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  1. Rescue Raids are currently in the works with the other raids rules, we hope to have something out in a timely manner but since Raid Rules are a hot topic we will see! As for LWC before I unhide the Heists thread I will be contacting the Tech Team to see what is the current status on some of the LWC errors. If you can either over Discord or Forum DM’s. Sent me which specific LWC errors you are worried about just incase its any my team is not aware of yet.
  2. Answers is already in your DM’s on discord, if you have any further questions please let me know there. If you are streaming from an Official Platform such as Twitch, DLive, etc and you get captured you are free to Stream It but must be ready to accept that some people may use that to Meta Game information and may drag Moderation into the case. But if you are streaming on Discord when your captured, and some of those people who just so happen to be in the same channel are nearby and a mod sees that, they are fully able to request the Discord Stream to be shut down as it would be breaking the Meta-Gaming based rules of LOTC. With the rewrite coming out this will be a little more clear once it is approved. Not soon enough smh The posts will be out later today after the Moderation Meeting or early tomorrow, depends on how the schedules play out. The changes coming to this are minor, but ones that will give a good amount of leeway to Moderators when it comes to handling situations. Ban Lengths and Appeals themselves are not changing much at all, at least from when we changed them back in Late February getting away from Pun’s old system.
  3. Moderation Update Log March & April 2020 <Introduction> Now this double month update was supposed to go out early May since I forgot to post the March one too. But both are now late, and I would like to apologize for the long wait for this month's Moderation Update. Late March, I was becoming under the weather and ended up in early May and until last week very ill and something which at first, most people thought to be Covid-19. Thankfully after five anxiety filled days of being denied the test, my symptoms changed, and while I was still ill and only able to dedicate a few hours a day to LOTC. It was not Covid, which I would take any day. I only really made this known to a few groups when it was at its worst. While I had originally planned to go on hiatus, I was unable due to a sudden issue with Moderation Management. As I did not want to repeat what happened when 2/3 Manager’s poofed for a short while, along with the Admin back in December/January. Since last week, I have been playing catch up on Discord DMs, reports, drama and such. Not to mention the projects that Moderation has been working on since our last update. Some, sadly, are still in the works awaiting final review before they can either be published or the next step can be taken. Although, over this weekend several posts from me and my Management will be coming out, showing that this hiccup will not be hindering our team. <New Changes> Moderation will be undergoing some big changes for the remainder for this month. It being our Moderation and Management Rosters, some Inter-Staff policies, training, procedures, etc. Some of these will be going up in a few days so players can see what we’ve been up to. As well, at the end of this month or start of the next one, the Moderation Application will be changing, those who we think may be possible fits for the team will be getting an interview sometime this month, or early next month before the new applications go out. <Current Projects> Rule Rewrite - The Majority of the Rule Rewrite is still in the final review phase, currently awaiting final feedback from certain individuals before it is kicked back to the team to rework, or before it can be passed. We hope to have a proper update for everyone at the end of this month. Even if I have to go back to pinging people like crazy, it will be done daily soon. As soon as they are kicked through the final review, we will be revamping the rule page. We currently have two possible formats given by Telanir and Lyonharted. We will try to give both a try to see what the community deems easier to navigate the rules with. Infraction System & Ban Lengths - With the Infraction System Update, we saw a more hard and firm stance taken with many offenses. Throwing away the 2-3 warnings per infraction before a player even saw a light ban. Although the new system has fixed many problems, it itself has created its own. One being a major complaint from players and even from old and new Moderators some of the pre-set ban lengths either being too heavy or too light for the situation at hand. A post will be going out shortly showing some minor changes that will allow Moderators to go and give lighter punishments if the situation calls for it, or heavier as well. Although Heavier options will be subject to Manager or Mod Admin approval. Infraction Appeals - The Infraction Appeal system did not survive the final review and has been reworked. Information for Infraction Expiration will be in the same post mentioned above. War Patch - This is completely being reworked from the version we submitted some time ago. Thankfully Players and Ex-Staff have thrown ideas and documents our way to help make another attempt at a system we can use regarding some player feedback we got with the Your View months ago, the documents given to use, even Xarkly’s manifesto are being referenced for this second attempt at a war patch. Coups- Coups are still on hold unless you are couping an inactive nation or charter leader. Although, we hope to bring coups into a state where they can be done for active and dynamic role-play. We will be gathering more feedback on that in the near future as well as referencing some feedback gathered by CT a little while back. Management – There will be a change in Moderation Management coming this weekend, with one or even possibly two new faces stepping up to the plate. As well as hopefully next week a currently wifi-less Mod will be regaining her internet. More Accurate Modreq Data – Hopefully this will be ready for our next update when June rolls around. And this time we are making a draft ahead of time, like right now. So no sudden hit to Moderation Leadership delays this any further then needed. Which will have Average wait times, average time to handle a ticket, etc. As well as data to help moderation pinpoint which exact time-zone we are having the most trouble with. Heists – Heists have been approved and the rule-set will be updated by the end of this weekend or sometime next week. When the post goes public, Heists-rules will be open and applications for it will be as well. Do not fret if you want to partake in some thievery but not on a large scale. Petty Theft Rules are being worked on shortly after this project is wrapped up. <Current Team Roster > This is the current roster of the team below, with both new and old faces ready to tackle Moderation. <Monthly Statistics> Moderation Staff received a total of 2221 Tickets in April. In March, the Modreq total was 1786 Tickets, in April we saw the ticket count rise by an additional 435 Modreqs. And as far as May goes we are already beating the pace of April in tickets. Moderation is currently preparing to do several rounds of interviews to help replace the Moderation team members the team has lost over the weeks. 1st Place: ImCookiie 2nd Place: Frill 3rd Place: ImChiicken March: 1st Place: ImCookiie 2nd Place: Knox213 3rd Place: ImChiicken *Those in red are either Admins who’ve helped out at odd hours, or management who have projects instead of quotas. <Special Thanks> To Cookie and Budgie for assisting me with getting this post out in a somewhat timely manner since my return to full gear. As well to the players who have shown patience with the recent spike in Modreq waiting time. Moderation is currently doing two to possible three rounds of interviews to help fill in missing spots, while still allowing the team to grow to help cover more timezones in a more effective manner.
  4. Hey, could you contact me on discord? I have issues with moderation – your department. Thank you – Querimonious#2383

