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  1. Hi everybody, I miss you :)

    Edited by Aislin
    1. excited


      the Duke of duck fr...

    2. Aislin


      Bro I tried to PM you earlier but I think your inbox is full. I see you've been quoting me, appreciate it dude. 

    3. excited


      What's your discord? I have my inbox disabled. 

  2. Viktor began to twist, turn, shimmy, boogie, and spin in his mausoleum of decay—yet permanence. Whilst he would never adapt nor acquiesce to the youths of the modern era, Viktor respected the youths' reverence for both revolutionary new ideas but also an admiration for that which came before him.
  3. From his humble grave, Viktor chuckles at these inbreds' inability to create original storylines.
  4. We love to reminisce about the good parts of Aegis (1.0), but god damn that map looked like **** compared to now lmfao. Well done putting this together, a great nostalgia trip and it should hopefully open the eyes of our older vets to the limited realities of MCRP. If we had fun in Aegis, surely we can have fun anywhere! EDIT: Those Alras screenshots made me tear up a bit. I miss the boys. DOUBLE EDIT: Seeing a screenshot of Pugsy pre-ban is just amazing. Crazy to think one man would define 10 years of rule breakers. The act of "Pugsying" will always be immortalized on this server by the single act of Pugsy. incredible.
  5. who are you and why do you have more rep than me

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    2. Aislin


      hi nuggy, i'm conducting my annual inspection of the forums. Zezimus just linked me an LotC vid from 5 years ago so I had to check the forums out.



    3. LithiumSedai


      James is forum banned but he says hi

    4. Ibn Khaldun

      Ibn Khaldun



      I didn't know I ranked #2 below you.

  6. how do i filter users by reputation

  7. if you let your kids play LotC i'm calling child protective services, you can't let your kids near LotC admins! Q: hey remember when you got banned for stashing diamonds? that was pretty awesome. What heinous crimes have you since committed?
  8. I’m contractually obligated to complain about staff or the server once a year. So here it is: grool sucks haha

    1. rukio
    2. Telanir


      Through the eyes of an… ex-member

    3. Ark
  9. Look at this old fart of a nerd

    1. Salty


      Yooooo I’m callin safety team bro 

  10. Arian, you’re a snake.

  11. hey geniuses, you misspelt “skins” under the ender donation description on the shop page LMFAO

    1. Nug


      jokes on you it hasnt been updated in years

    2. z3m0s


      Yeah lmao, it’s also all incorrect and outdated just about, gotteeem ?

    3. Aislin


      damn i got pranked by this great site thank you

  12. relax bro he’s just calling gaius the old crusty **** that he is
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