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  1. Illien reads the flier, disappointment written all over his face “This is despicable even among other cultures, to see it in the High Elven Citizenry is even more appalling.”
  2. Nice job, once all the kinks are worked out of this new system it sounds like it offers more than the older one. Also bravo putting colored chat back behind a paywall, actually though I think it was a good move from a server standpoint for a multitude of reasons. That being said maybe having a test server over the past week then implementing it after some fixes may have been a better idea instead of using the main public server as a guinea pig.
  3. Hey @GMs with so many possible fake screens of discord has anyone considered using gyazo gif instead? Much harder to fake to my knowledge.

    1. Corpean


      Not up to us if you're referring to a certain forum post lately, that's admins.

    2. Wendigo


      I mean in general. Ask for gifs instead.

  4. Anyone else miss bounties? I want more bounties...

  5. You so, *******, precious, when you, smile..

  6. Oreo or Kit-Kat milkshake?

    1. Ford


      A healthy glass of water.

    2. Wendigo


      Too late, ordered the Oreo.

    3. HardstyleRaver2
  7. Anyone here own a gaming chair? Been shopping around and could use some suggestions for the 80-150$ price point.

    1. Kuila


      Please be careful. My friend purchased a gaming chair and his CPS increased by 100000% percent and he sometimes clicks so fast his mouse lights on fire. Gaming chairs are dangerous.

    2. Wendigo


      All joking aside gaming chairs have really good back support, tired of my wooden chair..literally my back hurts after an hour of sitting in it.

    3. Kuila


      I don't own one myself and the all the ones I've heard of and been recommended are upwards of $300 (which is too much to spend on a chair in my opinion), so I couldn't recommend anything within your price range. Sorry :( You might have to be willing to spend a bit more to find a good one, though.

  8. New tactics emerge in warclaims, just br the other side till they don't have anyone left!

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Thornz


      New tactics?

    3. Raomir


      new? @urguan

    4. Dreek


      New? Every war in lotc's history?

  9. It's actually semi comforting to see some Admin presence on the forums lately, for the past couple months there's been...not alot. Speaking of, why are there only 3 admins y'all gonna burn yourselves out, get 1 or 2 more please not only for your sake but for the playerbases as well.

    1. Telanir


      Thank you for the suggestion, we are looking into it right now actually. :)

  10. Nah, give em a clean slate when joining a new server. If they break that servers rules then they should be punished accordingly. Although in some cases where the person is a hacker or known to get into peoples mc accounts or discords I'd be hesitant to allow them on the server.
  11. I don't see the harm as long as some of the knowledge isn't used for meta, I feel there should be a redline for such. Otherwise +1
  12. Okay thank you for clearing up my confusion. This lore addresses some of those concerns but it doesn't address the hiding of the tree issue as you stated, they'll still hide them. Perhaps allowing a person to be unattuned via direct contact will help solve the issue, but imho it won't. We'll just have to wait and see if the lore's passed. Edit: I still dislike the lore amendment for removing a pk clause on something as powerful as a tree that literally regrows you.
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