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  1. *Logs onto server for first time in a month* Hello? Anyone here? *Notices massive changes to area* Damn this looks nice. *Checks skype* And I've been kicked out of every skype chat.- So basically, I'm back. Um.... yeah hello people.

  2. We just updated to 1.8.7 and now 1.8.8 is on the horizon....

  3. Does anyone know where I could find at least pictures of the Lion Statue in Salvus in Anthos?

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    2. Destroyer_Bravo


      that's not even the real salvus lol

    3. Mirtok


      I can prolly do one better than a picture and just give you the map. PM me.

    4. Endeavour


      Alright, Thank you.

  4. Is there a way to make your profile picture appear a bit bigger? Because no matter what I upload it always appears to be small.

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    2. Catarrh


      Played the crap outta KOTOR II as a kid xD

    3. Catarrh


      Awesome game

    4. Endeavour


      Yay someone! Anyway I played it ages. Probably going to play it again now.

  5. Does anyone know any program that can copy a minecraft skin's head and apply it to another skin? I have seen many people do this and I would like to do it myself.

  6. For those on the server, try not to log off because the authentication servers are currently down for maintenance.

  7. Just noticed that the year in-game is in the 1500s... my question is what is going to prevent us from reaching the 1700s?

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    2. Endeavour


      Right, but still. I wonder what people will start to do...

    3. Pureimp10


      It'll be like LOTR, where the year is like, 3000 or whatever, but they're still using medieval weapons and armor and tactics.

    4. Heff


      Yah we dont correlate w/ medieval time ages

  8. -Application- -OOC- MC Name: Endeavour Time Zone: Central Time (GMT -6) Skype: You already have it. -RP- Name: Delvin Age: 35 Do you live in Siegrad? This is a requirement in order to be hired!: I 'ave a tent, and am tryin' to make money to get a 'ome. So yes, I do live in Siegrad.
  9. Yeah, I think that is what the problem was. Thank you!
  10. I have no clue. I was just getting the "Couldn't Open File" message and for the Imgur it would just say "Could not open the image from the URL". It just started to work eventually.
  11. I tried that and got the same result.
  12. As you might be able to see I cannot change my profile picture no matter what I do. I cannot change it at all. I keep getting errors no matter what I do. Could anyone assist me? EDIT: Somehow I got it to work so.... Well Thanks anyway
  13. Whats up the People of the Lord of the Craft? I haven't played on the server for an extremely long time but I like to check in once in a while.

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    2. Porko
    3. Parkins


      Trying to find people to play undead.

    4. Musicoid


      The cloud, you are a cloud, above, because you are, a cloud. That's what's up c:

  14. What's up? I haven't been on the sever in a while and I think I am going to have a look around...

    1. Ⓢⓚⓘⓟⓟⓨ


      Dwarves being short, orcs being fat, high elves being stupid, humans still on high horses, wood elves what are they even doing?

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