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  1. Lemme run up on some fool, cap him.
  2. Velu simply sighed, head bowed low. "You was a good man, a good friend, Peter. Have your deserved rest." she then gripped tightly upon the old weathered Imperial State Army flag, the old icon having served almost as long as she had. Before she stepped away, another one lost to the ages.
  3. Velu shook her head with a soft chuckle, letting her silver locks rock gently. "Well, who would of thought, another man proven to be.... anti climactic." She then hoisted up the old, weathered Imperial State Army flag once more, giving it's fabric a gentle pat. "Another victory you've seen hm?"
  4. Heavy was the head...

  5. NGL my favorite use of fire evocation these days is just doing magic for children, little flame characters and animals, fireworks with combustion. But when explaining voidal magic, I always have the feeling that a ST will PM you if you don't explain the lore exactly as they deem fit. Like I can't put a spin on how my character understands and feels about the void. Because if I do, i'll get told off for not doing a robot reply from the wiki.
  6. Someone stop haense nobles raiding with sedan please. 

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    2. Jake the Dog

      Jake the Dog

      Just get an gm to ban its mention in rp posts boys. ez fix

    3. Liv


      Just get good

    4. Jentos


      Truly, the hoes have been made unsoundly irated 

  7. Gonna kidnap me a princess with a big ass bird

  8. https://gyazo.com/170c547be424977c66946ab8521481c0
  9. "Well, a long wait, for a short ending. Shame they went straight to the bombing." Velu chuckled softly, shaking her head. Back home in Providence.
  10. What if it was the four sisters, not the four brothers?
  11. So... what is the benefit given to the old mages who've been doing it for a long time, other then. UwU quirky hiccups. Honest question
  12. Velu chuckled softly, shaking her head. "Johannesburg broke before the Legion. Good times there, good times. Ending was a bit abrupt."
  13. Mages too weak to hold five pounds worth of weight.... damn they are really weak
  14. Why can't I look at multiple recent posts. 

    1. Drumoldth


      Because they are updating it, i believe. Keep calm and be patient.

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