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  1. "That's called Tyranny..."
  2. The Democratic Newspaper Welcome to the Democratic Newspaper, your source for all pro-democracy news in Haelun'or. Today, we give you an update on our top story of the hour: The Council Still Tyrannically Reigns Yes reader, you read that right, the Council of Haelun'or has yet to hold a democratic election. The government of the city remains firmly tyrannical in nature. We have no further updates at this time— with the exception of accusing Laethis Izalith of being a dark mage— as is always the rage in these newspapers. Thank you for Reading, The Democratic Newspaper of Haelun'or
  3. The Truth Emerges — Silver Leaks Dear elves of Haelun'or, as your loyal servant equipped with a quill— I bring to you news of the most recent update. Being exiled for my radical Republic-supporting ways I am incapable of discerning truth from the lies of the Haelun'or elite. As a consequence, in the interests of full disclosure— as well as the return of democracy to our Silver People, I so lend to you the most recent documents rendered onto me by the Silver Council of Haelun'or. As our previous missive instructed, mountains of citizens of Haelun'or began to petition the government of Haelun'or to permit the return of Democracy to their people. From one of these citizens I received the following reply from your tyrannical council. The reply is replicated in full below, so that you can be assured of the validity of these government messages. *In the document below sits a pair of snipped-out and replicated messages from the council of Haelun'or. Each document placed throughout high elven lands has this particular part of the message replicated with particular carefulness— even down to the way the two elves wrote their letters* As is evident, the council of Haelun'or and your Maheral— tasked with the preservation of the culture of the Maheral— have begun to recognize the error in the Tyrannical ways of the Uthirate. Democracy soon approaches. But do not waver in your commitment— pressure your council! The Monarchists like Athedil shall be forced to resign as they accept the popular message of the people— that the right for the Children of Silver to vote shall not be infringed! Hold the Maheral and Council Accountable! Ensure Elections Occur! Don't let Monarchists take away your Right to Vote! — A True Son of Malin
  4. Drain the Swamp When the Council of Haelun'or lets in dark mages— let me tell you— they're not sending their best. Their sending their low lives, their rapists, their bad lliran. Let me tell you, we're going to make Haelun'or great again by making those nameless and faceless elites in Washington Haelun'or accountable to the citizens of the Silver City again. Within Haelun'or we have the best elves, let me tell you. We have guys working around the clock to make sure the work of the corrupt Orsino elite is going to be undone. But you ask the council about fixing the city and what do they say? The Corrupt Elite Don't Represent You Elves of Haelun'or— we're going to fix Haelun'or Big-League. Let me tell you. But the only way we can do that is to get out and force the Council to give you a vote. Keep at them with this high energy. Eventually, they're going to have to give up. And no matter how many dark mage illegal immigrants they let in— the silent majority of mali'aheral who want the vote and won't let this corruption occur are going to have their time in the sun. They want to silence your vote! Listen folks, we're going to win and win big. We're going to win the right to vote back for the little elf who is being stepped on by the elites. And you know how? Go up to your council members today and tell them— "Why do you perpetuate the Uthirate's corrupt tyrannical regime? Why don't you let us vote?". And if we keep doing it, they're going to have to give in. These elites can't keep the power for themselves forever. The silent majority will be heard. The Old Republic will be restored. Make Haelun'or Democratic Again! — A True Son of Malin
