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  1. Ingrid would mutter to herself “Why does it feel like the enemy we killed have somehow instilled their own hatred of our folk and those who fought for us...into the very people who now lead us?” She rubs at the side of her head. “They must be agents of the long dark, magic users who have turned the thoughts of those with us against us via mental magic...this is very troubling. All-Father guide us.”
  2. 👏Akam_7912 👏is 👏not 👏with 👏Norland 👏


     AT plz read the bio on these and tell me what u notice  . .. 

    1. HedgeHug


      Looks like someone is alting.

  4. I felt you wear me thin
    Remind me of a heart that once caved in
    And a pulse that felt so distant
    I begged you for silence 
    Digging deeper at the thorns under my skin
    I don't feel anything
    I won't fall for it
    I feel my bones as they're tightening
    I thought you'd set me free
    But left my vision toe to toe with broken soul remission
    Oh have I been deceived
    A giant lying silent inside me
    It's hard to hide what was inside of you
    I don't feel anything
    I'm just a shell
    Holding in these shattered nerves
    A skeleton that's lost its skin
    And I want back in

  5. Am I worth it or am I worthless?
    Sold myself to him
    Be my own victim
    And with this bondage
    Tie myself down

    How are you gonna lie about me now?
    I see you watching me from underground
    What's the strangest way you can't be found?
    How are you gonna lie?

    Got to be without love

    Is it hidden beneath the surface?
    Sew my lips 'til it won't come out
    Sold myself further and tell it to you
    Can I suffer? I won't make a sound

    I want a weak chance
    I wanna be the one to
    I wanna play pretend
    I don't wanna see tomorrow

    How are you gonna lie about me now?

    How are you gonna lie?

    How are you gonna lie to me now?
    How are you gonna lie?

    Got to be without love
    Got to be without love
    Got to be without love
    Got to be without love
    Got to be without love
    Got to be without love
    Got to be without love
    Got to be without love

  6. rukio

    Conflict & War FAQ

    I’m glad you’ve discovered a new way to speed up the death of lotc, Telanir. 🙂
  7. its okay harold, they hid mine too even though they threw shade at it.
  8. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AsfVZqZhtUQ

    That's what I thought you said
    Now let me offer this as a rebuttal

  9. Alice claps sarcastically!
  10. I think interviews should take time and be thorough.
  11. Welcome back, alternative spelling of rukio13!

  12. If you post a good bye thread you are 100x more likely to come back. See you soon.
  13. How do you spell pedophilia correct and immediately butcher necrophilia. Why are you taking OOC into IC? High elves have always been about purity etc. Nazis are why we have anti animal cruelty laws. If you want to be a politically correct carebear I hear [redacted] is another good server to play. If you want to ask Haelunor to do something maybe consider doing it in-game instead of being offended/liberal OOCly. . . Race mixing in game should be a sin that gets you executed. Tired of these yuppie elf hybrids.
  14. I hope when I leave I am forgotten.
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