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  1. No, because you lack the maturity or the ability to fulfill the duties of the position you hold. My apologies though, I was under the impression that you were looking for the player's view on the Event Team and its leadership. My mistake that it appears not to be the case.
  2. Easy to understand why the server is in a period of decline when the staff is unwilling to punish even the most blatant examples of metagaming.

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    2. Freischarler


      Pvpfac- stopped reading. So annoying lol

    3. Treshure


      "PvP factions people"

      we play the same game as you and go through the same roleplay. i can confirm a bird was sent through legit means. whether you choose to accept that or continue to whine on the forums on how the oppressive pvp factions groups are hurting everyone thats ur choice

    4. *Space*


      only thing gonna decline is your mom on this **** ha

  3. The Adelaidian-Advisory Vol. I.II === Table of Contents Lord Senchesel Philip Owyn Brutally Murdered by the Flay Menace Romstum Forces Attempt to Breach Adelburg Wargames Successfully Conducted Riot Near breaks out over Slum Conditions, Park Loitering David Adler Dies at the Hands of the Flays Haelun’or Dissolves Erolas Ba’ikana Declares Himself Prince of Dark Elves === Lord Senchesel Philip Owyn Brutally Murdered by the Flay Menace The Emperor’s dearest brother, the Lord Seneschal Prince Philip Owyn Horen, was brutally assaulted on the streets of Adelburg, his guards cut down, and his corpse flayed alive in the bowels of the Black Cock by the Romstuns and their bannermen. Rest in Peace Philip Owyn ((thatpyrodude)). The Emperor’s body was recovered from the tavern, and carried to the palace. Funeral arrangements had not been made as of press time. === Romstum Forces Attempt to Breach Adelburg News of the Philip Owyn’s death and word that the Flays were at the gates caused panic in the capital, with Flays murdering the city’s citizenry as the Emperor rallied the guard. It is unknown what force they used to breach the city’s walls after the initial abduction and their flight from the Black Cock. The Emperor has sworn vengeance on House Romstum, but it is unclear as to whether the Empire will begin mobilizing for war against one of its Houses. Romstum’s holdings are near the ducal city of Lorraine, Metz. === Wargames Successfully Conducted Wargames were conducted outside of the Orenian capital, Adelburg, with Imperial, Lorraine and Haense levies participating. There were some allegations of cheating, but by the large, those that participated were satisfied, and the forces of Lorraine took the victory. Both sides of the battle rallied at around 40 soldiers, displaying the martial prowess of the Empire. === Riot Near breaks out over Slum Conditions, Park Loitering Disgruntled citizens took up residency in the park this past saint’s day, complaining of poor conditions and assaulting odors in the city’s slums. The guard was promptly summoned, and after much arguing and a briefly scuffle, the hobos departed for parts unknown. === David Adler Dies at the Hands of the Flays David Adler being lain to rest. Though many of the details are still unknown, a supporter of the republican movement within the City of Adelburg was died at court this past Saint’s Day. Acting Lord Seneschal, Thomas Summerfield, confirmed that he was killed by the Flays, though the circumstances of his death are still unkown, as are whether it was politically motivated. === Haelun’or Dissolves The Maheral of Sohaer of the High Elven state of Haelun’or have announced its dissolution due to internal political strife. This comes as ETHIC has reemerged as a force in the city, though it is unclear how much popular support either side had. === Erolas Ba’ikana Declares Himself Prince of Dark Elves The leader of the dark elven faction the Warhawkes has put out a declarating usurping the title of “‘Prince of the Dark Elves” from the head of Ker’nor. A defensive alliance with the Snow Elves was also announced shortly after. What this means for peaceful relations among elves is unknown.
  4. Adelburg Advisory Vol. I.I === Editor’s Note Welcome, reader, to the innaugural edition of the Adelburg Advisory. This broadsheet is being provided as a service to the citizens of Adelburg by the Imperial Government, under the direction of the office of the Viceroy. In its pages we will endeavor to inform the citizenry accurately and thoroughly about goings on in the capital and the world at large. We hope to earn your satisfaction, and will always listen to suggestions on how to improve of coverage. === Table of Contents The Emperor Returns! Adelburg Opens Ahead of Schedule Higher than Expected Demand for Housing Tilted Keg Tavern Does a Thriving Business First Mass Celebrated in the Capital Marketwatch === The Emperor Returns! The realm rejoices at the return of our Emperor, Peter Sigismund Horen, has returned from his journey to the Chivays in the Empire of Aeldin. He spoke to the assembled Imperial Court of his journey, and the Empress’ joy at his return was infectious. The Emperor expressed satisfaction at the sight of the citizenry gathered in the capital and approval in his brother, Philip Owyn’s, regency. === Adelburg Opens Ahead of Schedule Thanks to the tireless efforts of Prescott Denims, Imperial Architect, and his team, the glorious new capital for the Holy Oren Empire beat all expectations by opening this last week. It is located on the continent of Tahn, near to the docks and the so called “human hub”, and can be reached either on foot from the docks or cart from Mardon and Ponce. === Higher than Expected Demand for Housing The rush of Imperial citizens into Adelburg surpassed all estimates, and thus, there have been some temporary shortages of housing stock. There are still units available, and if you are in need of housing, talk to a steward, but Imperial officials are looking towards a more long term solution. === Hanging Keg Tavern Does a Thriving Business The Hanging Keg Tavern, located to the left of the main gates upon entrance to Adelburg, is the must visit social destination in the capital. Nobility mixes with commoner in this ale hall, and affordable spirits and wine is always at hand. Stop in for great service from Ser Nicholas and Oswald. === First Mass Celebrated in the Capital Father Boniface celebrated the first mass in the diocese of Adelburg shortly after the city was opened, and with both the Empress and the Emperor’s Regent, Philip Owyn, in attendance. The service was celebratory, but was briefly interrupted by the appearance of a powerful being of unknown origins, claiming to be some fragment of an Aenguel. The being was allowed to speak and warned of a great danger to the descendants, though was unable to elaborate on what was expected of Oren in combatting this thread. The being claimed it was visiting all of the world’s cities, and would return when it had more information to share. === Marketwatch Iron: 5.7 Minas at Callan Gromach’s Minerals and Goods Diamonds: 30 Minas at Grand Iron Forge by Dwain Irongut
  5. It's the classic problem in any sort of politics: everyone in principle agrees on cuts/reductions, but in practice no one wants what they are most interested cut. Still, that's why not just one person makes these decisions and the staff should be able to rise above pure self interest and decide which of these creatures are vital for roleplay and which should be discarded. People should and are free to advocate their position, but each person isn't entitled to have their wishes followed.
  6. Even though I am not a dwarf, I will speak up in favor of Golems since they have a long history in the lore and have had momentous impact on various storylines. The rest I could live without.
  7. Out-Of-Character Information: What’s the name of the Minecraft account you're applying for?: NonEbs What's your MAIN Minecraft Account name?: VonEbs Have you logged in as a wandering soul on the account you're applying for? (you have to): Yes Do you agree to follow the server rules on your new account?: Yes Do you understand you cannot have both of these accounts interacting with one another? This will result in a ban if you are caught!: Yes Do you understand that if one account is banned, so will be the other(s)?: Yes How long have you been on LotC?: 6 years August 11 How many accounts do you currently have white-listed (including main)?: 1
  8. America is going to look a lot like Jberg in a year or two,

