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  1. very informative will recommend!
  2. "Wait hol up you finna tell me that I gotta pay fine when I break some ***** ass law? Man this some bullshit.." Whines the Felsen Watch Sergeant Tyrone of Compton.
  3. I used to like big maps but I don't trust the staff team to make a fast travel system that fosters roleplay anymore nor do I trust nation leaders not to give land out to people that build a castle and don't have a playerbase to roleplay there. I liked the feeling of scale when Kingdoms rule vast swaths of territory but to compensate it should be easy to get to roleplay hubs. I think if he have a small Anthos-sized map that would be good but it would have to be divided between the established nations and you shouldn't be able to apply for charter land. Force people to roleplay in established settlements. Wilds are always treated as survival minecraft no one roleplays there people just build a base and quit the server because of lack of contact with people. Everyone wants land but most people who get land are absolutely useless and are 1 man nobles. Hopefully if we have a smaller map the nation leaders wont give out land to everyone who asks for it. Also, event regions are the most useless thing on the server no one cares about them. I dont want to search 3 hours for an event region then wait 8 hours for the ET who manages the region to log on. ET needs to be punished.
  4. The Prince of Ponce hides Onfroi under the floorboards.
  5. treshure is a good individual
  6. sign and sign again
  7. You should write this in Lithuanian for maximum immersion.
  8. The Prince of Ponce claps his hands gleefully accepting the friendship.
  9. [7:41:16 PM] toby.goldman: Jokes on him #5 now
  10. whenever i get money i have to spend it on sending a courier but now i have no money and a whole lot of letters to be sent
  11. James begins his studies in the occult, gaining 50 Dark Power.
  12. i think we need to stop this conflict among ourselves this is just what the admin team wants it makes us weak. we need to destroy the admin team and destroy their systems because they can't make this map any worse. i dont know who made all the really shitty systems but they need to be eliminated.
  13. yea i dont get why the roleplay leader of the region isnt the primary region owner. ooc should never outweigh rp.
  14. The Prince of Ponce signs the charter.
  15. "Ah, a noble people!"