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  1. Farewell my dear friend. o7
  2. ((If someone could provide the right skin I would appreciate it. I just grabbed the one associated with her MC account))
  3. The Flagship Axios War Bulletin IV Johannesburg Destroyed, Philip I Frederick Presumed Dead The streets of Johannesburg. In what witnesses are describing as a terrible, earth rending explosion, the capital of the Holy Oren Empire and final stronghold of Imperial forces on Tahn was burned from the face of the world. Johannesburg can at present be described as a steaming slag heap, instantly deadly to any who might stray into the exclusion zone. It is currently unclear how many perished in the blast, though it appears that much of the remaining Holy Oren Empire’s army and leadership are missing, presumed dead, including the Emperor, Philip I Frederick. Civilian casualties were limited by an evacuation order issues earlier this year. May the Creator have mercy on the souls of the dead. === Contents Johannesburg Destroyed, Philip I Frederick Presumed Dead Prior to Blast, Fight for Johannesburg Characterized by Fierce Street to Street Fighting Axiot Coalition Declares Victory, Begins to Rebuild Kingdom of Hanseti and Ruska Becomes Independent Kingdom of Norland Formed Duchy of Barranquilla Declared Independence Duchy of Mardon and Barony of Cantal Join Courland Kingdom of the Westerlands Splits Off Marketwatch Political Change in Haelun’or 12 People Changing Axios Putting this War into Context Editor’s Note === Prior to Blast, Fight for Johannesburg Characterized by Fierce Street to Street Fighting The fight for control of the Holy Oren Empire Capital was like no battle the Descendants have seen since perhaps the Undead invasion of the North in Aegis. The numbers of combatants involved was extraordinary, and the ranks of the Axiot Coalition swelled as they pushed Imperial forces further and further into the city, preparing for a final assault. The city had been fortified heavily before being invested by the Coalition, but morale was low among Imperial troops, and large segments of the Imperial levies deserted as the year progressed. The city itself was devastated by the fighting, a former center of trade and culture wrecked beyond recognition even before the explosion that destroyed it at the penultimate moment in the war. === Axiot Coalition Declares Victory, Begins to Rebuild With the last stronghold of the Holy Oren Empire toppled and the Emperor missing, presumed dead in the explosion that consumed his city, the Descendants must begin to rebuild. In the end, nearly every power had entered the war, in reality if not officially, on the side of the Coalition, and warriors from every race and culture participated in the campaign, which wound its way from the Duchy of Lorraine to the Barony of Cantal and the Grand Kingdom of Urguan and Kingdom of Haense to the Ducal City of Metz and finally to the Crownlands and Johannesburg itself. Orenian power has been crushed completely and totally, with its former possessions splintering into a number of Kingdoms, two of which, the Kingdom of Lotharingia and the Kingdom of Courland, were the primary rebel powers in the War. Still, there has been no move to either crown a new Holy Oren Emperor or reconstitute the Empire, leading to speculation that the Coalition intends to prevent such events from occurring. In any case, the powers of the Isle of Tahn must begin to stitch themselves and their societies back together after a hundred years of Orenian domination. === Kingdom of Hanseti and Ruska Becomes Independent Prior to the destruction of Johannesburg, the Kingdom of Hanseti-Ruska (also known as Haense) had exited the war in favor of White Peace and declared its independence from the Holy Oren Empire. === Kingdom of Norland Formed Coat of Arms of the Kingdom of Norland Jarl Ruric of the Krag and Jarl Reyurnt of Ostermark have come together to reform Norland as an independent nation in the far western edge of the Isle of Tahn, near the high elves of Haelun’or. Ostermark is a city of considerable size and strategic importance in that region of Axios, and will be fairly easy to hold against invaders. Norland has already begun solidifying diplomatic relations with the powers of the continent, declaring pacts with Haelun’or and the Grind Kingdom of Urguan === Duchy of Barranquilla Declared Independence Coat of Arms of the Duchy of Barranquilla Rogrigo Cortez, formerly the Count of Barranquilla, has declared his independence and formed the Duchy of Barranquillam taking the title of Duke. He has taken steps to establish diplomatic relations with the powers of the continent and form an army for his new nation. === Duchy of Mardon and Barony of Cantal Join Courland The Duke of Marna and Baron of Cantal, Philip Louis Horen, pledged to the King Tobias “Tuvya” Staunton of Courland prior to the destruction of Johannesburg, and joined his own host to that of the Coalition. It is unclear exactly what his defection means in the long term, though his holdings are significant and brings the size of the Kingdom of Courland to a comparable level as that of Hanseti-Ruska and Lotharingia, adding the settlements of the County of Board and Barony of Cantal to Courland’s main stronghold, Ostwick. === Kingdom of the Westerlands Splits Off The storied Kingdom of the Westerland was forced into a White Peace by the Axiot Coalition in became de facto independent from the Holy Oren Empire, taking with it a sizable swath of territory, which while not terribly important strategically, is rich in natural resources. The Westerlands