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  1. As the person whose behalf of this is on. Least what staff was told by said person. It is not actually backed and is just a big brain meme.
  2. Please refrain from making Toxic Updates and Updates with the intent to bait people into a toxic display. If it continues more warnings and further actions will be taken.  

    We come here to play and have fun. Lets not ruin that for others.

  3. The Chief Advisor sat down in his office, a soft sigh leaving his lips. Eager to return to his druidic studies until there is a knock on his door. One of his aides coming in with what seems to be growing pile of letters and other mail for the High Prince. With a subtle twitch of his left eye, he sighed hard before pinching the bridge of his nose. “As fond I am of those who claim titles such as Archdruid and rarely setting foot within Irrinor, removed. It seems there is much backlash. Yet thus far only one is a true Irrinite.” With a shake of his head he took a copy of one letters that had become litter at this point, going through them before they would reach Lyemar. “The Archdruids of the Naelurir who have been sticking with Irrinor through the thick and thin of that last few chaotic elven months agreed too it. Then here comes..” He picked up Eryn’s letter reading over it before rolling his eyes. “Ah, yes the Archdruid who only uses his title to brag so the rumors go. The one who only showed up to get married then vanish like a cheap magic trick, from his city once more. If he’d help maintain the lands of Irrinor during some of our darker hours, or little alone interact with the city more. Perhaps he’d be in the loop.” Every word spoken with the a calm yet sharp voice as was natural in the steadfast elf. Setting that letter aside he’d look at the ones from Orison, then Andria’s. Setting them aside to bring forth to the High Prince as the Mali’ame collected himself, muttering more thoughts outloud in an odd method to collect his thoughts better for when these are brought to Lyemar. “He only wishes to restore the ashes of a dead circle with the life of the creeds that took its place, and only takes mantle of leadership until one who is worthy and active within the city. Honestly just sounds like those who cling to the other Circle a little too closely are upset of the influence over Irrinor being lost. If there was any at all.” Done with his self muttering he once more did a sigh break free from his bearded lips before he stood up. His calm deamonr once more washing over the Mali before he took his leave to bring these letters to The High Prince. @Kaelan As he left his office both Okarne’ame and his office aides would been dispatched to remove all notices cluttering the streets outside of the main notice board.
  4. This report has been submitted to the Annilir of the Okarn’ame’s office within their barracks. Reporting Guard: Halerir Ez’kiel Arvellon Those Involved: Medrir Eir’thall Arvellon | Siramir Caerme’onn | Sanir Lyall | Sanir Basilio | Citizen Auxillary Avius Report: I had rallied a squad of Okarn’ame in order to track down and remove a bandit infestation within our eastern bound woods. After briefing the unit I went to scout ahead and prepare the track ahead while Medrir Arvellon took point. The group had come across an area which had seen battle days prior, finding various, primarily Mali and some Dwarven weaponry, similar to recent military armors of the past with an odd Lighting Bolt Insignia on all armor and weaponry. All were in poor condition as well, even more so when compared to current day Mali’ame war gear. Medrir Arvellon stayed behind to secure the odd, somewhat stolen cargo giving point to Avius to pursue a trail of blood that was found. The group found what at first thought to be a slain Okarn’ame scout but with Allora and Basilio checking the body found out it was a Valah in replicated armor. It is hard to know if he was in it before or if it was bait to lure the guards into a trap. A bandit scout was seen, ambushed and slain. Causing a ruckus attracting the rest. Being a mixture of various Mali, Valah and a dwarf. A small battle broke out with minor wounds to the Okarn’ame gathered and no surviving bandits. The camp was then secured and placed under watch pending investigation. Summary/Notes: Bandit Connection to local area under Investigation Odd and cheaply made weaponry is under Investigation With Avius’ Banishment lifted he proved to be a capable fighter and leader in today's fighting. It would be a boon to enlist him within the Guard. Allora proved her finesse with her archery skills with a quick dispatching of an energy fighter. Basilo proved his skill with throwing weaponry, twice with heavy long range blows with his trident. Argyle proved that his time outside of the Okarne’ame was not wasted and his combat skills are sharp as ever. Even if his eyes made need checking.
  5. Office of Laurir Ez’kiel Arvellon Chief Advisor and Diplomat of the Irrinite Oaken Council Across from the main plateau of the Irrintie city which bustled with life, on a smaller plateau away from the noise where the Sovereign Seed of Irrinor resides, one can find a finely organized and rather tidy office belonging to the current Chief Advisor, Laurir Ez’kiel Arvellon. It is the office of Irrinite Foreign Affairs that is charged with acting as the primary diplomatic arm of the Mali’ame people by the elected head of state, the High Prince of Irrinor and the sovereign of the Mali’ame. Powers & Duties of the Office At home, the duties of the Chief Advisor & Diplomat of Irrinor who oversees the Irrinite Foreign Office includes being the primary advisor for the reigning High Prince, presentation of useful information to the sovereign and the Oaken Council, advising on situations deemed to be difficult and potentially have a lasting effect on the Realm, scheduling meetings with foreign realms and parties who petition the Forest Realm, as well as tending to all raised matters to