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  1. The loss of rescue raids

    if you want dynamic roleplay dont listen to static rules
  2. No keeps - Dewper

    glad lotc is evolving as a game. time for the dunamis generation to rise
  3. Event Team Update - January

    crazy how we still need a team in 2018 which roleplays
  4. [Denied]yoppl's GM Application

  5. [Denied] Pureimp10's AT Application

    boby *****
  6. Edict of Anathema, 1647

    "The fall of the church everybody." comments Barney.
  7. [CA] DARKSTALKER: DreamInSpace

    how could this happen i just cant believe this could happen
  8. Warclaims are ******* terrible

    best wars have been those w/o warclaims and have lasted less than 2 weeks (schism, both fringe wars) and involved more fighting than any war with warclaims fighting once every week with the entire server joining is not fun its boring and drawn out.
  9. Messy Medieval Workers' Union

    messy medieval is by far the worst building style just poo poo i hate it i cant stand it!
  10. Who wants to be King?!

    "I vote for Davern Frostbeard."
  11. No Freebuild

    Freebuild has never worked in any form that ever helped roleplay. What usually happened was new players went off to make their 2011 SMP single player home and then they quit within 1-2 weeks because they did not interact with anybody. It's not hard to get land from some idiot nation leader look at the amount of keeps and towns in the past 2 maps. The only thing it does is decrease player retention and make the world look like dog ****.
  12. Increase raid limits (for 6.0)

    fringe war type fighting is going to get old within 2 weeks for the losing side and no raid limits is going to be revoked if it ever gets accepted. defending 30 v 60 raids was always fun though and i hope people will be more carefree about losing now that gear will be an even playing field. while im anti regulation you have to argue with an iq above 70 and ask for a compromise. the second people will complain that pvp is disrupting rp then staff will destroy you.
  13. Alvina Rothgard's Death

    "Stay safe." comments Barney.