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  1. Velu planted the banner of the Imperial State Army firmly upon the shore, watching the havoc which was Korvassa. Despite everything, she made it once more through unharmed, the flag by her side pockmarked and damaged from arrow, malflame, and acid, but herself suffering only a dusty uniform. She offered a nod to those who made it through the ordeal alongside her. "Good work, gentlemen. Best see to the wounded, and remember the fallen."
  2. Velu sighed softly, shaking her head... as a former Court Doctor she knew the verdict was grim before, but it was a shame to see another Emperor die, but such is the way of humanity, the old die and the new take over. As she had witnessed many times in the past, but she had hopes that an Empress may be just as good as an Emperor.
  3. “The rat Norlanders deserved it, they’ll break the treaty the second they get a chance.” Velu shook her head in disgust at the concessions made.
  4. Ah the age old, Grr Oren Grr.
  5. You can tell when there is a new spook magic when the same group of people make an app within 6 hours of each other

  6. Finally someone else who knows of the beauty of young scrolls.
  7. If your only villian roleplay, is murder or extreme maiming to the point where the character is pretty much dead anyway. Why would people wish to rp such. Do something actually different that is not murder maim kill kill rp.
  8. Anyone want screenshots of their settlements or people with raytracing shaders

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