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  1. Where do I post to transfer my white list to another account

    1. Show previous comments  4 more
    2. Areon


      But yeah alternate account application in the whitelist stuff.


      Smaller app for different accounts.

    3. Areon




      Theres a comment (2nd I think) with the Alt account rules / format.

    4. Agnub (Hightower)

      Agnub (Hightower)

      That Salvus comment stung, Areon. I'm gonna need some cream for that...

  2. K so I'm bugged af IG can a mod help

    1. Redbaron™


      Legit doe, can't even play halp

    2. Azel


      Make a modreq :^)

    3. Redbaron™


      Literally can't because I'm so bugged out :^)

  3. Someone link me to something to figure out this professions stuff pls

  4. I don't think you understand why this is a **** idea. It used to be so damn easy to figure something out if you needed help. You post a status update and got an answer in a matter of minutes. You needed a skin edited quickly? Make a simple status update that doesn't cloud the recent posts. Now if you want to the simplest question answered and don't have any GMs on skype or anything, and don't even give me the direct message them ****, you have to make a topic. We have the FMs for a reason, a shitty status directly attacking someone? Delete it and warn them. If you can't simply do that as an FM then there is no point to have FMs and just have the GMs moderating the forums as well. Now when an extremely horrid idea like this comes around we have lots of toxic one liners. I think this topic should be a scene of things to come should this not be reversed. Yet who is the community to the staff, to quote them 'This isn't a democracy'
  5. But honestly, this should of been a community decision rather than a staff one. I don't really log in any more but had to come dispute this decision lol.
  6. Where does the gold we give go? Randomly throwing that stuff away is bad for the economy Mr rice man!! Edit: I like Throdo's idea. Spread Gold nuggest amongst the soldiers as almost 'pay', I'd say distribute half to the winning side of the war. It already is pretty costly to lose an entire armies set of armor with crafting times now.
  7. When will mines be reset?

  8. https://www.lordofthecraft.net/topic/113731-second-imperial-regiment-of-foot/ Join the imperial Hammers, Second Regiment of the imperial army :) Biggest in the Exercitus Imperium