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  1. A certain, golden skull hoarding lizard man rumbles in amusement.
  2. The Saneyir gives honored Sepp a well deserved salute. “You will be missed, brother. Might you arise to be at Malin’s throne, when he returns to inherit the earth.”
  3. “Awoken, I have been granted power by the void through rigor and skill. Rewarding, wouldn’t you say, Errant?” - Avenel Synalli, Court Sorcerer of Savoy New to the world, the Transcendents are an inferior version of the Arcane Revenant. Rumors travel fast however. Traveler to traveler, a tale of something odd: How a fellow sought something and gained another in return. A fellow who sought communion with a greater being-- but instead, found himself gifted with power unbeknown to the likes of man-- to ascend through the arcane. The thought of these beings, to the travelers, were called Transcendents. “Man has sought immortality in many ways… sought to transcend mortality, yet none dared to touch the void.” - The Primarch , the first of the Archons. Legends written in decrepit tomes speak of a being who took upon power from the void unlike a typical magi, allowing it to transform them; gifting him boons with the cost of curses. Although many arcanists may have attempted such a transformation, all have failed. As far as it is known none still existed. Through no purposeful method had the Transcendents returned, only through a mistake and a failure. “Power… wrought with curses, much like living… how quaint.” - Avenel, Court Sorcerer of Savoy The Transcendents are the occurrence of something unnatural. The soul of a descendant is scarred by the void and veil-- fragments latching onto the soul, providing them with boons only granted by the void. Like a mortal, they still have their blood and bones, and infact, still suffer from feelings of stamina and hunger yet they cannot die of starvation, and some may choose to ignore it. The problem with such is that the muscle still requires some form of food intake, which can turn the being weaker than a master mage, making them easier to destroy. With their mortal form, mana rushes through their body, entwined with their flesh and blood, removing the fear of mortality and illness from the equation of the descendant, as well as taking the fear of dying by being in frigid tundras, or hot deserts. This state of being provides more than just the gift of immortality-- granting one a few boons of the arcane. The Transcendent has an easier time using the arcane magics far more than a normal mage, able to cast moderate spells with little difficulty, learn one more arcane magics than a standard mage, and learn the arcane more easier than a normal mage, taking three, instead of four months to reach adepthood and to become a teacher for the arcane. To add, the beings have some odd power with void magics, granting special abilities to the caster (we’ll be going over this soon). Even then, they can morph into their Transcendent form, removing their body and allowing the raw, direct mana that was once in them to act as their spectral body. All powers come with curses, and a Transcendent cannot escape said curses. The first of their curse, is that the Transcendent has extreme difficulty doing deific arts and dark arts, for the void has already claimed the soul of the transcendent, making soul puppetry and shade magic obsolete. Although a transcendent more so lives off the mana in its body, the being in their coil-form can still suffer from being drained from a necromancer and a bloodmage. The mana within them can be effected by alteration, should one come to understand what a Transcendent is, although it wouldn’t kill them, it will stagger them, and leave them for attack. A fi mage’s drain, while not able to slay the Transcendent, will cause pain should it drain from a cast spell, though the coil form is muted from the true full effect of fi. A Transcendent will die if too much mana and blood leaves the body or the head is severed and pierced, should the heart be pierced or if the arteries are severed, the mana infused blood will leak out, slowly but surely killing the Transcendent, lest the wound is mended. Tl;Dr: Transcendents are inferior versions to the Arcane Revenants, having their body and the ability to turn into their spectral form. The Transcendent gains immortality, an easier time doing magic, easier time learning magic, special abilities regarding magic, a second form (We’ll be discussing this later), and an extra slot for one Arcane Magic. The Downside is that they cannot practice soul affecting magics, in coil form they can still ‘die’ close to a mortal, they are able to be affected by genus and necrotic drains in their coil form, and in both forms they can be effected by Fi and Alteration. “Saw something odd.” Says a traveler, hunched over with his lackies over an ardent flame. His hands cling to the warmth as he peers up at the devouring orange and red. The folk about him give him disinterested glance, a silence rolling about the bonfire. “I swear!” The traveler rasps, “It’s true… I was walking along the road from Vandoria… the damned blizzard nearly killed me… and then, when thought I would die… I saw an Eldar walk forward, and the ground and air around him gave heat. “H-he helped me here!” “So what?” Called one of the other travelers, provoking the fellows attention. “You saw a mage. Nothing too important there.” A set of laughs escape around the bonfire. “That mage wasn’t ordinary, I tell ‘ye…” He glances downward, face contorting in confusion. He could only issue a sigh with his words, “Around him… there was blue fog, the color them Oren folk have on their plate… an’ he looked unaffected by the cold.” “And then what?” Another fellow inquires, “What