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  1. Everyone who VCs with me on a frequent basis the last two weeks has gotten real sick of this one.
  2. Username: witherly Discord/ way to contact you: Retired PvPer#9205 Bid amount: $20 Couple photo
  3. Woke up to 2017 forum ptsd but without a red tag to fix it innit

    1. NotEvilAtAll


      man I miss sporadic where he at where the Remove Vortex Club at

  4. Of all scandals an admin has been in....this one is my favorite. Clearly you are anti-Palestine because someone else made a comment about ooc politics....just accept it.
  5. I would say that these changes will make me just call defender default and CRP but even when I do moderation can come in and force PvP. Therefore I think I will simply go play a full loot MMO and get the same experience I will be having on lotc with this update.
  6. Unsure, but you'll likely find out more once you begin roleplaying. Generally those sorts of groups operate secretly to prevent meta.
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