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  1. monkey see monkey poo
  2. ((Posting for Soren.)) Onfroi slips in a ballot, mumbling "God is dead."
  3. Let's dispel once and for all with the ficiton that Admin Team doesn't know what they are doing, they know exactly what they are doing.
  4. You are an idiot we owe our lives to the forum moderators.
  5. The Talbot Family.
  6. reserved
  7. can someone help him?
  8. "Wait hol up you finna tell me that I gotta pay fine when I break some ***** ass law? Man this some bullshit.." Whines the Felsen Watch Sergeant Tyrone of Compton.
  9. The Prince of Ponce hides Onfroi under the floorboards.
  10. treshure is a good individual
  11. sign and sign again
  12. You should write this in Lithuanian for maximum immersion.
  13. The Prince of Ponce claps his hands gleefully accepting the friendship.
  14. James begins his studies in the occult, gaining 50 Dark Power.
  15. The Prince of Ponce signs the charter.