the full ability of the office before they are at last presented to the High Prince.. Outside of the borders of the Forest Realm of Irrinor, the Chief Advisor and their office is charged with acting as the nation’s diplomatic arm with the authority afforded to them by the High Prince. They are charged with treating with foreign realms on the behalf of the sovereign and the Oaken Council to strike deals to forge pacts, settle matters of turmoil that might threaten the security of the state, and keep track of political matters to report back to the High Prince. At times the office is also charged with arranging and ensuring the security of the High Prince and the Oaken Council should they leave the Forest Realm on diplomatic missions. If any wish to petition the Forest Realm of Irrinor with the official business of their nation or lands, be it the forging of alliances, offers of trade, settlement of disputes, offers of joint events, drills, treaties or anything similar they are to bring it to this office so it may be brought towards the Oaken Council and the High Prince of Irrinor. The office is granted the authority to sign off on all alliances, pacts, and trade deals on the behalf of the Mali’ame. However, such shall not fully come into effect until ratified by the High Prince of Irrinor. Diplomats of the Forest Realm In order to become a diplomat underneath the Irrinite Banner you must have the approval of the Chief Advisor who heads the office, be an Irrinite Citizen, and have some background in the diplomatic field. It is also recommended that all applicants possess basic knowledge of the neighbours of the land and the current state of Irrinite relations with the various foreign realms, as well as have the ability to read and write. As of current, the Office only employs two diplomats who will serve under the Chief Advisor who will act as aides or in the Chief Advisors place in diplomatic missions should they be unable to attend.. Foreigner's Den The “Office” so to say where all non-citizinary, be them diplomats, citizens of another foreign nation, merchants, or a simple travellers may come in and air grievances, give words of caution, present offers of trade, propose alliances, etc towards the Oaken Council and the Sovereign of the Mali’ame. orking to have the basics of the request and paperwork laid out with the High Advisorof the Oaken Council before it is presented to the entirety of the governing body and later High Prince for ratification. Should one desire to petition the Forest Realm of Irrinor, it is encouraged that a bird or courier be sent to schedule an appointment with the Chief Advisor at the next appropriate time available. (Ingame Bird, Discord Rp Letter or an Rp Letter on this Forum Thread are all avenues to contact this office.)
  6. The Wood Elven Travel Advisory Board | Ensuring the safe travels of the Irrinites of the Forest Realm of Irrinor | Lasted updated 1744 Classifications The following classifications denote the relationship maintained between the Forest Realm of Irrinor and a foreign realm present on Arcas. It serves as an advisory for all Wood Elven people to utilize to plan their journeys and ensure the security of their persons. Allied - Denotes a nation that the Forest Realm of Irrinor holds either a defensive pact or military alliance with. The security of citizens of the Forest Realm of Irrinor is ensured in these foreign realms and the peoples of Irrinor are encouraged to engage in travel, trade, and further good relations. Friendly - Denotes a nation that the Forest Realm of Irrinor holds good diplomatic relations with. Usually reserved for nations that hold a close relation to the Forest Realm through non-aggression pacts. The likelihood of harm coming to a person of Irrinor is low and travel is encouraged. Neutral - Denotes a nation that the Forest Realm of Irrinor holds no significant diplomatic relation with. Security and safety cannot be ensured and thus the Forest Realm encourages all citizens to utilize commonsense and caution when journeying to these lands. Unfriendly - Denotes a nation that the Forest Realm of Irrinor holds unstable diplomatic relations with. Usually the result of assault of citizens of the Forest Realm, destruction of property, or threats to compromise the security of the Forest Realm of Irrinor. Travel is strongly discouraged and assault is likely. Hostile - Denotes a nation that the Forest Realm of Irrinor has engaged in armed conflict with. Travel and trade with these realms are barred entirely. Foreign Relations The following are foreign entities in the eyes of the Forest Realm of Irrinor that are of relevance. All other nations, guilds, and organizations that have not been listed on this advisory may be assumed to be neutral. The Princedom of Fenn - Allied The Silver State of Haelun’or - Allied Renelian Union - Allied The Druidic Order of the Talus Grove - Neutral The Free State of Sutica - Neutral The Rexdom of Krugmar - Unfriendly The Orcish Tribe of Mau'madur - Unfriendly The Under-Realm of Urguan - Neutral The Holy Orenian Empire - Hostile The Duchy of Morsgard - Friendly
  7. If it is the same account that was whitelisted years ago, it is most likely it is still whitelisted on the server. Try to hop on and check, if so before you make your character. I highly suggest looking over the rules once more, going through the forums to be updated in more recent events in the RP area you’d like to travel too. And contact a member of the Community Team to help smooth your transition to the current day LOTC. If it is not whitelisted you will still need to re-apply. Like stated above the processes isn’t that bad at all, and the staff reviewing the apps will be more then happy to help you make needed changes if they are required.
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  10. Looking for a skinner to take on a armored skin for my elf lad. Who is free to let me throw money/mina at them for one?

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