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  1. Hmm the return of Alras brings about old memories..

  2. Har har! I'm back, playing as the equivalent to a human bear with one eye.. 0.o

    1. Elindor


      well that doesn't sound OP

    2. Eaglestrike999


      Not literally a human bear :P It's a term of phrase, that would be rather OP haha

  3. You stopped playing on Lotc?

  4. I'm on a trip to Salvus, To visit the wizard of ozz! Because because because because....

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    2. Eaglestrike999


      Follow the yellow brick road, follow the yellow brick road.. Doo doo doo

    3. ΩMercenΩ


      don't know that...

    4. Eaglestrike999
  5. Just finished completing The Grand City of Aquila, one of my building projects on another server, http://img403.imageshack.us/img403/3003/20120319164530.png and http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/194/20120319164336.png/

    1. ΚΨΙΞ


      thats really cool

    2. Eaglestrike999


      Cheers, Took ages :3 There wasnt the gate plugin, so i had to redstone script it using gravel :P

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    2. Aren Whitestorm

      Aren Whitestorm

      As Polish, I don't know whether to laugh or get mad.

      Also Kal; in Polish 'No' is 'Nie', not 'Brak'.

    3. ♦ Kal ♦
    4. Eaglestrike999


      No offence intended if it came out that way, its just such a bad pun its funny xD

  6. I applaud your epicness Sir Shuness.

  7. Oh god... People want Airships... Whats next, Muskets? What happened to the Fantasy feel of LOTC?

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    2. Cappy


      ^ precisely. We don't need it any more modern. Invent some fake-sounding reason why if you wish, but it's just fun how it is.

    3. danic


      Oh gawd I just imagined the server with AK47's... Never mind den... I was thinking more of ol' timey inventions like gigantic camera's etc...

    4. Eaglestrike999


      Oh no... Here comes another race to LOTC, The Japanese tourists with the huge camera...

  8. Hey! Salvus! Where'd you get your clothes, the, toilet store?

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    2. Eaglestrike999


      You wouldn't understand. I'm in a glass case of emotion right now. A glass case of emotion.

    3. Alkenaar




    4. Eaglestrike999




  9. If i am being honest OOC, I am so looking forward to smashing up Salvus!

  10. Whats on my mind? The question is, What is on your mind???

    1. Austin


      Whats on my mind is questioning whats on your mind?

    2. Eaglestrike999


      What a controversial question...

  11. Eaglestrike999

    The Calaway Order

    ((Your characters do know of other lands, Aegis is only a region of the world. Hence why i said 'a new land' and nothing in detail. :P))
  12. Want to make the new world more thrilling? Play this,

    1. atticusmas
    2. Arthane_Lazul (aaaa1188)

      Arthane_Lazul (aaaa1188)

      This makes staring at the multiplayer menu screen about 100% more epic

  13. Eaglestrike999

    The Order Of Vigilant Steel

    Fairly well, We lost around 2 men however that is to be expected in such dramatic combat. But there stuff was either recovered or remade for battles to come. So in my view we fared quite well. ((Also its confirmed, We will be making a new forum topic as soon as i have confirmed a few things with people and decided on exactly what we are doing.))
  14. The fleet is ready to set sail but the undead are pushing further into Aegis... This aint a good sign by my reckoning!