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  1. Bias this Bias that. The only bias I have is for my king 

  2. Give them booters.
  3. Forever missing the homie...

    1. Fie


      stop i miss the homie too :(

  4. The Arknight must have graduated at least one student to an archetype OR administered the Initiate trials of a prospective Paladin until their completion. This is not what I wanted when I told you it needed a change.... just remove the requirement to progress a new person altogether. It just adds bloat players to an already very popular magic.
  5. Field medic and doctor, Aobh, snorts in amusement. "I had a pass to practice medicine in all of those except Krugmar before they passed this. Good luck stopping me if you can't catch me."
  6. If people don't like you OOCly they will simply actively shun you by ignoring your RP regardless of if they know you personally or not. The server isn't big enough for most people to be real "strangers" unless one is new.
  7. I feel like this mentality is part of what is wrong with LotC. Magic shouldn't have to be spread super far. If people don't want to take a student they shouldn't have to. Its why I argued for the lore change to Paladinism, to remove the TA requirements to progress from t4 to t5. You just add a lot of bloat in the player base by forcing the magic to grow in players. Though, I'm not saying people should pull a dragonroost and write magics to make their characters more powerful, but making it so you have to have x people with a TA after y months isn't it imo.
  8. Imagine the state of magic and alchemy etc if STs couldn't have MAs/TAs/CAs....

    1. Venomous_Pup


      But what would be the point of being on ST!!!

  9. Not a fan of them only being able to wear half plate. Let them wear full plate. - This spell may go through gaps in armor or entirely through chainmail to catch onto the skin beneath, as it is a stream of malflame. Gaps in armor/visors? yes. Through chainmail? No. How will it be handled when everyone argues that they are wearing clothes/gambeson under their plate/chain/etc to prevent being attacked by malflame?
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