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  1. danic

    Druidism Explained

    im pretty much in the camp of leave it unexplained. as much as it would make everyone's job a little easier if it was set in stone, to me it stifles a lot of possible views and ideas that could be formed IC in pursuit of discovering the mysteries of the aspects. i'd be totally hip to your jive if you wrote about this in IC as your characters views on what druidism is but to make it an ooc lore submission fills me with apprehension. help me ive been triggered and i cant get up
  2. hey help me im indecisive http://www.strawpoll.me/10941329

    1. GodEmperorFlam


      Be a gnome/halfling, makes more sense than a Kha or Orc.

  3. https://gyazo.com/cdc17e1f7c19ee457e706a2df59016a1 i waited 2 years and 5 days and ive come back to demand what was agreed upon

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    2. danic


      i dont care if hes not an admin anymore it was agreed upon and the debt will be paid no matter what

    3. Song Druid

      Song Druid


    4. Heero
  4. i wasnt ready for this kind of change in my life

  5. i forgot how neat the dynmap is

  6. Source: http://twpictures.deviantart.com/art/Source-of-Life-293928960 - Aspect Assortments - 100% all natural, quality handcrafted, no substitutes, highly personalized trinkets, icons, and other assorted knick knacks now for available for a low price. Carefully grown in minutes by a Druid no short of centuries of skill, these assortments will keep the Aspects and Nature close to your heart. Whether you choose from the shown selection, or choose to opt into the limitless possibilities of a personalized piece, you're guaranteed to be satisfied. If you wish to take advantage of such an opportun
  7. he went through the seven circles of hell and came out free

    1. CowsGoMoo


      Peppermint farm also remembers.

    2. FlowUster


      -inhale- NEEEEEEEERD

  8. arise server arise

    1. FlowUster


      have you tried using a max revive

  9. is it just me or is the whole giant blood red "DENIED" thing AT use over the top and super discouraging

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    2. Samler


      Gotta agree with Danic, collect the art designers to get a new 'denied' picture thingy!

    3. Emp


      make it a .gif that turns from accepted to denied

    4. Guy d'Yood of Mann

      Guy d'Yood of Mann

      Last I looked media team didn't give two shites about makin' things prettier...

  10. goodnight friends i hope you have a restful sleep this night or a wonderful day depending on where in the world you are

    1. InfamousGerman


      thank you friend

    2. kingnothing


      thank you, gay wood elf

  11. a nice video for those of you trying your hand at city design
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