  5. Nameless and Faceless Bureaucrats Elves of Haelun'or, do you not see— for many years the degradation of the Silver State has been engineered by the men of Oren. It is first they appointed Uthir, and you said nothing. And it is then this Uthir appointed his cabinet of elves— many of which were not known to Haelun'or. This Orsino, and his council which now rules in his stead are Nameless and Faceless Bureaucrats from Brussels Haelun'or who have for too long been allowed to run around unaccountable. We No Longer Control Our Own Country When these nameless individuals who sit upon the council make a decision— who is it they represent? You, the Silver Children of Larihei who did not vote for them, or the interests of Globalists? Are these elitist creatures truly the representation of the steadfast and ancient tradition of the Democracy of Haelun'or? Do you truly believe that these elves have the best interests of the Silver City at heart? Much of the Money Sent Away Could Fund the Haelun'or Health Society Think of all this money that the Council spends on projects which you did not vote for. Think of how even today, weeks after they were left notice that they must restore the Democratic Traditions of the Old Republic— they continue to send money to causes which do not represent the people. Think of how Healthy Haelun'or could be if these costs were recouped from their vile schemes and invested into the Maehr'sae Hiylun'ehya. Dark Mage Immigrants Flood the Streets And forget not, dear elves, the actions of the council which have seen a severe uptick in the presence of Poles dark mages in the city— seeking to outsource the jobs of High Elves in security the city— to these illegal immigrants. Do you believe that these immigrants truly integrate into our culture? Do you truly believe that they come here as refugees? No! These dark mages are economic migrants who sap the life out of Haelun'or and corrupt the city towards its Laethizoid past. The Old Republic will be restored. The unaccountable Bureaucrats must be reigned in. — A True Son of Malin
  6. This is true. I myself can only directly recall one instance of pex abuse where he spawned an arrow so that he could kill an enemy in RP (which I still have the logs of— if desired). Further pex abuse accusations may be a consequence of his association with Raelplayer— of whom I still have countless pages of spawned item logs in my files. Fireheart makes a good point.
  7. "Hail the God-Emperor!"
  8. I'm sure if your application is considered Ricky and Pandann can be contacted to further verify my allegations. I'm not going to argue with you. There are plenty of others who have observed this.
  9. "I hear you season this with Dirt in your culture, is this true Artimec?"
  10. Arche turns to Kelthran "If they didn't feel threatened by this... There would not be so many letters being written about this. It is thus I enquire, why are they threatened? Do they feel threatened by democracy!?"
  11. "Who could have thought requesting the restoration of democracy would reveal Tyrants so flagrantly".
  12. We Bow to No King but Malin It is said in the days of old that the elves had one True King. One True King who did birth our race. One True King who did guide us on our path. And one True King who so wandered off once his time was complete. And when he left, the elves of lands long lost and passed did so decree: that he, the True King would remain. That he, no matter his wanderings— no matter his absence from the great forests of the elves— would so remain he who they followed with most reverence. Whose ways would be held up as a guiding torch for generations upon generations— until the last elf did breathe their final breath. There is no King of Elves but Malin. 
 It is this missive which makes its way from the desk of Arche Raell, Tilruir'sil of the Vigil, to the people of Haelun'or and their illegally appointed Uthir. It is known that the tyrant and Orenian-Elf Orsino Acal'elor was appointed by Oren to placate the rebellious state of Haelun'or. In turn, the coup which did depose him— led by his own personally appointed council— so too carries the illegitimacy of Oren's tyrannical ways. It is the new Uthir who was appointed by an Orenian council, and it is thusly the Uthir who holds the vile rank of King before Malin. The Elves of Silver shall no longer Stand for Kings before Malin Our demand is plain: The new Uthir must so dissolve his government and permit the Mali'aheral to appoint their own government as was the way in the days of the Old Republic. The appointment of Crumena Sinyali to the position of Medi'ir represents an undesirable slight against the democratic traditions of Haelun'or. Continued refusal shall be met with the assumption that this government, as the last, retains their tyrannical intent and loyalty to the now deceased Emperor. The Old Republic will be restored. — A True Son of Malin
  13. Repeated duping, item spawning and other pex-abuse was evidenced during this player's time as a GM. The sole reason he was not removed for this was that he was leaving anyway, by the time the evidence mounted against him. To be honest, totally divorced from the fact you're applying or if I support it or not— your application should address these instances of pex abuse.
  14. The Siege of Johannesburg Crater.