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  1. I seem to have lost my Gold VIP status at some point, so idk what the problem it.
  2. VonEbs

    Huffing Silver

    An essay is posted among other notices in the elven lands, printed in a neat script and signed by a familiar name. Huffing Silver Gone have I been from the halls of my kin, travelling distant lands in search of knowledge. However, even in those far off places I wandered, word came to me of Malinor reborn, Malinor triumphant. This news confused me greatly, for I remember having buried it in the unforgiving earth of a dying realm. It is sobering to consider that Malinor has been dead for longer than it was alive, and that the mali have continued on, in success and in failure, without the Princedom, for some four elven years. For those of you who might understandably not be familiar with who I am, I am Ebs Telrunya, and I have held many titles and roles over my centuries among the Descendants, the greatest of which was Prince of Malinor. Twice I was called into the ranks of the High Council to serve our people, and I did so out of ambition for my nation and, in some part, for myself. Malinor was a place where an unknown mali could make a good, decent life if they so chose, and both improve themselves and their nation through their citizenship. There was discord, there was tragedy, but we cherished each other and lived our lives as best we could, ‘ame, ‘aheral and ‘ker, united if not by cultural tradition and cosmetic differences than by a great heritage and kinship. It is said that the mali’thill have no great appreciation for humor; certainly a pile of evidence has been accumulating in recent weeks. It was perhaps not as surprising as it might have been that upon my return to Arcas, I discovered that this New Malinor was merely a fraud perpetrated by the Demented State of Haelun’or and it’s Imperial paramour. To be quite frank I have no great quarrel with this new High Prince, he will likely not last long, as is the custom among the thill. I merely wish that he and his handful of acquaintances that comprise this New Malinor had chosen a more appropriate foil; perhaps that of their savior, Kalenz’Uradir, who once brought their comrades the Empire down on all our heads by brutally murdering the reigning monarch of Oren. They, however, can be forgiven for neglecting their history lessons; the Eternal Library’s shelves have been bare for some time, reflecting perhaps some deeper reality of the Silver State. From a certain perspective, things do seem quite grim my cousins. Beset by terrifying forces directed by a malicious hand, the Empire poised to wipe us out to distract its populace from its burgeoning internal issues. What has happened before will happen again. However, perhaps I qualify as an authority on matters of time: this too shall pass, our enemies will shrivel and die among the sands of time, and the mali will rise again, if not in triumph, then at least in dignity. Shelter each other and remember Malin, our father. Van’ayla, and may the trees shade your path Ebs Telrunya
  3. Hey VonEbs, Long time no see.

    1. VonEbs


      Hello friend

  4. Glad to see the worst map is also getting the worst map transition event. Enjoy!

  5. Hey Gaius, glad to see your are still alive and broadcasting from the Waffle House. As the person here who has probably known you the longest (Herocraft vets unite!) just thought I would say hello. I was just reading Rise of True Rectide the other day and wondering what you were up to.
  7. Looks like Cloudfare went down for a bit there. Either that or half of the ISPs were blocking it!

    Edited by VonEbs
  8. Easy to understand why the server is in a period of decline when the staff is unwilling to punish even the most blatant examples of metagaming.

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    2. Freischarler


      Pvpfac- stopped reading. So annoying lol

    3. Treshure


      "PvP factions people"

      we play the same game as you and go through the same roleplay. i can confirm a bird was sent through legit means. whether you choose to accept that or continue to whine on the forums on how the oppressive pvp factions groups are hurting everyone thats ur choice

    4. Space


      only thing gonna decline is your mom on this **** ha

  9. Shitposting has reached new heights during this rebellion.

  10. I'm a massive fan of your Flagship, even though I hadn't even joined the server in Anthos! Its amazing, and has helped me document elven history.



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    2. shimmeringbliss


      Its that newspaper that Ebs ran! It was called the Flagship, its fully of useful information. And there was an astonishing 10 volumes of it, with specials!



    3. oblivionsbane


      Oh... A newspaper title..

    4. Your Favorite Impure™
  11. LotC 5.0 Walking Simulator

    1. The Elfen Lie

      The Elfen Lie

      I get sooo much nostaglia from walking.

    2. Bubby


      It's nice to actually see people walking around, but it will take some time to get used to again.

  12. Reading noted feedback threads for the laughs.

    1. Cracker


      Yea I like you.

    2. Sky


      Planning on returning? It'd be cool.

    3. Telanir


      Feedback noted.

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