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  1. Hey VonEbs, Long time no see.

    1. VonEbs


      Hello friend

  2. Glad to see the worst map is also getting the worst map transition event. Enjoy!

  3. Hey Gaius, glad to see your are still alive and broadcasting from the Waffle House. As the person here who has probably known you the longest (Herocraft vets unite!) just thought I would say hello. I was just reading Rise of True Rectide the other day and wondering what you were up to.
  4. Looks like Cloudfare went down for a bit there. Either that or half of the ISPs were blocking it!

    Edited by VonEbs
  5. Easy to understand why the server is in a period of decline when the staff is unwilling to punish even the most blatant examples of metagaming.

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    2. Freischarler


      Pvpfac- stopped reading. So annoying lol

    3. Treshure


      "PvP factions people"

      we play the same game as you and go through the same roleplay. i can confirm a bird was sent through legit means. whether you choose to accept that or continue to whine on the forums on how the oppressive pvp factions groups are hurting everyone thats ur choice

    4. Space


      only thing gonna decline is your mom on this **** ha

  6. Shitposting has reached new heights during this rebellion.

  7. I'm a massive fan of your Flagship, even though I hadn't even joined the server in Anthos! Its amazing, and has helped me document elven history.



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    2. shimmeringbliss


      Its that newspaper that Ebs ran! It was called the Flagship, its fully of useful information. And there was an astonishing 10 volumes of it, with specials!



    3. oblivionsbane


      Oh... A newspaper title..

    4. Your Favorite Impure™
  8. LotC 5.0 Walking Simulator

    1. The Elfen Lie

      The Elfen Lie

      I get sooo much nostaglia from walking.

    2. CaptainHaense


      It's nice to actually see people walking around, but it will take some time to get used to again.

  9. Reading noted feedback threads for the laughs.

    1. Cracker


      Yea I like you.

    2. Sky


      Planning on returning? It'd be cool.

    3. Telanir


      Feedback noted.

  10. We're in the lore submissions sub-forum, yeah? So, I don't see how this isn't in a way contacting the Lore Team to see if this lore may be possible. Also, I truly don't see how it clashes with what exists but that's mostly because I don't know where I should be looking, the wiki (that the LT was originally made to look after)? Not much information in the time period Leo is talking about. The forums? Nothing. Oh, am I to privately message a Lore Keeper/Master? There is nothing wrong with this piece being implemented, it's giving some sort of history that can be used to develop cultures off of and it is also simple enough to be molded (RPly) to suit the needs of any wood elf (or descendant of). As someone who was here for the majority of Aegis and has done a lot of research into elven history, I might be able to lend a hand. The only piece of confirmed piece of elven lore that survived The Great Collapse is Nature's Gift, a poem written by Malin. Otherwise, there isn't really a lot.
  11. Seems pretty good to me.
  12. Only a week until The Force Awakens.

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    2. Ark


      Hey Ebs ( :

    3. Kaelan


      I think I'll wait a week or two to see it... 

    4. PeachLova


      Going to absolutely miss it (cons of flying out of the country) 

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