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  1. B. B. Basarab contemplates in a tower floating through the cosmos. The only good Adrian is a dead Adrian.
  2. Ivan Shnitzel-Brawm prostrates before a burning bush. A recent convert and acolyte of the Red Faith, he had moved to the North(western) hinterlands to be better in tune with the spirits. Oh the hinterlands were glorious, a shining beacon of faith, fiscal policy, and hard men. It was here that numbers were invented in 322 E.S.
  3. SURNAME: Poppo FIRST NAME: Glücksburg ADDRESS OF RESIDENCE: Address: Silver Jubilee 9 DATE OF BIRTH: 3 Suns Smile 1752 Are you registered and eligible to vote in the Holy Orenian Empire? No Do you have any other title, peerage or military service that may conflict with becoming a Member of the House of Commons, as per the Edict of Reform (1763): No If yes, do you understand that you will be required to resign or abdicate from this position should you be elected to the House of Commons, and if this does not occur your seat shall be considered to be vacant?: Yes ((MC NAME)): pbuh
  4. perhaps there is a conspiracy? i heard drfate was also a member of this coal miner’s union, a well known terrorist organization and cult.
  5. With great force and vigor, the Count mashes the remaining stub of his cigar into the ashtray, creating a mess within the tea room. “You do know, dear brother that there is not much substance in these allegations. What sort of schlepper wishes for the Home Office to be governed by municipal elections? I do hope Mister Galbraith has a clue and does not fumble this, lest his wife leaves him and his wedding will be in vain. I do believe it will be an entertaining show, will you come forth and watch this circus with me?”
  6. Ivan Schnitzel-Brawm orders his comital equerry to clean his bedpan as he puts on his hairshirt. In a rage he exlaims. “This Heartlander Count is no Count at all, not my Haense. This is Alimar land and Alimar land it shall be. The Alimars have held this land for the past eight generations and to an Alimar it should go. Gather my horse I shall run the Emperor through for this grave slight.”
  7. The Count of Pompourelia, dressed in mourning blacks awaits for three caskets to be shipped from Sutica to the Orenian capital, that of his wife, his son, and Corwin himself.
  8. A letter is delivered to the Lord Speaker, the penmanship hasty and smudged. Until there comes a time where those of ignoble heritage prove themselves with service rather than beggary, we shall be plagued by such rabble. We are in need of new blood within the sphere of nobility, but my horse has more pedigree than these women. Have these crones that go by the name Merentel thrown into a ditch. I, Lord Pompourelia vote in favor for the dissolution of the Barony of Merentel, and deceleration of the title in abeyance.
  9. Within his apartments at Novellen, Lord Pompourelia summons the maid bringing him second supper, a treat for a hard day’s work. He commands the maid to bring forth his vote on the Albatross matter to the Lord Speaker. It so reads; I, The Right Honorable, George Casimir de Sarkozy, The Count of Pompourelia vote in favor of tying the Archbishop’s personal lands, which shall be mapped for posterity and recorded upon his letters, to the Archbishopric of Albarosa and thus he shall be raised as a peer so as to be styled the Prince Archbishop of Albarosa.
  10. Damn.. people are trying to keep us living in dirt and mud huts to preserve their theme of a medieval server. Perhaps we should enact serfdom and not let anyone leave their own tile to embody a true medieval server. Perhaps enforce the institution of feudalism on the High Elves? The vast majority of people did not read in the medieval era, and we should not allow them to have public libraries. This entire thread is people complaining about things that will not affect them. A gun is as strong as a bow or crossbow mechanically however a great deal of these people complaining can conjure a comet to obliterate me. It’s just a flavor addition and plenty of fantasy experiences have some sort of firearms associated with them. I’m still going to shoot Arthur Callahan in the head when I find him whether you like it or not
  11. Lord Pompourelia reads over the essay within his study in Novellen while indulging on his second breakfast. He begins a dialogue with the maid cleaning the study. Have you read this essay, this Reason for Reform? Ah what have you, you likely do not read. However I shall explain it to you, as best as my genteel nature can describe. You see, this essay here brings forth the Old Josephite thought of the Imperial Subject and Imperial Identity, of which I am an adherent. You see, the Empire is no longer a single personage, no longer bound to the shackles and whims of one man. The Empire is now something more, an idea of which all of us can partake in. Whether highborn as myself, or lowborn as yourself, we are both Imperial subjects and this is our Empire, and for that reason I beseech you to vote.
  12. Ivan Schnitzel-Brawm throws the Subpoena to the dirt. If these Imperial dogs try to take my god given right to kill a man, woman, or child in defense for my Highland realm, I’ll run the Emperor through with my bannermen.
  13. Ragnarr Ceasarsunnu Tiber reminisces of his first hunt within the Seventh War of Imperial Aggression against the Northmen, a measly Orenian man of eight years who was no match for him and his seax. He now sits within his cell, being denied death in battle as by the Orenian dogs as Wotin demands. “I was a Jomsviking, the cream of the crop. How could they defeat us without winning a single battle? Were all of our great blots in vain? We were promised a glorious and everlasting victory... at least my ancestors still smile upon me. It is not for vain though, for we shall fight again, and again...”
  14. The Governor of Krugland, as a good Canonist orders his bishop to procure him the finest cream of the crop from the local choir.
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