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  1. bungo

    Freedom’s Fire Burns Once More

    “Hello do you have any restrooms in Nordengrad do we just go in the hall or something I’m not acquainted with Nordengrad tradition.” Asks a flustered Hugh.
  2. bungo

    The problem with the Empire

    how would you change the empire to suit it to your needs?
  3. bungo

    [Demand] Update the Map

    i disagree the effort should be put towards the new map
  4. bungo

    Plot Size in 7.0

    if everybody becomes cloud temple monks we will have ample land available for use
  5. Barnabas Basarab, a scholar, a poet, but most notably a lover signs only to spite the school of thought pertaining to L’Academie d’Odo en Metz.
  6. bungo


    nexus made a barrier for entry to new players and made lotc a grindfest if u wanted to be competitive in any sense. its no wonder why most people botted it. if u wanna play an rpg go play one but a shitty knock off on minecraft is worthless.
  7. bungo

    With love, from Knox.

    hey glad you're back
  8. bungo

    Daeland's Warning

    The Adunians quarrel amongst themselves.
  9. bungo

    The Duma of 1681 [FORUM RP] [DUCAL ELECTION]

    A crash, a bash, or maybe a smash is all that is heard as the Lord Basarab makes his presence known to his fellow Barons. From his watery grave, the Ghost of Sabo Gradic makes his intention for a Free City known through the Basarab's honeyed tongue before dissipating back to his mercantile hell.
  10. can't speak english
  11. bungo

    Equal Numbers

    yea boby ***** i dont do karate *****