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  1. what would you say about the bot if the spam posts were in kenyan
  2. great bit of creative writing, keep the efforts up :-)

  3. turned my computer cringe until it turned itself off (robot shame suicide)

    it's been nine months since this was made!

  5. i think lotc would have a lot more of a bounce in its step if players proposed solutions to problems instead of just pointing em out.
  6. 办理原版查尔斯特大学毕业证成绩单Q+微993398773【澳洲毕业证文凭】修改CSU成绩单GPA分数*教育部认证*本科文凭硕士学历购买原版*海外假学历学位证书制作Charles Sturt University 办理原版查尔斯特大学毕业证成绩单Q+微993398773【澳洲毕业证文凭】修改CSU成绩单GPA分数教育部认证本科文凭硕士学历购买原版*海外假学历学位证书制作Charles Sturt University【如已删请点开网页快照,Q/微信993398773】【远洋教育】—-【实体公司】—-【注册经营】—-【质量保证】专 业办理美国,加拿大,澳洲,英国等大学毕业证成绩单、留学回国人员证明、教育部学历认证、真实学历认证【诚 招代理】 ————————————————【远洋留学归国服务中心】 ————————————- 如果您是以下情况,我们都能竭诚为您解决实际问题: 1、在校期间,因各种原因未能顺利毕业,拿不到官方毕业证; 2、面对父母的压力,希望尽快拿到; 3、不清楚流程以及材料该如何准备; 4、回国时间很长,忘记办理; 5、回国马上就要找工作,办给用人单位看; 6、企事业单位必须要求办理; 【学历顾问:Adam】 QQ/微信号:993398773 Email:[email protected] ◆◆◆◆◆教育部学历认证◆◆◆◆◆ ◆◆◆◆◆!!!不成功不收费!!!◆◆◆◆◆ ◆◆◆◆◆实体公司,安全放心,可以来公司面谈签订合同◆◆◆◆◆ 【公司付款流程,采用定金+余款的方式,以最大保障您的利益,让您放心无忧】 ————————— 联系人:Adam QQ/微:993398773———-以上联系方式敬请保留,以备急用!! 办理假毕业证在国内能用吗Q\微信993398773挂科拿不到毕业证怎么办Q\微信993398773毕业证丢了怎么办Q\微信 993398773没有正常毕业怎么办理毕业证Q\微信993398773没毕业可以办学历认证吗Q\微信993398773您是否因为中 途辍学、挂科而没有正常毕业Q\微信993398773您是否因为递交材料不齐而被拒之门外Q\微信993398773您是否因没 正常毕业而导致回国得不到教育部认证Q\微信993398773在校挂科了不想读了、成绩不理想怎么办Q\微信993398773 找工作没有文凭怎么办Q\微信993398773办理本科/研究生文凭Q\微信993398773有本科却要求硕士又怎么办Q\微信 993398773办理本科/硕士毕业证Q\微信993398773网上买文凭可靠吗Q\微信993398773买国外文凭质量Q\微信 993398773国外本科毕业证怎么办理Q\微信993398773国外大学文凭高仿真制作Q\微信993398773办国外文凭可找工 作Q\微信993398773怎么办理国外假毕业证Q\微信993398773哪里可以制作毕业证Q\微信993398773美国哪里可以办 理毕业证Q\微信993398773澳洲哪里可以办理毕业证Q\微信993398773留学生在哪里买毕业证Q\微信993398773加拿 大哪里可以办理毕业证Q\微信993398773诚信办理毕业证Q\微信993398773申请学校办理成绩单Q\微信993398773办 理水印成绩单Q\微信993398773办理悉尼大学成绩单Q\微信993398773多伦多办理成绩单Q\微信993398773办约克大 学毕业证成绩单办理Q\微信993398773修改成绩单GPAQ\微信993398773修改成绩单分数Q\微信993398773办理多大成 绩单Q\微信993398773如何拿到国外毕业证Q\微信993398773快速拿到国外文凭Q\微信993398773快速办理国外毕业 证Q\微信993398773假毕业证能查出来吗Q\微信993398773假文凭网上能查到吗 (im making this thread because i am a man and not a machine) Webforums like invision are crawled by Chinese spambots that look for consistent signatures of known software. This is usually a bit of text, like a copyright or meta tag, or anything consistent identifier that identifies to the bot that the blog or forum is something they can post on. This is either for the sake of boosting their SEO (search engine optimisation, something lotc should look into haha) results for whatever **** pills or fake university diplomas they're selling, or outright advertising a service. A lot of the bots are caught in the net due to captcha/recaptcha and requiring moderator verification for registration if from a 'flagged' suspicious IP block, but they DO learn the responses to these questions and not all IP blocks used are flagged as suspicious. It's also very expensive and difficult to maintain a list of these suspicious IP blocks as they're thousands of IPs long and need to be constantly updated to prevent workarounds by those pesky SEO stuffers. Making security tighter will trouble players, as the difference between a very trained robot and a standard genuine registration is very slim. Also - these robots do evolve, so captcha has had to evolve with them. If you're old enough to remember these old reCaptchas, they tested on two words OCRed from a digitised book. The left stood as a traditional captcha to test whether a user was human, with the right being something they had