barely contributed any forces to the Holy Oren Empire during the war, and is relatively untouched by fight. Leopold of Marna, the King of Vandoria, will lead this new Kingdom. === Market Watch Iron Ingot: 2.2 minas - Kal Omith Gold Ingot: 2.2 minas - Kal’Omith Diamond: 8.5 minas - Kal’Omith Hay Bale: 0.2 minas - Sutica Leather: 0.5 minas - Sutica Oak Logs: 0.2 minas- Sutica === Political Change in Haelun’or It’s hard to precisely describe the political maneuverings of the high elves, so it is best to leave them aside and focus on the consequences. The Orenian backed Uthirate was overthrown with the aid of the mali’fenn, and a Sohaerate was declared with Erinali S. Tahn’thill as Sohaer. This is just the latest in a series of political upheavals in Haelun’or, with governments rising and toppling with great frequency. === St. Karlsburg City Holds Elections St. Karlsburg, the Capital of the newly independent Kingdom of Haense and Ruska, is holding elections for Maer. There are several candidates for the post, including the current Maer, Lukas Vanir, who is expected to win the election easily. The Flagship will keep you informed of any developments in the campaign. === 9 People Changing Axios King Tobias “Tuvya” Staunton of Courland King John D’Amary of Lotharingia Grand King Bastion Ireheard of Urguan Rex Drokon’Ugluk of Krugmar Duke Parek Roswell of Pasnia High Prince Tristin Tresury of Linandria Sohaer Erinali S. Tahn’thill of Haelun’or Princess Titania Hawkson of Norseth’onn Trade Princess Lilyana La Terre Amant Carrington of Sutica === Putting this War into Context It is of paramount importance to attempt to contextualize the events of the past few years and how they truly are extraordinary, if still rooted in past events. It is probably best to start at the beginning, with the Oren the editor first encountered as a young elf in Aegis, the Kingdom of Oren, which spread out from the Jewel of Aegis, Al’Khazar. That city and kingdom were truly cosmopolitan, and Descendants from all over Aegis desired to live there. Human settlements sprawled in all directions, but those to the North soon came under threat from the Undead, who launched their invasion from the North. The battles for these Northern outposts, the now immortalized Alstion and Snowy Fields, did much to both hone the human spirit and the determination of the Descendants. It was also ultimately this invasion that destroyed Al’Khazar after many years of bitter fighting and inevitable advance and retreat. The Kingdom of Oren was ruled by level headed men, first St. Daniel, then Pampo Perea (his wife, Dawn, was the famous Dawn of Dawn’s bakery, and later queen of Salvus), and then, after Pampo’s death at the hands of an undead Necromancer during the First Battle of Al’Khazar. Edmund Sheffield and his wife Queen Ivrae ruled a mostly content Oren for several years until a terrible corruption fostered by the Undead Latsi took ahold of the King, and after an act of cannibalization and the Queen’s death, threw the Kingdom of Oren into chaos. Some weeks later, Enor Sheffield, the kidnapped son of the King, was elevated to the throne under mysterious circumstances, and this set forth the events that are widely believed to have created the Oren we all know today. Enor’s rule created bitter division and allegations of corruption and incompetence, and when Al’Khazar finally fell into the Undead’s hands, there was mass hysteria throughout both Oren and the wider world. Governments fell, rebellions flared, and King Enor was toppled by the Phoenix Rebellion. His last act legitimized the Hochmeister of the Teutonic Order, Gaius Marius, and the ensuing civil war resulted in the Kingdom of Renatus, centered on Galahar (a city built on the ruins of a thousand cities) and the Kingdom of Hanseti, while the Kingdom of Salvus formed from the remnants of the Orenian Government. Renatus was initially ruled by the Tarus family, who had been known for their martial contributions to the Phoenix Rebellions, and Hanseti eventually came under the rule of the (in)famous Mirtok DeNurem, while Salvus was a co-monarchy between the last of the Sheffields and Pereas. These three Kingdoms eventually came into conflict after the exodus to Asulon, and though Salvus quickly fell to internal division and exterior invasion, Renatus and Hanseti were locked in a rivalry. Both Kingdoms went into decline, and Renatus began to fracture as humans did what they had done since time immemorial: found new settlements. Eventually, the throne of Renatus sat empty, and the leadership of the kingdom, such as it was, cast about for a candidate. They found one in Godfrey Horen, who made many claims about his line’s direct descent from Horen himself (an absurdity, as all Humans are directly descended from Horen) and claiming the divine right to rule. Despite the obvious fabrications, Renatus installed Horen on the throne, and thus the second Golden Age of Humanity began, built on lies, superstition and confusion. Godfrey Horen began a ruthless consolidation of human lands, reincorporating by force and diplomacy the disloyal vassals of Renatus, and after swallowing the Kingdom of Seventis and beating back a coalition of forces arrayed against him, he turned towards Hanseti. War simmered between the two powers for decades, and it would not be until Anthos that the Kingdom of Renatus, now known as the Holy Oren Empire, would dig out its last splinter. It was also during this time that human culture began to shift, becoming increasingly prejudiced against both their fellow men and their cousins, their fellow Descendants (Orcs, Dwarves and Elves). The