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  1. *examines the note, smirking, she says to herself, "I'm sure I could do this job, at an excellent standard. I'd better contact this man soon." She then proceeds to send a bird with a note firmly tied around the leg to the noted contact, reading, "My name is Catherine Sezarius, I've seen your notice and would like to take you up on this job offer, I should hope to arrange a meeting soon." OOC: Masterful stonemason, means i can make thanic dust quickly. Which is used to make thanic treated leather, which is used to create witch hunter armour. However you need an adequate tinker to make thanic studs, you may be mistaken in needing a stonemason.
  2. sketched my character roughly, the colouring is crap but hey ho. Ignore the desc... :watchout:


  3. I know dragonmaster, hot stuff 

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