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  1. Eaglestrike999

    [Idea] Remove Whitelist

    Applications... basic? But no, I see where you are coming from.
  2. Eaglestrike999

    [Idea] Remove Whitelist

    We could keep countering each others posts like we've been doing all day and no one would really "win" (although it has kept me from shooting myself at work today). For example you assume that I mean that in this interview you have to be of an insanely high roleplay skill level to get in, which I never said. There are pros and cons, it's just the cons outweigh the pros. I'm just gonna leave it and say, as much as I like the idea it just isn't going to work out of practicality.
  3. Eaglestrike999

    [Idea] Remove Whitelist

    Pros More players on the server A faster way of accepting/declining newcomers I think a better way of judging their roleplay ability Players can actually see what roleplaying on LOTC is like and experience the server Players can get a feel for our pluggins/commands Cons There will always be trolls, even if they are confined to the tutorial area The issue of unusual timezones There are also pros and cons to the application system, and anyone that says the application system is perfect is simply lying to themselves. But as good/bad of an idea this is it won't happen anyway because of the fact we can't stop trolls from trolling the tutorial area.
  4. Eaglestrike999

    [Idea] Remove Whitelist

    I think it's just whether we want to stick with "don't try fix it if it ain't broken". It's not an impractical idea and it's not inferior. Both have their pros and cons. As I said before, staff putting up notices as to when they will be online each day would sort out the waiting, as for the timezone lucky dip, we have staff in the major timezones like Europe and America and the rest could quite easily simply slot into sessions hosted by people in those timezones or I'm sure if they messaged a member of staff they could get that issue resolved pretty quickly. I don't think this idea won't work because of lack of staff for interviews or staff/player timezone issues, I reckon people trolling the tutorial area will be the main problem which is why I don't see this idea ever actually happening.
  5. Eaglestrike999

    [Idea] Remove Whitelist

    That would be a great first impression for new players, actual current players taking time out their day to visit the tutorial island and help them with their roleplaying. Also bare in mind that at the most we get around 8 Applications a day tops (forgive my soul if I'm mistaken), and most days only around 3. That is 80 minutes of interviews a day from staff tops, or even 120 minutes if we get a random sudden influx. I honestly do not see the problem here apart from the management of trolls. We have members from most timezones. Most people all come on at around the same time as well, after school or work. Simple notices from the AT telling players when they will be online each day solves that problem.
  6. Eaglestrike999

    [Idea] Remove Whitelist

    No, obviously not, they will either go offline or come on as a Wandering Soul as I said before. With this process instead of simply waiting for their application to be accepted, they roleplay on the tutorial island, which lets be honest would probably have more roleplay than most of the nation capitals, and then when they see the AT is accepting interviews they simply head on over there and wait their turn. Each interview realistically would only take 10 minutes so the amount of people that would be seen in 2 -3 hours at peak times would be far greater than the amount we get through in applications. It's not that hard for members of staff to say, look I get home from work at 6:00PM GMT every day and each day and I'll spend the next hour interviewing and make a sign about it OOC to inform people until someone from the US hops on and does their hour. That's already 2 hours each day and that's around 12 people being accepted or denied access to the main world. That is 2 members of staff each doing an hour.
  7. Eaglestrike999

    [Idea] Remove Whitelist

    In fairness they mill around whilst waiting for their application to be considered, either as Wandering Souls or just not on the server. Why can't they do the same for this? At least with this option they can roleplay ON the island like we do in the main world and practice roleplaying and using the server's features and commands. Nobody has said the Island has to be tiny, it also doesn't have to be huge, but some of my most enjoyable roleplay moments have come from "milling" around in capital cities.
  8. Eaglestrike999

    [Idea] Remove Whitelist

    It doesn't have to be? I'm sure newcomers would happily wait around or simply just log on and off to see if there are staff online. The actual talking to staff and being accepted or declined would take around 10 minutes per person simply to test their knowledge of the rules and have an IC chat to them. You would be able to get through so many applicants in one day it wouldn't need to be staffed full time.
  9. Eaglestrike999

    [Idea] Remove Whitelist

    I know this has already been suggested and talked about but I thought I'd jump on the bandwagon and reiterate it. I like the whole idea of a tutorial island, I mean there isn't really much downside to it if you actually think about it. Those who want to go to the tutorial island to RP and help teach newcomers can, and those who don't want to RP with newcomers don't have to. The AT could simply do the same job as they do now, but instead of an application it would just be an in-game conversation both IC and OOC to ask about rules and to test their RP. Nothing changes for the people that -1'd this. The only bad thing that could come of trialing this is that if we don't have enough staff to implement this feature, the application process will become a lot slower for new applicants, but seeing as members have already posted here saying they would be happy to help out I doubt that would be a problem at all. Pros More players. Constant stream of players being allowed off the tutorial island into the main world. Gives the Application Team a better look at how they ACTUALLY roleplay in-game. Cons Means the AT have to spend a lot more of their in-game time with newcomers. (Although this could easily be solved by LOTC members scrubbing in, as some previously stated they would enjoy it) Just thought up another one, yes people have been talking about trolling, but giving the staff that work on the Island the ability to kick/ban, or jail users if that is too much power would easily solve that. Plus how much damage can they really do in an area that has no PvP and is regioned?
  10. Hmm the return of Alras brings about old memories..

  11. Har har! I'm back, playing as the equivalent to a human bear with one eye.. 0.o

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      well that doesn't sound OP

    2. Eaglestrike999


      Not literally a human bear :P It's a term of phrase, that would be rather OP haha

  12. You stopped playing on Lotc?

  13. I'm on a trip to Salvus, To visit the wizard of ozz! Because because because because....

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      Follow the yellow brick road, follow the yellow brick road.. Doo doo doo

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      don't know that...

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  14. Eaglestrike999

    [✗] A Small Rant / Suggestion (Not A Mean, But Nice One.)

    I know someone brought it up earlier, but maybe restrict Nations to building towns? (Not in the Wilderness.) What this would solve. 1. It would solve the fact that during wars, you need more than one or two battles to defeat a Nation, it means the Nations have to go through defended towns before they reach the main city. 2. It would fill up the area's in between all the Nations. 3. It would expand Nations borders and power, (I know people said wealth was a bad thing but,) meaning Nations are more likely to clash over expanding their borders and power. 4. It means that the majority of players will gather in the center of the map due to the amount of towns and roads in the center, but still keep players in the main cities. 5. Wars WILL occur due to power clash's and the majority of the time due to the fact, if the Nations take the opportunity to expand, each Nation will literally be touching borders with another one. 6. Due to the increased tensions over Nation expansions and more RP, wars, alliances, and common goals are a lot more likely to occur. Some people like how Asulon is spread out, some people like how Aegis was close together. This solves both of those. Meaning that Nations are not all down one single road, but are connected through multiple towns set up and RUN by that Nation or by a independent government and occupied by that Nation.
  15. Just finished completing The Grand City of Aquila, one of my building projects on another server, http://img403.imageshack.us/img403/3003/20120319164530.png and http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/194/20120319164336.png/

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      thats really cool

    2. Eaglestrike999


      Cheers, Took ages :3 There wasnt the gate plugin, so i had to redstone script it using gravel :P