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  1. Name (Both RP & IGN): Becclain Arvellon/TwistedFries Profession (Miner, blacksmith, artisan? Multiple jobs are allowed!): Miner/blacksmith Do you require temporary housing?: No Discord (Not required, but highly suggested! It’s free & safe): TwistedFries#1055
  2. Becclain Arvellon's eyes drifted to the horizon, as he watched with an unwavering gaze, as the brilliant orb of amber and tangerine sunk lower and lower in the sky until it dipped down into the horizon, painting the sky shades of red and pink. Becclain would have begun to dash through the woods, leaping over narrow winding creaks and the slippery rocks. He hurried past rotting oak trees and under lowered and snapped branches. He'd continue to venture deep into the birch forest outside of the nearby trade state of Sutica, following Skylar at a quick pace before they finally stopped. Skylar Taliame'onn reached into his satchel and pulled out a leather bag and a waterskin. Skylar handed both over. "You will drink and eat all of these contents. In your final trial, you will face visions that you will learn from heavily. Face them and find your way home." He would have then stood in place waiting for Becclain to drink and eat the contents of both items. Becclain Arvellon would have gently nodded his head as he stepped forward slightly. He'd then move his gaze down to the leather bag and the waterskin as he extended both his hands out to take the items "O-Oh... Alright." After a few moments, he would have brought himself to eat and drink the contents of both items before finishing and using his hand to wipe his mouth. He'd then glance to Skylar as he nodded his head. "O-Okay" [!]The mushrooms tasted like mushrooms obviously, and the liquid was quite nutty and slightly unpleasant. "Good luck, Aspects, and Mani bless. I'll see you back at Siramenor.” And with that, Skylar wandered off back towards the Mali’ame Village of Siramenor. Becclain Arvellon would have then glanced around at his surroundings as he let out a heavy sigh. The heavy dose of psychedelic mushrooms + LSA extract slowly was going into full effect as he began panting heavily. His vision faded in and out as he appeared to be thrown into a dazed state for the moment. After some time, Becclain started losing touch with reality and slipping into a dream-like state. It appeared he was still in the birch forest, but something was strongly off. The weather around him was very warm yet it gave him a feeling of freshness and nothing more, the moon gave off vivid colors whilst everything around him was radiating with brilliant and glowing hues. The air around him looked crystal clear and the stars sparkled brighter more than any other time he had experienced. The experience seemed to be something truly magical and amazing, however, after some time the affects became enhanced and stronger. Becclain Arvellon would have begun to wander around the area as he used his arms to push against any nearby trees, trying to support himself. His hallucinations were getting progressively less amusing as the scenery shifted from the magical and amazing sights to something much darker and frightening. Furthermore, the unpredictability of the experience due to the effects of the items he had eaten and drunken, caused him to lose his sense of understanding of the world around him. However, Becclain decided to try and push through the effects in order to complete the final task of his Priesthood. His eyes scanned the forest floor as he tried to figure out the path from where he came from as to take that back home to the Village. After some time searching, Becclain would have finally found a few broken branches or twigs on the ground, just nearby would appear to be footmarks and other details showing someone has passed through here. He’d then slowly begin to follow the path as he tried to glance around at his surroundings, trying to understand where he is, however it didn’t work. He simply continued to follow the details or tracks left behind from when they made way into the forest before stopping. In the distance, he heard a few crackling or breaking from the vegetation around him as he stepped back slowly. “W-Wo…” He’d mutter through coherent sentences that were difficult for him in this state. [!]A small-sized boar trots with the fierce presence of that of a larger animal as he slammed its hooves into the ground, marking its territory that Becclain seemed to have trespassed into. After a few moments, the boar would begin to release a few loud screeches to try and scare the Mali’tal. Upon Becclain Arvellon’s visage appeared to be an expression of fear as his jaw dropped at the sight of the boar. He’d then try to dash away without hesitation as to avoid the boar. Though, his current state caused him to trip and collapse onto the ground. He quickly turned onto his back as he reached to his hip to unsheath his hunting dagger. [!]The small-sized boar would have begun to run towards the now fallen Becclain as it tried to ram into him with great strength. The boar appeared to have gone wild as it tried to protect its territory. Becclain would have then attempted to push himself up into a standing position as to have a higher stance against the boar. He’d tighten his grip upon the handle of the dagger as he readied the weapon in his hand. He would simply wait for the boar to come charging closer before swinging around to stab it into the side of the boar, and once that would have happened he would then pull down the blade. After such, he would have continuously stabbed the boar in the side a few more times before it finally stopped moving. After a few moments, Becclain would have looked around as he tried to see if anything else was lurking in the shadows of the forest, however, nothing showed up. He would have then moved around to figure out his path once more. Afterward, he would have luckily found the path back towards Siramenor as he followed that.
