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  1. As much as I want to say you're good to be in the GM team. My fear is, is that you app is kinda lacking and failing to catch even my attention. Most of your answers seem to be single sentence and too me doesn't really reflect well if you wish to be a GM.
  2. Suh dudes

    1. Tox
    2. Nekkore
    3. SuperDuckyGamer


      aaaa I'm dying from the inside because I thought of you then I thought of the time back in Vailor when my edgy welf jumped off the Laureh'lin wall, attempting to back-flip and land harmlessly on his feet, but you tried to catch him thinking it was a suicide attempt like any other regular and smart human so I rollplayed like the guy I was and you rolled a 1 so I fell off and broke my legs and blamed it on you




  3. is this your 4th sprite?
  4. Bae.

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    2. Nekkore


      tbh I do anything. I'm the type of guy that doesn't mind a lot of things.

    3. Vaynth


      Anything you say.

    4. Nekkore


      Anything you say c:

  5. Let my tox daddy be FM +1
  6. I love you.

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    2. Nekkore
    3. Spoduminister


      i love cablam, nekkore, and thomas

      not kry because gay is the only way

    4. Lil Nugget
  7. I will return and my genius will be noticed, eventually. But still good luck to the new trials out there, you're in for a world of hurt.
  8. Suh doods

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    2. Nekkore


      I still have 2 courseworks and exams on May :c

    3. Lotoke


      Wait you left the server?

    4. Nekkore
  9. Why add me just as I leave the server?! But yeah if Thomas wants to talk to me about vouching, he knows how to contact me; through smoke messages and I shall take my journey back to living. But yeah if you actually go back to the GM team, I actually want to see you do a project Sid, as much as I like you I don't really see you doing any projects but neither the less, it's a /GOOD/ thing to improve on. +1 o7 *files away*
  10. I actually luv you bby
  11. Basically, I don't have time for the server anymore. During my time on the teams it was becoming too stressful and I realised that at the end of my GM trial month. So I've decided to take a step back and leave LoTC. But I'll keep this short and simple. I've met many good people in this server and almost never have I let myself try to bewilder anyone or try to make people think they are lowly about themselves. Everyone here was amazing to know. But the people that I truly appreciate because of their time with me is: GM Team - It's a **** job to do sometimes but we do it cause we enjoy this server, but I love you guys. Not Thomas though :D FM Team - Most of you are part of the GM team anyways, but I thank Dohvi for taking me in and Austin for setting up a CSGO torny. Clerics - You guys are the best, even though holy magic always seemed to get their back lash, especially clericalism you guys were still very very good people. Enchantry - You guys are always great, I was terrible with magic lore but the consistent talks with you guys always meant that there was something new to learn about magic and how expansive it an be. The Warhawkes - You guys were fun to have as well, I had so much fun joking around you guys. But as they say in chinese cartoons. Sayonara!