  5. 1.) All battles are considered to be OOC similar to the Non-Staff scheduled battles and skirms. Battles of course will be Icly during Official Skirm/Siege/etc dates. If a large battle happens and both sides wish for it to be IC a post may go up from either or both sides detailing their side and/or victory. 2.) Bases may be invaded during Moderated PvP Events, Scheduled Skirms that count towards the war goal, etc. For general and random skirms it is not allowed. If turtling becomes a problem this will be revisited. (less both sides agree to full invasion 24/7) 3.) Players must have war gear equipped when they go in. Players may not go in naked with no or poor weaponry. 4.) If players are told to leave an enemy base or return to their base by moderation they must do so swiftly. 5.) If a Player or a group chooses to do duels, small 2v2 and similar battles. Do not interfere and follow proper PvP rules as per the server rules. 6.) Any rule breaking, toxicity, etc in the war zone or during one of its events will at the least result in a 5th tier infraction. 7.) Those who are partaking must have an Active Dwarf/Orc Persona and/or Honorary Dwarf/Orc that can be proven to have their honorary titles. To prevent the PvP alts both sides have spoken they do not want. Moderation will be checking the creation time of persona’s raised in question as well as how many hours are on them and how many recent hours are added. If it found to be insufficient player will be ejected and punished if they return w/o Moderation Approval. Game Mode Warzone Rules: Capture the Flag, Rescue Hostage 1.) To Capture the enemy flag you must bring it and place it ontop of your flag while yours is hanging there. 2.) To win a round you must capture the flag / Return Hostage to Base Alive. If one team kills them the other wins by default. 3.) 2 out of three rounds will be the winners. 4.) You may not join while a round has started. 5.) You may swap out people when a new round starts. 6.) To help prevent turtling matches will be 15mins long. Whoever has more at the end of the match will be declared that matches Victor 7.) At the 5min and 10min Intervals one gate will be locked by Moderation as a ‘jammed’ gate at random. (Being tested.) Game Mode Warzone Rules: Point Capture 1.) There will be a total of 4 Capture Points, both sides will have 15mins (WIP) to fight over said points. 2.) You may capture a point by placing your sides colored flag onto to Point Marker. If the other teams flag is there it must be removed. 3.) Whoever controls the most points at the end of the Time Limit is the Victor. 4.) You may not join while a round has started. Moderated Mini War Event Rules: 1.) All will be Capped at varying Numbers 25v25, 30v30, 50v50 etc. Each size having its own varying sized rewards being War Supplies. (Iron/Food/Arrows/Etc), Mina Credits, Rp Items related to the war and War Claim boons 2.) If both sides reached the assigned Cap and still have members on both sides willing to fight, cap will be raised until both sides can no longer be evenly matched. 3.) If a Match has been scheduled and no one shows, other side wins by default, although prize will be slightly smaller. Note: Please keep in mind these War Moderated Mini Events are something new to the team and players. So things will be changed and altered quiet often, sometimes on the spot. Either it be rules, rewards, etc. At the end of the War I will be gathering feedback from both sides on what can be done to improve.
  6. You of the many old farts should know never to trust this madman
  7. Class of 13 reeeeeep Also why is my Purgatory name in purple. Spooky vibes
