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  2. The Flagship Vol. III No. 1 The Descendants Flee Atlas, Find Their Way to Arcas Following the invasion of Atlas by the Vaeyl Order, the Descendants pursued the Red Vaeyl forces through to Serrimor, an land of icelocked ravines. Following a short yet frigid stay in lingo, the Descendants arrived in a new land rich in virgin wilderness and vast resources, Arcas. As the first new issue in some time, the Flagship will attempt to inform and guide any confused Descendants in their first steps into Arcas! The ice ravines of Serrimor. === Contents: The Descendants Flee Atlas, Find Their Way to Arcas Guide to Arcas for Returning Readers Elves, Men, Dwarves, Orcs What You (the Reader) Need to Know Editor’s Note === Guide to Arcas for Returning Readers Any time that the Descendants enter a new realm, it is a confusing experience. Many old and new faces are thrown in the tumult and beings can be forgiven for being a tad bit mystified at how things have changed since they last walked among their kin. In this section of this first issue on a new realm, I will endeavor to inform you of the basics of what you need to know about the nations of Arcas and where things stand politically. Elves The Elves are, controversially, currently split between by most recent estimate five city-states spread throughout Arcas. Though there had been some element of separation between the Elves prior to somewhat recent political events, the true splintering occurred following the collapse of the Dominion of Malin and its transformation into the Kingdom of Gladewynn, which tepidly claims to be the main elven nation. I shall endeavor to cover all of the elven factions in sufficient detail below: The Kingdom of Gladewynn Primary Culture: Wood Elves Ruler: Layla Atraedes Government: Monarchy, Royarch advised by High Council The Kingdom of Gladewynn traces its roots to the fall of the Holy Princedom of Malinor, though the players did not enter onto the scene until late Axios. Its founders were mostly mercenaries, having separated themselves from the Dominion of Malin, and following certain political events, they usurped the Dominion and established their own Kingdom in its place. Though once considered the strongest elven faction militarily, it has seemingly entered a terminal decline, and is characterized by political dysfunction and low levels of civic participation. The Silver Enclave of Haelun’or Primary Culture: High Elves Ruler: Dimaethor Visaj Government: Despotic Dictatorship The mali’thill of Haelun’or suffered greatly during Atlas, with their first city, Okarn'thilln, being destroyed. Haelun’or reconstituted itself a short distance away under new leadership, but the loss of that city dealt a great blow to thill culture. Judging from its public pronouncements, it may entering another reactionary phase, and has been particularly hostile to the Principality of Aegrothond. It is allied with the Kingdom of Gladewynn, though it is unclear how far said alliance stretches. The Princedom of Fenn Primary Culture: Snow Elves Ruler: Grand Prince Aelthir Tundrak II Government: Monarchy, Grand Prince advised by Council The most martial by far of the city-states, the snow elves have had to fight for many years to survive. Though other elves do reside in the Fennic Princedom, it is still primarily the demesne of the storied Tundrak line. Has had an especially acrimonious relationship with some of the other elven factions. Principality of Aegrothond Primary Culture: Mixed, Primarily Wood Elves Ruler: Belestram Sylvaeri Government: Principality Formed by the House Sylvaeri after banishment from the Dominion of Malin, Aegrothond has been very insular during the late stages of Atlas. Having faced outright aggression from Gladewynn and Haelun’or, this position is perhaps understandable. The population is primarily of the Sylvaeri (Elder Elf) and Silma (Wood Elf) Houses, though the Principality