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  1. ”Hmm. No loyalty to a nation, no loyalty to a ruler. Would hate to be them if they tried anything within the Empire or Morsgrad.” Elene would say to Alisa within the Morsgradi tavern, eating popcorn.
  2. Elene would be disconsolate upon hearing of her friend’s fate. ”Rest well, Sepp. Hydwa for everything.”
  3. As if you shitters could even land a hit with godmode on. ha.
  4. Get lost loser and find a life where tings are better. ❤️ Good RPer, glad to see you finally stepping away from this cesspool.
  5. The fault with villainy lies with all of the simp hero complex white knight monkeys who refuse to think they should ever have to lose gracefully and will cry and whine until the cows come home and the bandit or what have you yields to the superiority complex that only youth can have.
  6. ”Excuse the **** out of me.” The last Valkyrie of Dunharrow and Champion of Renatus, Ingrid Mournstone, would say upon reading the letter. ”Last of the generation my ASS.”
  7. I'm searching for
    Something which can't
    Be found but I'm hoping
    Everything dies
    I'm so sick
    I might die
    Still looking for someone
    Who was around
    Barely coping
    Now I hate myself
    Wish I'd die
    No why? Oh God I miss you
    No, why? Oh God I miss you
    I really miss you



    1. Tigergiri


      I still dream of dad
      Though he died
      Everything dies

  8. Unbold the post you internet scum.
  9. “I thought this was Oren.” a very confused man says.
  10. rukio

    Infraction Log Update

    Just use google forms and have it go to a spreadsheet smh
  11. Edyth’s soul would find great peace from this treaty.
  12. A Wedding Announcement and Invitation The Deep Cold, 1759 The marriage of Rylan Swint and Elene Greythorn Helena circa 1759 -=------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------=- [!] Notices are posted around Helena An open invitation: The honour of your presence is requested at the marriage of Miss Elene Greythorn to Sir Rylan Swint On the 9th of the Grand Harvest, 1760 Within the barony of Selm -=----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------=-
  13. Lily covers her mouth in an attempt to not laugh. ”Not biased in the slightest, these Canonist priests.”
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