  8. Dwarves – Orc War of Honor For the duration of this war, these raid rules and respective updates to them will be in effect for the participating factions. If you have a question about the validity of a raid target being eligible under this conflict, contact moderation. These rules are prone to updates as moderation views the conflict play out. With both sides agreeing to war, the terms of the conflict are the following 1. Best 2/3 Skrimishes is the Winner 2. No Allies, Alts or Mercenaries 3. Dwarf Victory: 45k and the Orc Targoth 4. Orc Victory: 35k and New Dwarf Snaga The Raid Terms: For the participating factions: ) 3-6 – 1 day Settlement Raid Cooldowon 2.) 7-10 person– 2 day Settlement Raid Cooldowon (Numbers may be subject to change pending victory of first official skirm) The Raid Process: Before commencing a raid you must: Place a modreq, stating where you are raiding from and where you intend to raid and state your number of participating raiders. If your raid has 10 ore more people you must wait for moderator response to oversee the raid, ignoring this will see your raid nullified once moderation is alerted. Assemble your entire rally at the rally location stated in the modreq and travel together to the raid location, do not pick up extra raiders along the travel route. Raiders must provide legitimate rp preluding PvP, actions taken to incite PvP in nonsensical manner will have the raid nullified. A moderator overseeing a 10+ person raid must approve a shift to pvp mechanics, and are permitted to override the 10+ PvP default rule until sufficient rp is carried out. Ignoring these rules or overseeing moderators will be treated as violating raid rules. Raid Rules: Specifics: Once PvP begins, a raid has 30 minutes to conclude or at moderation call. Prior to PvP, raiders must proceed to their raid target directly and make their raid known to the defenders via rp, thereafter defenders have defender default. If raiders depart the local area / tile using “kiting’ tactics, the raid is resolved, you may not retreat and return constantly. If defenders pursue attackers outside the local area / tile, PvP has 10 minutes to resolve. A defender must be statused to operate a gate during a raid. All attempts to /breakdown - or a similar method - LWC mid raid must be emoted in #rp, before or during PvP. “Spectating” a raid / PvP is strictly disallowed aside from non combatant defenders. To rally to defend against a raid, 3 emotes at a bell / alerting device is required prior to calling to discord or other communication mediums. Raid Cooldowns: Terms and Use: After you have been raided, /modreq to ensure that a raid cooldown is placed, no matter the tier of war raid used, a raid cooldown stops all 3 tiers of war raiding for its duration. You may not depart to raid a settlement on raid CD, until that raid CD has already expired. Raid CD signs / Region greetings will be listed in DD/MM/YYYY cooldown expiration format with the placing moderator having locked the sign. If you have questions about an active raid CD, contact moderation via /modreq Occupying the road to a raid CD city with excessive numbers / time is disallowed while on CD. Contact moderation for clarification if you are concerned with your actions. Some examples of actions disallowed due to raid CD: Hostile action within the tile of the cooldown region Hostile action on the sole roadway to a region Wartime Roadways Hostile action with numbers of 5+ in the surrounding roadways for excessive duration (~ 1 + hours ) of a given region, raid CD or not, will be viewed as excessive and dispersed. Includes checkpoints / patrols / scouting / etc. Raiders on a ongoing raid (have /modreq’d and departed their rally location) must circumvent regions with a raid CD ongoing or directly pass through along a roadway without issue.
  9. Heyo folks looking to add a few more members onto Moderation. Mainly looking for later GMT ex: GMT+3, along with PST or CST applicants. If you are interested in joining the team, slap your applications up asap! If your application has already been sitting we will look it over and select who to move onto for the next step. 

