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  1. "What the heck- Already? It hasn't even been that long for people to start complain about another thing Elvenesse has done... At this point, I feel as though someone has cursed that nation for bad luck, It's not even normal..." He'd read over the newer missive, chuckling to himself as he crumbled the piece of paper and tossed it to a large pile beside him. "I'm going to start collecting these missives"
  2. "Hm? Oh- What the?-" The Hummingbird Druid lifted the missive to his face as his eyes scanned over the piece of paper, taking in the writing and information upon it. He'd then sigh loudly before complaining to the animals that sat beside him in the forest "I swear- at this point I don't know if these missives are true or not. I don't understand why all these nations are fighting amongst themselves... May the Aspects be with whoever at this point- let the wars be over with quickly."
  3. ___________________________________________________ “A warrior fights for what they believe in. A warrior fights for his family.” The Trial of the Fox ___________________________________________________ ~=+=~ Upon the forest floor lie trees of old, fallen in storms long forgotten. The seasons have been harsh, stripping away the bark and outer layers, yet rendering them all the more beautiful to the Druid. Suddenly, there was a crunch of twigs and leaves beneath the ginger's feet, his footsteps coming to a complete stop as he fro
  4. "My Aspects- Why do they insist on repeating themselves and talking about their faith and how others are heathens to not follow the Church. It's just beginning to be annoying as I read this sort of things. Nonetheless, It does seem like war is brewing quite fast- faster than I had anticipated. While the people of Norland brought it upon themselves with the choice of action, I can't help but show sympathy as I understand the hardships they have been through because of Oren- Let me just keep my mouth shut and avoid choosing a side. It's not any of my concern unless the balance is disturbed great
  5. "What? How can this be?... Who would have done such a thing?" Becclain appeared to have an expression of confusion- his emotions becoming complicated as he read the missive through. He'd then crumble up the paper before tossing it aside, going to look off into the distance as he mumbled to himself "Even though that man was a strange one and most likely destroying nature with the support of those factories and ghosts, I'm still very curious as to who killed him... And If It's even true... Nonetheless, I might have an idea as to who did it... I hope this does not complicates things further in Fr
  6. "It most likely won't be the most advised thing given my current position with the others, but I should try to reach out to the Clan. Even though we had not had the most positive relationship prior, I can't help but want to help them regardless of all of that. I do not want them to die out... This little bit of family I'm willing to help indirectly as to keep my neutral status." The crazy Druid said to the audience of birds, his eyes shifting between them as he frowned. He'd then mutter to himself "I believe I'm loosing it out here in the wilderness... I definitely need to get back to the citi
  7. "Aspects protect those that need it... Please..." He'd say whilst closing his eyes, praying to the Aspects.
  8. "Once more I see religion be used against others of a different faith, I don't understand why humans put so much energy towards changing others and their beliefs. More and more I'm being reminded of the past, even though I did not live through it, I still learned much about what was going on in the times of old. Further, the history from the lands of Atlas and Arcas would serve as great reminders to the people repeating such actions." He'd ramble on to himself as he offered a heavy sigh, appearing disappointed or just plain annoyed with the state of things in the realm. He'd then shift his gaz
  9. "What? Why would they do such a thing?..." He'd whisper under his breath, his eyes scanning over the missive as he frowned. He'd then shake his head lightly before muttering some more words to himself "It appears that history repeats itself constantly- these events are reminding me of the past that my mother mentioned so often... My grandfather was the one who burned such thoughts into her mind... Maybe he was right after all..." And with that, the Druid fell silent as he pondered to himself.
  10. The Druid clenched down on his teeth as he read over the document, appearing to be slightly stressed by the conflict unfolding between the two nations. He'd then let out a small sigh as he shook his head, moving to fold and place the missive into his satchel where he would store it for later citing. "My oh my- I knew that the era of peace we were so quietly enjoying would come to an end soon enough... With all going on in Elvenesse and now the human nations, I feel as though something is in the air to cause such people to turn hostile. Nonetheless, I should probably get going now, I doubt I wi
  11. The Hummingbird Druid read over the missive with a confused look upon his face, his eyes moving across the paper as he continued to read it despite becoming annoyed with the first few sentences. He'd then let out a heavy huff as he whispered to himself "Why do they continue making a fool of themselves... I don't understand... Truly- Why do they do this... My Aspects, the days in Siramenor were much more easygoing compared to these days..." And with that, he turned to walk off.
  12. “Oh my... What have they done... Aspects be with those who knew Laetranis... If only Syllia was still here, she might have then been able to do something to protect this forsaken nation from this dark path.” Said Becclain, the Hummingbird Druid as he frowned.
  13. Becclain somehow came across one of the missives as he looked it over, frowning some as he read it. He’d then talk aloud to himself, appearing slight frustrated. “How far our government has fallen as to even offer up one of their own... It’s disgraceful to say the least, watching them fall into utter chaos. I do hope the others are safe...”
  14. The Hummingbird Druid received one of the missives that were sent out as he scanned over it. His eyes moving along the piece of paper as he read the words written upon it. “Oh? How interesting... I do suppose it’s time I visit the others...” He’d say with a light sigh before turning to leave his home- venturing out to visit his daughter and fellow Druid.
  15. IGN: TwistedFries Character Name: Becclain Magical Ability(s): Druidism Discord: TwistedFries#1055
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