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  1. Dakirennis

    [✗]The Aspects Hold No Sway Over Mortalkind

    Cant WC a corpse
  2. Dakirennis

    Gates of Silver Open

    The old Okarir'ker closes his eyes as he listens to the southern winds. "I wonder how our zaboth'riip cousins are in their far citadel. I do hope at least one of the elder bloodlines at least takes the mantle of Sohaer. Then they may yet stand a chance to keep themselves from infighting..." He says sounding rather melancholy, memories of old high elven tea times coming to mind.
  3. Dakirennis

    The Dawn of the Red-Cloak Inquisition

    Dak'ir pinches the bridge of his nose at the news of the new Virarim pincushions. "Khel's balls, these organizations are getting old now. So many seeming to forget we've fight alongside humanity for ages now. Burn your humans that mate with elves. I'd happily burn any elves that mate with humans if that makes their short lived lives feel a little better. They spit on their own Ancestors in this sad copy the proud Kaedrin men of old."
  4. Dakirennis

    An Immediate Ancestor

    The old, tired 'Ker watched from the nearby foothills. Pride swelling in his chest as another of his kin realize the true path of their people, mumbling to himself a small mantra. "Afar Ilzgul, brother. Witness what was once lost to our people and help me guide our kin so that this paradise is never lost to them again..."
  5. Dakirennis

    Reviving the Angathgul: The Naakh'Ilzgul

    The old lutauman rattled in his hazy den. Puffing his pipe he recalled a time of incline for shamanic ways. A camp of all kinds worshiping and praising the Spirits. Totems and shrines dotting the mountains side and cohorts of shaman roaming the land together in an effort to preserve balance. A time would come once again for the Spirits to rise. “Afar Ilzgul, Lup Ilzgul.”
  6. Dakirennis

    Let The Horns of Fury Reign

    Dak'ir raises his staff high in the square of Caras Eldar, his kin screaming their praises in honor in King and country. A proud day for elven kind came with the setting sun and finally perhaps, the elves could know a time of peace. "Our Ancestors smile upon us this day my kin! Let the world know we do not fear the green tide of Krug! Hail to the King! Let peace reign in the realm once more!"
  7. Dakirennis

    ~ * Valleinor - Land of Water * ~

    Dak'ir smiles wearily as a unity of Onyx, Bronze, and Silver begins anew.
  8. Dakirennis


    A sour old shaman sits in his den, milling about his usual business of mixing herbs and writing in tomes. History had always been a focus of the old 'Ker and as he stuck new books into old shelves, he came across an old journal that he'd written during the time of the Fringe. The first page being a old map roughly scribbled by him when he was but a young mercenary lad. His hand dragged across the page over the various locations before noticing one in particular. Huntshill, home of the Satfyr family and the location of one of Dak'ir's first battles along side Orenian bannermen. An evening storm of arrows and a long bout with dwemer forces, it was a fond memory the old dark elf liked to recall... Fighting alongside the honest men of the "Wheat King".
  9. Dakirennis

    The Rising Sun, The Stag, and The Stone

    Dak'ir wandered the mire of mud and blood and steel supported by his staff, muttering to himself in a strange tongue. A haze seemed to permeate from the shaman as he traversed over the bodies of Bronze and Iron that all lay here as equals in death. Their souls having left their bodies to go on to paradise or wander lost for eternity. Dak'ir puffs his pipe idly as crow and raven cawed over head for the feast to come. Reaching the edge of the battle field and withdrawing into the forest, he concludes his prayers. "May the sons of Krug find solace in Stargûsh’Stroh. May the sons of Bronze dwell in their Eternal Forest. Your Ancestors will find you all. And may Freygoth take this waste and breathe forest anew for the sons and daughters of Malin."
  10. Dakirennis

