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  1. bungo

    Poor Leadership

    i cant believe this has happened. something must be done about this.
  2. can't speak english
  3. bungo

    Equal Numbers

    yea boby ***** i dont do karate *****
  4. bungo


    An empire is destined to fail. If it lasts long then that is more time for people to become disgruntled and upset at the leadership. Throughout every Empire, the leadership has been consistently different. This thread is about human roleplay forums and I consider Ghanyans orcs. Treason for our Sultan is Justice.
  5. bungo

    House Kovachev

    "We must pray for the Carnatians." comments Barney Basarab.
  6. bungo

    Casus Belli Suggestion

    Didn't read Noah's post after he started blogging about his age but I think people should love each other like they love themselves. Also if you don't bow to Kyle the King you won't have very much roleplay. Kyle the King knows how to win a war and it's not through warclaims, that's why they call him Kyle the King.
  7. bungo

    Remove Freebuild (please)

    allow griefing and people wont build in freebuild
  8. jackster is a man.
  9. bungo

    Community meeting

    wheres the fun in a community meeting if you cant make fun of the staff when they are trying to act professional
  10. bungo

    Thesis On the Nature of Sin in the Church

    Back to hell with you, Paul.
  11. bungo

    The Xarkly Element & Markev

    I think we should give it to xarkly it's a real opportunity for cool roleplay. We have an event team for a reason and they are staff so you must listen to them they know what they are doing. You don't even own this land you just want to take it for yourself but it would be in better hands of the event team because they are staff.
  12. bungo

    The loss of rescue raids

    if you want dynamic roleplay dont listen to static rules
  13. bungo

    Event Team Update - January

    crazy how we still need a team in 2018 which roleplays