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Hylian the Heretic

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  2. wünderbar. Wonder. Bar. wonderbar.

  3. >inb4 9/11 statuses, jokes, and bans

    1. Lego XBOX

      Lego XBOX

      *didn't notice it was 9/11*

    2. Cappy


      It's 11/9, bloody Americans.

    3. RedBench


      ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ This.

  4. If you want to have some fun... Unencrypt this... http://pastebin.com/52yGMNdA

    1. Hylian the Heretic

      Hylian the Heretic


      >inb4 forum b&

      but mods, if you want any evidence or real reason, you'll have to decode it. MUAHAHAHAHHAHA

  5. oh my god status posting is so broken

  6. "I was [five hours] late 'cause I went to go get some chicken wings" -Snoop Dogg

  7. Katawa Shoujo is the best game ever, zero exceptions. Just got the Hanako good ending. I... I can't even describe my emotions right now, but they're exploding.

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    2. Jahrmann2007


      give me the chocolate

    3. Major Tom

      Major Tom

      Someone hasn't played Heavy Rain.

    4. Hylian the Heretic

      Hylian the Heretic

      I've played Heavy Rain, I didn't care much for it.

      And @Freya, Hanako is truly happy in the true good end, not the one where it ends on a game of chess.

  8. This song perfectly describes my current statuses of emotion.

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    2. Hylian the Heretic

      Hylian the Heretic

      Top lel.

      No, I feel like crushing people's faces with large hammers.

    3. Hylian the Heretic
  9. I suppose I'll reconsider.

  10. Could someone give me a 1.5.2 jar or tell me how to get one ;_;

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    2. Hylian the Heretic

      Hylian the Heretic

      I only have the 1.6.2 jar + mods

    3. Jspencer


      No use the old launcher, it will do it automatically

    4. Hylian the Heretic

      Hylian the Heretic

      Nope, it just crashes because I don't have the jar. I already know all this stuff, I need a jar.

  11. How do I downgrade minecraft to 1.5 :'(