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  1. Aislin

    Charter System [Your View]

    This sounds like a really fun immersive roleplay process.
  2. quick reminder that all staff gay.

  3. This guy was literally the dean of a university IRL, how could you not think him capable to be a GM? +1 For real though he’s competent and no-nonsense. Two things sorely lacking from staff.
  4. Normally, I’m the type of person who would read every detail, nitpick, and then proceed to find out what’s wrong. But holy **** this is... too much. I could not get through it. Is this seriously for minecraft PvP? If you didn’t want people to do war RP, this is the best way to do it! Nobody wants to play something when there are a million rules.
  5. Aislin

    Varendoz Adventurer's Guild [Enroll Now]

    Name: Goomgurn Race: Human Age: Not sure. Discord: aislin#9538
  6. is there an lotc discord? if so, what’s the link? why is this not easily accessible info on the home page?

    1. Aislin


      granted, it probably is and i’m stupid so there’s that

  7. Aislin

    perspective on new player spawning

    Thank you for posting this. Obviously I’m not a new player but I have to echo these sentiments. I returned after several years and spent probably 10 minutes just trying to escape CT. It doesn’t get much better after that until you find a settlement. Unless I’m missing something, LotC as it currently stands seems pretty daunting to new/returning players. Always good to hear perspective from those who managed to survive that rough first few hours/days. I think it’s worth noting that most people are not going to be as patient as OP. Gaming is an instant gratification activity, and most gamers aren’t going to spend 30 minutes finding an RP hub when they first log on to the server. Say what you will about Aegis, but we had huge activity and people kept joining. Partly because you couldn’t walk three seconds out of CT without being harassed by some RP. Obviously there are lore implications and all that, but let’s step back and look at the big picture. Do we care more about some 8 year old lore about monks, or do we care about people playing the ******* game?
  8. Aislin

    Numirya's Event Team Actor application

    I don’t know her very well OOC but I’ve RP’d with her and she’s great. Definitely smart and capable. +1 from former ET
  9. No I wasn’t being facetious that was genuine it’s good to see you read it all.
  10. Good to see you’re spending the time to read all of our feedback. Thanks.
  11. Aislin

    [✓] [Server] Aislin Ban Appeal

    Does the GM the banned me even exist? I don’t see this person? HELP ME
  12. can somebody please unban me please my family is dying

    Edited by Aislin
    1. Burnsy


      I can’t unban you, but I got rid of your warning points. Merry Christmas. 

    2. Aislin


      thank you friend

  13. I think the success of a spoke road hinges on length and complexity. I think it’s feasible to achieve but difficult, since gone are the days in Aegis where we would tolerate meme garbage all along the roads and the suspension of belief regarding travel time and the feel of an expansive world as totally-not-Freya mentioned. On the other hand are the problems posed, as you mentioned, that we saw in Asulon. Anthos was kinda close to what I think is in mind for a balanced spoke idea but again per Native’s point it did feel cramped at times and small. Dalek your point on community involvement is probably the biggest takeaway. We can gripe about road layout and such now, but the reality is that the dev team isn’t going to move too much around, regardless of the reasons why. There are a lot of players that have hung around for a long time and have seen us make a lot of these same mistakes over and over, the staff could benefit from this insight. Hell I don’t even recognize most of the staff anymore since they are newcomers relative to me. You bet your sweet ass