Church of the One True Faith emerged from doctrinal conflict as a major power in human affairs, akin to that of a secular state. After dealing with internal problems, the Empire then looked to the other races, and began the systematic weakening of the other nations and attempted to conquer them all, with some initial success, forcing the elves of Malinor into a humiliating treaty and making war on the Orcs and Dwarves. Depending on your point of view, the Dwarves of the Grand Kingdom of Urguan are either the unsung heroes or the vilest of villains in the history of the Descendants; they were certainly the only power that withstood Orenian aggression for the intermittent centuries of human domination. Emperor Godfrey Horen’s son, Horen, was widely acknowledged as a madman, and on the eve of his final victory over the Dwarves, he faltered. The ensuing chaos caused the fragmentation of the Holy Oren Empire into several Kingdoms (Oren/Renatus, Savoie, Ruska, Hanseti, Salvus, Kaedrin, Herendul), several of them under Dwarven protection. The Kingdom of Oren itself was inherited by the weak willed William, and war raged for several years amongst the Kingdoms. Salvus was destroyed again, this time by a combination of Kaedrini betrayal and Orc invasion. The Kingdom of Ruska and the Papal States of Savoie joined together after a brief crisis, and in turn marched on Abresi, intent on restoring the Empire. Thus, it was House Carrion, under Emperor Sigismund, that reconstituted the Empire. House Carrion’s rule did not last far past Sigmund’s death, and under suspicious circumstances akin to those that lead to the rise of Godfrey Horen, Peter Chivay of Kaedrin, a former White Rose, became Holy Oren Emperor. Anthos itself was soon afterwards consumed by chaos, and the Descendants began their flight again. The next hundred years or so were not especially interesting due to the invariableness of Human domination. The Elves had fractured and were scattered, and were thus brought under the heel of Imperial dominion once again, and the weaker of the elves began to collaborate with their human overlords in a desire for power that had thus far been denied to them. The Grand Kingdom of Urguan continued its resistance, occasionally aided by other powers or rebels, but it was mostly a solitary fight. Certainly, there were crises and rebellions within the Empire, as the sultanate of Haria rose and fell and rose again, the Zionist war, and most recently, the Duke’s War, where House de Sarkozic attempted to restore Ruskan hegemony to the Empire. The Empire and the restored House Horen (which had survived to retake the throne after House Chivay ceased to produce heirs) weathered these storms fairly comfortably, and only the Duke’s War seriously threatened to disturb the world order. Eventually, even the Orcs of Krugmar fell under the influence of the Emperors, though these Emperors became increasingly weak as the Empire decentralized and complacency set in after years of relative peace and unchallenged hegemony. When this was began, with the Emperor launching an assault on Savoy, many were swift to dismiss the chances of the rebels to succeed against such an immortal foe. Later, Courland took up the standard of rebellion, and through the Emperor’s folly, Lotharingia joined them. Perhaps many of us had forgotten that immortal lesson of history: every Empire must fall. Still, there was little reason to believe that this war would be any different. Still, despite the doubts, the rebels and their partners won victory after victory against the Empire, stunning the Descendants like few wars truly have. The Emperor’s grasp on his vassals and allies weakened slowly at first, but after confidence was undermined at the Battle of Goldsmith Field, the Empire truly began to collapse, and the outcome of the war was no longer in doubt, merely how long it would take to beat the Empire into submission. It is difficult to put one’s finger directly on what made this war different. Perhaps Empire had become too complacent, its leadership too tired and set in its ways to adapt to the new challenge. Its leadership was indeed clogged by a cadre of ancient families, many of whom had produced heirs that possessed both addled minds and aggressive ignorance in great parts. It is possible that Orenian culture had just become decadent and was unable to comprehend defeat and could not be motivated to prevent it. Perhaps years of resistance finally forged the Coalition into a fighting force capable of fighting Imperial forces on the field. It was often remarked that Imperial troops were of especially poor quality, and so obsessed with obtaining loot for themselves that they often fought poorly and were unable to form cohesive units. There was also constant bickering and breakdowns in communication during battles, something the Coalition did not experience. It will take more time to truly reflect on the consequences of the war, but it clear to the editor that it represents a truly transformational moment for the Descendants, and will not be soon forgotten. === Editor’s Note Thank you for reading The Flagship. It has certainly been a momentous few years for the Descendants, and though this publication did not take a side in this war, nor should it had, it would not be proper to fail to acknowledge the great sacrifices undertaken by the Dwarves of the Grand Kingdom of Urguan especially to preserve the flame of freedom and liberty in the dark ages of Human domination. I cannot help but hope that the world will be a better place for the Descendants to live going forward. ~Ebs Telrunya Editor in Chief
