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  1. [Player Report] Devvy

    You don't even play anymore!!!!! Also. Don't bully my FMs @Edel!!!
  2. [Actor]Lumiin

  3. FM team is recruiting and all that jazz.

    1. Show previous comments  4 more
    2. DrakeHaze.


      can i join to remove my own warning points and quit? I dont want to police forum fun soz

    3. rukio


      I'm not applying for lead lmao @chardiddler

    4. chardiddler


      still hope u get it

  4. Who would win the knight or the old man

    1. rukio
    2. TheSilentBestMeme


      That one screamer with the glitched carbum warhammer.

    3. Keefy


      The Hyena with a bike

  5. sometimes darkness can show you the light

    Amaryllis would sniff upon hearing the news of Nyn's departure. "Thought she and Hareven were in love." She muses to herself as she carves an arrowhead. A half grin forms on the right side of her face. Flicking her glance up to the night sky, Amaryllis sighs, her voice quiet. "But I understand all the same Nynaeve, sometimes our hearts remain hung up on one person. I don't blame you, though I wish you'd not hurt him that way." The cannibal's arm then twitches as she resumes her never ending toil of making arrows. "Lost too many people, that poor dwarf has."
  6. Bonus profession

    As someone above said, you need 250 hours on the current map to unlock your bonus profession.
  7. Why not play farfoolk, es nice.

    Too many memes, even for me. As well, my character hates the desert/heat, so it's just unfortunate overall.
  8. [Eletric Evocation] [MA] Dewlox

  9. [Accepted] Darklores FM Application

  10. [Accepted] Devvy's FM App

  11. [Accepted] Mateolog's FM Application 2.0

  12. [✗] [Ban appeal] CansofXans

    Friendly reminder to not post on ban reports or appeals that you are not listed as being involved in.