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  1. Bit of confusion, if it is already a Canon Character then why is it in Lore Submissions and not in a Character Profile section? Seems to be a better spot to put a Backstory/Information post about a character. Tad confused there on my end.
  2. Curious, seen alot of folk mention Warcraft and their Legion Shenanigans. Who all plays and what servers?

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    2. Gone


      Lightbringer US here

      but I'm a filthy casual 

    3. Harrison


      **** all of you US normies 

    4. Man of Respect
  3. Has a DnD detect magic feel to it, it can be an interesting feature to add to this. Even more since it's been done before in the past, just now with some lore backing it.
  4. Why are you important 

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    2. Nug


      cleric man!!!

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      aesopian stfu u dont even know



    4. Aesopian


      Tehlulu already failed me once I guess she's going for a record now


  6. Duuuuudeeee


    It's me, Darkjames.

  7. *Stretches* Well well, it has been a while. 

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    2. Braxis


      Same one, droy96

    3. meg


      @Hunwald I know we've been playing wow lol

    4. Braxis


      @Eileen The Crow LIES AND SLA- oh wait no thats true.

  8. I have been back for a week now :c
  9. As the tabacoo burns in his wooden pipe, Uthor lets out a deep sigh letting the smoke leave his lips in a ring. The ring of smoke slowly vanishes he hears his nephew Artikus Silverblade enter the room. The aged tower of a knight nods towards him "Good eve Nephew." Uthor tilted his head as he was informed of the pending battle Uthor smiled broadly. "Be a good lad and get yer uncle his walkin' stick." Artikus walked arcross the room picking up Uthor's Zweihander gifted to him by Emperor Godfrey. Walking back to his uncle with the blade in hand and offered it to him. Uthor stood up with ease as he took the sword from his nephew and slid it into its sheath on his back. "There we go, I can walk properly now." He chuckled as he beckoned his nephew to follow. "C'mon boy, we got fallen honor to restore. And much blood to spill. Lets see where the Knight Commander wants us." He said as the two made their way to the knights keep. Dawning his signature Silverblade Knight armor from his first days of knighthood.
  10. Hi and welcome back, could I have your Skype? Your inbox is full :P I can't PM you.

  11. -Comes out the wood works, slaps "VOTE FOR QUEEN BOIENDL" everywhere and vanishes

  12. I see you, bruv.

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