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  1. Ailduin is sharpening his knives.
  2. Lhindir_

    Enuf iz enuf

    Kurag proceeds to beat Madak.
  3. Khroll wonders why whenever a highelf dies, they always come back. He then wonders how the silver state can denounce the cloud temple monks.
  4. Khroll laughs at calling someone a failure in the mystical land of the forums.
  5. Name (and House if applicable): Ser Khroll ElverhilinDegree of Knighthood (Squire, Knight Errant, Knight): Knight Age: 378 Liege Lord: King Andrew III Date of Accolade (if possible): 1714(ish)Chapter/Order (if applicable): Marian Retinue
  6. “Didn't you get burnt?” Asked some other, equally dumb elf.
  7. Khroll sings along.
  8. Lhindir_

    House de Falstaff

    Khroll just coughs. He’s not feeling too well.
  9. “Elves rise up.” says an elf
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