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  1. Howdy folks! I was trying to find some old screenshots and thought it'd be fun to start a thread where we shared memories of many years past. It's hard to believe it's been 7 years for some of us. Can you think of anything worse to waste your time on? Anyways, post your memories, and feel free to caption them! We'll start off with a few shitposts I have stored in my google drive. We had a glorious time in Aegis/Asulon where some of our artists would recreate memes with prominent members, let's not forget this gem - I don't remember the exact context
  2. I'll ask you what I've asked every other opponent of this change -- What benefit outside of being a secret is there to this magic staying secret? Is there some inherent issue with multiple users learning shapeshifting? Or are you perhaps drawn to the original aspect of the lore for it being a secret for secret's sake?
  3. Everyone knows my opinion on this. I've seen no end of OOC conflict revolving around shifting. Furthermore, since they removed our ability to use mobdisguise in the past there's no mechanical advantage from the magic. I see no reason for it to be secret when more useful, powerful and easier to attain subsets of Druidism exist. I also hold hope that this can help heal some resentment among Druids.
  4. Delete my status.  Fine.  It's scummy to interrupt chat every 5 minutes to ***** out votes.  Feel bad.

    1. argonian


      lmfao arik complaining about FM abuse 


      this is comedy gold

  5. Please do not take anything I say personally - it can come off as crass and rude and I would simply say that I am passionate about Druid lore, and am therefore incredibly critical of it. Alright. This is a negative from me. As far as endgames go, I don't care one way or the other. I love ideas for this sort of thing and the concept itself I think is super interesting and not far off from what Ouity was thinking a year or two ago. But I take issue with several parts of this lore and its direction. In no particular order: The Aspects
  6. Is there a tl;dr version of this? Also, the format makes the text a little too small for me to read, personally. Since it's so long I was wondering if you could do something about that so I can peruse it. As someone said before though, No me gusta on unattuning one (regardless of what else I think). If the idea is getting rid of one, consider a "banishment" or something similar that would remove the spirit. It is simply impossible to unattune something that is essentially a coalescence of Druidic energy. If they were a living body, yeah I get it. But at that point the Druid w
  7. What's with this shitty lag

  8. Is there lore for private parts?  Oxygen lore got denied and genitals aren't a part of minecraft mechanics so mechanical standard doesn't count.  Might be time to start drafting some more lore....

  9. Quite by chance stumbled onto this on one of my occasional forum visits. I liked it when you pitched the idea way back when, I like it now. I don't personally like you using the Shadow Druid as a catalyst for the creation, I generally prefer these things to be "lost secrets rediscovered" or sommat, but that's a nitpick on an overall decent lore. I saw the link, rolled my eyes, clicked on it in preparation to tut and dismay, and leave pleasantly surprised. For whatever it's worth, you have my support.
  10. Why do you have my old display pic >:c

  11. hey who would i talk to about being randomly bullied by someone via skype? would you happen to know anything about that? first message in MONTHS and it's bullying?

    1. Runabarn


      Bring it up to the "Block This Person" button.

    2. Anawkin


      get some thicker skin

    3. Song Druid

      Song Druid

      You should talk to your therapist

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