  4. Never forget!
  5. A correction is submitted with later editions: The staff of the Flagship regrets the error in omitting the approaching siege of the Capital of the Holy Oren Empire; this was done due to ignorance of the siege at the time of printing. === Late Breaking: Johannesburg to be Attacked Directly Coalition forces are now threatening Johannesburg directly, attempting to wrest the Capital from Imperial control. The battle for the city, and possible the end of the war, is fast approaching.
  6. The Flagship Axios War Bulletin III Coalition Wins Major Victory Outside Metz Imperial forces assemble for the coming battle. Coalition and Orenian forces finally met in a decisive clash outside Metz, the ducal city of Lorraine, at what is being called the Battle of Goldfield. They had maneuvered around each other for much of the winter, engaging in skirmishes, but as Coalition forces drew closer to Metz itself, the Orenians sallied forth to attempt to block a siege of the City. In a reverse of the Battle of the Gorge, the Orenians were outnumbered by Coalition forces, and were thrown back by the Coalition’s heavy assault at the center. This comes as a serious blow to the Holy Oren Emperor, Philip I Frederick, whose control of Oren looks more and more tenuous. Still, the rebels and their allies have yet to seize Metz, which would be necessary before any march on the Capital. === Contents Coalition Wins Major Victory Outside Metz Late Breaking: Johannesburg to be Attacked Directly Prepare to Besiege Metz, Secure Hold on Lorraine Interview With Rex Drokon'Ugluk Dominion of Malin Quits Alliance with Oren Johannesburg Prepares for Siege Sutica eyes Expansion, Reforms Marketwatch Urguan Moves to Besiege Cantal Armed Bands of Imperial Deserters Terrorize Citizenry === Late Breaking: Johannesburg to be Attacked Directly Coalition forces are planning on attacking Johannesburg immediately, in an attempt to wrest control of the Capital from the Imperials. If they are successful, the end of this war might be in sight. === Prepare to Besiege City, Secure Hold on Lorraine Map of the Isle of Tahn, Detailing the Political Situation and Possible Coalition Offensives. Drafted before the Elven exit from the war. Humans, Orcs, Dwarves and even some Elves are moving into positions around Metz to begin a siege of the city by Coalition forces. An Orenian garrison still holds the city, though it has become increasingly isolated from the rest of the Empire as the surrounding lands fall into the hands of the rebel Duke, John d’Amaury and his supporters. It should take about an elven week for the Coalition to finish constructing siege equipment and begin their assault on the fortress, and victory is anything but assured. However, should the Coalition prevail, almost all of the Duchy (now Kingdom) of Lorraine will fall under their control, robbing the Orenians of one of their most vital province and isolating the Dominion of Malin from any of its allies. === Interview With Rex Drokon'Ugluk Drogon'Ugluk I interviewed Rex Drokon'Ugluk of the War Nation of Krugmar, having been escorted to the Rex’s palace by a helpful red urukan. Drokon'Ugluk: Welkum to San'Torr. Ebs: Greetings Rex. Thank you for agreeing to an interview. Drokon'Ugluk: Mhm, nub prublem. Ebs: I shall start out with congratulations on your victory in the field today. Would it be possible for you to describe how the battles was won? Drokon'Ugluk: Da field was chatoic at first, the whirl ob da arrowz agh magez castin' dere magic was 'ectic to say the least. It took a long tim to properleh ralleh the entire rebel force into ah cohesive unity, but when wi did, it wus devestatin'. We cut through dere rankz quickly ash wifout much difficulty. Ebs: I take it that you are satisfied with the progress the Coalition has been making in the war? Drokon'Ugluk: Da Coalition haz done well tu unify da forces against Oren. Fur too lung, da Uruks and Dwarves fought alone aghainzt da Orenian machine. Fina;;eh, we stand ah chance, agh there is hope. Ebs: Moving away from foreign affairs, are there any initiatives in Krugmar that you are undertaking? Drokon'Ugluk: Da Targoth, leader of our militareh, da Krughai, am workin' tu revitalize da militareh through rigourz trainin'. Wi am seein' recruitment soarin's agh new Urukz comin' evereh day. Da Yazgurtan, our sort of logiztiz leader, am doin' well in gettin' da nation's economy bak en order. Ebs: I see. What is your vision for the War Nation? Drokon'Ugluk: Tu bring is back frum da brink, bruthur. Wi were nearly wiped out by da Humans, agh if it were up tu dem, we'd no longer exizt. We ztand poized, I ztand poized, tu bring uz back. We will be great again. Ebs: That is all I had for you Rex. === Dominion of Malin Quits Alliance with Oren In a shocking announcement, the Dominion of Malin has abandoned its already shaky alliance with Oren and declared its independence, breaking the