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  1. rukio

    Fliers Pinned seeking Conjurationist, pay for work.

    “Evark...?” Lily would squint, knowing that all of the shops he owned were Evocress goods shops.
  2. Why hate on bandits when very few people try to make it an enjoyable experience for both sides? Especially road side bandits. Why do people who are doing villainy get punished if they give bad roleplay but the people they’re attacking, to my knowledge, don’t get slapped for poor quality roleplay? Would love to hear opinions on this from both sides. . .

    1. Skyrunner


      Well in my opinion, the villain is the one who initiates the rp and is more responsible if they rp badly. The Villain RPer wants this RP to happen, and they are more likely to have fun just from the initiation. The victim of Villainy Rp however has been tossed into this RP largely to no fault of their Charecter’s actions. While I feel bad rp should be frowned upon, I don’t think being punished for being bad at RP unless you are Metagaming or Powergaming of course. However since Villainy rp creates a disruption to the normal flow of rp, it is more regulated. If you put low effort into a scenario you initiate you should be punished for it.

    2. Lumiin


      its very hard to provide good roleplay to someone who is unwilling and just wants to do anything in ther possible power to keep their character safe.

      defenders/victims have as much responsibility in upholding an interactive and fun roleplay environment as bandits do.

  3. You say we’re friends, I don’t think so

  4. rukio

    To the Mali'aheral of Aegrothond

    “He was a good person.” Lily would nod in agreement. “May he rest in peace.” She’d smile.
  5. rukio

    To the Mali'aheral of Aegrothond

    Lily tilts her head after she looks around, unable to even see the top of Elrith’s head. “Strange....” She’d mutter to herself. “I thought Elrith died a long time ago...”
  6. rukio

    How’d you get your Username?

    I’m just a fan of names that start with the letter ‘R’. There’s an alternative spelling to the character Lukio from Leo the Lion (original Lion King zzz)’s name where they spell it ‘Rukio’, but I wasn’t aware until after I picked the name. I’ve had the name so long I don’t really remember why I put those specific letters together and got that specific name. The 13 is because I just like the number 13. Very aesthetically pleasing to me as a person because you can get 4 from 1 + 3 and 4 is a really good number. 👌
  7. rukio

    7.0 - Vaults and You

    But my AIDs potion Flam...it’s very important....
  8. rukio

    7.0 - Vaults and You

    I’ve had a sword that I’ve taken to defend every raid for several weeks. Very special to me now. Also my GM listed stuff from old days. Also my cure to AIDs potion. . . very important item. Heck u dude wtf
  9. rukio

    The Withdrawal of the Rosnian People

    Astrid’s face would be sullen as she cleans the blood from her sword. “I killed Kenswey for you, Thoromir. May you rest in peace...and may he stay dead.” With that she limps across her room, recalling the young elf that was cut down in the throne room. “Cassian Nria.” She’d say to no one. “Rest in peace, young one.”
  10. rukio

    Change in Knoxist Dogma!

    “shut up.” Wither says, remembering Knox from her youth.
  11. rukio

    Kahloola's Event Team Actor application

    -1 I’m not sure how you aren’t staff blacklisted already. You could never adhere to staff conduct rules.