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  1. about time you learn something useful
  2. Moved to Support.
  3. but I'm lazy
  4. But I'm poor
  5. Air evo is strong in its own aspects, learning how to abuse such ways makes it strong, I highly think it is strong already.
  6. And think about this getting one shot in three emotes with electrical.
  7. Nah. I'm serious when I say magic needs to be nerfed.
  8. Nah all the other magics just need nerfs no more buffing magic.
  9. Our first bs MArt for the Clerics. +1
  10. Nothing. Wipe all lore for a clean slate
  11. Could only find this
  12. "It won't be long until we're cause of 'heresy'."
  13. You soggy sod. :c
  14. One more please.