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  1. Nekkore

    Holy Healing Is Bad

  2. Nekkore

    [Air Evocation] [MA] Ruehar Ralonelis

  3. Nekkore

    [DA] [Dark Shamanism] Jelonny

  4. Nekkore

    [Deity] [Tahariae] [TA] Khiara Aureon

    Claimed instead. Contact me on Discord.
  5. Nekkore

    [Arcane][ST] Koralon Doomforged

    Yeah I agreed to this. Sold part of my soul.
  6. Nekkore

    The Dominion Insider Vol. Three

    "I would gouge my eyes out and then heal them back, then gouge them again and heal them. Just for the spellings I'm seeing right now." An elder cleric comments.
  7. Nekkore

    [Deity][MA] WanderingFriend

  8. Nekkore

    The Dominion Insider

    "To rise against the Dominion is a fools death wish. If the ferals are unwilling to find a cure for their affliction. Then out of my own kindness and out of my own voice of pleading with them. I will do the work that they are so lazy to work on." The mentioned cleric would hit the books.
  9. Nekkore

    A New Chieftess

    A young Warhawke sighs in relief as word arrives to her amongst her journey. "Finally... That man was keeping beings that would aggressively harm our people... About time he was removed."
  10. You will be the literally death of me.
  11. Nekkore

    [Lore Update] Clerics of Tahariae

    He should be in school. Instead he does this. smh actually saved me tie though