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  1. This still doesn't seem balanced enough and would only be appropriate as an event playable creature. For its strengths to be all improvements upon the physical aspects of a normal player and its weaknesses to be only external influences, the benefits are way too badass. Adding to this that death just means reset and go again... I am not for the lore.
  2. This may make it clear that I have not been able to log in for some time I thought that there was a quest board and bounty board type thing that involved having taverns at spawn. I thought that was like a recent announcement or something a few months ago that this would be happening. Aside from the enjoyment of Tavern RP, it also can create an interesting hub point for quests, and you can add NPC's who requests a random object in return for a drink or special useless item, or a shady character who when you interact with he gives you the name of someone on a bounty board. Basically the place needs something automated to encourage it to not be empty all the time. Player run yes. But with Event Team input.
  3. Yeah I am very confused why OOC region perms even matter in RP. The whole matter seems to have fallen into chaos because of wars. But wars and raids are often done in a way that isn't appropriate to roleplay, which is why I have always hated it. If a group attacks a town and wants to claim it, they must now physically live in that town in order to defend it. You can't claim a region and then not be in it. That's preposterous. So why does a coup even matter who has region perms!?! I simply do not understand how region ownership became such domination over roleplay. A roleplay leader is a roleplay leader. Region perms are OOC only. Now with legitimacy of leadership based on some of the complications Jistuma has brought up, you would have to use democracy to decide. Not because the region's government is democratic, but because if the people have an interest in rebelling then their numbers need to be represented somehow. Even still, that all seems much more roleplay affecting, meanwhile the OOC region owner/s is mostly irrelevant. So for the sake of the YourView, my view is that coups shouldn't have different rules to what already exists for wars and raids. It is an entirely RP matter, and the ideal coup is one in which a heavy rebel presence is enough to incite the leader to adhere to demands without the need for violence. You're demonstrating power, not winning at PVP.
  4. Elindor's eyes light up with desire "There you are my sweet"
  5. I miss the days when a new version of MC would take like 6 months to be move over on LotC
  6. It sounds like you haven't had to wait 50 minutes to get a response to your /modreq before.
  7. But unless you have region perms already, you would still need a GM to come to your Modreq just to do said damage, even if it is low level? Is there any way this could be less labour intensive on staff? A different type of Modreq that is essentially a mini-application to get temporary region perms? That way a GM just has to say yes or no from wherever they are, without having to come and watch ... ?
  8. The Font Colour button, along with some of the other text edits, were missing. Normal editing stuff is back now
  9. Elindor's eyes bulge "You're growing wine grapes? Here in Axios? What is the soil like? I couldn't get a thing to work in Vailor, it just didn't want to fruit. What varieties are you growing? It seems rather moist so the darker reds will probably be well pronounced on the nose but I do question how flavour will be affected.
  10. "Ah good. So then I am not late. But... All which you investigate is political? That is certain to bring you melancholy in both looking forward and backward. Throughout time man, elf and dwarf have had ever the same passivity in leadership. The masses feel a ruling class is required, and there will ever be those willing to take on aristocracy to keep the people subdued. In humans it is, as with all things, displayed more urgently. But we are just the same and have always been so. Only under great struggle is something different sought in times of desperation. And then it is a pendulum between a falsified democracy and an elite ruling superpower." He picks up a book on the topic of species of flora observed in Axios. "Nope, there is no joy to be had in studying politics. There are far more satisfying distractions in our world."
  11. I imagine that you're already working on it. But I can't edit the font colours no more
  12. "Indeed. Educated predictions are the best kind. Better to judge from patterns than to shift your consciousness outside of the present physical second. Much safer. And what do you see from your throne? The approaching chaos that at once divides and unifies, leaving strength and passion in its wake? Oh. Or do you mean more personally?"
  13. Elindor looks around the space. "Why would you choose this place? It is as good as any, except for the draft up one's behind, but there is not the typical markings of a place to consider home." He pauses then looks at her properly for the first time. "Are you studying something?"
  14. Druid shapeshifting is not that slow. Unless it got nerfed. For druids they get tied to a particular animal and when they want they just change into it.
  15. There's been many suggestions for vampires and werewolves. Not to put them in the same boat, but they kindof get that with the territory. None have ever actually gotten anywhere. What I think is more likely to gain an implementation is avoiding the shapeshifting and to have an infectious disease that makes you monstrous and to feast on raw flesh. To have a wolf creature (and just call it werewolf because whatever you want to call it they will miraculously be granted the name through meta and there's no stopping it) that is so heavily overcome with negative effects that there is very little drawcard to playing one, except for creating villain type RP. Rather than becoming a wolf person you become a physically disfigured (whatever race you were before) person, overcome with an insatiable hunger and with a constant psychological battle against a primal urge that is completely foreign to your civilised mind. I have contemplated writing some lore that I anticipate being more favourable to staff but haven't really had the interest to see it through. But good luck to you. If it is denied without much reasoning I guess you could talk to me about some reworks. I remember in a small town there was a girl who contracted some kind of disease and had random spats where she would go and hunt down living creatures to drink on their blood and eat the flesh. It was really cool because her rolelpay became so very interesting, but she received no benefit from it. And you never really knew when she might just start feasting on ya.