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  1. I think the majority of the server doesn't realize when you archive 300+ posts in one day, there's no such thing as a post to rep ration.
  2. 2/10, Agreed.
  3. It's not a matter of making sense. If you really wanna go into that level of detail how does everyone magically lock their chests when some people don't even have magic?
  4. Added to the poll and title, very good idea.
  5. Tell me your thoughts! Also please vote..

  6. Pretty simple. As the title suggest would it be possible to lock armor stands? What are your thoughts on this?
  7. ptsd from the Kalenz days
  8. Arguably mental magic as it stands is way more controlling then illusion is currently.
  9. I've also been using illusion for several years now, let me know if you want any input.
  10. I never considered phantasms as inserting emotions, I like to think of it as a nudge to something that's already there. Altering emotions? Maybe but taking a magic that's known for being power gamed and adding that to its already large portfolio may cause issues. IDK though, I'd like to hear what the LT have to say about it.
  11. I don't know how I feel about this.
  12. All of you guys do realize they do this for free, and spend their free time to do this right? It's not their job, stop making demands, stop being rude or maybe one day the devs won't be here. They do a lot and some of it you probably can't even recognize, notice, or have simply taken for granted. Take a chill people. Just bring issues in a respectful manner instead of attacking them for 'Not doing their job.'
  13. "Where has our democracy gone? Must we really compare to the humans, look where a monarchy got them." Erendriel notes.
  14. so 1.8*2.28=5.9 feet or 5'11
  15. Another helpful scale, each block is 3.28 feet high or 1 meter. I'd just round to 3.3 though, how tall is the original player model though?