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  1. Wait they actually let you freaking on? I WAS MEMEING OH GOD NO.

    1. Silurian


      Good to see mitto is back on the team

    2. Heero


      too late, monkey. with the power of mitto on my side, i’mma make you look like the amateur you are, old man

    3. Braxis


      Bruh I’m happily retired trying not to catch the rona

  2. You and I both know it took longer... This is all from the third attempt that we started in February. Or do we not mention the first attempted done last November then the second in December/January? Good to finally see this done, shame it took so long since so much of this was approved and ready back in Spring/Summer. But least it’s all done and all well flowing for 8.0. Best of luck Mod team!
  3. I will still be around for roughly a week from this post. Although any Moderation issues should be directed to Anore from now on. I am sticking around to help him with the transition to admin so he is not going in blind like I was back in Feburary. As well to get the updated Rule Pages ready with him. It’s been fun and a blast for returning to this community for a year. But sadly, IRL does not have a much needed hotfix patch to nerf itself. School, Work, Work-School, and family medical issues means my spare time for Mineman is being spent relaxing and putting fires out. Be safe friends, be kind to one another, and remember this just mineman and pixels.
  4. Work is smart


    >Work cleared us a week early to return to work after 4 people tested positive for Covid.


    >First day back and two more people already forced to go home to get tested :^)