final ties of human control remaining from its days as a direct vassal of the Holy Oren Empire. This comes as a blow to the increasingly beset Empire, as the Dominion of Malin was one of its only allies, though this blow is mostly symbolic, as there were likely more elves fighting on the side of the rebels than Oren. The treaty also makes a concession to the Warhawkes by the Dominion, granting them a piece of land within its boundaries. The consequences of this treaty can only be imagines, but it is increasingly hard to imagine that this can be construed as good for Oren. === Johannesburg Prepares for Siege Conscripted laborers, under the direction of the city’s stewards, have been spotted hard at work increasing the defensiveness of the Seat of the Holy Oren Emperor, Philip I Frederick. The hills that the Capital’s walls sit on have bee. scraped away while preparations are underway within the city to accommodate the any refugees flooding into the City, attempting to arrive ahead of Coalition forces, lest they be locked outside. Available space is being converted into farmland so that should the City be cut off from various outlying holdings and hamlets, the citizenry will not starve. The Coalition is still penned on the other side of the island, blocked in their advance on Johannesburg by the ducal city of Metz, but should Metz fall, little stands in the way of the advance. Not in recent memory has the Orenian Capital been seriously threatened by invasion, and should the Coalition breach the walls of the great jewel of the Holy Oren Empire, they will face bitter fighting, street by street, should they wish to dislodge the Emperor from his stronghold. The Coalition has advised that all civilians evacuate the capital to avoid harm from the coming hostilities, though there has been no similar statement from Imperial officials. Johannesburg is also facing fierce raiding from Coalition forces, which the guard has struggled to get under control. In the most recent clash, the guard was thrown back as civilians scattered. After this damaging breach in security, confidence in Imperial forces has been seriously undermined, and there are reports of notables preparing the leave the city, shifting their wealth out of the grasp of the Coalition. === Sutica eyes Expansion, Reforms as Malcontents Surface Sutica, under the leadership of Trade Princess Lilyana, has maintained its neutrality and prosperity during these war weary times. Still, some have complained that the Free State of Sutica has become stagnant, and the Sutica Government have attempted to bring new people into the Free State. This has turned the island of Ceri into what is best described as a multicultural quilt, as the Suticans (mostly) peacefully coexist with the druids, halflings, northmen and Calico. However, a faction has emerged within the capital city calling for reform and a parliamentary monarchy along with the establishment of a state church. It is unclear how much popular support this group has or if its members are even Suticans, but the Flagship will endeavor to provide any updates should the situation evolve. === Market Watch Iron Ingot: 2 minas - Johannesburg Gold Ingot: 2.2 minas - Kal’Omith Diamond: 8.5 minas - Kal’Omith Hay Bale: 0.2 minas - Sutica Wool: 0.7 minas- Johannesburg Leather: 0.5 minas - Sutica Oak Logs: 0.2 minas- Sutica === Urguan Moves to Besiege Cantal The Grand Kingdom of Urguan, intent on exactly vengeance for the execution of Grand King Algoda, is moving their forces to attack the Barony of Cantal. They are hoping to widen this front in the war against the Holy Oren Empire, where most of the fighting since the Battle of the Gorge has been contained to Lorraine. Cantal is the only holding obstructing an advance from Urguan on the Capital itself. === Armed Bands of Imperial Deserters Terrorize Citizenry Rogue elements of the Imperial Army carried out a reign of terror throughout the Holy Oren Empire this past Seed, robbing innocent citizens, including the author himself, in the name of the Emperor. They were encountered in Karlsburg, Ostermark and just outside Johannesburg. However, when the brigands attempted to rob the Thane of Ostermark, he promptly dispatched three of them on his own, sending the rest into flight. There were no Imperial officials available to comment on the breakdown of Law and Order in the Empire. === Editor’s Note Thank you for reading The Flagship. I appreciate any and all tips and corrections submitted to the paper, as they greatly help improve its accuracy. I strive to provide the most balanced and comprehensive broadsheet possible so that the Descendants can be informed of goings on in Axios. ~Ebs Telrunya Editor in Chief
  7. Wouldn't a simple way to avoid an rp coup succeeding if supported by a majority of region owners be to kick people off the region if you suspected them of being involved? Seems like a gigantic headache to me.
