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  1.  Godric n Edyth be like 

  2. ”Aye, forgive me if your men attempting to burn down the barn Thora and I were in left a bitter taste in my mouth while I had no memory of who I was. Forgive me if you believe myself killing the man who rallied Reivers to coup our father is betrayal. Forgive me if being called a monster by your own wife and watching my niece be told to run so I wouldn’t ‘kill’ her, purely because I looked at her and offered her a baked good, made me feel unsafe and hated within the walls where I grew up. Forgive me if everyone, my own mother included, has always had an unsubstantiated fear of me being a ruthless killer, even as a young child. You claim I abandon faith and family, but tell me one time I have held a sword against anyone except to defend someone weaker than myself. In fact, tell me of any time I have held a sword since I was captured by Flemius and Augustus. Prove to me one time I have abandoned the faith of our father and his father. I will not claim that my time in the south hasn’t changed me, but you bring baseless accusations of betrayal to my faith and family against me with no truth or evidence to prove them, then simply brush it away as my time in the south changing me. And...as you, yourself, said, we do not kneel. I have asked my forgiveness, I have made my offerings to my paragon.”
  3. Edyth would appear visibly confused, having not swapped sides since her capture and return to Morsgrad. ”Have you seen my sword held against you in a battlefield? Have you heard me speak ill of you and my other siblings? Then again, you’ve probably been listening to Solvi, who seems to have quarrel with me after I insulted her for burning her hands every time she’s upset like an angsty youth, who also believes me to swap sides as often as the wind blows, purely because I asked why she would abandon family and faith for Tyr.” She would shake her head at her brother. “And how dare you question my loyalty to the faith. It wasn’t me who married a Canonist. And it’s not my daughter who roams the southern roads because her father is absent.” She huffs, struggling to breathe, clearly angry.
  4. ”But Swifty was just fighting with Haense a Saint’s Day ago...he was once a Haenseman.” Edyth would say, recalling her past interactions with Swifty. ”Though...I suppose the war changes people, and perhaps he’s found fault with them.” Brow furrowed, she’d recall the circumstances after the meeting. ”I hope you can really trust Ruswick...”
  5. I feel like current staff forget that we have inboxes on the forums and you can message people there and ask them what’s up when they act up/etc.
  6. To nit-pick a bit, I haven’t seen you involved in day to day conflicts recently so I feel like you’re a bit out of touch on it. I think there would be fewer issues w/ conflict etc if we did actually add more mods who are conflict based, esp. pvp mods, instead of mods who are higher pexed CT.
  7. Also, Telanir, I don’t need you sympathetic to my cause. It genuinely made my nose bleed from how badly it damaged my brain. Please have someone else give me warnings for your posts, as you should be unbiased and detached from your content~!
  8. I cant wait to get kidnapped from another nation tile by a raid group over the cap and get killed irp, pk, then see them punished 2 months later for rule breaking, if at all because I’m not a fan of BRs :3
  9. @GodEmperorFlam Holy **** my notifications 

  10. ”Are you returning to the titles and ways of a Kingdom, then?” Edyth would ask her older brother. ”I thought father hated the notion of a Nordish kingdom...so why return to it?” Her tone was of genuine curiosity.
  11. rukio


    “Perhaps as a priest you should welcome them into your temple and keep them off of the roads instead of trying to mock the duke, you spineless rodent.” A feminine voice, figure masked behind an old style Norlandic helm, would respond.
  12. rukio


    “The Ruberni girl you speak of is also a CHILD.” Edyth scowls. ”And she does have the moral high ground. The side she chose isn’t the one killing children. We all die, aye, but those kids never even had a chance to LIVE. You’ve turned a war meant to prove independence and avenge a killed man into a disgusting moral-less void of hatred and death. You’ve no honor.” With that, Edyth lifted her weapon for perhaps the last time, preparing to defend the city she had once hated so, in spite of her struggles to breathe. [!] A note would be left where she had once spent many hours reading beneath the Ash tree.
  13. rukio


    “And you kill children!” A rare tone and expression escapes Edyth, one of sheer disgust and hatred. “Innocent children who have done NOTHING to you. Even your High Keeper finds disgust in these actions. If you believe the slaughter of children is ever excusable, perhaps you’re the poisoned one.”
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