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  1. "Well, I do hope that this change of power benefits our great nation..." Said the Serpent Father as he reached forward for his glass of wine. He'd then take a quick sip from the glass before muttering something else to himself "To the growth and success of Celia'nor, and may Valyris reign for many years to come."
  2. The Serpent Father would receive his invitation to the event via his courier. The still young elf would chuckle to himself as he nodded his head. After sometime of silence, he would suddenly clear his throat as he said, "It's about time I stop grieving for that foul women. I've stayed out of the light for far too long. . . L-Let me prepare." At that, he stood up from his seat and turned to march out of the room, setting out to do just as he said.
  3. OOC ((MC Name: TwistedFries )) ((Discord: TwistedFries#1055 )) ((Timezone: EST )) IN-CHARACTER What is your name? August Why seek membership to the Mages Guild? To be surrounded by likeminded individuals and to possible gain more knowledge on the Arcane Arts. What arts, if any, do you currently practice? Conjuration, Fire and Water Evocation What position do you desire to attain upon acceptance? Whatever may be the best for me, though I assume Practicus as well. When should you be contacted for an interview? Anytime should be alright for me. I'm often free and just catching up on my studies.
  4. HOUSE FLORENTINO OUR ARRIVAL TO THE MAINLAND Issued by, THE PATRIARCH OF HOUSE FLORENTINO 14th of Malin's Welcome, Year 1881 _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________ CHE DIO MOSTRA MISERICORDIA SUI NOSTRI NEMICI, To the Illatians of Almaris, After the long years our ancestors have spent on the beautiful Isles of Illatia, flourishing even during times of conflict on the mainland, the corruption has finally reached our birth home. We, the Florentino family, have lived quietly upon the island, following our faith and pursuing the well-being of our people. Even so, there are people who are jealous of our name and seek to stain it with the blood of innocents. We are the true descendants of the Baron of Illatia, Marco d’Montelliano- the blood of the great pheasant runs through our veins, and we will not stand for this. The House of Cantacuzino has deceived our family and amassed an army to take the historical Castello di Santa Maria, our ancestral home on the island of Illatia. It was constructed decades ago for our great-grandmother. Duchess of Bravuna, Mariya de’ Drăghicescu, after she fled the nation of Haense. The Cantacuzino family has taken our mother as a hostage after they murdered our father in cold blood. Our mother’s sacrifice and exchange of her freedom has granted us, her dear children, ours. As we now enter the ports of Almaris we receive news that an offspring of the Cantacuzino family had left prior to the battle, now residing in the Kingdom of Oren, and hoping to gain supporters in what we know as their evil conquest against us and all Illatian people. So, we ask that all Illatians of Almaris would bring us the boy whose family would have us slaughtered if things happened differently. For the well being of our culture and people, we urge you to do so. Ave Illatia! To the Kingdom of Hanseti-Ruska and her people, The House of Florentino would like to make itself known to the great nation of the north. We are foreign nobility from the Isles of Illatia, and be that as it may, we do not come demanding power nor respect. We wish to earn such through hard work and continuous acts of loyalty. Personally, I am well adept in the cultural arts as well as politics, so I believe I may find my place among the courts. I may even find myself useful in the company of the military. As for my siblings, my sisters have worked with many charities in the past upon the Isles, to help the less fortunate, and so they hope to involve themselves with something similar within the city. As for my brother, he has found himself highly devoted to our faith and to GOD, so the church may be for him. Simply, we all hope to contribute to the growth of this great nation and people. _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________ CHE LA CASA FIORENTINO FIORISCA Vittorio Vincenzo Florentino, Patriarch of House Florentino, Lord Protector of Lazio and Bravuna~
  5. The young Elf soon learned of the Malin'or victory as he was filled with a feeling of relief. He knew that with this victory, his newfound home would remain safe and that he may continue to foster his life there further. Then, some words left his mouth as he whispered to himself, "I must see who fought in this war and see that they are cared for, especially those of my family. . ."
  6. “I hope my last breath is a sigh of relief” In the new city of Celia'nor, upon a couch that had sat the very founders of the city, laid a man of many past wonders. Becclain Vuln’miruel, Brother Kestrel, laid upon it, his sweat soaking the mattress as quick repeated breaths left him. The half-elf's arms laid helplessly by his side as those who attended him wiped the dried blood from under his nose. A painful grunt escaped him as he attempted to turn to look towards those gathered around him, his mind a blur as the faces he once cherished deeply lost meaning to him. Everything slipped away. Everything but the pain, his bones ached, his muscles cramped, his joints swelled and locked into place as he failed again to adjust in the couch. The Kestrel had watched for his entire life those who grew up around him only gain vigor and strength, while he had felt his own slipping away. The half-elf could constantly feel his human half pulling on him and only a few years ago the signs started to show, it began to hurt when he walked, his breath would escape him more rapidly, and his own eyes had begun to fail. His mind was made up. He had lived by his own choices and decisions, and his end would be no different. Small guttural pains emitted from the half-elf as he reached for his knife. He pulled it from its sheath as tears filled his eyes, his teeth grinding in his mouth before his body collapsed on the bed, his strength leaving him moments after. His eyes then fixed on the dagger as he thought to himself, contemplating whether or not he should do it. Renae Athri’onn, his lari’onn, soon approached his side with her accustomed pity. Becclain’s gaze forced her eyes to look away before his voice broke in his throat. “Help me,” he said, tears streaming down his face. Becclain then pushed the knife vertically over his heart. “H-Help m-me see our l-lari’onn.” At that, Renae’s head shook violently as she reached out to slap the knife away though she unexpectedly found her hand resting on the pommel. Her eyes met the gaze of her mal’onn, his eyes, so full of a life that had been absent for years, “A-Always and forever…” as the words left her lips, she felt herself push down. A sharp breath filled the room, though one of relief. “Always and forever.” [!] On the table beside the couch, there would be an assortment of letters that Becclain had written when he still had the strength to write. Each letter would only be delivered to the person it was written to. Renae Seraphina Elara Zaelyn Mik & Layla Sonna ~Some Words~
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