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  1. Sur l'océan couleur de fer
    Pleurait un choeur immense
    Et ces longs cris dont la démence
    Semble percer l'enfer

    Et puis la mort, et le silence
    Montant comme un mur noir
    ...Parfois au loin se laissait voir
    Un feu qui se balance

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      Wish status updates worked and the song would load 😞https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=waGDKnFv_Vg


  2. Heard ur as hairy as a gorilla, can u confirm?
  3. ”If only Boniface wouldn’t lock me in the church.” Elene frowns. tapping the now barred off entrance to the church. “I might be able to read it.”
  4. rukio

    The Burden of Guilt

    Goodbye little sister, for today you have died. You are a Ruric, be a Ruric. We're not like Godric and Lyanna, we're our mother's children. I can’t wait to kill those Morsgrad pagans I love you Edyth What would your new Haense friends say if they found out who you really were? You’re under my protection, they can’t hurt you anymore. Ride back to your new people, I'll speak with Augustus Edyth, daughter, you are my pride and joy You're a brat who changes sides like the wind changes direction I love you She's a traitor, don't trust her I trust you but you’ll have to earn their trust again What is your name, really, is it Edyth or is it Marlow? You’ve been lying to us. He's the enemy, we have to kill him Edyth I'm proud of you, private Marlow How could you abandon us? Baerin spoke of you when he died. Baerin died because you failed him. How could a family do that to one of their own We'll get revenge dont worry Marlow You have to stop getting hurt When will you have babies? I can’t wait to be a godmother! You're a dear friend You've betrayed everyone Dying is the coward’s way out Choosing life is cowardly Face your fate Live a slave or die a soldier Live as an Ash or die a Ruric Live. I wanted to live. But why? Cold sweat on her brow, Edyth awoke from her sleep, a violent shiver controlled her. Hands pressed to her face, fingertips pressing dangerously at her eyes, she sat up in bed. A small whimper escaped her throat, eyes glistened from tears she had fought many times before. With a trace of lingering hesitation, she rose from the bed, the sky outside dark, the room cold. Wordlessly, Edyth descended the stairs. Quietly, she opened the front door, stepped out into the night, and shut it gently behind herself. Goodbye, my love. The thought lingered in her mind, brought hesitation to her footsteps. For a moment she imagined that she could feel his embrace, hear his laugh, see his figure behind her. Yet he was no longer enough to beat back the grief that clouded her mind, it seemed no one was. Sick of heart and body, she was no longer half living, or quarter living. She was simply a bag of bones held together by accursed flesh and a mind which hounded her with all she had done wrong. The sight of Qaz’s execution burned in her mind. His voice trailed after her, his words a poison afflicting her soul, spurred further guilt. Hope had once led her to life, as guilt now guided her to death. Father, please. Life scares me. A fever ailed Edyth and she briefly considered the river as she walked along its shore. The thought was quickly dismissed, her journey was not to end at this river. Vaguely, at a distance, the sound of her footfalls breached her mind. Thorns and brush from a long unused path cut at her feet. Yet she was numb, and it all felt so very far away. Without moonlight, dull eyes locked upon the familiar glow of fire. The Ash Tree’s fire was slowly fading away for the season. The place of her birth, Pinemarch, surrounded her, the memories it held eased her mind, if only briefly. A length of rope, scavenged from one of the long abandoned buildings, found its way to her hands. I’m so tired. I think I’ll rest a while. Edyth Alvara Capulei 30th of The Grand Harvest 1726 - 8th of The Deep Cold 1752
  5. ”Treahgen not protected.” Elene would say, reading the act, shaking her head to her brother. “Would enjoy see them oppress. Or try, rather.” She grins.
  6. Elene sharpens her sword, preparing to avenge Pontian III’s death, should she find the killer.
  7. Edyth, weeping in a self imposed solitude for a week, grieves for the man who she had known most of her life. ”I will never forget your lessons, may you rest well in death, Titus.”
  8. ”Seems like only yesterday they were being born.” Edyth would smile, though coughing, as she remained housebound, issues from her old wounds continuing to plague her health.
  9. Elene simply shakes her head after squinting to read the writing. ”Their last fight was fought valiantly, honorably, in an effort to rescue their leader. I can’t fault them for that, but what they did before...I can never forgive.”
  10. All I’m saying is that someone needs to have a chat w/ some of these 6’0 110 lb egirl RPers. Your character is on the verge of DEATH.

