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  1. I'll give you $20 if you reply to this status

  2. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sOCkHTCe8rg

    I heard you ******* was looking for me (***** here I go!)
    I heard you was looking for me
    If you're looking for a rat queen
    I'll **** you and all your best friends up right now
    I'm with whatever, best believe ain't been no hoe in me, ever

    I'ma **** you up better
    Little hoe can't keep her mouth closed, keep thinking she clever
    Y'all ain't dolls, y'all knock offs
    ***** you just a jump off
    Biting my ****, jump off

  3. "What a shame." Ezyl would hum out in one of their many voyages into the icy wasteland behind Haense. "I really wanted to learn what that was all about." They'd rub the side of their face idly, frowning at the strange but fascinating totem, which had, apparently, been burned since their last visit. "It were a cute farm. Can't have anything nice in these new lands I reckon."
  4. Put the profile pics back how they belong or so help me 

  5. With a lowered head Anna had knelt in prayer. With fervor she had prayed there, for her husband, for their children, for the others of their family, for GOD to continue to bless the land of Providence. With silent steps the intruder had entered, had crossed that threshold where she knelt. Her end was almost swift. The blade had found its place between her ribs, found its place within her lung. A short struggle, a toppling of her beloved books. The once painfully organized room left in disarray. My husband... Our children.. GOD how could you let me leave them so soon…
  6. Ratcliffe would begin to sign up, see these names, stop, think nevermind, and scurry away.
  7. rukio

    Stress break

    Enjoy your break but... I find it better to leave quietly than to try to throw others under the bus. The truth always comes out.
  8. Disc: .IGN: witherlySkin: MythosBid: 155
  9. Disc: u have it IGN: Witherly Skin name: Mythos Bid: 105
  10. disc: pm for it IGN: witherly skin name: Mythos bid: 45
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