  5. If only it was like Aegis and we just showed up to other nations with 50 men and just went ham and embraced anarchy smh. Serious note, the current one is very complicated even with how little there is to go off on it. Why we are Putting standards and proper procedures up for everyone to reference so wars can start up and flow more naturally. As we get that rolling we’ll be focusing on the 8.0 System to try to tackle some the ideas and concerns players have brought up to us, as well not wanting things to be like a 30 page user manual guide. After the first version was shot down, we were instructed to focus on the other projects first. Not to mention team being burnt out on the reasons why it was denied had conflicted to what they were given when they first started the projects. Some of the reasons why it was shot down was mainly on differing views how CB’s should be handled, should they be a thing at all and the War Types such as everyone favorite, Conquest and what should and shouldn’t be acceptable wargoals along with a few other things. With changes to the systems that delayed the other projects corrected or being worked on, we hope to see things done in a much more timely manner. If not, we’ll those of us working on these projects have to move forward anyways. I know whole like 5 more tickets then my normal average, can’t flex too hard ya’know?
  6. Moderation Update Log June 2020 <Introduction> Good afternoon everyone! We hope this month has been off to a better start then the previous, for everyone here on LOTC. June was a hectic time for the Moderation Team itself for both good and ill. Although we have had a lot of burnout catching up with many Moderation Team members, we also have seen projects coming to completion and the team moving onto more fun and exciting projects all around. <New Changes> Outside of a few changes to our Staff Wiki, in which we brought many pages up to speed with current procedure, most of the changes to the team can be found within our Project and Roster logs below! <Current Projects> Rule Rewrite - All rules, with the exception of Server Conflict (Not War Rules more PVP/CRP focused) and Raid Rules have been approved. Conflict and Raid Rules are to be finished around this time next week. We hope this will allow Moderation to be able to sit down with the Forum Techs to get the new Forum Rule layout setup and updated in an expedited manner. As well once the new rules go live, there will be a grace period to allow players to adjust to the new rules. You can expect more information on these coming changes once the rules announcement goes up later this month. Coups- Coups rules are currently still paused unless the PRO is inactive. Coup rules are pending an amendment or two from the Admins and Moderators working on refining the system that was recently used in Haelun’or, and we will hopefully have chances to give the system a trial run before fully implementing it. Moderation Application - With the eventful month that was June, the Moderation Application format changes have been postponed until after the current round of Moderation Interviews. After these interviews are concluded, the new Moderation Team Application format will be published. War Patch - The current War Patch is almost done, due to be reviewed by Moderation Management tomorrow and then submitted for final team and Admin review. This is currently on schedule to be done by the end of the month that the absolute LATEST. The goal is to have it done in a more timely manner compared to the last project that was slowed down due to issues outside the team’s control. The War Patch will be addressing problems by creating clearer instructions on how to start a war and outlining default rules, warzone guidelines, staff support and more by changing processes to better methods and expanding upon what is already existing. The Moderation team will be using this war patch as a way to obtain valuable information on what works and what doesn’t so that we are in a better position for the creation of a fully functioning 8.0-ready system. <Current Team Roster > <Monthly Statistics> Moderation Staff received a total of 1299 Tickets in June 1st Place: Crevel 2nd Place: ImCookiie 3rd Place: Markosi <Roster changes> Lefty has Joined Moderation Gus has Joined Moderation Bawg has Joined Moderation Balthazar has Joined Moderation Tigergiri has finally finished her to do list and chosen to leave the Moderation Team to pursue other opportunities on LotC. Darksainthood stepped down from the team. Frott stepped down from the team. BlueBudgie is no longer on the team. Frill is no longer on the team. – – – – = – + – = – – – – +Basketweaver has joined Moderation Management + TheIchorDruid has joined Moderation Management +Markosi has joined Moderation Management <Special Thanks> @Tigergiri, for all the hard work she has done to help shape the team to a better path then what it was in the past. As well for the work she did that helped guide the Rule Rewrite Project, even the past versions of the project that was before my time as Admin. Not mentioning listening to my near daily rants, seriously thank you. @ImChiicken for spearheading and tackling the current Rule Rewrite Project alongside Tiger, myself and a few others. Taking the mantle of the project manager when others went to tackle other problems regarding the team. I do regret the project took so long, when so much hard work was put into it during her time on the team.
  7. Heyo everyone. Making this public post here so all parties and those who have been the subject to rumor-mongering can have some clarity and know what is going on with the region Leuven/Rubern. Regarding the Frozen Region of Rubern The region was obtained by breaking the community guidelines regarding Deceit. Moderation Management has spent a good several days looking into the case and looking at what proof was given to support the OOC Deceit and Trickery that took place to force the direction of RP to go a certain direction. There were several routes the team was ready to take, after discussing things over with the previous/tricked PRO of Leuven (Rubern) and to the current Nation Leader and PRO of Haense the following verdict is being given out. The Tile is staying within the hands of Haense, Seannie will be making a post on how the region was re-obtained by Haense with a few possible and confirmed valid RP routes laid out by Rukio, the previous PRO of the region in question. All materials that belonged to Rukio n Co will be returned to them while the region itself is once more going back to Haense. As for Norland's part, since the region was given to them via OOC deceit, any RP that led to Norland obtaining the region and handing it over has been Voided. Norland and Haense are still, of course allowed to seek Diplomatic meetings, pacts, etc. But any regarding Norland obtaining the region and giving it Haense is now null and will not be referenced ingame. If so infractions for Meta-Gaming will be given out. All parties involved will be given a Three Day Grace Period to make this adjustment before those caught referencing the voided RP will be punished. Until Seannie’s post is made all RP posts regarding the Transfer will be hidden. Once the post is up all posts still valid will be unhidden. Hopefully this clears up some of the confusion and rumors that have sprouted up last few days as Moderation came to a close on our verdict last night. Cheers – Moderation Management
  8. The call wasn’t made by Moderation but by Administration, the case was reviewed little over a month ago by Moderation and during the meeting it was escalated into Administration. Where several admins looked at the timeline and what had occurred IRP, OOCly and how active the war was for the last few months. Feel free to bump our DMs since I am free for a good portion of the morning if you have any further questions.
