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  1. Gah, why do I have to die!?

  2. MC Name: Sorrok Timezone: GMT Stats: Swordsmanship Level 100, Blacksmithing 90, Unarmed Level 14, Lumberjacking Level 25 and Stealth Level 10. IC Name: Sorrok Age: 27 Race: Human Link your application(So we know you’re accepted): Sorry! Deleted in forum update! Skills or Traits you have Affinity towards: Swordsmanship, Stealth, Lumberjacking, Unarmed Combat and Blacksmithing. Previous jobs and/or positions: Rank Champion(Second in Command) of The Crimson Blades, Full guard at Aegis' Oren Guards. Reason for seeking a position in the House of Marsh: I have not been in a guild for quite a while, and it would best for me to use my sword once again. I haven't really been involved in any guild, group or house and this is the best result of my search.. I have met with some of the staff and seem skilled. Therefore, my arrival would allow me closer to my allys. All this and of course, being a helpful Blacksmith. Have you sworn The Oath of Marsh? If so, paste it here: I, Sorrok, pledge myself to an oath of service to House Marsh. I swear to carry out with any orders or instruction given to me by any superior unless it would compromise the House. I shall do to the best of the ability of my mind and body to further House Marsh and I announce them as my lieges whom which I faithfully serve. I will never go against House Marsh by committing acts of treason or by acting in such a way that either betrays the trust bestowed upon me by my liege.
  3. Grrrrrrr! Is it my internet or is it the server that's down?

    1. Cappy


      If you're posting here, I'd hope that'd be evident.

  4. Stealth in LOTC? Just what my character needs.

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    2. ixTec


      Yup Same. Although the Alchemy will be an interested one, Maybe there will be poisons too?

    3. Irish


      Leveling it because it suits my character. :<

    4. Guest


      Same here :3

  5. This comment was posted a year after the one below.

  6. Anyone know how to change your Member Title?

    1. Hylian the Heretic

      Hylian the Heretic

      gotta have 500 posts..

    2. Sorrok


      right, almost there then

  7. Bored again.

  8. I want to sit down and laugh at people who have the plague.

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    2. V0idsoldier


      ^^ lol no to the above.

    3. Dasaro


      :3 lol ***** please to

      bannana. Dude, I'm have

      been around so many

      infected peeps lately

      and I am not infected.

      Imah immooooooortal :3

      jkjk... but I am a


    4. Sorrok


      Um, masks protect you.

  9. No hard feelings, but we need more experienced Blades. Get used to rp, your weapon of choice and your skill level. Once you have done so, re-apply.
  10. You are a true ally. All this for the Blades. The Crimson Blades will give more than you expect. I am looking forward to fighting alongside your men.
  11. Its been a while since the Crimson Blades did anything. I suggest we have a dual log. Blades can challenge each other to duals and the win/lose/draw of the duals can be logged. It will determine what wars/missions/duties they are suited to. This can include what weapon they use, whether they prefer close-quarter combat or ranged combat. So we can end up with the best trained Blades. When we are facing armies. We can put our warriors and archers up on the front line. Where as if we need a villain killed for treason, we can arrange assassinations with our stealthy Blades. An idea to think about.
  12. Sam Delumir needs to be promoted. He has shown great courage to others in the Blades.
  13. DragonSlayer is suited to you in person, which has no relation to the CB. We have changed ranks enough and we a more important things to deal with (Endell). I have seen many people that call themselves DragonSlayers that haven't encountered any Dragons. This name is commonly used to impress.
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