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  1. *A flyer is posted at Dunshire*

    "Hmmm... I wonder which Order you hail from..." The leader of a cleric order ponders. "Interesting to see a Cleric who is just in their trials doing open like this, I applaud this person for being open."
  2. [Clericalism] [MA] Embyr

  3. -= A Thesis on the Dark =-

    "Stay in your temple and end up killing each other again, it's funnnier to see how this passive state will last. Tahariae's light this is why I hate dead things, they can't bloody think!" A cleric roars in laughters. "And don't lump the Ascended's mistakes as our own you blasphemous fiend."
  4. [Arcanism] [MA] Varstivus

  5. [Arcanism] [MA] Varstivus

    Should be teaching me, Tox. Smh worst teacher ever. ily rly <3
  6. [Clericalism] [MA] Lmploded

  7. [Clericalism] [MA] Lmploded

    shoot me. thank you
  8. [Clericalism] [MA] Saveforthememory

  9. [MA][Clericalism] Earth_Evocation

  10. [Conjuration][ST] Garoll Earl

    Yeah I'm overseeing this
  11. [Clericalism] [MA] MrBamPow

  12. [MArt] Oathkeeper, Slayer of Dragons

    Time to make Oblivion
  13. [Voidal] [MA] Jack Babble

  14. [Voidal] [MA] Jack Babble

    Please edit and put the proper title format eg. [Voidal] [MA] "name here" Thank you!