appears to be diversifying and expanding its citizenry greatly. Sable Principality of Vira’ker Primary Culture: Dark Elves Ruler: Vulnir Syllar Government: Clan Confederation The Dark Elves spent much of Atlas plagued by political dysfunction, but Vira’ker is a newcomer on the scene. Not as well established or defined as the other states, it however does resemble previous attempts to establish a strong state based around Dark Elf clan culture. It initially appears to be alligned with Gladewynn, and will at least temporarily be residing in the new capital of Gladewynn. Men It should come as no surprise that the Empire of Men has reconstituted itself after spending much of Atlas broken up into several lesser factions. It seemed inevitable following the joining of Renatus-Marna that a Horen-lead Empire would rise again, but the real shock in human politics during Atlas was the return of the Duchy of Adria to the scene. Adria, which traces its roots back to the Adria (and House Carrion, now Sarkozic) of old, was consistently the most powerful human faction throughout Atlas. Loyal to the Horens, they vied with the Imperial Capital for cultural supremacy within first Renatus-Marna then the Empire. As will be discussed below, the other major human factions have been brought under Imperial authority, including Curon and Haense, once independent realms. The Imperial Capital, the Crown of Renatus-Marna Primary Culture: Heartlander, Mixed Ruler: Augustus Horen Government: Absolute Monarchy House Horen, as always, rules from the Crownlands, formed from the Crown of Renatus-Marna. The center of the Empire of Man, and some might argue, the world, the Crown has a relatively diverse population and has, in recent years, become more open to non-human residents. Politics have become more open in recent decades, with an actual elected Parliament being created, though it is unclear just how much power said parliament has. The crownlands are certain to be a center of culture and political intrigue for humanity going forward. Duchy of Adria Primary Culture: Highlander, Raevir and Auvergnian Ruler: Paul II Sarkozic Government: Elective Duchy, Vassal Rivalling the Crown of Renatus-Marna in population and martial might if not necessarily in influence, the Duchy of Adria was reconstituted by Duke John Sarkozic in order to rehabilitate lands adjacent to Renatus-Marna at the Whispering Crossroads. Through good leadership and unexpected openness, Adria prospered during Atlas. Kingdom of Haense Primary Culture: Highlander Ruler: Robert I Barbanov Government: Constituent Kingdom, Vassal Haense, tracing its origins back to Hansetti and currently ruled by another cadet house of Carrion, Barbanov, has often been under the Empire of Man. Having been independent for most of Atlas, it often struggled under the shadow of Renatus-Marna, and many of its Kings were murdered during political conflict before ultimately being incorporated back into the Empire. Kingdom of Curonia Primary Culture: Heartlander Ruler: Regency Government: Constituent Kingdom, Vassal Curon, with its capital in Cyrilsburg, was the site of much political drama during Atlas, including being the site of the ill fated Global Assembly. It was typically a junior ally to Renatus-Marna during many of the wars. Destroyed at least once, it was incorporated into the Empire of Man following the Declaration of Empire. Curonia has recently passed into a Regency headed by the son of the elderly king Wilhelm I, Jarrack of House Devereux. Dwarves The dwarves, after the elves, had perhaps the most tumultuous stay in Atlas, with the usurping state to the Grand Kingdom of Urguan, the Kingdom of Kaz’Ulrah, collapsing due to violent conflict. First known as the Confederation of Hammers, the relatively newly minted Kingdom of Agnarum has now taken the primary position in Dwarven affairs, with some even speculating that it may retake the name of the Grand Kingdom of Urguan. Clan Irongut