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  1. Name: Becclain Arvellon Age: 62 (Old but in shape tbh) Race: Half-Elf Prior Relevant Experience: Combat, hunting, survival skills, medical skills, knowledgeable on creatures (both natural and unnatural), blacksmithing, etc.
  2. The Hummingbird Druid began to feel the eerie pain of a fellow druid leaving this Realm and moving onto the next. His eyes filled with sadness as his brows creased, lips quivered, and head lowered. The feeling of a druid leaving this plane and heading onto the next, the Eternal Forest was no strange feeling to him. His head filled with few memories of others that have passed, his eyes welling up with tears before he shook his head. "N-No more crying. . . Hmm . . . I-I should go and try to find my Lari'onn. . . How is she doing now that he is gone for good?" And with that, he moved his sleeve t
  3. Okayy!! We love some fresh and detailed bird lore and especially something as cool as Bokolo’s.
  4. ((IC)) Name: Becclain Arvellon Race: Half-Elf Applying For: Librarian Age: 55 Experience: I work in the Druidic Library and I upkeeped my own personal library for the Arvellon's. My char is also very fond of books and knowns a lot of random info that could be useful. Citizen of Elvenesse: Yes or No: YES ((OOC)) Time Zone: EST IGN: TwistedFries Discord: TwistedFries#1055
  5. Oop- I'm going to give it a shot so, lemme just slide some of my character's references~ (All of them) https://imgur.com/a/txDgfDQ (What my character looks like currently, but they also have a wooden limb now and a haircut) Imgur: The magic of the Internet - Google Chrome - Gyazo (What the character looks like on Minecraft/my skin for them) Minecraft Launcher (gyazo.com) And you might notice I commissioned you once before XD Love your art style!
  6. Omg omg omg omg- It's actually very good!! I love the build, giving me such a nice vibe for the new Realm, I'm so excited!
  7. [!] The Hummingbird Druid called for a fast messenger dove to deliver his letter to the caravan. It would read: "Greetings, Brother Aaliyah~ I would love to accompany you back to your lands, to help protect you from any possibly harm that threatens you on your journey back. It's been sometime since I have last adventured but, I'm still in good shape and prepared to go on another journey with others. I'm very skilled with a bow and close-ranged weaponry, I'm also an advanced combat medic and growing Druid, I believe all my abilities could come in handy. Please reach out to
  8. The Hummingbird Druid suddenly came to a stop at the entrance of the Seed Hall in the Glade of Siramenor, his mind began to fill with unease, sadness, and then anger. The melody of nature around him slowly dwindling down as it became silent, nature began mourning for a fallen Druid... Becclain would have felt a strong pain as he dropped to the floor, falling to a knee as his druidic stave landed beside him. He'd mutter a few words to himself "W-What's h-happening?... D-Did someone-..." He'd quickly fall silent as well before his eyes began welling up with tears. His expression shifted to somet
  9. Changed Status to Accepted
  10. Hello again! Congratulations on being accepted! And, Welcome to Lord of the Craft!! Now that you have been accepted, you will spawn directly in Cloud Temple (spawn) as a player and will be able to interact with the world around you. If you find yourself getting overwhelmed or confused and in need of help, be sure to send me a PM over discord or create a /creq along with a message as to what you need. This will allow another CT/Community Team Member to get pick up the ticket and get to you as soon as possible~ After reading the information below and logging on for the
  11. Changed Status to Pending
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