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  1. *Mattias almost laughs as he reads his name of the list while Lancel's men search Ildon. Rubbing the back of his hand on his Iron mask, he hands the list over to the next man* "My you are a persistent one Lancel aren't you?" *Mattias walks off grinning under his mask.*
  2. The server just trolled us, wait, isn't that against server rules? Lols

  3. Oath: I, Mattias Abdiel, swear upon my honor that I will uphold the peace and security of my royalty, James, Kyral and Lancel Hightower, and keep them safe. All indulgences of the world will not disrupt my task in protecting them to the best of my ability. So do I swear, Mattias Abdiel. ((OOC Section)) MC Name - Beast720 Do you have a VA? If so, give a link. - N/A Skill Levels (Stats, do not show if it is 0) - Lumberjacking:40 Swordsmanship: 49 Mining: 54 Cooking:5 Fishing:1 Farming:55 Excavation:7 Archery:31 Wrestling:7 Blacksmithing:26 (Answer as if you were placed into this situation.) - A man is walking down a street in fine silks and exotic velvet, running up to him you see two goblins and a orc about to corner him in a dark alley by the tavern. You hear a yelp and rush in to find him dead, the three running down the alley. Mattias watches as the Orcs and Goblins run. Assuming they had mugged him mattias yells at them, “Halt!” The Goblins and Orc keep on running down the ally. Mattias runs after them. Mattias pulls out his bow and notches an arrow. Taking aim he fires the arrow, hitting on of the Goblins in the back. The Goblin and Orc turn around to see Mattias alone and unsheathes their swords. Mattias drops his bow and does the same with two Scimitars. The Goblin and Orc run at Mattias, brandishing their weapons. Mattias continues to run at the with the two Scimitars ready to strike. Mattias choses to attack the larger Orc first, needing to dispose of him as soon as possible. The Orc brings down his sword to kill Mattias. Using one of the Scimitars Mattias blocks the attack and sidesteps slightly, then he goes to stab the Orc through the stomach. The Orc drops as he sees the sword in his stomach and moves both hands to hold the wound. Mattias turns to see the Goblin still charging at him. Mattias parries one of the blows then brings both swords to hold them at the Goblin's neck. “Stop fighting and you shall live.” The Goblin drops his sword and pulls his hands away. Bringing the hilts of both Scimitars down on his head; Mattias manages to knock him out. He then drags the Goblin to the jail to await his trial. IC Section What is your name? - Mattias Abdiel Why do you wish to join the Hightowers? - Because Mattias was convinced to join his friends Edric in the Hightowers. Mattias also has many friends within the guard and enjoys the idea of once again guarding the city. What skills do you offer to aid Solace? - I am rather good with a blade and have much experience within the guard as I have been part of many. Experience and some hospital work is what I can offer you, as well as a bit of farming. If anyone had convinced you to join, whom was it? - Edric (Duckd8) who offered me a position. Have you ever lived in Solace before this time? - No
  4. So umm yeah, I just got killed my a town Npc who casted a spell on me and killed me. So umm anyone have an explanation?

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    2. Chikachu


      They're angry necromancer villagers brought upon us by Haven. Darn you Haven.

    3. Matt1234567


      Wait, there was a video a while back. I know what this is now.

