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  1. [✓] Manite, Void Gems, and The Galvanized - An Expansion of Hollows

    Do you have a separate explanation for the previous Hollows that created random structures and entities by telepathically reading those who entered its presence? Is there a situation in which this happens, rather than the Hollows which you have detailed? They were typically from Nodes upon which Mages had established themselves so it could have something to do with the tampering of the energies put out by the Node prior to it resulting in a Hollows.
  2. I like having side writing projects. Coming back to an unfinished sentence that reads "The darkness within quickly grew impenetrable". Story of my life! #JK #notdepressed

  3. This is how i imagine you

    1. Kinslayer


      no this fits better:


  4. @Kinslayer was in some RP on Saturday afternoon when he shared the excitement for LotC that the server was no longer blacklisted. He immediately took a screenshot of his servers page to share it on the forums. Shortly thereafter he reported in LOOC that he had been banned on the forums which was quite the surprise and he didn't know why. Soon he disappeared in front of our eyes with a 1 month ban. The reason for his ban is 10 warning points on the forums. Which is fine and part of the rules. The grey area exists in the ability for players to appeal warning points that is not widely known and, if you had a history of intentionally or unintentionally violating forum rules, could save you from an unexpected and rather long temporary ban. I don't know the details of the previous warning points or the time that they have been attached to Kinslayer's profile; and I can preempt that the official argument would be that the player should have appealed themselves if they were worried, however I know from what I have seen that the use of warning points can often go without oversight. Some staff whack on numerous points because they feel a player is trouble and should be put on a short leash. And as there is no public forum for players banned by staff or through warning points, unless they have personal connections to staff or a community of people to fight for them, it is as if they died altogether. Which does not send a message of transparency and welcome and exacerbates the distance of "us and them" between staff and the community. Ban Report/Banning GM (if applicable, please provide a link): Not known by me Minecraft Name(s) (at the time of your ban): Kinslayer Rule Broken/Disputed (multikilling, Griefing, Xray, ect. Be specific): Receiving 10 Warning Points Character Witnesses (Name(s)): No witnesses. Which is the problem Event Details (reason for actions, apology, ect): If the player had any ability to create a response they would have plenty to say. But as the ban was blanket, swift, and with seemingly no pause for justification they are forcibly silenced until someone remembers to lift the ban after a month has passed. The outcome sought here is that the banning of a player be made plain and visible, and the banned person be advised how to go about making an appeal or contacting server staff at the completion of the ban. This instance requires a statement that the ban is official, by what terms, and how to facilitate a return when the period expires.
  5. [Illusion][TA] Elindor

    I'd rather not debate on a TA that an illusion mage does in fact see what they are doing within their own imagining. They are just overtly aware of it being false.
  6. [Illusion][TA] Elindor

    I like to teach and practice magic with definitions and understandings that are roleplay based rather than dragging ooc names into it. If any MT beleive that I lack an understanding of how illusion works, having been practicing on and off for four years, they can address me upon it.
  7. I have previously taught illusion. MC Name: Jerry_Man Character's Name: Elindor Character's Age: Unknown Character's Race: Elf Link to your accepted MA: What magic(s) will you be teaching?: Regular Sensory Illusion Summarise the Lore of this magic(s): Creating a 'broadcast' falsehood (whereas mental magic is to one person only) with the senses, most commonly sight. The Illusion is projected by the mage from their imagination by connecting to the void and pushing the image (or sound, touch, smell, motivated emotion), and can fool those nearby to believing something exists when its image has been created from the void. The mage does this by having seen, and studied to some extent, the appearance of the thing in reality, recreating it mentally as any evoker would, and uses their mana to bring this apparent creation into existence through the void. As it gets more complicated, or as others attempt to interact with it and the mage needs to alter what has been created, and just with the passing of time; the mage's mana continues to drain. The limit on Illusion is both the caster's mental ability to reimagine their experiences, and in what they create to be logically plausible. For, where logic seems to faulter, the minds of those perceiving it immediately pick holes, generally resulting in the illusion disappearing. Write up a lesson that your character would give to a student: Elindor has had previous experience teaching illusion. Here is one as best I recall it. Artimec creates plumes of smoke falling out from his pants that covers the floor very thick. It reaches to the walls and begins travelling up them. Elindor watches thoughtfully and then begins to wander around the room. Artimec grins, thinking his efforts impressive as he darkens the smoke, and candles within the room grow dimmer. Elindor walks behind a bench and looks down. The smoke doesn't know how to react to the legs of the seat and in some areas moves around it, while in other areas it drift straight through. The illusion begins to crumble under the defying of logic. Much of the smoke disappears. Elindor kicks up his feet, attempting to shift a pool of smoke. When it doesn't move in reaction he chuckles. "You attempt to create the grand in an effort to awe and earn respect or fear. But what you create is still weak. You will be undone immediately. Artimec gives up and the failing illusion disperses. "Then what would you do, old man?" Elindor reaches deep inside his coat and withdraws a large red apple. He tosses it at Artimec. Artimec does nothing until he feels the hit of the fruit against his chest. His hands instinctively move up to catch it. He looks at the fruit for a moment and then queries the wizard. "You want me to eat more fruit?" "I wish you would" Artimec takes a bite of the fruit. It is perfectly ripe and tastes delicious, but as he masticates, the fibres of apple seem to melt strangely in his mouth and upon attempting to swallow it becomes clear there is nothing there. He looks at the apple inquisitively. There is a clear bitemark. "You did this? It is incredible. But... What good is an apple?" "It is small, Art. That is the point of what I am trying to show you. You do everything so big that the details fall apart and you cannot possibly take into account how someone might see through what you're doing. That means that your confidence is misplaced. You have to get back to basics and really look at what it is you're making. If you want to make smoke then study it even /more/ closely. Simplify the visuals of what you are making so that you can keep an eye on who you are trying to fool and adapt to what they are doing. The apple is good because it is so simple to create each element. But when you piece together vision, touch, taste... that makes it more than just an illusion. It is virtually unquestionable. /That/ is where you should be trying to get to. "But this doesn't help me in a fight. I can't use fruit." Elindor rolls his eyes. "Fine. You create something more convincing and I will give you your reward. I have a tip in mind that will compliment your methods perfectly. Artimec positions himself to create another illusion. "Well it had better be good" Artimec focuses on the table besides them. He envisions a book he had just been reading, re imagining the feel of its cover, the weight of it, the way light is absorbed by the leather's texture. Elindor nods examining the book. It is quite intricately decorated. A slight chuckle escapes him as he picks it up and flips to a page. He flips to another. Each one is blank. "You've got to watch out for books, Art. To some people they are just too tempting. And I wouldn't claim to have the mental capacity to fill every page of a book with writing. But! You have been a good boy and so I will give you your treat." Do you have a magic(s) you are dropping due to this app? If so, link it: No Do you agree to keep the MT updated on the status of your magic app by using the Magic List Errors topic?: Yes Have you applied to teach this magic on this character before, and had it denied? If so, link the app: No. I do have a successful TA for Mental Magic.
  8. [✗] [Mechanic] /Follow

