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  1. "this spell is super difficult to pull off bro trust me" isn't all that great of an excuse to cast powerful spells. If a pebble is all it truly takes to stop the most powerful spells, you may as well just axe that redline and say "ooc consent is required for this spell to hit its target". Let's face it, the only way you're gonna pull off the big spells in this is via heavily scripted events (such as someone wanting to PK) or ooc bullshittery through the mage's part. "this takes a LOT of mana to cast" also isn't very good until ST write a concrete, thorough post regarding EXACTLY h
  2. What is your favorite writing piece I've produced, creative or lore What is your writing process Where do you find most of your inspiration What do you do when confronted with writer's block Do you do any writing for school Have you always been interested in writing Did you have a good birthday How did you find lotc before you started playing What is your favorite thing about lotc What is your least favorite thing about lotc Creation lore. Then we'd all be free
  3. Send me an invite if you want in my discord my dude. I wish you the absolute best broski
  4. A loud churning followed by a crashing clank. Afterwards? An ear-piercing sizzle eclipsed by excruciating, burning pain. And now: numbness. Cold, dark numbness. I can’t say how long I was out after the accident, but I can only assume anywhere between weeks or months have passed. Steam explosions are always serious, and I was absolutely amazed to be alive. When I awoke, I found myself to be alone in a dark, metallic chamber. I assumed this to be some sort of medical facility, partly because such would make sense, and partly because I was attached to many diff
  5. If you start feeling drained, bored, or otherwise unhappy with the server, don't be afraid to take a break. It's really easy to get addicted or feel like you have a responsibility to perform by logging in and rping with your group, but you can't throw yourself under the bus and start putting other people's desires before your own. If you need a break, take a break. If you're in the middle of rping with someone, and they critique what you're doing or how you're describing something, try not to get offended and upset, but also don't immediately take something to heart. We all have o
  6. Are the forums broken on Mobile for anyone else

  7. So do old Hou-Zi players just go bald and become humans  or do they just go infertile and become one of those things new players question when they run into them on the server 

    1. Mirtok


      I believe the post said that everyone can still play their Wonks and Hou-zis, there just wont be any new ones played by players.

    2. frill


      Their tails fall off also

  8. Can't wait for malgonious to come back and go mad at the noob recruiting
  9. Shade definitely didn't enrich **** but drama headaches and boredom. Sometimes lore is just bad and needs to go. Not sure why hou-zi got shelved besides inactivity since from what I remember, they actually had some really deep culture and ****, but wonks were also pretty much just a meme race that people got tired of really fast. Rip to the really good wonk players who were trying to make something of it, but at least now you won't have new players and trolls trying to rp as pepe.
  10. I remember forever ago when you first came back, we rp'd for like five minutes. When we were done, something made me bring it up in LT chat and everyone started hyping you up big time. Definitely regret not furthering the rp more when I still played, you seemed like a really cool guy.
  11. Dale was the best shade, surprising how you managed to convince so many people he wasn't one
  12. Literally the best way to drop shade btw, among the best rp I've ever experienced. Thank ******* god
  13. Did I meet you in haelunor Is that time I choked out anethra and called her a whiny ***** still your favorite rp moment with us Do you wish I could choke anethra out more, and how would that affect her character development Is anethra still so sad Theoretically, what kind of girl would anethra be if she was happy go lucky, and do you think you would still enjoy playing her Would you ever consider a shot at lore admin Make an ST tier list If we were to meet up irl to hangout what do you think we would end up
  14. IGN: TheAlphaMoist Category: Creative Writing Piece: The Curse of Awareness https://docs.google.com/document/d/18D0EtWrtjflRKJuYbj4xWGN9ZtfV3diAsvGuFQJwphg/edit?usp=sharing Content warning: violence
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