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  1. [CA][Spriggan] Juniper

    Damn voidal, piling on the constructs.
  2. [CA][Atronach] Vox

    Specify that you're an arcane atronach and yea.
  3. [CA][Atronach] Anaemis

    Yes, and please specify arcane atronach
  4. [MArt] The Skull of Zarsies

    Can the skull be used to make a lich?
  5. Curon, a Critique

    Anordal walks through a bustling Curon, scoffing at the notice. "Curious, how an ally tries to defame another."
  6. A thorn in our sides.

    Orsul laughs and grabs popcorn, only to realize he cant eat.
  7. Aether VIP giveaway

    Dad remember me @Scene21
  8. [CA][Ghoul] Richard Makes Spooky Puns

    Good news everyone! I made this man into a ghoul.
  9. Mordew's third time lucky? (v.2 since last app was never reviewed)

    Literal monkey +1
  10. [CA] [Jentos] The Lichstalker breaths

    I'm making this man a deathknight yes.
  11. [MArt] Skeletal Steed

  12. [MArt] Skeletal Steed

    Name of Artifact: Skeletal Steed MC Name of person(s) currently in possession of Artifact: Orsul RP Name of person(s) currently in possession of Artifact: Orsul MC Name of creator(s) of Artifact (N/A if not applicable): Orsul, Murdervish, Ggtextera, Archangelic, Hellboyxx RP Name of creator(s) of Artifact (N/A if not applicable): Orsul, Sahar, Jacque De Felsen, Catherine Ruric, Osbert Effect(s) of Artifact: The Skeletal steed was once a charger of a human cavalry unit, however, by the efforts of five high-tier necromancers, the horse was slain and twisted into nothing more than bones by an empowered, altered ritual akin to the one of dark-stalker creation, yielding a steed with a much more durable skeleton then a normal horse, able to withstand climates other mounts would not be able to survive in, such as freezing wastelands and flame-scorched hellscapes, and retaining some of its strength from life, able to be clad in basic armors, though less then what its living counterparts could don. This mount's soul-shadow is encased in a phylactery, granting it the ability to re-form some time later at such upon its death, though the steed is unable to preform any sort of magical feet, including a basic drain. As a result of this, the steed would best be utilized by a necromancer, which would be able to sate the creature. Being of skeletal undead nature, the steed is vulnerable to any and all weaknesses a dark stalker or lich would have, including blunt weaponry, holy spells, anti-magic, shamanism, and so on. It will also obey commands from the lead ritualist if spoken in the dark tongue, those these cannot go past movement orders Red Lines of Artifact: -The skeletal steed's only true advantages over a normal horse are its increased environmental tolerances, and the inability to feel pain. -Bones are as durable as a dark stalkers, though still breakable by conventional weaponry. -- Can match a normal horse speed wise, but cannot go faster. -Fully susceptible to all things that damage conventional undead, and blunt force is especially effective. -Can only wear bits of plate, making chain a wiser chose to protect the steed. -Must be feed life-force weekly, be it through direct contact or through the phylactery of the steed. Cannot be rp'd withought an MC horse representing Cannot preform magical feats of any kind, and death rules apply to the horse as well, i.e, cannot be mental magicked to learn about horse's or player's death, and does not reform instantly. Does not startle or spook, unless its by holy inflicted-pain. Explanation of effect(s) (i.e. how it does what it does - slight bending of magic lore is allowed): Essentially a dark stalker horse, created through a less then conventional necrotic ritual
  13. [TA][Dark Shamanism] StokedOff

    My bad, I was unsure whether or not the ritual was passed onto you but clearly it was, Call it powergrab or don't, but there is very much a secret ritual for the creation of anchors, which we refer to as the teacher ritual, or maybe you forgot it as all of this was a lengthy time period ago. You're good. @StokedOff Edit: The re-write of the magic was to make the magic relevant again, atop of being the last of the dark shamans with a TA who's still around, and assisted in the writing of the current lore. I'd like to see any screenshots of dark shamanism rp in the past 3 months.