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    I'm not afraid of computers taking over the world.
    - Thom Yorke

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  1. religion is gonna kill the world

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. Helbolt


      That sounds like a college class:

      Religion and its role in society 210

    3. Dyrr


      @OP, agreed

    4. Luminaire


      I don't know you, but I can only agree.

  2. Got a lovely Comissh from my cousin. :)

  3. My Application ((MC name)) AutumnEllie ((Time Zone)) 0+ GMT ((Activity, Amount of time spent on)) On school days, 2-3 Hours, weekends/holidays 3/4/5. Name: Kalina Tiagara Age: 28 Gender: Female Race: Elf [Dark] Tell us who you are: Dark elf looking for something to help with, and look forward too. Skills: Good at long range archery. Combat skills desired, but can be worked on. Also quite good at seducing, if that's ever need ... Why do you seek to join us?: Apparently you need more help, so here I am. Also, I want to help others. Do you agree to the Honor Code?: Yes, and yes.
  4. Blackmont.. whyy?!

  5. So, I finally manage to get on my computer, and the server is outdated... Yay.

    1. Endeavour



      This is a Version changer. It should help!

    2. AutumnEllie


      Thanks! I used it but I'm quite surprised the server hasn't updated yet ^-^

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