then did your mystic do?” “I… I don’t recall.” The traveler mutters, rubbing his temples with his rough fingers. His gaze sets on the fire, “It went black from there-- that godsend must have done something…” “Or, ye were carried by some stink’n sod an’ you wer jus’ seeing things!” A dwarf barks, “T’erz nae such a t’ing of what yer gobb’n ‘bout.” The Traveler then fell silent, issuing a defeated sigh as he continued to stare at the devouring fires. - The Mad Traveler's Tale The creation involves the usage of an arcane trinket. This trinket is only able to be created by an elder Transcendent and used by one, anyone else would experience a feeling as if they are lost. For this to be used an elder Transcendent pours mana into it. For some strange reason, a Transcendent when in spectral form is able to physically lift the object, grasping it. This trinket holds a strong connection to the void, stronger than even the oldest and most powerful of Transcendents. Through unnatural means this object will twist and malform the soul of the victim, claiming it for the void. And then the victim falls unconscious, changes happening to their physical form. If one were to watch them during this period they would see mist falling out out of their physical frame, taking upon the color of their aura. This mist would seemingly enter and exit their physical frame, each time it does so the eyes would change tint slightly, skin paling. This process would continue for hours, the soon to be Transcendent very vulnerable. To become an Archon, one must be attuned to the void. They must have it affect their being, degrading muscle and tissue to the point of weakness; this would mean that an archon must be a master mage, having a mastery in a singular magic -- though it is advised a prospective archon learns more. Should they be made with a singular magic, the Archon will be limited in their field of power, only able to progress to late stage 1; however, should the archon learn more, they will be able to progress to the end stage. "Embrace the change." (Credit to Nino Vecia) As previously stated, the Archon’s transformation is decreased, and the effects of moving in and out are dampened. The Archon feels less pain when going into the form, though starting at something of a burning sensation, it will eventually become a surreal shift; likewise coming out will be less exhausting, and such things as limited abilities are altered, as well as the tell. When coming out of the archon form, the archon will have brighter, aura hued veins along their eyes, with their irises taking on a brighter color of their aura, and depending on their stage, they will have limited abilities for the duration of a set amount of actions. The transformation into the form is purely aesthetic, and doing so requires a great deal of focus. It must be uninterrupted for three to four actions, or else manifesting will result in failure. Examples: Becoming: Twitching, the figure clenches his teeth as gray veins surge along his face, and his eyes take on a darker gray color, leaving a gleaming silver in their centers. The flesh and bone about his veins sear and burn away to become mist, with extremities turning to fog as they begin to come off. The flesh-turned-gray-mist would cling to the position it was on, replacing it with arcane hide. The Archon continues to twitch and convulse, emitting a gutteral shriek as its body becomes packed mist and arcane. Its wispy head turns to scan the area, with trails of fog occasionally following. Reverting: The gray archon twists in its place, a harsh hiss permeating its newborn body as the foggy form becomes flesh, bone settling within, eventually completing the shape of a skeleton, entrapped by the fog. Flesh and sinew blossom from the bone like flowers, engulfing and eating away at the mist to manifest the figure’s coil once more. With a sudden shift in power, the newborn returns to his normal state, clutching his heart and wheezing from the strain. Progression and further information: Stage 1: The Archon, having just begun, will find that their magic, while potent in this form is rather limited, granted only the perpetual voidal connection. When entering the form, it will have pain akin to being baptised in fire; given time and experience of a week, it will subside to a stinging sensation as they turn into one. Going out of it would be akin to finishing a long work out, the user would be in a state similar to a long exercise, and show the effects of their return for nine actions, with limitations on their magic for ten actions; said limitations are: not having the augments in coil form, and magic being weakened by a tier. Stage 2: The Archon is fairly experienced, having two weeks under their belt. The Archon is able to further tap into the power of their hybrid soul, able to cast with more potence, though limited. Spells can last for longer, and be given more energy and time, even create more; so long as they do not break any specified redlines. Entering this form is less strenuous, being something of an odd sensation that is more of an out of body experience. When reverting, an Archon will be out of breathe at most, and show signs of reverting for seven actions, and being limited in their coil’s abilities for eight actions. Within a month, the Archon will feel more comfortable going into their new form, and reverting back will at most tire them to a degree, with signs of reverting lasting for six actions, and limitations lasting for seven. Stage 3: The Archon has become an Elder Archon via the writ of marking, or is the Primarch. The Elder Archon will have no additional benefits, save for subtracting an action from the signs and limitations. Susceptibilities: Thanhium: The reforged Archon is