spent most of Atlas established near the Whispering Crossroad in the Counsalary Republic of Holm, though by the closing days of Atlas Holm seemed abandoned and prospects for its continuing in Arcas are unclear. Kingdom of Agnarum Primary Culture: Dwarf Ruler: Fimlin Grandaxe Government: Constitutional Monarchy Founded recently through the confederation of several Dwarven factions for protection, the Kingdom of Agnarum appears to be finding its feet. Acrimonious relations with the Frostbeards, who controlled Kaz’Ulrah, are a given, but Agnarum appears to be positioned to rebuild some of what has been missing from dwarven society for some time. Orcs The situation in orcish lands is opaque to outsiders at the best of times, and now is certainly no different. The orcs have been unsettled in recent decades following the loss of their lands to the now defunct Dominion of Malin following a pair of controversial duels. Now, after years attempting to rebuild their strength, there appears to be a dispute with the Ugluk clan, of what nature the author cannot speculate. Whatever is going on, certainly the orcs hope that they will prosper more in Arcas than they did in Atlas. Rexdom of Krugmar Primary Culture: Orcs Ruler: Mûrak'Gorkil Government: Wargoth Council Others It would be remiss to mention that there are likely to be other options if none of the above nations sounds like a good fit. The Halflings, of course, will have their own village, though typically “big’uns” are not permitted to reside there permanently. There are a couple of nations that are worth elaborating on, however: The Federation of Sutica Primary Culture: Mixed Ruler: Lily Helenson-Anarion Government: Monarchy Sutica, originally a small outlying settlement of the Caliphate, has survived many upheavals through Axios and Atlas. Primarily a destination for political dissidents, disaffected elves and magic users, Sutica tries to be many things to many people. The Kardasi Sultanate Primary Culture: Human, primarily Farfolk Ruler: Abdullah Kharadeen Government: Monarchy Though the Kardasi tribe is a somewhat recent addition on the scene, the Kharadeen tribe has been involved in politics for some centuries, primarily as the leaders of the Caliphate and then Vandoria, at times coming together as allies and vassals of the Empire. They have struggled for recognition in Atlas, and have much to prove as the Descendants emerge into Arcas. The Druidic Order Primary Culture: Elves, Mixed Ruler: The Archdruids Government: Druidic Council The Druidic Order has inhabited numerous groves over the years, but its dedication to maintaining the natural balance in the realms the Descendants have inhabited has not wavered. Having become much more insular over time, especially as their political influence in elven affairs has waned, they have recently undertaken reforms to revitalize their structure and expand their depleted numbers. One thing is certain to be true: the most dreaded thing a person could hear is the word “MOOOOOOOOOOT!” === What You (The Reader) Needs to Know A couple points worth mentioning: There is no resource island this map. Instead, the Cloud Temple Monks have established resource pits near the Cloud Temple for your convenience. War has been banned by the Cloud Temple monks for an elven month in order to let everyone get situated. If you are looking to set out on your own, there are Wildlands beyond the ring of nations, to the West. === Editor’s Note Thank you for reading The Flagship. The plan is to publish weekly, but do not be surprised if there is another issue to mark the beginning of the map, covering any breaking news events. Also, The Flagship will be including Letters to the Editor going forward, should any Descendants wish to have their views be heard in these pages. ~Ebs Telrunya Editor in Chief
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  4. Glad to see the worst map is also getting the worst map transition event. Enjoy!

