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  1. Sounds great! My character would surely attend.
  2. Discord name: Buckey5656#4920 Timezone: EST Ign: Buckey5656 Rp name: Thivek Ashbelt Race: Mountain Dwarf
  3. ‘ello all! I took, I think it around a four year hiatus from LoTC. Something like that, back when we were on Asulon and my character was residing in a town called Ildon. Anyway, back now and looking to see what all has changed and excited to get back into roleplaying. Trying out a Dwarf character this time, we’ll see how that goes. Hoping to find some at Kal’Vorath.
  4. Buckey5656


    Thivek was born into the world on the forlorn continent of Atlas at the capital city of the Kingdom of Agnarum, Kal'Azgaryum. His parents, Haldora (Mother) and Nakka (Father) Ashbelt, were influential prospectors in the wealthy Dwarven hold. The Ashbelts, while not the wealthiest of the clans by any means, did stake claim to a fairly rich underground seam of iron and quartz. Their halls were one of the most well-decorated and pristine locations within the grand city, even if their numbers and influence paled in comparison to the richer clans. The Ashbelts joined the great migration to Arcas, and aided in constructing the new capital city of Kal’Varoth for the Under-Realm of Urguan. Educated in the ways of the pickaxe, Thivek is an avid prospector. Alongside his clanmates, he toils in the mines underneath Kal’Varoth unearthing new seams and carving out new halls in the new capital. During the Three-Month War with the Humans, Thivek was set to garrison duty on one of the outer watchtowers; although he saw no actual combat, he was trained to adequately handle both ax and shield. The war concluded and he headed back to the mines, but something about was now different. He volunteered for more patrols, taking him out of the mines for more lengthy periods of time. Thivek had grown restless in his decades of smashing rock with pickaxe, he had an urge to see the greater realm of Urguan; not just the caverns he dwelled in. Having said goodbye to his parents and eager to set out on his adventures, he has since retired his pickaxe and taken up an ax at his side. He has conversed with the merchants that frequent the capital, as well as fellow Dwarfs who have visited foreign lands and have tales to tell. He soon sets out to visit these foreign lands on his own.
  5. ((MC name:)) Acepilot25 ((Skype:)) Airplane7879 Name: Piecer Sederth Race: Human Age: 17 Brief description of yourself: Cautious and brave, has one arrow on each arm that act as knives in a fist fight. Educated to read and some level of math. Last surviving member of the Sederth family. Other Guilds/Forces you Served: None. Other skills: Mainly Archery, hunting. Any other info: [None] Oath: I Piecer Sederth will serve House Green and their interests until the day I die or relieved of duty by the Lord of House Green or the Commander them selves.
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