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      anyone wanna order a pizza

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      @ARCHITECUS order?!? My dude I work at THE Papa Johns. If you play your cards right, I may just give you this a heart pizza for Valentines Day 😉

  11. [!] The journey was long, nearly as challenging as the Trial of Fire they had set sail to complete. A few, new to the land of Arcas, had set sail months and years before the rest, eager to begin a new life away from the harsh living conditions of Vyranni. Now the final longboats had arrived, their journey taking several months, their stay in Vyranni longer as they sought to learn more of the old ways, to serve their gods better. Figures clad in purple and white armor disembark the boats. Mournstone has returned A painting of the most recent Trial of Fire, on the homeland of Vyranni –------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Issued by Lily Greythorn on the 7th of The Grand Harvest, 1752 –------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ I, Lily Mournstone, Lady-Matriarch of the House Mournstone, hereby declare that from this day forth any and all titles Balerion II Mournstone claimed prior under the name of Mournstone are returned, as well as any claim he holds to the Mournstone bloodline. Balerion II Mournstone, alongside his siblings and cousins have completed their Trial of Fire, marking them all as adults as per our tradition. Of those who partook in the hunt and subsequent ritual, those named below are of Mournstone: Of Gaius’ line: Decimus Mournstone Voldrik IV Mournstone Hektor II Mournstone Valeria III Mournstone Balerion II of Mournstone Of Lily’s line: Elene ‘of Ash’ Greythorn Alaric II Greythorn Aein Mournstone May they continue the traditions of old and raise the future generations the same –------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Within the Writ disowning Balerion II, I had cited the Mournstone sword being pledged to the house of Ruthern. While I trust my line will follow my example, Voldrik IV of Gaius Mournstone is now a patriarch in his own right, having proven himself both on and off of the battlefield to be worthy of leading. As such, he is free to pledge his line to any lord he sees fit. May the old gods guide him, heart and mind, to what is right for his family. –------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ I, Lily Mournstone, Lady-Matriarch of the House Mournstone, hereby declare that from this day forth Albrecht Mournstone is disowned no longer. The crimes of Valencia, her sins, and her attempts to cover them up, will stain his name no longer. May the old gods guide him, heart and mind, to what is right for his family. Family Before Power, Lily Greythorn –------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ [!] A large Eurasian Eagle Owl would take flight across Arcas, reaching each of the newly returned Mournstones in turn, a note for each bound to his leg. It would read as follows: Welcome to your new home, I hope your journey to Arcas was not too hard. During your years away I have received word of your deeds, both good and bad. You have all made me proud to call you Mournstones and I hope you will take pride in both your own works and those of your house. I pray that the old gods will see fit to keep you all together, that they will guide you to value your traditions. Of your deeds, I wished to compliment each of you on your efforts in Vyranni: Decimus: You quickly grasped the language and the religion of old, which is no small feat. Voldrik IV: Your leadership skills were highly praised, well done. Hektor II: Your skill in battle is said to bring honor to your namesake which is no small thing to accomplish. Valeria III: Your bravery and knowledge brought great comfort to your family members. Continue to be a shining light, guiding them to what is right. Balerion II: You have learned to become humble, to seek the wisdom of others and not act selfishly. I am proud to call you Mournstone once more. Aein: I hear your meads are said to be blessed by the gods themselves, for how much effort and dedication you give your chosen trade. I hope to see you continue this on Arcas. Elene: The youngest of those who fought in the Trial of Fire, you were said to show no fear, even when wounded. Do what is right, do what brings honor, as you were raised. Alaric II: Your skill in the crafts, your kind heart, was not unnoticed by those who inhabit our lands. May the gods continue to bless you, may your skills continue to improve. Sigr Pha Odweg, Lily Greythorn
  12. Edgar smiles at the essay. ”L-let them fear our wrath. B-but don’t be consumed b-by it, right mister J-jexton?”
  13. It’s not your fault

    It’s my own fault

    i’m not human at all

    I have no heart


    At all


    We’re not human at all

    We have no heart

  14. Elene sips some ale after she hears of the debate. “I’ll be sure to attend.”
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