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  1. Changes have been made I am all good now!
  2. Changes have been made I am all good now!
  3. Talon’s Grotto: The Southern Paradise Settlement Description Talon’s Grotto is a beautifully constructed port-city within the region known as the Queen Isles, surrounded by a lush and thriving jungle environment, consisting of a myriad of cultures, making it quite the melting pot for RP and diversity. This city is reaching for the goal of becoming that of a thriving nation, under Sovereign Arthur Sterling, long may he reign. Now, many may be wondering what Talon’s Grotto provides and why one should live here. Allow us to enlighten you, as mentioned previously, the city has a variety of diverse cultures. These cultures founded this city, merging to create this atmosphere akin to the IRL city of New Orleans. This accumulation of cultures creates an inviting and easy-going city, where many are willing to give you the shirt off their back or go for a good game of blackjack. Guide to the Settlement: To get to Talon’s Grotto either just follow the signs out to the Queen Isles and head to x 2000 z 2000, or use the Queen Isles warp sign found at CT and head down the hill to the city. Culture and Population The myriad of cultures that make up the city, ranges from those practicing what is inspired by Native American and Inuit Tribes, to the ever-growing population of French, Roman, Latino Cajun and even Creole-inspired cultural groups. These cultures merge into one, and reflect in the town's greatest festival; Du Gros Mois, which roughly translates to Festival of the Fat Month. During this Month of Debauchery, the town fills with the tantalizing smells of cooking food and the bright colors of each culture as they show off what makes them, well, them It’s quite the sight to see and those who take part in planning the festivities get the greatest experience of all, the right to serve as a cultural representative for their respective group and show what makes them different from the rest. If the festival doesn't interest you though, there is a rare culture forming on LOTC that is based around Afro-Caribbean religion that originated in Haiti. Simply put, this means a culture formed around the practice of Voodoo. When it comes to race the city accepts all who wish to not do her harm, in this city you can find Humans, Elves, Dwarfs and Halflings going about their daily lives. Some may see a few Orcs lingering about the city doing dock work or the large body of Kharajyr which moved in to form a trade guild and cultural safe haven. As for a set religion, the town lacks one enforced by the government and over the years we have had the Caliphate, Red Faith, Zionism, and Cannonism all make an appearance in the city, each being equally accepted so long as they choose to cooperate, and not cause conflict between the groups. Housing and Taxes Talon’s Grotto offers a variety of housing opportunities, within the city ranging from manors to guild halls, and even spacious accommodations offered for free to Citizens. There are massive homes inside the city designed to accommodate large families, that do require a one-time payment but offer an amazing view of the Land, alongside Spires from their view high in the sky. Inside the city, one would find multiple guild halls and apartments. The guildhalls would be given out to organized groups of decent population, who wish to expand and grow in the town; while the large apartments would be offered for free to any Citizen who wishes to live inside the city. Heading outside of the city limits, one would find the spacious free housing commonly being 8+ meters in length and width (8 x 8 space or larger). These homes are some of the first-ever built in the city, making them quite the historical landmark and often serve as a place for parties of one, to large families to live and prosper in, while living in for free. This is quite the benefit within Talons Grotto, compared to other settlements, as we do not tax our citizenry. Once you have your house, it’s yours as long as to remain active in the town, with no pesky taxes you have to pay in order to keep your property. Free housing located outside city limits A free apartment located in the city limits Shared space for the apartments inside the city limits Stilt housing inside Talon’s Grotto: 800 mina, one-time purchase Second-floor housing in Talons Grotto: 1-2k mina, one-time purchase Points of Interest / RP Opportunities A&A Investigations: Talon’s Grotto Clinic: Sleepy Tortuga Tavern: Talon’s Grotto Library and Museum: Market Plaza: Land Spire Jungle: Ministry of Magic: Harpies Hunting Grounds: Valahii’ame (Leaf Apes) Hunting Grounds: Fishing Guild: Naval Adventures: Ruin Exploration: Important Information Peak Time: 12:30pm EST to 1am EST (5:00pm GMT to 6am GMT) - You may find people around the city actively rping during off times as well, so even outside of peak times it’s always worth a visit. List of Players Able to Assist: Sovereign of Talon’s Grotto: Arthur Sterling [MC: Atrex - Discord: RealPeopleGames#2925] Sovereigness of Talon’s Grotto: Ania Sterling [MC: Reledy - Discord: Reledy#5183] Admiral of the Depths: Nathaniel Goldblight [MC: Ztrog - Discord: Ztrog#0623]
  4. Stray Cats lips would grow wet with saliva "Mages in Helena so many of them to snack on how yummy thay could be" it would gurgle while resting in a cave.
  5. [RP] The Elder Dobleck would enjoy the soul being added to its collection, finding a nice rat near some boats it would use the souls it had consumed to create a Dobleck Spawn which it implanted in the rat. Following this, the Elder Dobleck would return to it’s disguised form going to hunt it’s next prey as well as continuing its life as a Stray Cat. [OOC] Atrex would shed a tear sad that he had murdered someone and they decided to Pk, I will miss this character my friend I hope I honored you with this death but please don't do this to me I can only take something Pking so much.
  6. Arthur Sterling signs the document while drawing out the plans for a crypt to house the fallen of Talon’s Grotto.
  7. Since I didn't know you in rp I really can't say anything about your character,but I respect your decision to PK even in these dark buggy times.
  8. Would shake his head hearing of his Sisters in Laws death "Seems she lost her mind like most elves do when they get older, for it to take someone so young though it's so sad".
