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  1. Hey All,

    just realised its been 12 years since i joined the server, 

    havent been on the server in like 4/5 years, mainly due to real life, i was just wondering how the server runs now adays, whats its player base like, if old players still play etc, 

    hope everyone is well! :) 

    Many thanks,


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    1. Juvens


      Another August joiner, heck yeah!

    2. MarioMixer


      best way to be straight after the summer holidays hahah

  2. Okay finding my signs and my original buildings on the aegis map download has brought some seriously good memories back,

    Shout out to you guys if you made my list: Jroy96, Burkester, Ilumtaris,RHCrow,Visualjaw, Snazzy_englishman, Pilotace1812, Luiginova, mririshboys, Dark_james, Gaius Marius, EmpireRebel, Onslaughted, James_tanner, Dalek, Shiftnative, jistuma, mightve forgotten a few¬

    Hope youre doing well if your still playing or not! 

  3. Ah Yes DarkJames We Meet again! 

  4. Always saw you around the North Road in aegis, saw you multiple times on the forums doing things, have to say its been a pleasure knowing you even if our paths never crossed,
  5. i think your name was Jroy96 right ? 

    1. Braxis
    2. MarioMixer


      you and burkester man, i remember seeing you guys on raidcraft too if you remember 

  6. Yo What world are we on now? 

  7. Well lads. its been 3 years since i had my MC account, and i really cannot find anyway to get it back, its been fun lads!,

    Enjoy your christmas, New Year, Etc

  8. the frogs turned the map gay

    1. NotEvilAtAll


      Okay, this is epic.

  9. Reading the Wiki about Aegis and notable people, and i remember back in my day Who frequented the server and who didnt, and jesus the fact some people are on there with maybe 10 minutes playtime per month is beyond a joke, Notable people belong to those who put in a shift every hour of every day making it fun for the RP'ers of yesteryear, 

  10. I've had 12000 people look at my profile for whatever reason? 

    Im lost 

  11. Why am i following you? I dont even know who the **** you are lmao, care to enlighten me?

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    2. saint swag
    3. LoTC's Next Top Model

      LoTC's Next Top Model

      its past your bed time

    4. MarioMixer


      Your all dirty high elves, and i am morally superior 

  12. Just looking at the wikipedia page for notable people and the wandering man wasnt even on there, Robbed me so many times on that road

    1. BrandNewKitten


      The only glory the wandering man needs is the fear instilled into your mind that one day.... he may rob yet again. 

  13. Would love to go on the server and see what has changed, i had the fondest memories Roleplaying in Aegis, and to some extent anthos and asulon, 

    Dont know what happened after that,


    1. MarioMixer


      bit of a problem mate, cause my MC is like the old one and forgot password and dont have access to/ forgot the email i signed up for

  14. Well i still cant log into my MC account after 2 years lmao, crazy ****

  15. Lmao been an industrial conveyor engineer for 2 years now, and would acc be so cool if i saw one in minecraft

    1. FlemishSupremacy


      aren't they in tekkit? idk, i might be wrong

    2. MarioMixer


      i dont know mate, havent dabbled in mods since i was 14 hahah, 


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