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  1. XSBurningKiller

    Xsburningkiller's Appeal

    Report Link: N/A (Deleted I believe) Minecraft Name: XSBurningKiller Rule Broken: Cybering Character Witnesses: Zoe14, Danny (Admin) and myself Event Details: I did something very stupid which I have regretted for a long time now and I hope that my apology can be accepted so I can get back to the one server I have always played on. Basically over a year ago I was playing LOTC and had decided to have a baby with Zoe14, this led to us cybering in a house in the wilds. I can’t really describe what was going through my head when I did it because I don’t even know myself, all I know is that at the time I wasn’t thinking of the consequences of my actions. I really regret what I did and I know what I did was wrong and I hope that now is the right time to appeal my ban because I really do miss the server and my friends that still play on it and want to get this part of my time in LOTC behind me. Screenshots/Vids: N/A
  2. XSBurningKiller

    Xsburningkiller Ban Appeal

    One Thats for time to decide if I am or not coming back and I didn't waste my Time I tried to get back on a server I loved and even I have great odds against me I would still try And I will keep supporting the server and talking to the people and Ill miss Lord of the craft and the players.
  3. XSBurningKiller

    Xsburningkiller Ban Appeal

    I understand.
  4. XSBurningKiller

    Xsburningkiller Ban Appeal

    In fact If I was asked to stop I would stop straight away no questions ask and your right Cybering is zero tolerance. I wish to prove my self I am Munch better than that.
  5. XSBurningKiller

    Xsburningkiller Ban Appeal

    I do know the age of her and I do not "mess around" I have been on this server for a long time and do my best and very true I have done something very unacceptable and it would be terrible for legal actions but I am certain that No one saw the text only the people that could Look in the chat box with the power.
  6. XSBurningKiller

    Xsburningkiller Ban Appeal

    Aye I see what you mean and the latest warning was posted after my ban and yes I should of kept updated of whats happing I was spending alot of time setting up my IC wedding in game and making skins for my IC kids but now as I am banned I do wish to be unban ( with a punishment of course ) and provided great RP to the players and showing Lord of the craft what it truly is a Role Playing Online game. And Like ryno2 said Every one deserves a second chance you might agree with this but I hope you see what I am saying.
  7. XSBurningKiller

    Xsburningkiller Ban Appeal

    I understand what you say and you give a very good point but even against great odds Ill try my best to re-join the server and I want to prove my self to the server That Im not some Rule breaking player that dangers the server I want to show Lord of the craft I am an RPer and proud of it. As long I can re-join in anyway I will try to Get back and Prove I can redeem my self.
  8. XSBurningKiller

    Xsburningkiller Ban Appeal

    I never wanted to hurt the server or Shut it down This Server Is one of a kind and I would hate to see it go down..
  9. XSBurningKiller

    Xsburningkiller Ban Appeal

    We both forgot about Cybering at the time and I guess that no one was around to see it we did it..I know it sounds stupid..and I tell you thats the last time ever.
  10. XSBurningKiller

    Xsburningkiller Ban Appeal

    Report: N/A Rule Broken/Disputed: Cybering. Character Witnesses: Danny ~ And zoe14. ( IC Soon to be Wife ) Event Details: Well here I go I do know that "Cybering" Is A permanently ban but I will try my best to get back on the server I love It started with my IC wife wanting to have a child So we got in bed and Cybered at the time me and zoe14 forgot about the Cybering rule and that is very very stupid of us to forgot such vital rule. After we almost finishing Danny ~ TP to use my guess He found out about us and said before the ban "Don't you two look cute" then we where banned a second later. My apology is this yes I did break a rule and I greatly regret it as I do not want to be banned from a server with such rich role-play and world I have been and donated to this server for a while and I wanted to provide great RP to others around me with my character I have done A lot of RP in the world Aegis and Auslon and I would hate that to go to waste. I do know this is a permanently Ban is the rule was broken But I will still try to get back on the server If I do however get unbanned I will happily be ok with Example: 2 week ban Etc. I do understand why Cybering is not allowed as I read the rules three time to remember then. I did such thing for forgetting the rule as I have said before And I promise nay I swear it This will never happen again As I have learned from my actions and i have paid dearly And If I do get unbanned I will leave a little note on my computer to remind me of the rules and so I never break any of them again and yes This is my second ban..my first ban was "Land-scarring" after my ban appeal and I getting unban I never Land-scarred again I chopped down the whole trees and make sure there was no leaf in sight and I will never ever do such an act again If I was unbanned I will do any Punishment you give me to get me unbanned I do hope for this will be enough to get my unbanned but anything extra you wish for me to do I shall and thank you for your time and reading this. -Aidan ScreenShots/Vids: N/A
  11. XSBurningKiller

    Hylianmuffin's Forum Moderator Application

    I'll like to see James as a FM. +1
  12. XSBurningKiller

    The Vigil

    RP: Aidan MC: XSBurningKiller Rank: Vigil
  13. XSBurningKiller

    Ban Appeal Xsburningkiller

    Hopeful this will be approved.
  14. XSBurningKiller

    Why I Was Banned?

    Ive done the appeal.
  15. XSBurningKiller

    Ban Appeal Xsburningkiller

    Report: N/A Rule broken: Land scarring Character Witnesses: Huurk | Legoman144 Event details: Medium damage sand-scarring / sandmining. Near (-110, 70, 2878). I was mining some sandstone around some rock I did not realise I was land-scarring at the time, I'am truly sorry and I assure you this will not happen again as I now know what to NOT do and my actions will be noted next time. Screen shot: http://scr.hu/19p/cq50y