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  1. will you be my mom

  2. Vailor...

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    2. Space



    3. TavernLich


      3 comments, triangle has three sides, vailor sounds like availer: illuminati confirmed.

    4. Googlesearch


      It's already been done

  3. Diary of an ex-Admin: Learned how to do a backflip with a spotter today, then broke my foot trying to do it unassisted. I don't think I'm doing real life right...

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    2. Heff


      mayweathers a cheap bastard who is illiterate

    3. Booklight12
    4. oblivionsbane


      He's so cheap he has to carry bags of money around with him and have "money" in his name. Compensation at its best.

  4. 12:01 AM EST, April 2nd, and not a single fools was given

  5. Jet fuel does melt Admins

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    2. meg


      Sounds kinda fishy to me m8

    3. Rassidic


      classy as ever alan :)

    4. Dreek


      i find this very offensive are you making a joke about 11/9 where a ton of americans died. I'll have you know my uncle was in the plane that struck those towers. His last words to me were "Allahu Akbar"

  6. Oops! It should be fixed now :)
  7. Fun fact: The color of the GM forum group is actually white.

  8. Heads up! We're moving a few pages on the Nav Bar into a "Server Information" forum that will allow us to more easily and frequently update vital information! This shouldn't affect you guys too much, but it should help with any confusion that comes up :)

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    2. Glyc


      And all was quiet, as the FM's were silently forgotten =(

    3. Porko


      The Admins are the Lions. RIP FMs

    4. Alan


      The Staff List is just a copy of the one that has been on our nav bar for years now. It's not like we just now made it and went "lol silly FMs you can sit this one out".

  9. Theoretical question for you guys: If LotC were to go a single day without complaining about anything, would the world explode? I'm starting to believe that it would.

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    2. DrakeHaze.


      Alan make me GM and I can make this happen.

    3. Alan


      Not at all Gunner, it wasn't aimed at anyone specifically! A staff member showed me a screenshot of the status updates exploding with complaints over something, so I thought I'd take a stab at easing the tension with a joke. In hindsight it was in poor taste, but nobody's perfect I guess :P

    4. Gunner


      Ah, I see. I got worried for a second, haha.

  10. The following rule was added to the rules page (though it should have just been common sense). "Derogatory actions or language in general or towards other players [is not allowed]"

    1. Alan


      Slightly confusing wording, so changed to: "Derogatory actions and language towards other players or in general [is not allowed]"

    2. Imam Faiz Kharadeen

      Imam Faiz Kharadeen

      You just added this rule, thus meaning dougstalicious shouldn't be banned for a new rule change. He should be unbanned for this.

    3. Supremacy


      He wasn't banned for that. He was banned for being toxic, belligerent and wasting the second chance Ouity gave him, proving he deserved to be banned last time.

  11. It was more disorganized than usual, and there wasn't good communication, but what did you guys think of Derpfest overall? If we improve it, would you all be down for another?

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    2. James


      Was really fun actually, can't wait for da next derpfest.

    3. ShameJax


      Twas fun. Should be once a week!

    4. Alphalord


      Couldn't attend sadly, roleplay game I had was at the same time

  12. The IP for the TeamSpeak we'll be using for Derpfest (Beginning in 10 minutes!) is

  13. Reminder (for real this time!) that Derpfest begins in half an hour! Unfortunately, our server's TeamSpeak may not be an option for communication due to difficulties. If anyone has alternative suggestions, please give them!

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