  8. The Flagship Axios War Bulletin II John d’Amaury Captured, Escapes The newly minted King of Lorraine, John d’Amaury, was taken into custody by Orenian forces under unclear circumstances. Imperial officials attempted to move him to the Dominion of Malin, but the King was liberated by rebel cavalry numbering about 15 following a short clash with a numerically superior (estimated to be around 50) Orenian and Dominion complement escorting him. === Contents John d’Amaury Captured, Escapes A New Grand King Interview with King Tobias “Tuvya” Staunton Duchy of Lorraine Declares Independence Axiot Coalition Announced Market Journal Uproar in Haelun’or Criticism over Dominion Involvement Mounts Editor’s Note === A New Grand King The Senate convenes. Following Emperor Philip I Frederick’s execution of Grand King Algoda, the Senate Grand Kingdom Urguan, composed of representatives of each of the Grand Kingdom’s clans, convened to elect a new Grand King. Three candidates were nominated: Bastion Ireheart by the Grandeaxe and Doomforged Clans, Wulfstag Ireheart by the Frostbeard Clan and Kilgrim Irongut by the Irongut Clan. After speeches by the three candidates, Bastion Ireheart was elected with support from Grandaxe, Doomforged and Starbreaker clans. Bastion Ireheart The New Grand King provided the following comment to The Flagship: “Without the dwed of Urguan, the crown means nothing, and the dwed who wears the crown, means nothing. I wish to thank all those who supported my campaign for the Grand Kingship, and promise, that upon my coronation, I will, with the help of the very dwed who make up this stoic nation, bring back the glory of the past. I will, through dedication, passion and perseverance, make the Grand Kingdom of Urguan truly grand once more. === Interview with King Tobias “Tuvya” Staunton Tobias "Tuvya" Staunton I met Tobias (Tuvya) Staunton, Duke (now King) of Courland, claimant for the throne of the Holy Oren Empire, in the field outside Ostwick. There was quite a bit going on and constant interruptions, which have been held for future publishing. Tobias Staunton: Welcome to our keep, what can I do for you? Ebs: I have a few questions for you if that is acceptable? Tobias Staunton: Of course, I did see your latest newspaper. Gaed I Errmark: I read such a paper as well. Tobias Staunton: I was rather impressed by your writing skills. Ebs: I am pleased to hear that, and my thanks for the compliment. Tobias Staunton: I apologize, please excuse me for a moment Mr. Ebs. Later Ebs: Could you explain the roots of this conflict? Tobias Staunton: The Empire has used it overwhelming numbers to act as an iron fist, bullying and subjugating those who are weaker or fewer in number. My family felt the effects of the Empire and the Emperor’s tyranny, when John Horen attacked my father’s Duchy, the most populous holding in Oren at the time. Courland was attacked by the Emperor, and many innocent civilians killed. He ever had my mother, his own sister, brutally killed. With that much blood on the Empire’s hands, there are few who can stand up to them. I am one person who is able to because of my many, many supporters. Ebs: Assuming you win the coming battles, what is your vision for Oren? Tobias Staunton: I come to liberate, not to conquer. I come to free men from the shackles of the Empire. I will ascend to the Imperial throne as the final Emperor of the fifth Empire. I will free Oren’s vassals, yet, I will destroy all of those who did not yield. It is becuase of them that many more of our men had to die. What else would you like to know Ebs? Ebs: Am I correct in assuming that this includes those mali that stand with the Dominion of Malin? Tobias Staunton: That is correct. I have sent out orders: either they yield of will pay the consequences. I am a reasonable man, Ebs, as you have already seen. I have presented fair terms to minimize bloodshed. I cannot be held responsible if they value their pride more than their lives. === Duchy of Lorraine Declares Independence John d’Amaury of Lorraine The Archduchy of Lorraine, formerly a realm of the Holy Oren Empire, has declared independence, citing the tyranny and incompetence of the current Holy Oren Emperor, Philip I Frederick. This comes following an attempted coup in the Duchy instigated by the current Imperial administration that placed Ser Otto in charge of the ducal city of Metz. However, the rest of Lorraine has pledged to the rebellion, including the Despotate of Nicaea and other holdings. This has greatly boosted the Stauntons with both territory and men. When reached for comment, King John said, “ === Staunton Rebels Score Victories in Skirmishes There have not been any major confrontations since the now famous (or infamous) Battle of the Gorge, but there have been numerous small to mid sized skirmishes in this war, and rebel forces have prevailed more often than not. This is a remarkable reversal of the norm, as Orenian forces typically prove victorious in the brutally savage and quick fighting and raiding the makes up most modern wars. It remains to be seen how this will impact Orenian morale or if it will translate into further losses in the coming days, when large open field battles and sieges will predominate. === Axiot Coalition Announced Those rebelling against the Holy Oren Emperor as well as their allies have announced and signed a treaty that adopts a structure for their