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  1. It’s probably evident that there’s going to be bias here and there, and I’m probably guilty of it myself since I’m a part of Ves. With the amount of activity we’ve consistently maintained and the variety of RP one’s able to find in the city, you’d definitely be able to find a sphere similar to what you’ve mentioned you’re looking for with clerical and literary domains. Alongside the sprawling bureaucracy, the people helping manage the city (I’m the City Clerk there, finance stuff,) are very open to new ideas and developments. If you’ve any questions whatsoever don’t hesitate to reach out to me over the forums or Discord, (Belligerent Boar#9306.) I’m sure one of the others who’ve responded before can explain a bunch of how the city works and functions, but if you’ve got any ideas it’s definitely a good place to start, RP is always facilitated and there’s a ton of routes to take!
  2. Third City Assembly of Ves 14th of Snow’s Maiden, 1709 In light of the flame of change overtaking Ves, assemblymen and women from different backgrounds gathered to discuss these developments and decide upon new proposals aiding the betterment of the city. As those very politicians and citizens flooded to the courtroom, much was discussed. Laws The Diocese of Villavia shall hold the warehouse adjacent to the school for ecclesiastical necessity. Indentured servitude is to be limited to the age of twelve, unless the parents consent to which the age is now limited to eight. If a child is born to indentured servitude they will serve until the age of majority, being fourteen. A tithe of all underage indentured servants will go to the Diocese of Villavia to be educated and to assist with ecclesiastical duties. City Charter Amendments (All City Charter Amendments must be approved by the Adrian Duma) (Inherited from the past Duma for legal clarification) [APPROVED] City Charter Amendment I: The removal of relatives of patricians to be considered automatic freeholders of the City of Ves. City Charter Amendment II: The creation of two rotating Alderman seats per City Assembly Meeting picked by lot. City Charter Amendment III: Payment and registration of prospective patricians and freeholders will be done through the City Clerk’s office. To be accepted as a patrician or freeholder you need to be sponsored and voted in by the City Assembly. All funds from applications would go into municipal coffers. City Charter Amendment IV: The creation of the title of Doge of Ves elected from the local aristocracy to serve for life as head of state to the city and provide written assent and wise counsel to the City Government.
  3. The amount of scales in this thread thus far pleases me.
  4. Did you just thank yourself for posting a lore amendment?
  5. I feel as though this issue could be solved by reporting it to a staff member and removing a player's ability to play a ghoul. As far as reading goes this doesn't seem like it will hinder people from just making a new ghoul for the player. If there's a concern over the quality of roleplay being provided then that seems like the tagline for one of the many staff teams we have to deal with, rather than another addition to Necromancy. At this point it's as though Necromancy needs its own wiki for the assortment of additions made based on current events. This is all aside from the fact that, from experience, the ghoul's player is more likely to avoid the players hunting them through OOC. That makes it a OOC struggle rather than an IC one; leading back to staff intervention. (i.e. What the solution should've been initially.) Reports just have to be made where necessary, and if that fails, maybe a PK clause similar to the one made when ghoul lore was first made.
  6. If the current generation of mages had a standardized strength they'd be going by then I think this would be more viable; right now a mage's strength is mostly arbitrary and left to RP. If there were a norm that was established, I think this would be more viable. For the time being, I think this will only make people think that it removes any weakness due to the current way magic is RP'd, (not that it's entirely true.)
  7. Why not make all the declarations in a single post

    1. Luvvy




    1. Rael


      i love ivern

    2. Harrison


      **** that lanky tree ***** i despise that champion

  9. If you're willing to make an Orc skin hmu.

    1. Man of Respect

      Man of Respect

      Sure! Just message me the details. As payment, I'll require a kiss while we are on France

  10. I think it was just a neat idea to be made so that there would be these beings that are fervent worshippers of different gods and the spirit was an origin but not a main factor in the entire thing. That's just me though. I don't think it'll go too far if it's made too connected to Shamans, it's supposed to be more varied than that by the sounds of it. They cannot learn magic, the lore says that.
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