    Clan Des'Nox

    Clan Des'Nox ~ ~ In Midnight Clad Origin and History Rooting from Aegis, the Maki'ker of Des'Nox were originally a nomadic clan. While they tended to keep to the elven lands, they were almost hermit-like with their caution of outsiders, new members only joining after marrying into the family. As roamers, most children of Des'Nox grew up learning to hunt and craft things that could be sold for the betterment of the clan. Some member even selling their services as mercenaries. However over time the main family line found it’s way back into the fold of the elven people, even assuming the reigns of leadership over the dark elves for a few centuries and bringing them back into Ancestral and Spiritualism after their own awakening. From the days of the Fringe until this very day, the Des'Nox seek to enlighten and protect their people, as watchers in the night. Ancestral Awakening Not long after the Des’Nox assumed control over their people from the hands of the Old Families under the banner of Haelun’or, an estranged priestess joined their settlement preaching Khel’s old ways of the Ancestors. The seeds of elder tradition having been planted, Clan Patriarch Dak’ir began to seek out any and all historical information. So far was he in his devotion that he pledged his life to these ways, learning to communicate with them to voice their wishes via the teachings of honored orcish shamans. The ‘Ker soon learnt more of his people… long forgotten histories, names, and eldritch orders. And soon began preach the Old Ways and brought the word of the Ancestors to the dark elven people once again. But of course those of his family would also become devout followers and over the decades various orders devoted to them were created. But the traditions of the Ordinators have held firm with the family. Members becoming strange priests or zealous warriors that don the gold colored plate and enforce the will of the Ancestors. Vindication Inspired by visions and sights of Ancestors that donned golden chitten and once protected the ancient dark elven homelands, Dak’ir created the Ordinators strive to enforce that same safety and to spread the will of the Ancestors with sometimes vicious zeal. Members of Clan Des’Nox sometimes take personal oaths to the Ancestors before taking the golden face. Their armors marked with hanging scrolls with these written sacred oaths, trophies from battles or heretical purges, or idols made in dedication to their favored Spirits. The sons and daughters of the night favor Luara and Kor the most for their connection to the dark elven people, bestowing many offerings and prayers to these Spirits. The Des'Nox clan venerate the Ancestors above all else. They pray or reflect on the actions of their forebears for guidance. However in the recent centuries Spiritualism has become more prevalent, the clan favoring Luara and Kor the most. As of now, no other belief is accepted within the clan. To turn your back on the Ancestors and the Sprits is to turn your back on your family. Culture The Night The Des'Nox hold a great affinity for the night. As they were originally nomadic, the night offered direction and protection from the usual daylight dangers. But to them, the night was so much more. In concealing themselves, using the stars as guides, and even hunting. To them, the night’s fall was akin to a loving embrace. Watching over them Names The Des'Nox clan has a strange way of naming it's children. They use a combination of syllables from the parent's names as a way of symbolizing the unity between two mates. It's not uncommon for names to be passed down through the generations. (For example: Dak'ir's father was Dak'rezar). Traditionally, the mother's name comes first for their daughters and the father's name would come first for the sons. Full names imply that the member was either a bastard or simply married (or adopted) into the family. This roots from the original clan father’s belief of passion. Des’Nox believe that the effort and care taken to create a child should represent that bond. Hence why the parents names are needed to create the new name. Bastards find themselves with a whole name simple because they are usually raised by a single parent. Those who abandon their children cast out and exiled. Appearance Mali'ker of the Des'Nox prefer to keep their lines as pure as possible. Various shades of crimson highlight their eyes, hair of pure ebony, and their skin a deep grey. All members clad themselves in the colors of the night sky, various blues, silver, and black. Simple clothing or robes being the usual choice of clothing, however some Des'Nox tend to mix plates of armor into their attire as both a means of protection and as a form of fashion. These plates are almost always the same golden color of the Ordinators, to represent that they are always in these honored warriors are always in their minds. Rite of passage In the early to mid teens of young Des'Nox children, they go through a trial to enter adulthood. A simple test of survival and mettle. The clan will simply leave the child or children behind and return for them at a later date. With the only rule really being that you may not follow the clan, some parents will give their child supplies. While helping them is not against the rules, it is more simply frowned upon. For example: Giving your child a knife is nothing compared to giving it a bow and arrows. By giving them supplies, you're seen as not having faith in their abilities to survive. As well, all children must have found ‘a piece of night’ to complete their rites. Celebration Their pleasures are simple. But celebrating is something the clan frequently enjoys. Weather it be the birth of a newborn, the bond between two lovers, or even a successful hunt. A Des'Nox will turn it into a festivity accompanied by tale telling, drinking and music. They often favor string and percussion instruments. Craftsmanship The vagabond clan did what it could to make a living. While most were adept hunters and herbalists, coin was still needed for a living. Most clansmen were skilled cratfers and tailors. From dresses to wooden toys and even carved jewelry, the clan honed their skills for the betterment of the family. Black Stone Bracelets Most notable of their craftsmanship are the simple black stone bracelets most, if not all, Des'Nox are seen wearing. Mainly being something parents gave their children or juveniles gave their allure, it represented their love for that person. They were usually crafted from dark colored rocks, such as onyx or obsidian. The Night Father called these stones ‘pieces of night’ as the clan’s love for the night sky represented in these stones. It was thought that the more beautiful the bracelet, the more that person cared. As the clan was poor, it meant acquiring gems or carving stones would either take a lot of time to find or cost them more than they could afford. As it was mainly given to another as a clan tradition, these bracelets were almost never given to those outside of the clan. Magic Most Des'nox either show open distaste or simply do not care for magic, believing it corrupts the mind. In recent recent years, various shamanisms have become common with their worship of the Spirits coming more into the light. OOC
  11. Dakirennis

    Clan Uuthlini

    The Primarch smiles warmly as the blueberries seemed pop up around the harbor, bringing Dak'ir to thoughts of a simpler time in the war torn Fringe. "The Uuthlini have ever been a welcoming and jovial clan. Arganos watch their progress in this time as he has for centuries."
  12. Dakirennis

    The Velunor Market

    The new market was abuzz with various elven forms and the children of Onyx stirred, carrying their estranged goods to their stalls. Bins of strange spices, colorful mushrooms, and smoked meats of questionable cave beasts brought an exotic aroma into the air all to alien to the other elves but warm and homely to the sons and daughters of ash. Life breathed anew within the harbor as fresh 'Ker faces and elder families seemed to congregate together once more. The elder raven rattled through the market with a warm smile on his face. "Ran hontala latuk, rak."
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    LT Application

    Aww ye.
  15. Merry Christmas from the Rock you degens.