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    This was the beauty of Axios fast travel at hubs/other fast travels at cities. You could just...run through every cart to look for activity within 10-15 minutes per hub and find where people were RPing without /locals being necessary.
  2. Nestled beneath the starry sky of Acre, a pallid man would read...and read...and read. On and on the writing went, yet in this ever-darkened land there was naught else to do but to read, and to think, and think he did. Long and hard on the words written did he ponder, and once the essay had been read in full, over his torso and armored head would he sign the Lorraine. "For we are not the villains, even if those who came before were." He'd say softly before settling it away to continue his silent study of that which was forever out of reach, ever waiting for a letter that may never come.
  3. In a faraway land a levy man grew despondent at the news. "He'll be going back to the ocean now, I'm sure of it...I'll never see him again. But, that was what I wanted, wasn't it?" On and on he patrolled, however, though his thoughts stayed with the Ibarellans, especially Earendel. "May Illarion make a full recovery." He'd pray softly in the canonist church. The next morning a cheesecake would mysteriously be boxed outside Illarion's door with a 'get well soon' note attached.
  4. Nehtamo idly rubs the side of his face while contemplating the missive. Eventually, he'd turn to Elesul, posing a question to her. "Do you think allowing homosexuality would help prevent bastards being born, which seems to be the issue they're facing...?" He'd let the question linger before folding the notice away. @Valannor
  5. Rarely did that blue eyed 'Thill shed tears. Not when he was tortured for months by humans. Not when Haelun'or banished him. Nor when his mother and father disowned him. Yet, on the night that Remon met his end, Nehtamo wept. "If the future had been known... If death were the end... What would be done different in life? Some men say there is no judgement after death. But among everything under heaven, what comes to an end without balancing? The body returns to the earth, the breath returns to the lungs, the fruit returns to the tree, and the mind returns to Asioth." He whispered, shutting the book and departing, a singular letter left with a bird in an aviary. No longer would the ticking of legs echo in his ears and for that he wept. For the life cut short, he grieved. For the friend not yet known, he ached.
  6. "How the spider's web is spun ever further on...how fate ripples with every action." Mused Nehtamo upon reading the missive. "Everything in balance, everything in turn, the world will go on and on...ever spiraling, ever misunderstood." Folding it away, however, he would begin to dust off his levyman's armor from the days of Acre's rebellion, contemplative.
  7. Aobh held her youngest child close, humming a soft song to the girl after their most recent fall while playing. The missive was spread among the rest on the table, gaze briefly going to her husband as he cooked dinner, a contented smile forming on the paladin's visage then. "I'm glad we've both moved on. May this union be better for him, Xan knows his heart always belonged to Haelun'or." Thereafter, her attention turned to the child once more, regaling the young Lorelei with tales of Xan's chosen.
  8. 1. Their name. Princess Helene Stiboricz 2. Some incidents. Only person to ever make a NAP (non-aggression pact) with halflings. Secured NAPs with most of the world when Oren and Haense wanted to conquer Rubern because she made a vow to her father on his death bed. Outplayed Oren at every turn. Died young. 3. What they look like. (not my art, just from pinterest) 4. How they act like. Selfless, devoted ruler beyond her refusal to surrender to Oren and Haense. Well-spoken and thoughtful, a gentle soul who wanted nothing more than peace for her people and for a war torn Arcas to finally heal.
  9. It still makes me sad that mr. Frill got shot originally for posting the same logs that months later got a nonce TOS'd from LotC. Unjust.
  10. How was your day though

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      no more daily hospital visits

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      Bless, let's hope it stays that way friendo

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