    If anyone has any questions please ask myself or my managers.


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      i dont recommend anyone join the gm team until infractions are scrapped or entirely reworked


      you will have to deal out extremely harsh and unfun punishments you will undoubtedly get hard flamed for on the forums and made to feel like ****, even more so with the whole global isolation

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      hows the search going!

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      @ChumpChump wish it was us....

  10. Braxis

    The Silver Company

    The Silver Company | Honor | Duty | Valor | ”Those of the Silver, always repay our debts.” Who are we? The Silver Company is a Mercenary Company currently led by Captain Silver, or Captain Dugar as some more commonly know him by. This band of mercenaries do not normally partake in any wars, but is it not unheard of to see their banners alongside their employers in more smaller scale battles, preferring to stay away from the risk it all global wars that torment the lands of the descendants. It is much more common to see the colors of Silver and Blue engaging in more local bounties such removing local gangs of thugs and bandits, purging monsters and hostile wildlife from the borders of various towns and villages. They also host contracts out themselves, acting as a third party for any adventurer unaffiliated with the Company who is eager to earn a few coin by slaying beast, monster or villain. Where we Rest: Fort Nicolas Named after the first benefactor of the Company from the days of Asulon, a noble of white hair, sharp tongue and deep pockets, Duke Nicolas. Here one can find a road stop within the Keep’s walls, amongst the bounty board and the current jobs the Company is hosting. Recruitment and Ranks The Silver Company is currently looking for mercenaries and staff to run their various Mercenary Hubs. The first being Fort Nicolas located right outside the Woodland Realm of Irrinor. Those who are currently seeking work in the mercenary field as a permanent member of the company must be ready to take the oath and live by the code of conduct used for all members of the company. All non-combat staff, barkeeps, innkeepers, information brokers, etc may serve the company without any oath, but must abide by a majority of the codes of conduct. If one finds themselves fulfilling this role, they will be working with both recruits and blades on the daily grind. Mercenary Ranks Recruits – The basic grunt rank like many other mercenary or military orders out there. These newly oathed recruits will be assigned the most basic of work, although it is not uncommon for a Blade or an Officer to take a few recruits to get their metal tested in some more dangerous bounties. They can also be seen tending the hubs the Company runs, acting as assistant barkeeps, cooks, etc. All supporting roles are depending of their assigned base. Blades – Those who call themselves Blades of the Silver Company are those who have been on various bounties, tasks and have several battles, brawls and fights under their belts. As well as well versed around the hubs being able to pick up any task assigned to them. They are given free reigns over the contracts and bounties they may take. Only needing permission from the local Sergeant or Lieutenant for extremely dangerous trips. Sergeants – Sergeants are assigned to a Lieutenant as an assistant of sorts, making sure the hub they are both assigned too is in proper condition, leading the more difficult and dangerous contracts and bounties, as well to see the introduction, training and preparing of the newest recruits. Lieutenants – There is one Lieutenant per hub that the company owns, or owns a portion of to operate out of. They are in charge of making sure all assign contracts, bounties, training and duties are completed, or making sure their Sergeants are doing so. They are allowed to take contracts from locals sources and approve their mercenaries to take them. If the Lieutenant is not around to discuss a new contract, their Sergeants may relay the message or the Company’s Captain can negotiate terms in their stead. The Oath W. I. P OOC:
