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  1. Valandos Elverhilin smiles proudly from far, far off.
  2. Tfig + the AH has never let me be poor
  3. Anordal Elverhilin believes it’s time for NATO to pay it’s fair share.
  4. Hmu in war thunder some time… Once you stop being a plane player zzzz but, it’s sad to see you go man. Stay in touch.
  5. Ostromir carrion spits out dust. “An alliance between vassals?!?”.
  6. Dakath Ipos, prepares for.. Fun.
  7. Anordal prepares for the Kowabunga that’s about to commence.
  8. Anordal Elverhilin prepares for Arcane Regulation.
  9. In all seriousness though, what was your favorites build doing? what was your favorite group to be apart of who were some notable people you’ve met along the way? And what’s the next stage for your kit?
  10. The Elverhilin Patriarch's eyes bulge at this.
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