  3. Yuhhhh Get Intoooo Ittt! 😄
  4. Minecraft name: TwistedFries Character name: Becclain Arvellon Character race: Half-Elf Combat experience and preferred weapon(s): He’s been in a few battles/situations where he had to defend himself, and he did rather well CRP wise and I did good PVP wise. He’s also been hunting since a very young age. His preferred weapon is a bow or simply a sword. Discord user: TwistedFries#1055 Time zone: EST
  5. Mary Anne O’Hara would seem to receive the missive via messenger dove; landing near her windowsill next to her desk in Oren. She would seem to rise slowly before making way to the bird and taking the missive to briefly read it over. After a few moments, her eyes would seem to squint as she furrowed her brows and pursed her lips; a look of slight anger upon her face. “How could this have happened...” Her tone of voice was gentle and soft as she dropped the letter and turned away, tears beginning to form and stream down her cheek.
  6. MC Name: TwistedFries Discord: TwistedFries#1055 Character Name: Becclain Kingsley Age: 18 Race: Half Elf Reason For Joining: He’s already trying to become a well seasoned physician and wants to learn alchemy in the hopes it could assist him in his goals and overall give him something new to do. Affiliation: Nowhere permanent; a traveler but frequents Oren due to his family residing there.
  7. Name: Mary Anne O’Hara Age: 26 Gender: Female Race: Human Position Applied For: Regular assistant or worker. Relevant Experience: Very persuasive, some fighting experience, a lot of knowledge regarding some herbs, history, languages. Additional Notes: N/A [[Username & Discord]]: TwistedFries and TwistedFries#1055
  8. Good read! Think the void is going to be a lot more interesting ? !!
  9. Don’t worry everyone! It’s on pause/nothing is being deleted at the moment, but for next time (Hopefully we don’t have a next time) Just go easy on me lol- Also feel free to PM me if you have any more concerns that need to be addressed, I will be getting to everyone!
  10. Love ya muffins! Best Admin and leader- always pushing us CT to do better~ ❤️
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    Welcome to LotC! Upon setting your application to accepted you should now be automatically white-listed on the server. Should there be issues with your white-listing please contact me on discord at [TwistedFries#1055] or over the forums. If you’d like in-game assistance, feel free to contact me or any Community Team Member, and ask for a Wilven Monk, or otherwise, just ask for assistance becoming acclimated to LotC! You can perform /creq I would like a Wilven Monk please in-game as well for assistance. We encourage you to join our New Player Discord to meet current players and to ask our Community Team Member for assistance or any questions you might have. We encourage you to read our New Player Guide, which provides detailed information about LotC and roleplay itself. Since your Character is a Orc, we encourage you to read about the Orc Nations and or Major Charters that might be affiliated. Here are all the other settlement guides: https://www.lordofthecraft.net/forums/forum/612-settlement/ Should you need help at any point in the future, please contact me on discord at [TwistedFries#1055]. You can also issue /creq [message] on the server to open a Community Staff Ticket.
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