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Debates Section Rules

Debates Section Rules


Welcome to the Debates Forum. Discussion of controversial topics should be posted in this subforum. All content must go through an approval process by the Forum Team before it is able to be seen by the public. This means that it may be a few days before the thread is public, however you and the server staff will still have the ability to view it. 
Failure to comply to the rules of this subforum may result in your thread's) or post(s) getting hidden or punishment accordingly.
Rules of the Debates Subforum

1- All LotC rules (https://www.lordofthecraft.net/forums/topic/152605-the-rules/) still apply here.

2- Respect and keep an open mind to each other’s beliefs and ideas.

3- Avoid intentionally provoking arguments, starting “flamewars”; and posting clearly inflammatory, degrading, or abusive content.

4- In compliance with the main Forum Rules, personal targeting or harassment will not be tolerated in the debates section, posters who participate in said targeting or harassment will be subject to punishment at the discretion of the Forum Team.

5- All posts must be constructive and contribute to the discussion. Inform and explain, but do not try to persuade others to agree with your thoughts.

6- Keep discussions on topic, and refrain from posting videos, memes or other content that may distract from the topic at hand.


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