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  1. Been 10 minutes yet?

  2. I’ll never forget being a young kid and chilling with you in vc. We did some pretty stupid **** back in the day, but it really fun. I recall when we played brothers and learned magic together in dragur, scheming how to get the ever elusive transfiguration. It was a time, and despite how the years went by, I still remember these times really fondly. I will miss you Will, good luck.
  3. Ostromir laughs at the notion, having been cleared many years ago now. “Another Muldavian plot to influence elections.”
  4. Ostromir rejoices! Not even a moment was spared as he trotted from the halls of Metterdan, singing a merry song to himself. He had even given into a light skipping, only for expression to immediately contort as a pyre seemed to rise from helena.
  5. Ostromir strikes his wife for not saying a word on the missive.
  6. https://namemc.com/skin/2d2d3d5ba1f00315 This. pick me pick me
  7. Lhindir_

    Wanted: Elf Ears

    Ostromir smacks his son.
  8. Discord: Shoosh#2921Skin Title: noblemanBid(s): 7$
  9. Ostromir applauds the Wick, wide smile on his face. He sets off to pen a few notes of his own.
  10. Arbitrarily adding numbers to make it longer to master is just blatantly retarded. 4 months is sixteen weeks, Most of which will just be waiting to get to the next tier because the number was just made longer for the sake of being longer . This does not promote rp, it just prevents someone from doing the end rp for longer . -1
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