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  1. I actually disagree with this amendment. This is an artificial time gate that does nothing but burn people out, and this has not really been a problem so far. Edit. This also does not address the possibility for non heralds to become azdrazi, which is in the current lore.
  2. Whispers of an upcoming merger and acquisition involving $HNSE. May be interesting to consider long positions. . .

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    2. Asutto


      Sorry Lhindir, using insider information to make your trades isn't allowed. The board is gonna have to review this one.

    3. NotEvilAtAll


      Not if I reform Oren first!!!

    4. Pancho


      I wonder how this will affect $AAUN and $VLTZ at the end of the quarter...

  3. I'm honestly amazed Ghouls have returned, good stuff.

    1. _NotChris


      we do a bit of ghouling 

    2. Publius


      you're my fave ghoul xo

    3. TreeSmoothie


      release ostromir from prison

  4. You are epic, True.

  5. Came back pretty recently and so much has changed, see you space cowboy

    1. Lhindir_


      Miss you homie

  6. To be honest? The one kind of rp that I missed out on was setharian era harbingers. I think they were probably the coolest CA and I always enjoyed the Aesthetic they had, which is why I was so excited about Mordring wraiths as they fit into a similar niche. Otherwise? Nah, I dont think I have any regrets or other things I would've participated in. Purple! I think Dibley. Very much enjoyed the kinds of rp he put out, and his vision, and like the impact he left on the server, He's still around and kicking.
  7. Yeah of course! Tanith got wronged by very powerful people at the time period, and whilst being objectively in the right, she came up against an entire corrupt government.
  8. Oh boy, here we go again. Thanks so much Luv, and yeah its been a minute - We've grown up together on this place and been through a lot. Means a lot you still reach out. 1) Necromancy. I think i've spent close to four? five? Six? years doing necromancy now and being necromancy adjacent. I find the deeplore and the years and years of being involved with that community absolutely fascinating, and also seeing its evolution over the years. Every other 'dark magic' has always been in its shadow, and I think that will always be true - It is the magic to create interaction with. 2) Ostromir. For the mentioned reasons above and also the period in which I played him, the character had a very deep story which I very thorougly enjoyed, and a lot of characters that are around today are a result of something that he did. Im very happy with the sendoff he had, and I think the reason I enjoy him over all of my other characters is because his story actually had a proper, perhaps bittersweet, end. 3) Vailor/Axios, imo. The time before discord. Mostly just my magic students these days. Im not really apart of any communities as mentioned above, I dont really believe in lotc communities and think they are bad for rp. RP narratives wise, Im mostly just a teacher now - I like to pass on my time on this server and server history to young generations, and those who would like to listen. ... Yeah my bad. I ended up just not having enough time : ( Divine Wrote some lore that involves him and the bastard of smoke. I think the final chapter is already written.
  9. The eternal son in law petitions I once more. Yes, yes you were. God Im surprised you remember! Its actually the same character as my Azdrazi, he had a redemption arc with Lore-games (If you can call it that). He went from serving Mordring to serving Azdromoth. Busy as all hell, haha. But that's life. I've been working on a lot of projects irl so here's to hoping they turn out well and my work pays off.
  10. I think Favorite characters wise, there's only really one that stands super far above the rest. Ostromir was single handedly my favorite character of all time, and I think his 2~ year run was a very eventful and deep roleplay experience that went through just about every possible theme I could've wanted to, with getting to play a bit of his undeath and leaving him off right as he started to decline from his zenith being the best way could've played him. A lot of people were impacted by his decisions, and a lot of the current roleplay that happens is still an echo of his life @GMROon the topic of knockons. @TreshureOnce mailed me a leather bound copy of Dune. Im yet to find a better read, but actively looking. I have How to make friends and influence people on my list, aswell as a few others that I'll dm you on discord about
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