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  1. Braxis

    [Denied]Z3r05t4r's Ninth GM App

    I mean he's made solid nine apps in a row now, at least deserves a chance to see how he would handle the mantle. If he keeps the same persistence with his daily work load handling, and other gm duties he'll be a solid choice. Good luck Godwein! P.s Where are my Tithes
  2. Braxis

    [✓] Sol Invicta, the Fallen Titan

    Bit of confusion, if it is already a Canon Character then why is it in Lore Submissions and not in a Character Profile section? Seems to be a better spot to put a Backstory/Information post about a character. Tad confused there on my end.
  3. Minecraft name(s): Braxis96 Skype ID: droy96 Timezone: EST (UTC -5) Do you hold / have you held any other staff positions? Before I was a FM up till Asulon where I got cursed, I mean promoted, to GM for good while before the Orenian Exodus in 3.0. I was also part of the OG Warclaim team when Warclaims first came to be, I can not recall if that was a legitimate Staff position or not. What MMORPG/video games have you/do you play (past and present)? In order from first to latest. WoW (Vanilla to WOTLK) Gw1 Minecraft (Mainly LOTC/Random pvp servers.) GW2 FF14 WoW again For Single player games list would be Witcher 1, 2, 3. DA series, Warcraft Series, Strarcraft Series, Diablo Series... maybe I should stop before I just list off my Battlenet hours and Steam Library. What are your characters? Are you willing to sacrifice any to become a event team member? My two Active characters currently are Uthor Silverblade and Braxis Silverblade, in the future I would fully allowing Braxis to be sacrificed for an event/storyline/etc. At this moment though I would probably leave Uthor be as he is just a big,tall violent grandpa (Think Reinhardt from Overwatch.) Who doesn't leave the city/house as much as he should. What race / group do you think your events would best cater to? If none in particular, give an example of the type of group that your events would entertain. Most of the event ideas I have wouldn't really go for one Race in mind but would be scattered about the road. In small towns, big cities, roads, etc. What do you believe are key factors for a successful event? Communication (Both during the events and when listening for feedback) Consistency Immersion for the players and actors involved in the event or story line Player involvement, allowing the players and their actions to sway the path of the event or story line Being prepared, such as having a little google doc of the basic path of the event and possibly paths to take if "X" "Y" Or "Z" is done to help give ideas for the event to grow and nurture. What strengths could you contribute to the event department? Are you knowledgeable in lore or great at organizing? I have become a very organized person over the years with leading and Co-leading various Rp guilds and groups through my last 4ish to 5ish years just bouncing between MMO's normally sticking to a guild or two 1-2 years before burnout occurs. As well it has given me alot of DM experience over the years from Free form and various rolling styles for Rp fighting on large scales, searching, exploring, and so much more that I would gladly install into possible events for LOTC players to enjoy. Why do you want to be part of the ED? I had helped ET a bit out in 3.0 with helping the friends with events and idea pushing and since then had enjoyed the idea of becoming an ET member. As it seemed to be an enjoyable role to help storycraft and Dm various events for all members to partake and enjoy. But burnout and massive amount of friends leaving the game killed that chance for it to happen. Honestly, now seems like a good time to apply and hope I get to provide events for LOTC members to enjoy. Create three distinct RP scenarios/events based on LOTC lore that you would organize. These are pitches to the managers and the lead, not to the community. Note: not all of the group must be handled at once. Eg: 20+ people via 5 person increments in a dungeon. My First event idea would be the Misadventures of a "Legendary" Monster Slayer and Adventurer. Where a small to medium group of adventurers stumble across this "World Renown." In tracking down and slaying a monster of most vile of evils, rescuing a rich merchants wayward child, hunting down a lost and valuable artifact. Only to find out that this guy isn't really what he claims to be and becomes a bit of a Action-Comedy themed event line. This event would be best aimed for 5-10 people perhaps 15 at the very most. Second, would be a wandering Scholar of old who would play the role of a frail, soon to be decaying man. Testing the wits, hearts, cunning and such of many strangers. If they are to pass his trials upon stumbling upon him in their travels he would bestow upon them a gift. This event would be aimed for 2-5 people at most, meant to be a little road side rp for people to encounter when running about. Another 10-15 scale event Idea I would have is finding a populated area, normally not a major city but a small town or little roadstop, outpost etc. A cursed being of sorts appears, shouting and bellowing down towards the folk below. Telling them the bells have tolled, time for them to shelter their weak, their young and old. Everyone shall pay the final price, cry for mercy. The reckoning has come! Then a few building below would ignite in flames, the people would need to quickly put out the fires while being mocked from above. Upon putting out the flames and cursing about plans foiled, pending on the amount of people he would beckon the ones able to fight to follow. Then with the aid of another actor or two the group would be divided and each would need to rply fight their own mini-boss like character in groups of 3-5. Upon defeating the unholy pyromaniac players in the events would have chance to earn items that would be of the creatures previous ownership, a token of their valor and possible to use for if he ever returns. How long do you plan to stay on the ED? Either until my kidneys second attempt to kill me happens or until I retire. Again Tell me a joke! Your WoW Panda Lover's bald head
  4. Curious, seen alot of folk mention Warcraft and their Legion Shenanigans. Who all plays and what servers?

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      but I'm a filthy casual 

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  5. Braxis

    [✓] Voidal Feeling

    Has a DnD detect magic feel to it, it can be an interesting feature to add to this. Even more since it's been done before in the past, just now with some lore backing it.
  6. Why are you important 

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  8. Braxis

    [Shelved]The Clerics Of Tahariae

    Bumping this age old thread for a few reasons. In 2.0 some information is off, SUCH AS Braxis SilverBLADE T.T pls, Silversmile is my troll name Onto the serious topic now, -Silverfist did much fighting against the Undead but not much in the clerical orders name. Back then were mainly healed and handed bread to people. Doing roles suited to Ascended and Monks before IC player monks were a thing. As for when he left near the end of Aegis he gave the Order to Myself and Hosper, making the more active at the time, Braxis the Prophet. In 2.0 for 90% of it I led the Clerical Order, not Thrym fully. At the start of 2.0 Thrym was around OOCly but did not have anymore IC grip. As he was our Lore-Owner and basically go to for Clerical Questions. -Also, there is little to no mention of the "Trial of The Patron." of the Early 2.0 Era that Brax and other High ranking Clerics back then went through, only one who did not was Hosper due to IRL leave and Brax's pupil at the time Wardog/Baldwin. -There was also the Accords made with the Orenian Empire when Godfrey shortly conquered/took Hanseti and united the 3 Human Kingdoms. And the drama/events/etc that happened and help lead to Chaquery's Clerical Order of the Creator. (Clerical Pyro's) But I do not know if that is canon still or if the magic was just fully adsorbed as I do see similar spells of theirs in the Warden's document. Minus the following points above, this post was a great help and a bloody fanastic read to see it in such splendid detail. You get a whoppin' +1 from this OG Aegis Cleric and Co-Taharaie Creator. (
  9. Braxis

    [Denied]Z3r05t4r's Seventh GM Application

  10. Braxis

    LM App

    Wait Meg's a dude? ****, everything I knew was a lie. On a more serious note, Meg has my support. We'd bicker about lore all the time always seemed to had solid standing points and a clear head. +1
  11. *Stretches* Well well, it has been a while. 

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