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  1. PUTS on $XAN, Major players are OFFLOADING their positions.
  2. “Farewell, old friend.” Said Anordal, coming to take a deep exhale. “.. There is so few of us, now.”
  3. Will see you may 5th
  4. The statue stood in the rain, dour and tall, watching on as its disciple carried out a work set in motion long, long ago.
  5. Valandos listened to one of his scribes that recounted the account to him, being illiterate himself, and snorted after each couple lines.
  6. I actually disagree with this amendment. This is an artificial time gate that does nothing but burn people out, and this has not really been a problem so far. Edit. This also does not address the possibility for non heralds to become azdrazi, which is in the current lore.
  7. Whispers of an upcoming merger and acquisition involving $HNSE. May be interesting to consider long positions. . .

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. Asutto


      Sorry Lhindir, using insider information to make your trades isn't allowed. The board is gonna have to review this one.

    3. NotEvilAtAll


      Not if I reform Oren first!!!

    4. Pancho


      I wonder how this will affect $AAUN and $VLTZ at the end of the quarter...

  8. I'm honestly amazed Ghouls have returned, good stuff.

    1. _NotChris


      we do a bit of ghouling 

    2. Publius


      you're my fave ghoul xo

    3. TreeSmoothie


      release ostromir from prison

  9. You are epic, True.

  10. Came back pretty recently and so much has changed, see you space cowboy

    1. Lhindir_


      Miss you homie

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