  11. Notices have been pinned across various locations within the Irrinite Realm, from the roads of the Woodland realm to a few fliers across the city itself. Each having the same message as another. ”With the first hub of the Silver Company coming to an opening within Irrinor, on the most eastern plataeu of the Mali’ame. The Captain wishes to celebrate, come to the Rusty Blade an Elven day after the 11th of The First Seed! At the sixth Elven bell shall our doors be open and our booze stocked! Come hear tales of ancient battles and fearsome creatures from the days of Asulon to Arcas from the Captain Dugar! All those are welcomed long as they respect the laws of the host city. Need work? After sharing a drink or two find the Captain and Join the Silver Company! Or perhaps you need some strong troops to beat a few beasties or bandits for you? Seek Dugar!” [OOC: Friday 3/13/2029 @ 6pm EST ]
  12. Moderation Update Log - February 2020 <Introduction> Good afternoon, everyone! I apologize for this update being a few days late; the last two weeks have been really busy for myself and the team. However, many of our projects and a few changes will be rolling out as we delve deeper into March! <New Changes> The Moderation Team has been hard at work tackling six different projects this past month. You guys will be seeing two of these projects within the next few days! Sadly, we are a bit behind on schedule due to some complications the team ran into, but there will be lots of announcements from us this month, so we look forward to hearing what you’ve got to say once they go live. Take a look below for the projects we will have done this month. Some will be out within the next few days, but some will be out towards the end of the month. Current Projects Rule Rewrite - The majority of the rules are being worked in admin review soon, and the last three portions are to be finished. Once all rules are reviewed and through Team, and Admin review. Rules page will be formatted differently to where it is hopefully easier for folks to Navigate. Overhaul of the Infraction System - A lot of the infractions have been shuffled around and altered to fit the server a bit better than the old system Pun had left in place, thus allowing for more leniency for both warnings and bans for some offenses pending on the case by case scenario. This means we’re taking a step away from the more robotic three strikes you're out no matter what approach. Infraction Appeals - Since the infraction system’s start in 2018, the least according to the records we have access too, infraction points never went away. Meaning, over a year those infractions coming back to haunt people if they broke a rule years ago and had an honest slip up. For minor to moderate offenses, we’ll allow players to appeal them so that way if you broke a raid rule two years ago, you don’t suddenly eat a two month plus ban. However, more serious infractions (ERP, harassment, doxxing, etc.) can not be appealed. More information such as how to will be out at the end of this week. War Patch - Close to the mid or end of this month, a patch will hopefully be out for the current war system, allowing a basic set of rules and guidelines if players do not agree to any terms while encouraging them to make terms where both sides can better enjoy the war as well as revisiting some old systems to help give wars a better and proper way to be decided besides just dumping logs upon logs onto Mod Management and waiting for them to go “Ok! Good to go!” Coups - Coups will be on hold unless you are couping an inactive nation or charter leader, though we hope to bring coups into a state where they can be done for active and dynamic RP. We will be gathering more feedback on that in the near future as well as referencing some feedback gathered by CT a little while back. <Current Team Roster > <Monthly Statistics> Moderation Staff received a total of 1272 Tickets in February. As for modreq numbers, our numbers are near the previous month, falling short behind by a few tickets with a shorter month to work with. I do apologize to any of the GMT or any similar time zones that had to wait as we restabilize the GMT side of the team. With ImCookie and Knox joining the GMT side of the team and other GMT mods returning from sick or IRL leave, we hope they continue their efforts in aiding the other GMT mods keeping tickets under control. Three Months in a Row: LotsofChickens (BlueBudige) 2nd Place: Markosi 3rd Place: Tigergiri *Rift is excused from below the 3% quota due to only being on the team for a few days. Ichor is excused as well due to being on leave for IRL. < Roster changes > + BlueBudgie promoted to Management-in-Training + Ulmo/Riftlblade has rejoined Moderation + ImCookiie has joined Moderation + Knox has rejoined Moderation <Special Thanks> Thank you to BasketWeaver and Sykogenic for the re-hauling of the infraction system and creating a proper tracking and aiding in the appeal system to hopefully make it a better method we can use for LOTC.
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