as greatly wounded as before, with thanhium alloy being able to carve through them like a hot knife through butter, and thanhic dusting disrupting and violently paining the creature, making it so large amounts of dusting (ie a chamber full) will cause the archon to dissipate, and creating immense pain to disrupt their magic; the pain will come to fade if the dusting leaves the body, however. Magically infused items (this does not mean a spell manipulating an item, ie druidic vines or transmutation but something like an enchanted item, a tainted sword, blessed weapons, etc): They would react like a normal item would to a person, meaning that if one were to stab into an archon with a magically infused sword, or smack them with an enchanted brick, the archon would be without its physical resistance. Warding/Abjuration: Should one come to understand the Archon, the use of abjuration can be used to weaken the Archon, with each abjuration leaving them without their augmented affinity for three actions, and in turn weakening their resistant hide by a half. Naturally, the sensation might be rather disorienting. Wards will only weaken the spell affinity some, and their resistant hide will suffer some weakness. Iconoclast: Antimagic, the bane of all magic, finds itself being one of the biggest threats to an Archon. The mists, if an Archon is within one, will remove their resistant hides and spell affinity, and within four actions of gradual, burning pain, the archon will become incapacitated in the mist. Further notes: -To be added Now Redacted Form/Transformation: "Varying qualities indeed. Perfect specimen." (Credit to Nino Vecia) While the transcended form is reforged, there are very little changes in aesthetic; whisps may still plume from the Archon, their beings may remain the color of their aura, or a dark being with auric energy swirling about, though parts of the creature can be far more detailed, if not their entire being. An Archon can form eyes, a maw even; their hands can be detailed, with lighter colors and various textures to represent parts of the body. That is not all however, for their coil form can take on some differences. Rather than having their irises be the color of their aura, the entire eye could be the color, or merely the flecks -- each still distinguishable. Previous Appearance: As a creature born of the void it is expected for them to hold a connection to such a realm perpetually; in a mother to child-esque relationship. Due to this, whilst they are in their transcendent form they will always have a connection to the void, omitting a need to connect every time magic is to be cast. Another interesting area of their changes is their improved capability when it comes to casting their voidal arts. Due to their increased attunement with the void they are able to control a few added factors in their arts. The changes to voidal arts when compared to default are detailed below: Evocation: Alteration: Illusion: The Archon, now with an adapted form, will handle transformation a little differently. Granted, being in the reforged form might feel a little more comfortable, or less comfortable for an Archon, as they transition to another form of being, one that feels more free in its movements and perhaps a bit closer to their own being. These sensations could empower the Archon, making them feel greater in their form, and potentially cause something to occur from such. Archons could have a sense of self that values them over others, or some might value themselves below others; it is up to the Archon, as each will deal with immortality in their own way. However, there is one thing that might influence their thought; The Archon would likely feel more distant and detached from descendent creatures, should they understand that they are no longer of the same. They are eternal, or perhaps close to it. Previous Behavior/Personality Lore: "Woes befall us to truly cherish our humanity.” (Symbaroum, masked stranger) Truly, humanity is the Archon’s greatest boon, for the replicated portion of their soul brought about by the void and veil (also known as the void scar) leaves them separated from mortal man. There are Archons who embrace their humanity and individuality, believing that without it -- they are nothing. Their power and minds mean nothing without their sense of selves. With each death, an Archon loses a piece of this, the replication growing every time they die. It is said that when an Archon dies seven times, they will truly lose who they are, and be unplayable. Naturally, with each death an Archon must wait to return, alternatively return soon to suffer consequences; with each wait, the replication subsides from the soul, reverting back to normal when an Archon has not died for six weeks, where they might undergo long travels -- pilgrimages one could say -- for self enlightenment, to heal. While an Archon might not remember how it died, the pain of death is still present, the calm of the endless slumber, only to be brought back through the rippling void, kicking and screaming, to return to the world via soul and catalyst, appearing in spots Archons typically make, fuming with high arcane energies. Such things can be maddening. Woe. Effectively, Archons have a death counter, as well as have to wait 1-2 days before playing their archon again when they die, alternatively, they can return within 2 hours to suffer a penalty: A cripping weakness in their magic, and lacking their augments. When an Archon reaches seven on their counter in roleplay deaths -- nothing involving PVP unless the Archon chooses -- the character will be PK’d. This can be subsided if the Archon does not die for six weeks straight. While personality wise, there are Archons that reject their humanity