joint effort to remove Philip I Frederick from power. Along with the Stauntons of Courland, the d’Amaurys of Lorraine, the Grand Kingdom of Urguan, the War Nation of Krugmar, several other former Orenian realms are signatories. This treaty likely represents one of the largest coalitions of men and material arrayed against the Holy Oren Empire since the Great War during Anthos, which ultimately ended in the collapse of the Holy Oren Empire and the rise of a handful of independent Kingdoms (Ruska, Savoy, Salvus, Renatus and Hanseti), from where we can find the roots of the political situation that caused the Duke’s War as well as this current conflict. === Market Journal Best Prices: Iron: 2 Minas Kal’Omith Gold: 1 Minas Kal’Omith Diamond: 4 Minas, Kal’Omith Logs: .02 Minas, Sutica, Kal’Omith Hay Bale: .01, Sutica, Johannesburg === Uproar in Haelun’or There has been much confusion and consternation in Haelun’or as competing groups claim to be leading the city and maintain that they are the parties that have the authority to enter into treaties. Much of the conflict appears to be rooted in the Vigil affair. It seems as if one side has taken decisive action regarding the current rebellion while the other has claimed that said action is illegitimate, though one wonders what they hope to accomplish with lengthy missives few take the time to read. Updates on the situation will be provided, hopefully after details become clearer. === Criticism over Dominion Involvement Mounts The government of the Dominion of Malin is facing mounting criticism over its involvement on behalf of the Holy Oren Empire in its internal conflict as citizens question why elven blood must be spilled on what could potentially be the losing side, resulting in catastrophe for the mali. The government has attempted to assuage fears, but one does not see an easy resolution on the horizon. War is coming to the Dominion, and judging by how Dominion forces have acquitted themselves poorly under their current leadership, it remains to be seen if the correct choice has been made. === Editor’s Note Thank you for reading The Flagship. I appreciate any and all tips and corrections submitted to the paper, as they greatly help improve its accuracy. I strive to provide the most balanced and comprehensive broadsheet possible so that the Descendants can be informed of goings on in Axios. ~Ebs Telrunya Editor in Chief
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  10. The Flagship Axios War Bulletin I Grand King Algoda Executed by Orenian Foes Algoda, Grand King of the dwarven Grand Kingdom of Urguan, was executed by Orenian officials after being seized in the Orenian town of Ostermark. This has hardened opinion in Kal’Omith in favor of the war, and the Senate of the Grand Kingdom of Urguan will be convening this Saint’s Day to select a new King. === Contents Grand King Algoda Violently Executed Interview with Philip I Frederick, Holy Oren Emperor Oren Suffers Humiliating Loss at The Gorge, attempts to Consolidate Control in Lorraine Allies Stand Firm Behind Philip I Frederick Market Journal Top 5 Taverns in Axios Religion Roundup: Reforms and Schism Debate in Haelun’or Over Security Haria Reigns in Military Editor’s Note === Interview with Philip Frederick, Holy Oren Emperor The Emperor, Philip Frederick, regally reclines on this throne, as his guard, Baron Mattington Ironsword, watches silently. Ebs: Karin’ayla Emperor Philip Frederick. My thanks for agreeing to this interview. Philip Frederick: Of course, do begin. Ebs: Yes, of course. I will begin by asking what you believe to be the roots of this conflict? Philip Frederick: Bandits who would see to bring dishevel to the Empire for nothing more than personal gain, there is reason for the actions of Ser Otto. Ebs: I see. There has been a history of civil conflict involving the House, Staunton. Could you explain why this is the case? Philip Frederick: They rebelled against my grandfather for unjust reasons, after suffering defeat in battle, their ducal coalition quickly fell apart. Ebs: So, you believe them to be back to settle old scores, propped up by foreign agents bent on destruction of the Empire? Philip Frederick: They are opportunists; they saw a chance and pounced to gain their own power, no matter the cost for the Empire. Ebs: Indeed, indeed. To shift topics, are there any reforms that you have instituted during your reign that you take particular pride in achieving. Philip Frederick: I am proud of my military, for they were in an awful state when I inherited, we now are capable of defending the Empire. Ebs: I suppose we shall see soon enough to judge that for ourselves. What is your vision for the Holy Oren Empire going forward? For Axios as a whole? Philip Frederick: I wish for there to be peace not only within the Empire but all of Axios. I settled an old score with Haria and prevented war between out two nations. That being said, we must end this rebellion and beat back the dwarves before we can achieve peace. Ebs: Speaking of the dwarves, have you any comment on the execution of Grand King Algoda? Philip Frederick: He was attempting to fornicate with a human woman and wished to see the downfall of my Empire. Had the roles been reversed, he would have done the same. === Oren Suffers Humiliating Loss at The Gorge, attempts to Consolidate Control in Lorraine The forces loyal to the Holy Oren Emperor Philip