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  2. Elven Origins: Dark Elves

    The mutilation of Hellfiazz, Urasept and my Dark Elf lore will be forever mourned.
  3. [Denied]Tirenas' Game Moderator Application

    This is true. I myself can only directly recall one instance of pex abuse where he spawned an arrow so that he could kill an enemy in RP (which I still have the logs of— if desired). Further pex abuse accusations may be a consequence of his association with Raelplayer— of whom I still have countless pages of spawned item logs in my files. Fireheart makes a good point.
  4. [Denied]Tirenas' Game Moderator Application

    I'm sure if your application is considered Ricky and Pandann can be contacted to further verify my allegations. I'm not going to argue with you. There are plenty of others who have observed this.
  5. [Denied]Tirenas' Game Moderator Application

    Repeated duping, item spawning and other pex-abuse was evidenced during this player's time as a GM. The sole reason he was not removed for this was that he was leaving anyway, by the time the evidence mounted against him. To be honest, totally divorced from the fact you're applying or if I support it or not— your application should address these instances of pex abuse.
  6. "Pyro lived up to his name" — FireCrimson

  7. Acquiring players for Civ game! USA preferably for that low ping, yo.

    1. Space


      beg me and i will

  8. Last slot for Civ if anyone is in.

    1. The axeman51

      The axeman51



      what i gotta do

  9. 3/6 on a Civ game. Catch it while its hot. Anyone joining?

  10. Acquiring Civ players for a game starting now! Anyone open for it?

  11. USBs Not working

    Also it could be due to a power surge— modern computers turn off the hubs when a surge is detected. "Have you tried turning it on and off again" is good advice here.
  12. When you're trying to make an ironic and edgy joke about feminism— it helps if you actually know some feminist theory. Otherwise instead of being funny, you just look ill-informed... Just sayin'

    1. Show previous comments  16 more
    2. Proddy


      the 'male privilege' and 'rape culture' that feminists chirp on about is all concepts created in their head - shut the **** up about it already.

    3. $lick
    4. Malocchio


      teen angst at its finest

  13. Poke me 4 Civ

    1. TavernLich


      *pokes* Please give me Civ 4

    2. drfate786