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  1. Back after a hiatus. Had adventure, and died within my first hours back. 10/10, would die by ice water again.

  2. I believe economic development is very important, but that will never happen very much with our general store if we do not let others readily into our base, or advertise the store by the gate and elsewhere. Maybe the owner of the shop could work on publicity like this? Also, I have been considering how to sell what goods. Food is something we can make fairly easily, but selling something like that all depends on location. If we sell in an area where people tend to be well stocked, we won't be successful at all. I propose that we make a test stand in Salvus, where someone can go occasionally and peddle food. Hopefully, we can get permission to set up the stand only when it is needed, to prevent clutter. The elven camp near the cloud temple may be a good location to sell people food before they travel back to Elandriel. Maybe we could get into courier jobs? Carrying supplies long distances may be a service that is needed in the more trade heavy nations. I would also like a list displaying our relationships with the various nations, such as our state of alliance and whatnot.
  3. *sent by bird to the Order* Mc name- Wookieguy Ic name- Wookir Turril Do you have a villain application- No What will you contribute to the guild- Since I am a farmer, I shall supply the group with all the produce they may need, along with any other plants I may raise for the benefit of the Ravens, and Asulon. Do you agree to follow and obey the rules?- I do agree to follow the rules What previous Experience do you have?- I have farmed for a fair portion of my life, and have trained a minor amount in sword craft. I currently am living a menial life, simply surviving plentifully, which I would love to change. Making a positive difference in this land would be a wonderful pastime, and a fulfillment of my talents. What have you done to promote the ideals of Aeriel?- I have never leaned to violence in my dealings, and have a natural tendency for peace. I am not a war hungry man or orc, and am more mature than some dwarf could hope to be. I am a simple elf, and that spirit should be spread about more! I am not very knowledgeable about Aeriel, and would seek guidance and teaching about her. Once in the guild, what branch will you belong to?- I shall be a part of the regular order, which in my reading seems like the only, and logical choice. I hope I have not misunderstood something. What is your level in the skill the branch uses (for merchants write N/A) - Farming: Level 72 Have you signed our charter?- No, because it looked like the required signatures where fulfilled, and I could not figure out how.
  4. Just got into the Druids as a Dedicant! Woot!

  5. Wookie Guy

    I like that one.

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