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  1. This report has been submitted to the Annilir of the Okarn’ame’s office within their barracks. Reporting Guard: Siramir James Those Involved: Sanir Kugara, Unknown Sanir (Zeirkon) Report: During the ambush of the caravan of last night, while defending the left flank I found Sanir Kugara forming a one man phalanx with myself in front. Sanir Kugara listened to orders and struck fast and true with his fellow Forest Guard. Continue to battle even after being struck by a bolt in the leg. Keeping his focus and mind clear in a dire situation when we were surrounded. With his aid, and of that of the newest Sanir armed with a scimitar the Brigand’s formation was broken swiftly. Both bodies were searched as the third one had fled. Upon inspecting both bodies there were no insignia or markings to signal a bandit gang that I have knowledge of. Minus both of them having black bandanas around their faces and poorly sewn black wool caps to match. Both were also searched for any reports, or papers that may lead to the remaining of their group but nothing was found in my search. Kugura once returned to the city was treated by Siramir Robin for his wounds, offering what assistance I could in the mending process. Robin has suggested light duty for Kugura for a few days at the least while the Sanir heals from his wounds. The unknown Sanir who had joined our rank right before the patrol went out, had shown skills in combat as well. Including keeping alert yet calm when the bandits fled and the likelyhood of them returning with numbers was high until we were out of the forest. I would only advise to keep on eye on his tongue. Making some harmless, sharp jests and comments during another Sanir's treatment could lead to problems if they are more seriously wounded and are in shock or other weakened mental state while trying to overcome their wounds. Summary/Notes: Brigands showed no signs of uniformity outside of their poorly sewn headgear. Sanir Kugura showed excellency in his teamwork and combat prowess. Obtaining one to two wounds but has been treated by Siramir Robin. The Unknown Sanir showed good work of his combat skills
  2. MCname: Braxis1996 Character Name: James Discord: Braxis#1782 Timezone: EST
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    Karn was born to a single mother, as his sire fell in combat defending his sworn lord in a battle on the outskirts of the lands they lived in. He grew up quick under the guidance of his elder brother and his mother. Learning how to hunt, cook and a bit of smithing. Although it was more then common to see him practicing his skills with a handaxe or sword with his brother, hoping to honor his fathers and ancestors names with future blood and glory. Nearing the age of sixteen he joined his brother in leaving their home to enjoy the life of an adventurer. Wondering what they lives they would live now be. Following the steps of those before them, seeing the world and allowing it to mature them for the better or worse before they find a permanent home. For four years Karn accompanied his brother as mercenaries to hire in a way, taking work as trackers, hunters or fighters if need be. If it was something the brothers saw as a challenge, then they took it without hesitation. Nearing his twenty-first namesday Karn went off to adventure on his own, taking a bet with his brother after so many years they would see who would have earned more fame, glory, gold and the such before either of them would hit the age of thirty, or death. Although nothing was put on the bet, both are too pride riddled to give their beloved brother a chance at victory. Bringing Karn to where he is now, a wandering mercenary looking for work a plenty. Although with his recent travels he has picked up a tome of history. Dating events of Anthos and Asulon, noting the crowning of Emperor Godfrey The First. The rise of the White Rose. The unification of the human kingdoms such as the end of the war with the Teutons. Along with the peaceful talks to obtain the trade rich kingdom of Salvus. The book further goes on to notable pages regarding Silverblades, Horen-Hightowers, Therving and so on. Spiking a new found interest in ancient texts and history. (Mainly filing this out due to losing my old Jroy96 account back when Aegis was around in 2011. Rolling a wandering Merc till I get a feel for the server again. Character skin is a temporary one of an older characters until the new one is finished.)
  5. Bit of confusion, if it is already a Canon Character then why is it in Lore Submissions and not in a Character Profile section? Seems to be a better spot to put a Backstory/Information post about a character. Tad confused there on my end.
  6. Curious, seen alot of folk mention Warcraft and their Legion Shenanigans. Who all plays and what servers?

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  7. Has a DnD detect magic feel to it, it can be an interesting feature to add to this. Even more since it's been done before in the past, just now with some lore backing it.
  8. Why are you important 

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  11. *Stretches* Well well, it has been a while. 

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