    4. Jchizz
  5. *Mattias walks up the the Grand Hall and posts a note outside the gate* I, Mattias Abdiel, hereby leave me job as part of the Guivret army. I know that I am banned from the lands and I write this note only to make it official. In doing so I take back any oath that I have sworn to the Guivrets. *Rereads the note one last time before leaving the Duchy*
  6. Out of Character Information MC Name: Beast720 Age: 15 Time Zone: EST Do you have TeamSpeak?: [http://www.teamspeak3.com/] Indeed I do In Character Information Why are you interested in joining the Guivrets? During Mattias' travels he came across a beautiful women who is part of the Guivrets house. Taking fancy to her Mattias decided to join the Guivrets in order to protect her. Have you read and understood the rules of the Duchy? I have and I do. Name: Mattias Abdiel Race: Human Age: 28 Are you 100% committed to the Guivrets? No other commitments made? Mattias is 100% committed to the Guivrets. What are your skills? [Give exact stats /stats in game] Lumberjack: 50 Swords:48 Mining: 51 Farming:55 Archery:31 Do you swear to abide by the oath? [Copy+Paste Here, but make sure you have read it.] I,Mattias Abdiel, Swear upon my honor that I will uphold the peace and security of my lord, Balian Guivret and Helaine Guivret. To keep the Guivret family safe, to protect and support the Duchy, and to do my job to the best of my ability. I swear to protect the flag of The Guivrets, the Holy Oren Empire, and to remain loyal to the Guivrets.
  7. 1)MC Name & RP Name: MC: Beast720 RP: Mattias Abdiel 2)Chosen Patron: Gazardiael 3)Reason For Joining (do not have the reason be to become Ascended): I wish to join the Order so that I may overcome my short Temper and attempt to reason with people before attempting to threaten them. Also, I would like to learn more about the Aenguls and Daemons. 4)Race: Human 5)Flaws in Your Character: Easily angered when accused of doing something he hasn't. Has a certain hatred for the Normandor Guards, which he hopes to overcome through the order. 6) How long have you been on the server: Around 6 months. Scenario Questions-Answer how you would react to each situation. 7) You notice an Apprentice Shade harassing a lowly citizen. [shades Are Evil Mages] Mattias walks up slowly and taps the mage on the shoulder. The Shade would turn around and most probably utter something along the lines of “What do you want?” Mattias would then go on to ask the Shade what he was doing, as he does he would motion to the citizen to escape while he was talking to the Shade. After the citizen runs off the Shade would most likely turn around and see the citizen was now gone. Getting rather furious the shade would most probably turn around to attack Mattias, when he turns around he would find that Mattias has departed to go and make sure the citizen is safe. 8) You see a small child shivering in the snow. Mattias walks up to the child and offers him/her his tunic. After doing this he would kneel down next to the child and ask him/her where his/her parents are. Possible scenario 1: If the child said that he was lost and didn't know his way back, Mattias would offer to take the child back to his city, where he/she could be reunited with his/her parents. Mattias would pick up the child and carry the child to the city, on the way offering the child some food. Returning to the city Mattias would pass the child to his/her parents and tell the parents that they should try to watch the child more closely, as it could of ended much worse then it did. Possible scenario 2: The child says that he does not have any parents. Mattias would offer to take the child to the nearest city, or the child’s place of choice. Mattias would pick up the child and carry him/her to the city. On the way offering the child food. After arriving in the city Mattias would ask if anyone was willing to adopt a child. After many people refusing Mattias would most probably bring the child back to the Cleric base, choosing to raise the child himself and teaching the child about the the Aenguls and Daemons. 9) You are walking down the road when a bandit stops you and threatens to kill you if you don't give him all your money and valuables. Mattias stops and looks at the bandit. Mattias asks him why he is doing this. The bandit would most probably glare at Mattias and utter something like “Last chance, your minas or your life.” Mattias looks upon the man, "Material wealth will not help you when you die one day. I do not value my own live and would rather others live to show the way to the light after I have gone. I pray to Gazardiael that he will bless you with a new beginning." Reaches into his pocket and hands the Bandit his pouch of minas. The Bandit slowly takes the money and considered what Mattias has said. He then pushes past Mattias and walks off deep in thought. Mattias continues on his way. 10) As you walk through the local market place a person begins to yell that Aeriel and the other patrons are weak and cruel and claims that joining Iblees is the only way to survive. Mattias would approach the man. “Why do you say such things? Iblees drove us from our homes. That is not the truth. Aeriel and the true God gave us a new place to live. Gazardiael blessed us with a new beginning. Tis not the truth what you speak. You do not see that we were driven from Aegis for a reason. That reason is that if we were not driven from Aegis we would not be here, in the beautiful land of Asulon. We would not be here if it wasn't for that. Believe in what you will but do not put down other peoples faith. 11) A person walks up and asks you, "Why does God allow suffering to continue?" Mattias would respond: “ To test our faith in him. Everything happens for a reason. God does what he must to ensure that we can live our lives to the fullest. Life is not always the way it seems, and God does not want to give us everything or else we will be lazy and do nothing with our lives. He will not always make us suffer. He will soon bring blessing that will take away our suffering, as long as you trust fully in him then you cannot go astray. God has the answer to anything, you must just be patient. Do not question God as he does what he must. Also, do not test the creator, for those who test him have little faith. Show that your trust in him and the suffering will stop, and many blessing will fall over you.”
  8. Just put up another Villain application. All support Welcome!

    1. Mordecai Fury

      Mordecai Fury

      Yay. Another villain to torment me.

    2. Nworb Mas

      Nworb Mas

      Going to support it now :P

  9. Servers back up!

  10. Can anyone else not connect to the server?

  11. What's wrong with the server?

    1. Elrohir Sil'Siol

      Elrohir Sil'Siol

      Just a crash, I think.

    2. Matt1234567


      Been a long crash then. :P

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      Auto restart's on strike.

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