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  1. Farryn's 500th post AMA

    Besides your own previous cleric, who is the best cleric currently, in your opinion. What do you think about Clerics as a whole. Favourit ice cream flavour. When will the British Empire reform?
  2. Leap1Ghosts' Second GM Application

    How well do you think you can work with others? Even if you are to work with someone you don't enjoy working with? If it's one thing thing I worry about GMs is that their ability to work with someone that doesn't exactly see eye to eye with them, be it on the team or with a certain player.
  3. She has to finish the event she planned for us. Also she hasn't been on the team for a long time, seems a bit unfair to someone who is relatively new and active. +1
  4. [lore] dark clerics

    I hate you
  5. [MArt] Stag's Leash

  6. [Evocation][MA]Serenity Al'Abass

    i hate teaching, but yes
  7. [Spell] Holy Communion

    More flavour for the clerics. Lets do this. +1
  8. [Deity][MA]Fury_Fire's Clericalism

  9. [Deity][MA]Fury_Fire's Clericalism

    there's only regret
  10. [MArt] Aenguls Defense,

    Clerics will rise.
  11. [MArt] Ritus Light

    Ritus Light Source: MC Name of person(s) currently in possession of Artifact: Nekkore RP Name of person(s) currently in possession of Artifact: Seyer Reeyse MC Name of creator(s) of Artifact (N/A if not applicable): Nekkore RP Name of creator(s) of Artifact (N/A if not applicable): Seyer Reeyse Effect(s) of Artifact: Bestowed and blessed by the Prime Adherent. Created completely by accident, as the Prime Adherent created books for the creation of new scriptures. Upon praying and using the books as a template for practice of blessings; two of the ten created books were blessed at the same time, but rather than given a normal blessing they have been given Divine Blessings thus the creation of two of the same holy relic. Both books posses a great amount of pages although when one writes scriptures into the book they are unable to write anything, as the light from the book erases any possible writing. Though it wouldn’t be until a priest healer of Tahariae is able to write inside it, as they are the only ones able to write inside it as long the words are within reason and a prayer to recite for later use. In order for them to write, they must have a pen or anything capable of writing and must have their light on the pen as the book will resonate with the light and accept the writings being written inside it. After writing inside it, a priest can then use Ritus Light and recite the prayers written inside them, essentially using the light and blessing that is inside it. With the book, it gives a priest healer the ability to heal a patient with greater ease, as they are using more of the light from Ritus Light than their own. Another notable feature Ritus Light has shown is that it is able to cast medium to low priest healing spells, within an area of four meters. Thus making healing of many people easier. Although it uses more power to do so. When the relic’s light has been expended, the blessing will go dormant and the writing inside the book will disappear making the books pages blank, simply as a message that it’s light has been used up. Red Lines of Artifact: Only someone with Priest Healing can write inside it, by using a pen or anything used for writing and channeling their light. Ritus Light has ten charges before the blessing goes dormant and needs to recharge for at least one IRL hour. Doesn’t decrease cast time at all, just using Ritus Light adds at least one or two more extra emotes when casting the Area of Effect. So roughly 3-4 emotes needed. Any tainted being attempting to touch the book while its blessing isn’t dormant will feel a great amount of pain when touching it. The area of effect spells cannot go further than tier 3 any further and it's powergaming. Area of effect spell radius is four blocks/meters. Using the area of effect feature takes two charges instead of one. Used to make healing of one person easier by reducing the strain, treating Ritus Light like any other holy alterated healing object. Cleric must have knowledge of anatomy for healing to work. If dark beings are within the AoE area it will not affect them in anyway. Although Dark Mages can be healed within the area. When a spell is being casted, it doesn't affect the castor at all. Explanation of effect(s) (i.e. how it does what it does - slight bending of magic lore is allowed): Previous difficult healing are made an easier task with the book as that is one of its perks of its Divine Blessing. But only easier in lessening the strain for Priest Healers, if they are healing just one person, like any normal priest healing holy alterated object used. Where it is deemed impossible for just one cleric, it can cast any tier 3 spell or lower in a radius of four blocks, affecting all but dark beings that is inside. Unlike normal blessings that die off within one elven week. The blessing has a set amount of times to be used before it goes dormant and has to recharge. Number of duplicates of this Artifact: 1 Do you agree to keep the MT updated on the whereabouts and ownership of this Artifact by using the Magic List Errors?: Yes Have you applied for this Artifact before, and had it denied? If so, link the app: No
  12. [SA] [Arcane] Studying rocks

  13. [Cleric][MA] Theodore Faroe