  9. Shitposting has reached new heights during this rebellion.

  10. I'm a massive fan of your Flagship, even though I hadn't even joined the server in Anthos! Its amazing, and has helped me document elven history.



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    2. shimmeringbliss


      Its that newspaper that Ebs ran! It was called the Flagship, its fully of useful information. And there was an astonishing 10 volumes of it, with specials!



    3. oblivionsbane


      Oh... A newspaper title..

    4. Your Favorite Impure™
  11. What I find most interesting in the response to this application is that those that support leowarrior returning as GM are parroting the rationales that leowarrior: 1. has demonstrated that he is capable of doing the job and 2. his repeated infractions are not disqualifying because others have gotten away with worse and they believe he has reformed (laughable). Well, if those are both true, the lesson should not be that leowarrior should be brought back on but that major reductions in staff teams are needed so that the alleged sickness can be removed. To address the first point on leo's competence: is that really relevant at this point? The points being raised are about temperament, not about ability, and the question is not can he do the job but should he. I think his behavior, his flagrant, documented abuse of the rules he claims to enforce on multiple occasions along with his total inability to foster a positive relationship with those he moderates (outside of those in his favored elven cliques) are major disqualifiers. I view the leowarrior situation as the latest in a series of toxic and selfinterested individuals that make it into the echelons of staff then proceed to fail repeatedly under the protection of favored higher level staff members, and more than that, they fail upwards to greater and greater power and responsibility, much to the detriment of this server. We've seen this with leowarrior being banned for breaking rules, then receiving a position as FM despite no open application process, and we have seen similar occurrences with Kowaman and SupremacyOps. I guess it probably goes without saying, but this is a major -1 from me.
  12. I did not get any either.
  13. LotC 5.0 Walking Simulator

    1. The Elfen Lie

      The Elfen Lie

      I get sooo much nostaglia from walking.

    2. Bubby


      It's nice to actually see people walking around, but it will take some time to get used to again.

  14. Reading noted feedback threads for the laughs.

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      Yea I like you.

    2. Sky


      Planning on returning? It'd be cool.

    3. Telanir


      Feedback noted.