  9. Honestly I feel like alot of skins that could be used for Sea Elves could be roughly used for Axolotyn. Also if you don't agree then push for Sea Nymphs an established race through events to become playable because Sea Elves sound very similar to them. Lastly putting this race under the Elvish banner honestly seems like it would hurt it more then help it. Most races seem to have a trend of four subraces and forcing them to come from Malin seems to cripple their creation myth in the end.
  10. Axolotyn were at one time playable I believe, if you want them to be playable again petition for them to be playable.
  11. Not going to lie this kind of just sounds like Nymphs and Axolotyn which both are races on LOTC already and one of which was playable long ago I believe. Axolotyn Link: https://wikia.lordofthecraft.net/index.php?title=Axolotyn
  12. I can't wait to study the predator habits of the Harpies, Nathair and Wonks. Bird eats Snake, Snake eats Frog.... then Frog it's Snake and Snake eats bird. Should be really interesting almost as interesting as live Kha carpets.I can't wait to study the predatory habits of the Harpies, Nathair and Wonks. The bird eats the snake, the snake eats the frog.... then the frog eats the snake and the snake eats the bird. It should be really interesting almost as interesting as live Kha carpets, I mean I love all the industries popping up like Nathair skin boots and fried wonk legs.
  13. The Pact of Bone and Depths Issued and confirmed on the 14th of Amber Cold, 1739 As the rising orc city brings more and more orcs and travelers into the swamps, conflict is bound to happen. Though, to assist in the continued growth of the Clans of Mau'Madur and the Depths of Talon's Grotto, it was of the best interest of each group to set boundaries. Therefore leading to this pact, the pact of Bones and Depths is a non-aggression pact to help the two societies prosper while working peacefully with each other. ARTICLE I - The signatories agree to enforce a strict non-aggression pact, under all circumstances. ARTICLE II - In the case wherein one signatory is found to be in violation of this pact, all articles shall remain in effect, under the condition that the offending party takes sincere diplomatic steps toward rectifying the situation. ARTICLE III - Talon’s Grotto shall acknowledge the sovereignty of the Clans of Mau’Madur over the region which encompasses the Southern Marsh region around the old Harrowfell Ruins. On the same note, the Clans of Mau’Madur will acknowledge the sovereignty of Talon’s Grotto over the region which encompasses the Queen Isles eastern coast and Land Spire region. ARTICLE IV - Talon’s Grotto and the Clans of Mau'Madur agree to respect the boundaries established between Mau'Madur ((All Tile 12))and Talon’s Grotto ((All Tile 1)) ARTICLE V - If substantial evidence is found that proves that someone from either settlement has committed crimes against the other settlements while in their territory then that person is to be willingly extradited to the other settlement to face trial. ARTICLE VI - This pact will need to be revised in eight years times in 1747, both parties should actively seek to preserve this pact when it’s expiration date comes. ARTICLE VII - Both sides of this treaty will respect each other's property when traveling in each other's lands, defacing or violating each other's property will require a formal apology from the government who defiled the property of the other. ARTICLE VIII- This pact shall remain in effect so long as Arthur Sterling remains the Sovereign of Talon’s Grotto and Ugrad’Lur remains a Kezuhk of the Clans. If either party's leadership transfers to another then the new leadership must actively attempt to reestablish the pact. ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Signed by Arthur Sterling, Sovereign of Talon’s Grotto Signed by Ugrad’Lur Kezuhk of the Clans of Mau’Madur Arthur Sterling would sign the document looking forward to good relations with the Clans of Mau”Madur.
  14. Arthur Sterling signs the document and stops writing the other letter to Morsgrad he was writing.
  15. A LETTER TO MORSGRAD Issued by his The Sovereign of the Depths, Arthur Sterling, on the 9th of the Grand Harvest, 1738 _____________________________________________________________________________________ TO MR. GODRIC OF MORSGRAD Talon’s Grotto sends its sincerest apologies for what happened to you on the road, these roads aren’t safe with the war occurring and traveling on them is a death sentence. The tragic events around the Morsgrad Caravan Massacre sadden the citizens of Talon’s Grotto greatly and we will gladly support Morsgrad by offering you sixty heads of cattle, five thousand mina to replace your lost assets and a boat so that you may no longer have to travel by the dangerous roads again. Talon’s Grotto also offers all citizens of Morsgrad who were affected by the Massacre and who are in need of medical assistance to come to Talon’s Grotto where the staffed clinic is ready to serve to help alleviate the injuries suffered at the hands of the barbaric bandits. As for the problem regarding the establishment of a trade caravan: if we had been properly informed, we would have had hoped to prevent such a brutal event from taking place on the roads. Though since no trade agreement was formally made with the Director of Exterior, and only a lone merchant the agreement was unknown to the Talon’s Grotto government and we believe Morsgrad was deceived into believing that Talon’s Grotto was the one who established the agreement. The Office of the Director of Interior Trade will also be conducting an investigation to see if there is any evidence showing that the establisher of the Caravan had hired the bandits to attack it on the roads and if this is proven true then they shall be punished both here in Talon’s Grotto and shall be expetitated to Morsgrad to face punishment there. ______________________________________________________________________________ Signed, Signed: Arthur Sterling, Sovereign of Talon's Grotto Arthur Sterling signs the letter and waits for a reply from the leader of Morsgrad. (OOC) Atrex sits in a Publix parking lot making this post as his car won't start... send help.
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