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    This reads like an ama
  2. I wrote some pieces about what my life is like with ADHD, and included a tid bit of factoids about the illness at the end of it awhile ago. I was pleasantly surprised about the lack of mockery it got, considering ADHD is usually seen as a "haha hyper xd" condition that isn't taken very seriously. I have horrible ADHD, and it's pretty common for my hyperactive episodes to end as major depressive episodes. I'm sure someone here knows what it's like to be full of hyperactive energy and not give a **** about anything other than having fun and being funny, only to come down from it and get really depressed and embarrassed over how you had acted. With ADHD, it's really important to find a means of focus you can easily rely upon. When your thoughts start getting out of control, zooming in on something you like can slow your brain down and quickly relax you. For me, it's writing and reading, which was one reason I loved being on the lore team so much. For my little sister, it's decorating. Once you find something that can reliably slow your brain down, having an episode leads to less panicking most of the time, at least in my experience. That being said, there's not much for LOTC to do in regards to assisting with the matter. This is a place for people to have fun and play minecraft. We don't have professional therapists or doctors who can reliably give you the help you need. The most helpful thing LOTC can do is provide a platform for you to express yourself, and provide a platform for others to create posts like this and spread awareness. Post like these are greatly appreciated, and they offer a breath of fresh air and reassurance to those who need it, but they'll never replace a professional psychiatrist or doctor. It's really important to make sure people in your home life are aware of your struggling as well, and not just online friends. Sometimes, what people need is a push from someone they love. I've been procrastinating getting back on my ADHD meds for a year now, and if it weren't for COVID, I'm pretty sure my fiancee would have forced me to call up my indian clinic by now. God knows I'm probably just not going to get around to it myself, even though I know I need to. Good luck with everything my dude, and thanks for the good read. Your format wants me to gouge my eyes out though, and I have to beg you to change your color scheme
  3. Epiphyte part 2

  4. Turn voidal evocation magic into a magic that just centers around forming spells that originate from manipulating the mana the soul expels itself rather than having to pact with any outside force. “Fire behaves this way, with enough study, I can learn how to manipulate my mana to form the same properties as fire.” Removing the void from the basic evocations sounds much more easy to understand for an entry level mage to grasp and understand. After removing the entry level spells from the void, you have more freedom to turn the void into a proper lovecraftian source for magic that many people on the server desire. Having to manipulate your mana at its source to produce spells makes more sense for the degradation we used to see in voidal mages as well imo. All in all, it just sounds so much simpler.
  5. Probably the biggest issue I see with this would be ensuring quality matches with the quantity. I don’t know if they’re still popular, but something that used to be really common with minecraft back in the day was downloading pre-made maps that were edited and designed for players to accomplish a specific task. They ranged from really simple “survival island” type maps to really complex story based maps like “ Professor Grizwald and the Curse of the Pyramid” (a 1.1 map pack from 2011, super fun I recommend) or “The Curse of Sunny Springs” (also 1.1). They had really cool dungeons and such and were extremely fun. But, they’re really complicated, and while I have no doubt the build team could make really cool dungeons and the lore team could write really good plots with them, I don’t think the story team as a whole has the manpower to pump out high quality dungeons regularly. I foresee some really small, fairly easy dungeons being mass produced that drop in quality as time goes on. You’d make a few really good small dungeons, players would beat them, then other players would start helping others cheat, and what once was a fun, cool idea becomes a chore to deal with as a story member, just like how nodes became. Then people would complain about not getting any new dungeons, and st would get burnt out. Instead of creating four dungeons for players to complete and be repeatable and such, I think it would be more worthwhile to put your effort into making one really good dungeon with a good plot that offers puzzles, mobs to fight, maybe some ET creatures to fight, etc, and just leaving it at that for a month. After the month, collect some feedback, and do it again in the future. Having multiple small dungeons that are designed to be repeatable that you’ll need to replace consistently sounds less worthwhile than hosting one really good dungeon every few months or so. It’ll give ST a break in between dungeons, it’ll keep the playerbase having fun while also keeping them from being burnt out and complaining, and maybe after a dungeon has been completed and you have to eventually take it down, perhaps you could convert it to a map pack for players to download and be able to play with on their own in their own worlds. That’d be really cool imo. You could even make them seasonal with appropriate themes, such as halloween, christmas, etc. Just my two cents. As long as y’all have fun making them, though, I’m sure at least a fairly good amount of players will enjoy them.
  6. Have you been bored I remember when Elrith wanted to do something with this. Dinosaur land is pretty dope, found out about it when I started writing lore for skull island themed **** on one of Elrith’s projects and had to be told that it was already done
  7. It’s a minecraft server. Worst case scenario, Telanir does a bad job and he finds someone to replace himself. Telanir isn’t that bad of a guy; he’s just a busy guy. I’m sure being in a position that forces him to engage with the community will allow him more time to engage with the community and become more available. Admins have busy jobs, and with twenty plus pms a day on top of irl and admin duties, it’s difficult to get back to every single comment made in the dms. Either this gets Telanir to be more available, or nothing changes. Not much of a possible negative, really. Best of luck to both Muffins and Telanir. ****’s hectic all over the place, irl and online, and I’m certain they’ll at least try to do their best. Again, the worst thing that could happen is they just aren’t great and have to find replacements or switch places again. It’s not like anyone’s personas or lore is at stake. Just calm down and go with the flow
  8. Reminder that this exists


  9. add shade to the “shelved” list pls and thanks
  10. The conflict of Walden is literally him deciding to abandon civilization in America and having to deal with the pressures of living outside of society. The climax of the story is him surviving the harshness of winter, and its resolution is him deciding his project succeeded and him deciding to return to society. The argument kind of falls flat when you’re taking a story with literally one character and comparing it to a massive online community with hundreds of players who are all involved in inter connecting stories. also this is literally conflict
  11. I should go grammar Nazi on you one day for the sole reason of ignoring my grammatical advice that one time
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