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  1. VonEbs

    Counting of Elves (Results!)

    I mean, I am not hiding how many responses were recieved for each nation, you can simply take the percentage and multiply by the n, 110, to get those numbers. However, to simplify that, I will post the actual counts below. I don’t appreciate your insinuations about my motives here and your accusations of dishonesty and blatant falsification. I whispered in game for multiple members of Gladewynn leadership to see if they could post this in their discord and did not receive interest or even a response from any of them. The original post was the top post on the elf rp subforum for a week, if people are claiming ignorance that it was going on, that says a lot about how active the playerbase is in terms of actual RP as opposed to haunting OOC discords. I have also said that the full data and the open ended responses could be requested over PM, which only one person has done, but you would know this if you had actually read my post. One of the main complaints people had about the current state of the elves is the toxicity. The fact that you feel the need to attack me and basically call me a liar for posting the results of this is more evidence of what is wrong here, and why things won’t be fixed.
  2. VonEbs

    Counting of Elves (Results!)

    Elven Census 2019 Results I realize I am likely in the minority in being intimately familiar with polls, polling reports, etc, but I though I would present the results from the survey I posted in a format resembling a polling report. Some notes before we get to the results: this is not a true scientific poll, as it was not conducted by telephone using random selection from the population, which in this case, is elven players on LotC. The n (sample size) is 110, which I feel is sufficiently high to be able to tell us something about the elves on LotC, but bear in mind that as with any survey, there is a margin of error in results, especially in so called crosstabs, and that it is possible and even likely that the sample does not match the population exactly or even particularly closely. Forum usage is down from previous years, and some nations clearly encouraged their players to fill out the survey while others might not have. Now, to the results! That the elves are extremely divided right now is what I expected going in to this survey, and indeed, no nation accounts for much more than a quarter of respondents. 73% of respondents live the main political jurisdictions (Princedom of Fenn, Kingdom of Gladewynn, Silver State of Haelun’or and Principality of Aegrothond, in that order) and the rest are split between the Druid’s Grove and elsewhere on Atlas. Similarly, there is great diversity in subraces, with High Elves, Wood Elves and Snow Elves making up over three quarters of the elven playerbase, with the third traditional subrace, the Dark Elves, lagging behind, likely due to their current situation in roleplay. Satisfaction with elven roleplay as a whole is tepid, with only 36% of respondents responding that they are satisfied with the current state of elven RP. Support for more cooperation between the various elven factions is something that most respondents agreed on, with 68% wanting more cooperation in roleplay, with high support across almost all demographics. Additionally, a majority (57%) of elven players do not feel as if there is a shared elven identity on LotC at present, with only 15% feeling that there is one. Full results and additional crosstabs can be found below. Note: Not all percentages will add up to 100% due to rounding. At the end of the survey, there was an open ended question as to what players want to see with elven RP looking ahead in 7.0. There were a lot of different threads in the responses, with a fair number of respondents expressing a desire to see elves unified into a single nation, and, conversely, those who wish to maintain the current level of diversity and separation. The most common response was a desire for there to be less animosity and ooc fighting among the various factions, as many respondents feel as if the current environment for elven rp is extremely toxic due to in game conflicts becoming more personal out of character than they should. Several players expressed desire to see joint/all elf events as well as additional lore/storyline events for the elves. If requested, I can make the full comments and date available over PM. I want to again thank everyone who participated and I hope that you all find the results as interesting as I did.
  3. VonEbs

    Counting of Elves 2k19

    The survey is now sitting at 100 responses, about where I was hoping it would end up. Got some decently interesting results, and though I will leave it open for another day or do and encourage people to continue to submit responses, I am going to start writing up a polling report.
  4. The man, the myth, the legend... +1
  5. VonEbs

    Counting of Elves 2k19

    I would like to thank the almost 60 elven players who have submitted responses thus far. I know that at least two of the elven nations have distributed the link to the survey and encouraged their citizens to respond, and I would like to encourage the others to do that same. The more valid responses, the higher the confidence of accuracy is.
  6. VonEbs

    Counting of Elves 2k19

    Elven Census 2019 I have recently returned to the server, and have found myself rather starved for information. I have conducted surveys and censuses before, and thought that it would be the best way to figure out exactly where the elves as a race stand in the new year in order to better inform thinking heading into 2019 and LotC 7.0. I would greatly appreciate if everyone who plays an elf character would fill out the below form and submits it. I will leave responses open for a week, and then after verifying the responses, publish the results on the forums for everyone’s enjoyment. If you have any questions about the survey, please feel free to respond in the thread or shoot me a PM. Thanks ~Ebs https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSdY8XOt5pcA8Y6xmbJ7JjYELMN7OosRRarxoz4u17LlxEjR2A/viewform?usp=sf_link
  7. Absolutely incredible that you are only now 18. Doesn’t that mean you were 11 during Aegis?!?!?! Anyway, Bravo has my unconditional support.
  8. We’ve had a lot of maps on this server thus far and one constant is that the halfling village is always a joyful place to visit and occasionally rp in. LotC without a halfling village is barely even LotC at all.
  9. Looks like Cloudfare went down for a bit there. Either that or half of the ISPs were blocking it!

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  10. VonEbs

    [Your View] Event Team

    No, because you lack the maturity or the ability to fulfill the duties of the position you hold. My apologies though, I was under the impression that you were looking for the player's view on the Event Team and its leadership. My mistake that it appears not to be the case.
  11. Easy to understand why the server is in a period of decline when the staff is unwilling to punish even the most blatant examples of metagaming.

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      Pvpfac- stopped reading. So annoying lol

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      "PvP factions people"

      we play the same game as you and go through the same roleplay. i can confirm a bird was sent through legit means. whether you choose to accept that or continue to whine on the forums on how the oppressive pvp factions groups are hurting everyone thats ur choice

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      only thing gonna decline is your mom on this **** ha

  12. Shitposting has reached new heights during this rebellion.

  13. I'm a massive fan of your Flagship, even though I hadn't even joined the server in Anthos! Its amazing, and has helped me document elven history.



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      Its that newspaper that Ebs ran! It was called the Flagship, its fully of useful information. And there was an astonishing 10 volumes of it, with specials!



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      Oh... A newspaper title..

    4. Your Favorite Impure™