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  1. Aztran had begun to make his journey downward across the sky as the pair trekked their way up the snowy mountain. Perhaps not clear to most people, they followed the small trail that their kin had carefully trodden down to pass the rocky range. The wind blew in a soft lul against the two dark figures. One tall with a black cloak wrapped around him, one hand keeping it secure and the other clutching a staff tightly, both bloodied. The other, while slower, still snaked and weaved around the rocky outcroppings with a predatory movement that would never leave it’s soul, despite his age. The wolf
  2. Beyond Kor’s Gateway sat a familiar face to both the new and now seasoned spirits of Stargûsh’Stroh, his usual haze perpetuating from his being like a soft blanket fog in this primordial realm. He smiled warmly to the two though his somber eyes would reveal his more true feelings. Delighted as he was that they had gone beyond, that the Spirits had watched over them as he had promised these two, he could not help but mourn they passing with grief. Two genuine ‘Ker taken too soon from their kin. But such was the fate of many good ‘Ker over the centuries as he knew, injustice practically being no
  3. Dak’ir sat alone in his camp, speechless as he dropped the letter from the Jusmia clan. A young and bright soul darkened far too soon. “Rest well my apprentice. You deserve it far more than most. And our kin shall know of your deeds and your heart. I shall see you soon.
  4. Dak’ir just thinks the place should just have been razed after Avurak’s passing.
  5. The few days of journey were practically paradise to the ashen kin. The time on the open sea refreshing their spirits as they sang and shared food with their new hitchhiking companions. Tales told upon the deck alongside orcish friends and adventures to hidden isle in search of new beasts and old memories to return home with. Though as always the high seas bring higher dangers as the wrath of a great kraken began to rip it’s way through the flotilla of the descendants.The wrath of nature always posing the greatest threat that they were always ill prepared fo
  6. They had loved their home, fought hard against it’s creatures to secure their safety. But tragedy would befall the ashen kin in their attempts to hide from the eyes of the world from the stout men of stone this time oddly enough. But of course Onyx would endure and move on to greener pastures so to speak, homelier caves perhaps more apt. But they would huddle in their cool cavern’s freshly opened brewery this night to tell the tale of what came after. They sat at various tables and in smoking pits before the weary elder as he thumbed at the bowl his crystalline pipe. A few sat in a pit taking
  7. Dak’ir smiles the Moon’s smile as the dark elven holy land spreads.
  8. Dak’ir smiles alongside the Dalmakia and their hoards within the Ancestral Plane at dark elven prosperity.
  9. Dak’ir rubs his hands together as a new market opens up.
  10. Dak’ir and Daichia have a hearty chuckle.
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