebody won't help. If you've seen the livestream, so this also dosn't really become a problem. 4: The rp that lead up to pvp was almost always good to my knowledge, yes there were the occational idiots that did not have good rp before and was like give minas or i kill you, and then pvp. These were a minimum. Just have rules that the rp before the pvp needs to be good, as it should be. Now it's really just part one does someting, part two gets offended, they fight rply and after a long bloody time it ends with ooc bickering. I've seen it. Multiple times. 5: Then it is not correctly rp'd. I've seen people walk away from a rp fight with no lasting damage, and be perfectly fine. It's up to the player if he wants his character to be damaged for long. 6: Not really a problem. If the people that want to kidnapp a fellow wishes to keep him alive then they avoid killing him, then it is not a fight to the death, and they would most likely rp it out, or rought him up a bit with a few hits. If the guy goes crazy and attempts to pvp just to get out of being caught then he most likely is not worth rping with. 7: Powergaming, screenshot it. I have no clue if Nexus will do anything about this, but brews are allowed. Until agreed upon by both parts in a war not to have it. Brews are allowed I repeat. Chaning of sword, armor or use of fire, unless all rp'd properly is powergaming if done in the middle of a fight, or the second before it. Ban report it, these players will abuse the system no matter what it is. 8: It does happen, so does the flood of looc chat disrupting all rp in the area when most rp fights commence. That being said, it is collateral damage, and with NEXUS comming out you will not be able to just jump around hitting everything. Tl:Dr: Nexus fixes like most of these problems lol.
  12. Luchian

    Aegis Style Undead Return

    No, the current antagonist lore was not even in the making then,
  13. Luchian

    Aegis Style Undead Return

    I am sorry, but you are completly wrong. There are a few of the undead that were turned mortal, and there is lore for how a undead would survive, Accepted lore. (Here). Also, mine, Allens and Atles' characters all have accepted lore for why they are around. The former undead are not destroyed or seperated with Iblees, to my knowledge they are either locked in the nether with him, or locked in Aegis with him. The undead could return, and it wouldent be a far fetch either. As you can read in second generation necromancy they could survive, and to my knowledge atleast one did, and is still skeletal. We are ready for a return, we could return. A year ago, we had accepted lore for our return, we had built cities, Lore (AWESOME), events planned, ideas, a system set up, 9 of us had returned and were ready, not the ones known for being bad, but the ones known for their good rp. They were: Tyrion, Allen, Atles, Lymdil, Raid7, Monkeychez, Brevias, Dalek and Myself. Now, not close to that would return. Those of us that would, Allen, Atles, Lymdil, Tyrion, myself and Dalek (pls, I swar hes a good guy) we have plans, we have lore, we have events, all ready for the que to return. There isn't any lore that would have to be changed, only lore that would have to be written. Believe me, we have some really good lore writers up our sleves. We arent saying remove the current antag, we are saying give us a chance. We deserve it, and we know we could do a great lot for the server. Given the chance. PVP: It works, so does rp. both of them causes crying and whining. One floods the looc chat, the other floods your pms. Both floods the ban report forum, and so I expect it will always be. Which one works the best? I do not know. I know that in Aegis I was fine with the pvp fights, and I often enjoyed the rp that started it. The times I saw a rp fight it was often well written and thought out, and a winner had been decided prior to the fight. Give Nexus and pvp a chance. When nexus comes with this awesome new way, I believe that most of your complaints with pvp will be removed. If rp stays the default then we need to work out a system, preferebly like the one in DND. Why? it would be fairer. Not alot of people consider the armor, or the weaponry of the opponent, his fighter skills or his magical skills. Implement a system to the rp, because we obivously need one if rp default continues.