I Frederick were decimated and routed from the field of battle in the opening clash of the Staunton rebellion. The Stauntons and their allies held firm against a numerically superior and more advanced foe. This marks a rare loss for the Holy Oren Empire and promises to prolong the current conflict. The Ducal City of Metz. The ducal city of Metz, located in the Archduchy of Lorraine, has experienced heavy fighting between rebels from the Staunton family and loyalists led by Ser Otto. Forces loyal to the Emperor currently control the city, while rebels control much of the rest of the Archduchy of Lorraine, setting up what is sure to be a pivotal battle in the current war. === Allies Stand Firm Beside Philip I Frederick The Dominion of Malin and Kingdom of Haense have reaffirmed their loyalty to the throne of the Holy Oren Empire despite the recent loss. However, public opinion in the Dominion of Malin appears divided, as many mali wonder why elvish blood should (and indeed was) spilled in the internal affairs of the valah. Old debates about the true independence of the Dominion and the true allegiances of its leadership have also resurfaced. The Kingdom of Haense, however, has moved to actively suppress any rebel activity within its border in addition to aiding the war effort. === Market Journal Best Prices: Iron: 1 Minas Kal’Omith Gold: 1 Minas Kal’Omith Diamond: 4 Minas, Kal’Omith Logs: .02 Minas, Sutica, Kal’Omith Hay Bale: .01, Sutica, Johannesburg === Top 5 Taverns in Axios Karlsburg Tavern - Karlsburg, Kingdom of Haense The Viridiun Pub - Johannesburg, The Crownlands The Broken Toe - Sutica Kobble’s Cobble Tavern - Kal'Omith, Grand Kingdom of Urguan The Leaping Fish Tavern - Reedsborough === Religion Roundup: Reforms and Schisms The Church of Lorraine, also known as the Lotharic Communion, has announced a schism from the Church of the One True Faith. The rebels in Lorraine and Savoy have often raised allegations of interference against Holy Oren Emperor Philip I Frederick in regards to reforms of the Church, and this appears to be the logical course now that the rebellion is being waged. Additionally, the Accords of Johannesburg were advanced by Emperor Philip I Frederick and High Pontiff Adrian I, further cementing state control over the Church of the One True Faith. Only time will tell whether the schism will be sealed and if the reforms will stand. === Debate in Haelun’or Over Security Cahir aep Ophael (the leader of the Arbiters), Braxus Ni’leya (a member of the Evariran) and Icarus (the librarian) are vying for an appointment as the elokarir'tir. Cahir appears to have the most support among the citizenry, but it is up to the Silver Council to decide who gets the post. There is pressure on the Silver Council to act swiftly, as recent events have revealed that lax security can lead to needless bloodshed within the Silver City. === Haria Reigns in Military The Lord Regent of Haria, Fakhri Kharadeen, had established a court system to prevent the military from harassing citizens and visitors with little to no oversight. This will hopefully make Haria a more pleasant place to visit, having removed the threat of state violence against individuals without any due process. === Editor’s Note Thank you for reading The Flagship. This is the first issue in quite some time, and I doubt that many of you are former readers, so I will reiterate my age old (quite literally) request for any and all feedback and suggestions. I strive to provide the most balanced and comprehensive broadsheet possible so that the Descendants can be informed of goings on in Axios. ~Ebs Telrunya Editor in Chief
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  12. What I find most interesting in the response to this application is that those that support leowarrior returning as GM are parroting the rationales that leowarrior: 1. has demonstrated that he is capable of doing the job and 2. his repeated infractions are not disqualifying because others have gotten away with worse and they believe he has reformed (laughable). Well, if those are both true, the lesson should not be that leowarrior should be brought back on but that major reductions in staff teams are needed so that the alleged sickness can be removed. To address the first point on leo's competence: is that really relevant at this point? The points being raised are about temperament, not about ability, and the question is not can he do the job but should he. I think his behavior, his flagrant, documented abuse of the rules he claims to enforce on multiple occasions along with his total inability to foster a positive relationship with those he moderates (outside of those in his favored elven cliques) are major disqualifiers. I view the leowarrior situation as the latest in a series of toxic and selfinterested individuals that make it into the echelons of staff then proceed to fail repeatedly under the protection of favored higher level staff members, and more than that, they fail upwards to greater and greater power and responsibility, much to the detriment of this server. We've seen this with leowarrior being banned for breaking rules, then receiving a position as FM despite no open application process, and we have seen similar occurrences with Kowaman and SupremacyOps. I guess it probably goes without saying, but this is a major -1 from me.
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