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  1. *Comes back onto website after many many months and guesses password first time* Looks like today is a lucky day.

  2. I swear so many people hang out in the basements of Petrus Im surprised Dwarfs don't run the place

    1. i arent

      i arent

      its safe 2 cyber down there

    2. Jonificus
  3. Minecraft crashing for anyone else when they try get on the server?

  4. Great RPing with you!

  5. Finally can change me name to the real name, stuff it up again "Must wait 299 minutes" ಠ_ಠ

  6. Damn 6 year old girls killing the mobs. Kids nowadays..

    1. Readicti


      I know... they just don't die like they used to.

  7. Well persona isn't working for me. o.o

  8. The person who invented the door knock won the No-bell prize.

    1. xXBegginBobXx


      "Never. Again. Please."

      *a single tear runs down his face

    2. The Blackheart Matriarch

      The Blackheart Matriarch

      HAH I see what you did there.

  9. People saying Happy Birthday to me? What is it my birthday or something? oh wait it is.

  10. Those moments when you are walking around cloud temple and receive free pie.

  11. It's great to be back, walking around the land and hearing screams it never gets old.

  12. Looks like Im back in!

    1. ChumpChump


      welcome back my dude

    2. Oodles
    3. Rhia


      Just entered the command :D WB

  13. I only hope I can make it back in.

    1. Show previous comments  5 more
    2. TheBreadmannn
    3. XSBurningKiller


      Well I am back in! :D

    4. domainoft


      Will you be creating a new character? "Which is my suggestion" Or trying to catch up your old one....

  14. I only hope I can make it back in.

  15. I only hope I can make it back in.