and become shadows of what once were, it is not similar to this transformation, where the void replication will practically consume the entire soul and wipe it. Previous Death lore: Redlines: -A Transcendent is not invulnerable in spectral form, they are easily affected by gold, fi magic, and wards with normal means affecting them to a limited extent. -Fi magic, when used against an Archon's spell casting will effect them in both forms. In Coil, it will feel more like a stinging sensation. In the Archon form, the pain will be intensified. -They still lose all memory of events leading up to death. -A Transcendent can only be made by an elder, and to be made an elder you must be crowned. Not all elders are aware of the way to make another an elder. -A player must follow the behaviors of being a Transcendent. -The effects of transforming between forms must be followed, and through no means can they be nulled. - Although the spectral form is spectral, you can’t phase through walls. Pros: -A means for a mage to transcend, allowing the character to stay neutral instead of choosing between light and dark. -Mechanical race set to spectre. - Able to learn arcane magics faster, so instead of requiring four months to reach adepthood and make a TA, it would take three. - Enhanced arcane ability. -A resistance to most physical forms of damage in spectral form. -The ability to have their descendant form. - A transcendent does not age. -One more ‘slot’ to learn an arcane magic. Cons: -Affected and can be harmed by fi magic in both normal and transcendent form. -Weak to alteration in both forms. Enchanted items hitting an Archon is akin to hitting a normal person with an object. If an echanted desk was to hit them, they'd be thrown back, if a sword was to cut them, they would be cut. Wards, should one understand what the Archon is and how they function, will stun them in their coil, and weaken their abilities/disorient the Archon in their transcendent form. -Weak to gold (albeit minor) and thanhic alloy in Transcendent form. -Unable to practice deity or dark arts. -The character would become introverted. -A ‘normal’ life for the character would become nearly impossible, the curse of immortality afflicting them eventually. -Are susceptible to necrotic and blood drains in their coil-form. -They must maintain their coil-form, else it becomes extremely weak and acrid. - The coil form is able to be harmed by mortal weapons and can be killed in a manner similar to a normal person. They still feel pain. Previous Weaknesses (naturally some still hold relevance): So, Transcendents are descendants that were scarred by the void via a ritual. The after effect of the ritual is that the descendant gains immortality, now running off of raw and direct mana which inhabits their mortal coil. They are granted powers and abilities through their ascension: They have an extra magic slot for arcane magic, enhanced magical abilities, and the ability to go into their spectral form. With spectral form, they warp away their body through a painful process, and gain some extra magical ability only accessible in their spectral form. The process of turning into Transcendent form is painful as you effectively pour all the mana out of your body and warp away your coil; when reverting back to mortal form, the process of bringing the coil back and sending the voidal energy back into body is strenuous on the Transcendent leaving them with an aching pain and the inability to use their coil’s enhanced abilities for a certain duration of time. Transcendents have quite a few drawbacks, both coil and spectral (Transcendent) form. Both forms are unable to use deific and dark arts. both forms are also harmed by alteration and fi magic. The weaknesses specific to Transcendent form are: They cannot directly interact with the world, they are greatly harmed by gold and thanhic alloy attacks, and the process to return back to coil-form brings drawbacks to the coil. The Coil’s specific weaknesses are: They can die by mortal weapons, they are susceptible to blood drains and necromancer drains, and the Coil’s form is high maintenance, although it cannot die of hunger, should the Transcendent not take care of their coil body, it will rot and weaken. Note: A mage DOES NOT need to follow one of these beings, let alone strive to become one, that is the player’s choice and the player’s choice only. Clarifications: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1uZERcIeWi5twJOoglFZU37AgDxL880VBRj15YSbP-Qc/edit Phil, the writer Jax, who did a little bit of help in writing Elad, for the font Last but not least, Merrymoogle for creating the original revenant. If it weren't for him, this lore submission might not exist. Changelog - Removed Voidal Shifting quirk. - Debuffed Warding, and Telekinesis quirks. + Added prerequisite in the creation section + Added Additional Weaknesses + Added Clarifications: = Fully integrated "Changes to Archon Lore" (Reposted with Phil’s Permission)
  4. A shaman prepares various incenses and trinkets for the gathering!
  5. Khorgol’Raguk, the elder shaman of his clan heads off to find the Wargoth.
  6. Ser Khroll’s face pales at the news, where the elder elven knight shed a single tear for Primrose. “Might you pass on to the seven skies, Sister. You shall be remembered.”
  7. It’s a creature that drinks blood and is inherently villainous but revives at ct. interesting.
  8. Lhindir_

    Enuf iz enuf

    Kurag proceeds to beat Madak.
  9. Khroll wonders why whenever a highelf dies, they always come back. He then wonders how the silver state can denounce the cloud temple monks.
  10. Khroll laughs at calling someone a failure in the mystical land of the forums.
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