attempted to digitize. This setup of left-right framing became popular enough that some 4chan users replaced their submission of the 'second' word with racial slurs, causing a lot of erronous transliterations of digitised texts. If the human could pass that first word, they'd be allowed to access the site. AI eventually became smart enough that it could decipher even the most challenging of texts with a very high accuracy. After Google acquire reCAPTCHA, they updated to reCAPTCHA v2. This had an invisible reCAPTCHA in the background, or an 'I'm not a robot' checkbox. The checkbox either provided a puzzle to verify, or approved the user right away. So, does reCAPTCHA stop bots from spamming the website? Sometimes. It's an imperfect and temporary system that needs constant updates to remain as effective as it can be. What can be done, then? This is what is available by default for Invision forums to manage spam registration. Personally, I like the 'question and answer' challenge as these are customisable questions that are written by the person setting up the form. Make it something that requires a bit of complex thought, instead of algebra or colours that the bot can swing right past. Add more than one so humans can't just plug in the answers into the bot. 1. Lock down comment forms. By default, users can post threads on the forums and make the account afterwards. Users don't need to be registered for a certain threshold, nor approved by a moderator to register unless from a 'flagged IP' (I've had this happen a few times) - Thread authors to submit a name and email (already implemented) - Users to be registered and logged-in to be able to make a thread. - Registrations and 'first posts' requiring moderator approval. 2. That's very person-heavy, what else can be done? Protect login through forced 2fa for new registrations. When someone logs in, they'll need access to login details and a physical device - this becomes impossible for bot owners to get past. It also makes it a lot harder for bad actors to alt and get up to nonsense, unless they're somebody who has a lot of phones. Having honey-pot fields in registration fields is also a common tactic. These are hidden fields in forms that aren't visible to visitors of the site, but they can be seen by spambots. If the field is filled, the bot is snagged. Hurray! 3. Does being racist to the Chinese work? No. If someone is spamming in Chinese, it likely isn't being viewed by an actual user. However, Chinese and Chinese-heritage users of the website will be able to view your sinophobia and draw whatever judgements they need. It's immature, it won't be seen by the intended target, and it's very insensitive to the people who may inadvertently see it. Play nice. Cheers.
  7. does anyone play ffxiv? dm me lodestone links

  8. just take it less seriously and have fun :-)
  9. How was your day though

    1. Jesuswillsaveyou


      no more daily hospital visits

    2. rukio


      Bless, let's hope it stays that way friendo

  10. . other than a week in dec-jan 2021 i havent played actively in two and a half years because of an admin policy to not read nor respond to appeals from permabanned players. why would a tenuous bribe mean anything other than mocking the fact that any sincere attempt at making amends is useless if your position can't be exploited
  11. 10k words in appeals but only when they cant figure out who doxed some kid theyre trying to form the suicide squad
  12. i do know who it was btw

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