    "Let's walk and talk. Come here and mount me" I like it.
  9. [✗] [Mechanic] /Follow

    Here's something that every time I go for a walk with someone I want real bad. Because I have a character that talks a lot it is irritating that I am unable to walk and talk at the same time. So what I would propose is a /follow [MCName] command. There is two ways I would imagine minecraft can be used to do this, however knowing nothing of how the coding works I might be completely off. This will make RP not confined to being in buildings or settlements quite as much, and will mean roads are a place to conduct RP instead of run straight past other people because the unenjoyable holding down of [w] to get somewhere is now a part of the story you are telling. Possibly meaning more people will travel by roads instead of fast travel. Because of the halt thingy, being able to move and emote at the same time shouldn't be too much of a problem for other people to keep up and emote with you, seen as their intention to halt you for RP is clear. I can't see ways in which this might be abused aside from someone getting where they shouldn't be. But you could already follow closely behind someone through doors if you wanted to, except for where someone jumps across the world by portal, SS or TP (possibly a problem if an ET or GM doesn't know they are being followed). Wolf following One way this could work is by altering the MC Avatar to follow the rules of a trained wolf. This will probably be fairly glitchy and may cause unnecessary lag, but it might be easier to do with the MC code. This method may offer an immediate bailout of /follow if the leader TPs or SSs. I'm on a boat The other way could be to revert the follower to the 'riding in boat' position. May be a bit weird and should probably be reserved more for carrying people, rather than walking side by side due to the aesthetic, but on the MC side this appears to operate quite smoothly. Not sure how this would work with TP. I assume you would just stop moving, the same as if your rower got out of the boat. So yeah. I don't know anything about recoding player movement. But I would surrender /sit (these are big words seen as that is the command I use more than any other and I love it like a son) for /follow if it can be done. Also I got trapped on the boat holding screen when I sat down. Someone should probably look into it and if it is a problem then put up a warning during boat fast travels not to sit down.
  10. Norseth'onn Citizen Registration

    [[Can I please be added to region perms so that my house isn't a vacant husk]]
  11. Norseth'onn Citizen Registration

    Full Name: Elindor Race: Elf Age: Unknown Do you know any magic, and if so what kind?: Most Arcane basics. Further information currently withheld Do you own any constructs/familiars, and if so what kind?: None Do you require housing and/or keys?: I have keys and a house ((OOC)) MC Name: Jerry_Man Skype: Will PM the new one Timezone: GMT-0
  12. Item Idea- Mana Burners/Wards

    I like the idea of eating someone's mana though. Like punishment for casting a spell in the vicinity of something. Though it would no doubt get extraordinarily abused. HOWEVER, capturing a shade should essentially be able to do that. If you can rehouse the shade inside something that is receptive to mana, then it would eat up whatever it can get. Like a pendant that prevents the wearer from ever having enough mana to cast a spell. Or a pillar from which the few blocks surrounding drain mana when it is used, also weakening any spells. The aboose possibilities are horrifying to consider though
  13. [Arcane][MA]Elindor

    I thought that made me my own grandpa
  14. [Arcane][MA]Elindor

    Format your title as follows: [Type of Magic] [MA] MC or RP name MC Name: Jerry_Man Character's Name: Elindor Character's Age: Unknown Character's Race: Elf What magic(s) will you be learning?: Void Shifting Teacher's MC Name: _Elad_ Teacher's RP Name: Haadi Mubdee Do you have a magic(s) you are dropping due to this app? If so, link it: Nope Do you agree to keep the MT updated on the status of your magic app by using the Magic List Errors topic?: Of course Have you applied for this magic on this character before, and had it denied? If so, link the app: Applied for Self Teaching Already Accepted App for Magics:
  15. [ST] [Voidal Shifting] Elindor's learning something

    No no my friend. No finding. It is called pocket MT. I'm technically capable of overseeing Mental Magic. I won't have time to teach in-game, but you can PM me your app.