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    Nostalgic Redemption

    Hey Gaius, glad to see your are still alive and broadcasting from the Waffle House. As the person here who has probably known you the longest (Herocraft vets unite!) just thought I would say hello. I was just reading Rise of True Rectide the other day and wondering what you were up to.
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    Counting of Elves (Results!)

    I mean, I am not hiding how many responses were recieved for each nation, you can simply take the percentage and multiply by the n, 110, to get those numbers. However, to simplify that, I will post the actual counts below. I don’t appreciate your insinuations about my motives here and your accusations of dishonesty and blatant falsification. I whispered in game for multiple members of Gladewynn leadership to see if they could post this in their discord and did not receive interest or even a response from any of them. The original post was the top post on the elf rp subforum for a week, if people are claiming ignorance that it was going on, that says a lot about how active the playerbase is in terms of actual RP as opposed to haunting OOC discords. I have also said that the full data and the open ended responses could be requested over PM, which only one person has done, but you would know this if you had actually read my post. One of the main complaints people had about the current state of the elves is the toxicity. The fact that you feel the need to attack me and basically call me a liar for posting the results of this is more evidence of what is wrong here, and why things won’t be fixed.
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    Counting of Elves (Results!)

    Elven Census 2019 Results I realize I am likely in the minority in being intimately familiar with polls, polling reports, etc, but I though I would present the results from the survey I posted in a format resembling a polling report. Some notes before we get to the results: this is not a true scientific poll, as it was not conducted by telephone using random selection from the population, which in this case, is elven players on LotC. The n (sample size) is 110, which I feel is sufficiently high to be able to tell us something about the elves on LotC, but bear in mind that as with any survey, there is a margin of error in results, especially in so called crosstabs, and that it is possible and even likely that the sample does not match the population exactly or even particularly closely. Forum usage is down from previous years, and some nations clearly encouraged their players to fill out the survey while others might not have. Now, to the results! That the elves are extremely divided right now is what I expected going in to this survey, and indeed, no nation accounts for much more than a quarter of respondents. 73% of respondents live the main political jurisdictions (Princedom of Fenn, Kingdom of Gladewynn, Silver State of Haelun’or and Principality of Aegrothond, in that order) and the rest are split between the Druid’s Grove and elsewhere on Atlas. Similarly, there is great diversity in subraces, with High Elves, Wood Elves and Snow Elves making up over three quarters of the elven playerbase, with the third traditional subrace, the Dark Elves, lagging behind, likely due to their current situation in roleplay. Satisfaction with elven roleplay as a whole is tepid, with only 36% of respondents responding that they are satisfied with the current state of elven RP. Support for more cooperation between the various elven factions is something that most respondents agreed on, with 68% wanting more cooperation in roleplay, with high support across almost all demographics. Additionally, a majority (57%) of elven players do not feel as if there is a shared elven identity on LotC at present, with only 15% feeling that there is one. Full results and additional crosstabs can be found below. Note: Not all percentages will add up to 100% due to rounding. At the end of the survey, there was an open ended question as to what players want to see with elven RP looking ahead in 7.0. There were a lot of different threads in the responses, with a fair number of respondents expressing a desire to see elves unified into a single nation, and, conversely, those who wish to maintain the current level of diversity and separation. The most common response was a desire for there to be less animosity and ooc fighting among the various factions, as many respondents feel as if the current environment for elven rp is extremely toxic due to in game conflicts becoming more personal out of character than they should. Several players expressed desire to see joint/all elf events as well as additional lore/storyline events for the elves. If requested, I can make the full comments and date available over PM. I want to again thank everyone who participated and I hope that you all find the results as interesting as I did.
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    Counting of Elves 2k19

    The survey is now sitting at 100 responses, about where I was hoping it would end up. Got some decently interesting results, and though I will leave it open for another day or do and encourage people to continue to submit responses, I am going to start writing up a polling report.
  10. The man, the myth, the legend... +1
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    Counting of Elves 2k19

    I would like to thank the almost 60 elven players who have submitted responses thus far. I know that at least two of the elven nations have distributed the link to the survey and encouraged their citizens to respond, and I would like to encourage the others to do that same. The more valid responses, the higher the confidence of accuracy is.
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    Counting of Elves 2k19

    Elven Census 2019 I have recently returned to the server, and have found myself rather starved for information. I have conducted surveys and censuses before, and thought that it would be the best way to figure out exactly where the elves as a race stand in the new year in order to better inform thinking heading into 2019 and LotC 7.0. I would greatly appreciate if everyone who plays an elf character would fill out the below form and submits it. I will leave responses open for a week, and then after verifying the responses, publish the results on the forums for everyone’s enjoyment. If you have any questions about the survey, please feel free to respond in the thread or shoot me a PM. Thanks ~Ebs https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSdY8XOt5pcA8Y6xmbJ7JjYELMN7OosRRarxoz4u17LlxEjR2A/viewform?usp=sf_link
  13. Absolutely incredible that you are only now 18. Doesn’t that mean you were 11 during Aegis?!?!?! Anyway, Bravo has my unconditional support.
  14. Looks like Cloudfare went down for a bit there. Either that or half of the ISPs were blocking it!

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    [Your View] Event Team

    No, because you lack the maturity or the ability to fulfill the duties of the position you hold. My apologies though, I was under the impression that you were looking for the player's view on the Event Team and its leadership. My mistake that it appears not to be the case.