  9. Sadly this is not the only project the team had ongoing before I took over or had to deal with and is one of the many. I could list them here from external ones and from what last month was focused on, internal ones that we had to face and put corrections in place. If things had gone to plan the War Patch would have been out to get wars on this map better settled and combat many of the issues we gathered from our Feedback post in Feburary. For when the plan was and currently still is, to experiment with new rules, old rules, etc to see what works and what doesn’t so we can gather as much information as possible regarding what systems we can roll with to make a war system for 8.0 that will hopefully last while at the same time setting standards to smooth things out for this map. As for there has been no Wars, we just wrapped up the Dwarf and Orc war, which as when it was a bit shaky at the start since there is no clearly defined rules to start nor guidelines to follow is bound to happen with most. Although once it did get started we had World Team assist us in building a Warzone on the server which both sides enjoyed greatly and the war came to an end through RP means. War is still possible its just a hassle, one we had hoped to correct by now but again since the War Patch was shot down and not much was given to fix it, the already demoralized War Team has been either burnt out or picking at ideas to get around the final review which has halted this entire process. There are many on the team who think it will just repeat what happened with my iteration of the team’s War Fixes, Silvers, Kaelan/Sykos’ from last year etc, where it will get gunned down and offer no stance for middle ground. Which ontop of the now two month delay on the General Rules, has those on the team who work on this, on the edge of being burnt for good. You may claim there is a lack of wars, but from the three Different conflicts/Wars I have watched or helped with since December prove otherwise. Although all of them small, or came to conclusions for RP reasons. You may also claim its Mod negligence but Moderation has been screaming for direction and we really can’t do much until we get guidelines or something to work with so we don’t repeat what happened a while ago and things are shot down by the final review, when weeks to months worth of feedback gathering, researching, and writing was put into it all. By feedback I meant from the final review not the communities. As we’ve already gathered and based our first rewrite off of that, as well as gathering ex-moderators previous suggested war systems, and as of last month per the community meeting, even newer Conflict Related posts such as yours, for the next war patch. The sad truth is this is going to be a big project for a complete revamp for a system that will benefit the server, while still getting through all its review processes both within and outside of Moderation to be done in time for this map? It is most likely impossible, which is why we are still trying to push the War Patch method where we can get something rolling to help smooth things out for this map while allowing for a proper redone system from ground zero for next map. And no worries, no offence is taken some things I have said almost verbatim in some meetings. I honestly think I’ve said them so often some like Llir probably have it burned into their memories for a good few months lmao. Also apologies if some bits are a tad everywhere, random IRL aggro is random and wanted to get this out in a somewhat timely manner. I was just notified an hour or so ago the Issue was resolved so the rule post is going to get formatted and should be out by Sunday, with Heist applications being out around Monday. Since we have to follow through with promises given to NL’s when Hiests we put back on trial status some time ago. A training course will most likey be made to give Moderators a chance to be ready and familiar with the rules, but in all honesty nothing trains better then trial by fire.
  10. As the main body of the post suggests, the second version is being started since the first was shot down and not much feedback was given besides CBs / Conquest bad. Recently we had a meeting to help shape some of the more big questions regarding the end of wars, consquences etc. But those are larger topics the team will be tackling after we HOPEFULLY get this patch out to allow more stream lined ways to start wars for both Players and Staff as well as set up some basic default rules just in case if both sides can’t come to agreement on any certain rules, to be a middle ground sort of route. The patches goal is to smooth the system out somewhat for this map, while the entire rewrite is more aimed to benefit 8.0 and the new systems coming with it. woo
  11. Who told you he is demoted? He has is pex still just not ingame due to some misbehavior and actions he took and already admitted to in LOTC main discord. He will be getting it back once we talk with him after the suspension time is over. Less something arises.
  12. Was he proudly representing the Snowyfield Guard?
  13. Moderation Update Log May 2020 <Introduction> Not a late Update post this time around! There have been several changes to Moderation and the community as we have seen a lot of the Covid-19 stuff lessen, with some countries and communities outside of LOTC returning to school, work, etc. The team hope those going out once more stay safe and keep social distancing in mind while out in public. But now, let's get into some Moderation information for you guys and gals. <New Changes> Moderation has undergone a lot of changes with Managers, tracking their activity, how we handle inner moderation policy, the Manager picks, etc. The community at large will not see these changes as much as the Moderation Team itself will. These changes have been made to help prevent what occurred in early May, when there was only 1 Manager around and in some fields they got blindsided. The Rule Rewrite Project is still pending as we wait for the final draft of the conflict rules to hit review. We are also still awaiting older pieces to be reviewed, as well. Although the team has been delayed enough and we are spreading our members onto a few other projects starting this month. Such as Coup Rules, The War Patch attempt #2, and the first version of the new Heist system, with hopefully petty theft rules to follow it sometime in the future. <Current Projects> Rule Rewrite - The Majority of the Rule Rewrite is still in the final review phase, currently awaiting final feedback from certain individuals before it is kicked back to the team to rework, or before it can be passed. We do hope to have a proper update for everyone soon. Several sections still need approval or some sort of feedback. Due to the stagnation on this approval, a portion of the team working on this project is being moved onto other projects to help lessen any of the slowdowns the team have run into. War Patch - The War Patch revamp is starting this month, as the delays in the Rule Approvals have slowed the team down. With the new Moderation Manager setup, various team members will be taken off the Rule Rewrite Project to start this one. Coups- Coups rules for active regions are currently in the works. The Administration and Moderation team are currently undertaking this process, an update to the rule should be out by the next update, unless we run into complications. Heists – Heists have been delayed due to LWC glitches. The Tech Team is aware and we are currently awaiting a patch to come from the LWC Support. Once it is obtained and implemented onto the server, the Heist posts will be out and 24hr heads up to Nation Leaders will be given before the applications go live. Moderation Application - The Moderation Team will be completely revamping the application process and making a post on the new procedures that will be going along with it, sometime this month. We are taking in one more round of, mostly, GMT candidates before we go and purge any applications that did not make the cut this time. Once the new application format is out, all players applying or reapplying to the team will have to fill it out. <Current Team Roster > <Monthly Statistics> Moderation Staff received a total of 1808 Tickets in May 1st Place: ImCookiie 2nd Place: Markosi 3rd Place: Frill *Those in red are either Admins who’ve helped out at odd hours, or management who have projects instead of quotas. <Roster changes> + Mcdaedra has dual rolled into the Blue Tag + Arkantos1279 has joined Moderation + Crevel has joined Moderation – – – – = – + – = – – – – +ImCookiie has joined Moderation Management +TheIchorDruid has stepped into the Moderation Trainer Role -ImChiicken has stepped from Management to Moderation Trainer
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