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Jake the Dog

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  1. Priorities are as followed for bans and removal of players. Fun private rp > Fun public rp > Silly but quirky rp > Meme rp
  2. application

    Scotland forever, give this bish a job
  3. For the flames of Owy.. oh oh... oh yeah
  4. Request Format Username: JaketheDog115 Discord Tag: JaketheDog115#9874 Skin Type (Head/Body/Full Body): Body Steve/Alex Model: Steve References/Description: Character Details: Dat ^^ Type of Payment: mino Proof of Payment: https://gyazo.com/4941c20d3b633f29cc813abdcdd4072a Amazing Song:
  5. Grand theft horse
  6. Give the thottie a chance lads. She will provide many a good times to all! +1
  7. MPM is back kids, http://www.kodevelopment.nl/minecraft/moreplayermodels/downloads/


    And remember, every 2 percent is 1 inch, and 100% is 6'1

    1. Hero_


      My character is 104%... is that possible

      My character is 104%... is that possible?

    2. Jake the Dog
    3. Hero_


      lol damn phone typed it twice

  8. THE MELEE (FOR EVERYONE) NAME: Lunafreya AGE: 21 TITLE (IF APPLICABLE) Sister LAND OF ORIGIN: The Westerlands MC NAME: JaketheDog115
    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Ford


      looks v. good actually should do a birds eye view of it if possible

    3. Jake the Dog

      Jake the Dog

      Gimme a media team and dem pex and sure


    4. drfate786


      Too much wood, easily burnable. 

  9. No one expects the grapple over the wall


  10. No, currently it's people raiding when only 20 people are online, during school hours. Having a GM allow them to open up chests and doors and take everything they can, unlike heists where they can only take a small amount.
  11. People doing that atm, thats why people complaining about war raids. Because you CAN do that right now.
  12. Indeed, let us make it even more like a factions server with offline base raiding.
  13. We need some sort of list in game of regions and their current population online. I'm sick and tired of traveling to 6-7 cities in a row, to find each one deserted despite so many people being 'online.' How are there 90 people online if most of the major hubs and capitals are empty.

    1. basit7270


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