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  1. *Clang! *Dong! *Fizzle Logan Jarlsson, son of Jarl, wipes the sweat of his forehead. As the warm metal blade cools of within the bucket of river water, Logan sits down, and grabs the nearest piece of cloth, this being his leather sleeve, and begins drying his face with it. "Some day, i'll find out where all this sweat comes from" he thinks, as he returns the now cooled of blade to his portable anvil. As he once again heats up the metal, molding and forming it with each mighty blow from his hammer, he thinks of the little piece of ingenuity that is his portable smithy. Oh how he has fough
  2. I just spend 10 minutes debating that the school killer WAS NOT affected by violent vidoe games. Urgh. It ended in me being loud, and talking ****. Hooray for parents!

    1. Lykos


      Effected by violent video games? He was psychotic. Only video game that has driven me insane was Big Rigs: Over the Road Racing.

  3. MC Name : Lassess Have you ever been banned, if so, why? : Nope Do you have an accepted villain app? : No, but we will see where that goes. Do you have a TS or Skype? (TS preferred) : Both Short Bio (2-5 sentences): Halfdan very early in his life learned the harsh lesson of survival. Losing his brother on a hunt, made him leave his homestead for a purpose in his life. Wandering the roads of Asulon he served under several lords and barons, right until they either abandoned their cause or met an early end. In this new land, Halfdan searches for one final leader to loyally follow.
  4. RP Will you serve the Sabbet and it's leaders with honor? - I will give my life to the safety of my kingdom and my leaders. What is your favourite weapon? - I've never been keen to any weapon , but my urge to protect the land, hones my skill. however i do prefer the safety of a strong sword by my side. OOC MC Name: - Lassess RP Name: - John Blunt, 23 year old human male Do you have a Villain Application? - No , neither do i wish for one.
  5. Applause to GM , making this amazing and game-changing currency program. *Clap* *Clap*

    1. Bambi (xBambiraptorx)

      Bambi (xBambiraptorx)

      *Vaq, GMs don't code for the server :P

    2. Supremacy


      Vaq is admin.

  6. - OOC - MC NAME - Lassess COMBAT SKILLS - 35 Swordsmanship HOW LONG HAVE YOU BEEN PLAYING LoTC - About 2 Months HOW MUCH TIME WILL YOU BE AVAIABLE - 15 - 17 Hours DO YOU HAVE A VA - No - RP - YOUR NAME - Joseph Gaunt WHAT SKILLS DO YOU BRING TO VARIVIK - My determination to do my best and to be as proffesional as i can. I thrive to perfection , and put loyalty high on my list. WHY DO YOU WISH TO JOIN THE VAENIRS - It would be an experience to work under Varivik , and i know that i will serve loyally, may it be as a gate guard or front line soldier. DID ANYONE REFER YOU
  7. Just an all around question : How's everyone feeling about the end of summer? want to bury yourself or meeting on the first day with a red apple in hand?

  8. Question for any Computer Masters : In my .Minecraft File , i go to the Bin , and see the diffrent Jar's. Which one shall i extract to play on LOTC till they update?

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    2. Zoompoint


      Any Link? Or can i find this in my own Files?

      Btw. Thanks for the reply

    3. SparehoeCakes


      Its on the LOTC.net mainpage. In the news post.

    4. ~Kitty~ (Kat)

      ~Kitty~ (Kat)

      you can remove BOTH jars and just search for a minecraft.jar 1.2.5 and put it into your bin, it downgrades your minecraft.

  9. One Day . One Day-, i will get into that server without my internet losing connection after 1 second. Hopefully

  10. One Day . One Day-, i will get into that server without my internet losing connection after 1 second. Hopefully

  11. What happened to you? What happened to Thicketbane? The last message from you was that you won't be online for a long time. Thicketbane has already fallen to nothing.

  12. Well, this night turned itself upside down. My goblin aint dead yet ( Always good ) and My human character has been named Treasurer of Solace. Besides almost dying i'd say this night went pretty "okay"

  13. I overheard a conversation about an assassin being hired in Solace for the Weeding. I tell it to the man i THINK is Ser Lion, and he nods. He chuckles as i leave and another man asks " Why did he call you Ser Lion"? I know fear for my life because the conspirators might know that someone knows about their mission. I gave my name and location to the man i thought was Ser Lion. I am doomed

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