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  1. Most every healing spell has an emote requirement currently to my knowledge, regardless of if it is used in combat or not. I would say that Heralds should only be able to positively affect heralds (They have a spell for Ordained that allow them to heal other heralds) + azdrazi and not outsiders, making their spells already niche and making this spell fit that direction they're intended for. Emotes for healing spells should be long, else they end up abused in my opinion. I would be fine with making it a combat spell if that community wants that, but since you need full focus to cast it, I don't think you should be able to do it mid fight, i.e. when you're being attacked, which is how I view the difference between combat vs non-combat.
  2. Renuz (Non-combat) An Ordained Herald may utilize this word to send forth their draan into a nephilim’s flesh and bind closed non-fatal wounds. This requires four or more emotes.
  3. Aobh, who had been known as Adelith when she knew Andria, would weep once the news had reached her. She had not known her fellow Elder well but Andria had been an important part of her journey when she was newly Embered. It is better to live to fight another day sometimes. The Elder had told her, back when Aobh was head strong and foolish as all young mortals are, believing themselves invincible. It was Andria who had given her the courage to leave fights when necessary- it was that advice that had seen Aobh grow old enough to unify the Paladins for the first time in generations, fully unify. Andria had left her mark on every generation. Aobh did not know the details of the Elder's demise, but if she had she would have cursed her son's name, just as her once husband had cursed their son's name a thousand times, just as she had done a hundred more. Instead, oblivious to the cause, she poured a bottle of her beloved alcohol out and lit a candle, held her own quiet vigil for the dead paladin. _____________________________________ She is dead, and you are not. Over the coming days many will wonder what our Lord meant by this. The words echoed in Aeolus' mind for the rest of the night. He was bruised, heavily so, and exhausted, yet when he closed his eyes all he could see was Andria at the base of the chancery, lifeless. All he could hear were her words to Elarhil. Sleep did not come easily that night, or for several after. The sins of his past taunted him. Elena and Laurissa's words mocked him when the rest failed to haunt him. Aeolus the Apostate. The once Paladin. Xan's wayward son. He's lucky we haven't kicked him from the keep for what he's done. One question remained when the rest faded away. What did their Lord mean by sparing him?
  4. To be honest I think it should work like magic a bit, three emotes for the first one (magic connection/getting the bow out comparison) and then two after, so 3 emotes for your first bow shot, two for the following ones. I also like samler's suggestion of fewer/more emotes for different types of bows. Alternatively, let archers have further block movement per emote to help them stay out of melee, i.e. 6 blocks instead of four or something.
  5. You kill and do so with little hesitation You orate You ponder Only one thing was left to test, attachment... The stench of the Arch-Enemy clings to you like a shroud, but the choice is not mine. Duty unto Death, and Beyond. Aeolus, once of Khamees, would be oblivious to the prophecy or vision. Locked away in an unfamiliar room, he stares at the wall with a deadened gaze and sunken cheeks, having refused food for days. Bloody marks from his fingernails have scabbed over where his heart rests. An occasional weak sob escapes him. "Please let me die." He was the example of a crime he did not know existed. Yet never would he be able to blame the deity he'd served for a century, half of it in secret and without an Ember to fuel his journey. Never could he turn his back. Nor could he let the sun set. It was the dying vow of who he had been.
  6. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8fhE2V_JCus

    We were waiting for signals of love
    But you were cold and I guess you'd had enough
    Spoke your name, I felt your pain
    Saw my soul leave this room like it was sick of me
    I had this look on my face like I was thinking just
    Take me away
    I'll never change
    Take me away
    I will never change
    My father was broken and low
    And I saw a side that he'd never shown
    So many secrets he'd kept
    Crossed my heart and hoped to die
    You know I fought so hard and held my pride
    I wish you knew my thoughts and heard my voice
    'Cause I was tied in knots but stood with poise
    Take me away
    I will never change


    1. rukio


      (reko is a based artist btw you should comm them)

  7. No it really is especially when they had legit undead monks trick or treating !_! Also every night shouldn't be girls night!!! Men matter!!! :^) I am clearly a man therefore I am not a pick me
  8. As my bf's little femboy and an avid gay larper/rper "No."

    When I die **** it I wanna go to hell

    cause I'm a piece of shit it ain't hard to ******* tell


    Well, hey, I guess it's my turn (okay)
    When I come around these bi tches better fuckin' learn (wassup?)
    Pour milk into the ashes, then I drink it out the urn (huh?)
    Live fast, die young, 'til I crash and I burn (huh, huh?)
    To do it better, make me, your hands is lookin' shaky
    Last boy tried to do a hit and he missed (haha)
    Shot him in the mouth and now he talk just like this (okay)
    Life's short, death's long, so whatever (arf)

    1. Reckless Banzai Screamer

      Reckless Banzai Screamer

      What did you mean by this rukiiioooooo?

  11. If only mods had the balls to ban you for your weird obsession w/ Ryloth, man
  12. I just wanted to play a brain dead hyena, it was the closest thing :3c
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