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  2. The noble Ensign participates in revelry within the Dragon’s Roost tavern in Helena with his closest army compatriots, celebrating the announcement of his wedding.
  3. The Governor of Krugland puts down his favorite dark elven reading material published in the 14th century. He merely states to his orcish boyslave. These dark elves... excite me.
  4. The Governor of Krugland pushes forth a wrought iron brand unto his nephew’s chest in punishment for his failures in seducing the heir presumptive and securing the Empire in the name of House Strickland. You good for nothing welp. Where you have failed others have triumphed. Have you no guile? My desperate wiles.. you have failed me for the last time. We have backed the wrong claimant and now he is gone. Now all I have left to do is weep and beg for forgiveness before this son of a ***** Emperor Peter the Third.
  5. “Mmm... yes.. very good. One more! Another one!” The Governor of Krugland blurts out as a small Orcish boy of Clan Raguk heritage holds a plate of grapes before him. He calls forwards another Orcish boy or Gorkil heritage, known for their love of poetry to write for him. To my pen pal, the blind, deaf, and lame former Prince of Ves. Hark and behold for our plans are nigh to fruition. With this rebellion ensuing, the Emperor shall fail to prove himself before High Hrothgar and we shall claim the Throne. You must only wait, my dear Prince and all of Helena shall burn.
  6. bungo

    A Dragons Ire

    The Governor of Krugland sends out the following missive to the Horen scions. “Only he who masters the voice can name himself Dragonborn and claim the Horen name once more. Head to High Hrothgar, erstwhile known as the Throat of the World within Morsgrad and take upon the teaching of the Greybeards.”
  7. A letter arrives to the Grand Archon of Sedai, addressed from the Governer of Krugland. My liege, to the rightful pretender of the Holy Orenian Empire. Do not be discouraged, we shall get them this time. It is only your fourth attempt at the throne and now that Chieftan Godric is indisposed, you shall take the reigns and lead us to glory. You are a true dragonborn. Do not allow your enemies to discourage you in calling you an upjumped steward, for soon you will be the King of the World, the Lord of the Craft, and all the other titles you so desire in your wildest dreams. I hold in my power fourteen legions of orcs assembled into the greatest fighting force the world has ever seen. They are at your command. With Chieftain Godrics... or shall I say your viking warbands, those wig wearing prissy Imperials shall stand no chance. Yours ever faithful, Governor Strickland
  8. RP Name: George Casimir MC Username: bungo Discord: bungo#2190 What Nation Are You Affliated With?: Oren Why Do You Wish To Come?: To learn, love, and live. What Skills Can You Bring?: A genteel nature.
  9. The gluttonous Governor of Krugland claps with high praise as his boy servant reads out the roll of names from the open letter with all due pomp and circumstance befitting the Suffolkdom of Suffonia. He demands mulled wine from his Orcish serving maid as he blurts out to his closest confidant... “Boy, did you know that there are rumors of close inter familial relations between the First and Second Lords of the Exchequer? Scandal indeed... We can use this to win favor from the Emperor.”
  10. The wigged Governor of the Province of Krugland grins as he is served Sutican crumbcake while his boy servant reads him out the missive. “Perfect... the Piastdom has succumbed to the wiles of Earl Godric of Northland. I shall marry my son to the Piast’s daughter and our union shall form the Capetdom of Paris... Now we only need to Rurikdom of Muskovy to be able to conquer the world. The Emperor shall be none the wiser...”
  11. After the votes were concluded from the d’Alba and Emergency Resolution Bill and they were formally published as Acts by the Senate, the Junior Senator from Helena, John Huss rose from his seat within Varoche Hall. I must applaud how this Senate has acted in this time of war, strife, and terror. For we as an institution have not faltered in our resolve and will continue to propose legislation necessary for our survival as an Empire. As we have passed two momentous bills that will ensure the stability of our Empire for years to come, I propose to the Senate floor a bill that is brought about from necessity during this tumultuous period. Demilitarization of the lands encompassing the Holy Orenian Empire following the War of the Two Emperors has left us crippled. Our great cities are susceptible to immediate attack by foreign adversaries. So here I propose the The Imperial Fort Initiative Bill erstwhile known as the Philip P. Coppinger Bill of 1741. This bill is named after the Priest that was struck down by brigands upon the roads within our own soil. Due to a lack of military infrastructure, brigands and bandits have had minimal opposition within our own lands. So thus I propose this act commissioning various fortifications and military infrastructure within both the Crownlands and in the Kingdoms of Hanseti and Ruska. With our Eastern borders secure as the Kingdom of Curon has thrown off its tyrannical shackles, a future addendum to the bill involving a fort within the Kingdom’s territory could be added if my colleagues from Curon so desire. The Junior Senator from Helena would then call forward a notary public and hand him the draft of the bill, so as to copy and redistribute the bill to the senators present in this sitting of the Imperial Senate. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1XkOcQAWAd9wnJMzgJ6oavw5yFBxpJcjxsg5NELg_MyU/edit
  12. Ragnarr Caesarsunnu Tiber looks up to the sky, thinking solemnly about a Whiggish Harrenite. “Wotan shits on the Kaiser.”
  13. Duke of Northland, Truly we are not so savage as to demand our sacred Weregild in the form of baseless currency. I beseech you that we reevaluate the worth of our dead and wounded. Rather we should demand for three goats, one female of-course... along with a baby calf. I believe this will bring us more worth to us within our noble and genteel lands. Yours faithful, Ragnarr Caesarsunnu Tiber And as always, praise Wotan.
  14. Candidacies for the 1740 Imperial Senate Election in Helena SURNAME: Haas FIRST NAME: Jan ADDRESS OF RESIDENCE: 12 Anpalais Place DATE OF BIRTH: 12th of the Sun’s Smile, 1695 Are you registered and eligible to vote in the province of Helena?: Y Do you have any other title, peerage or public service that may conflict with becoming an Imperial Senator, as per the Edict of Establishment (1736) or Edict of Election (1736)?: N If yes, do you understand that you will be required to resign or abdicate from this position should you be elected to the Imperial Senate, and if this does not occur your seat shall be considered to be vacant?: ((MC NAME)): pbuh
  15. To Her Grace, News comes with heavy heart that the Duchy of Morsgrad expels Mister John Henry Pruvia, Envoy Extraordinary and Minister Plenipotentiary to the Duchy of Morsgrad. While Mister John Henry Pruvia held his letters of credence to present to both the Foreign Minister and then to the Head of State. These letters grant our envoy the ability to speak on behalf of the Holy Orenian Empire in matters of state. As a newly appointed envoy, Mister Pruvia was tasked with making introductions and presenting his credentials with the Head of State of the Duchy of Morsgrad. We shall not assume that the Duchy of Morsgrad has acted with malicious intent in the expulsion of our envoy. We shall also not assume that the Duchy of Morsgrad has acted with malicious intent while insulting the Foreign Office during a correspondence to our Emperor. It is clear to the Foreign Office that this issue arose due to cultural differences. In order to ease the discomfort Your Grace has suffered while performing duties of state and to understand diplomatic procedure within the Duchy of Morsgrad, I would like to arrange an official visit for myself to the Duchy of Morsgrad. Mister John Huss His Imperial Majesty’s Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs
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