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  1. Day four or five of waiting.... ((Also can we plz get different in game color tags for Lore vs Story so I know who to antagonize proper))
  2. Rest well and I hope you find more time for the things you enjoy on this break.
  3. Super based, almost makes me wish I could give your kidney back...
  4. Objectively I think I'd prefer if they were unable to be re-cursed once purged instead of unable to be purged again if purged in the past, but I'm also biased.
  5. Ratcliffe absolutely malds at the fact parakeets are shown separately from parrots despite also BEING parrots themselves. He crosses his arms, furious that he is mute and unable to read or write, therefore unable to make a snarky remark to the author.
  6. First Valannor got the lore posts going on now you fucks sake +1 cool
  7. "Shut up, you're literally an ugly ***** that no one likes. Go back to your dwarf and keep sinning in the name of mixing curses." Grumbles Lydia, annoyed at all of the proclamations posted all over the current land in recent months, opting to toss this one in a tavern's fireplace. "Absolutely tiresome, the greed of pseudo Canonists." The Fatherist sighs.
  8. A 'Thill paladin holds the missive in one hand, her daughter, Ella, propped up against her opposite hip. "This, oem'ii, is why we do not subscribe to the Canonist church. Faith is good, ti, but the church has been corrupt since before the time I was born. After all, look at how long they left the geist, Hound, haunting their Haeseni church, despite Haense's belief that they're the most pious of the Canonist valah." A pause, her head tilts, recalling the geist she had fought against several times and purged the curses of at least twice. She would be lying had she claimed she had not grown fond of the beast, forever missing it to some extent. "You need only glorify the Creator, not his servants on the mortal plane such as a corruptible pontiff. Xan, on the other hand, will only demand your service as proof of your devotion and faith...that is, should you follow the path most of those in your talonn'ii have." @TheIchorDruid
  9. @Narthok 's war rules will always be my favorite, soz.
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