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  1. imagine getting admin LOL

  2. I remember you jumping Braxis and other Oren Knights in Aegis putting spiders in their hair. Good times, be safe in your future endeavors my friend.
  3. Heyo Folks, looking for some help with a Knightly Skin and a possible Logo/Crest. Willing to pay USD if anyone has commission slots open.



      I could furnish the skin or look around for someone; TJB is a very good crest maker, I could pass you his discord since he’s banned. Neither of us concerned with money

    2. Milenkhov


      TJBERIUS the legend in coats of arms.

  4. Unlimited Pooooower

    1. Sheczar


      casually gets electrocuted

  5. Telanir did notify the Staff Team of his holiday leave fairly early into December. Stating he would be back during the New Year, now at this point we are awaiting his return to fix this current server issue or for Tythus to do so. Or at the least one of them give Korvic the access he needs to fix the server since Llir wasn't able too. Just for clarification purposes.
  6. One day, I dream people won’t try to wake me up to deal with their drama like the good ol’days.....one day.

    Or Imma just do the smart thing and turn my phones notification sounds off.

  7. Alrighty folks, since this thread has turned into an uncivil forest fire that can not be saved at quarter past midnight. I am throwing a lock on this thread. Roleplay is Roleplay there is no need to insult, belittle, call out or cause this much of an OOC ruckus over it all. I hope Eddy’s post is true and the community he is part of takes it to heart and makes some noteable changes. At the end of the day, this is Minecraft and is not worth the stress, headaches and boiling blood some are venting with at this moment. If you must continue your debates among yourselves, take it off the forums.
  8. Edited Please Read The Update.
  9. Looking for a skinner to do a few armored/Elven ranger styled skins. Payment options are open, slap me a pm on discord if your interested. 

  10. Happeh New Years!

  11. Look at this mod here suppressing my rep farming attempts. Stinky GM. 

    1. Braxis


      I’ll steal your Rep if you dont shush

    2. Kaelan


      Please sir it’s the only thing I have to live for 

  12. Only Admin who wasn't there was Llir. Both Telanir, Grool and Flam had answered a few questions regarding thier specific fields. It was nice having them and the current Mod Manager Power House Team of Tiger all present. The time was horrid for alot of people. I do hope the next one is a little more friendly for more timezones. I know by the time I had started answering questions I was 72% Asleep.
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