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  1. The Last Man of a Dying Era The Death of Ostromir Carrion An ode to the agèd Ostromir, who served valiantly in life, as he will in death. Ostromir, who’s true story began with humble beginnings as an owner of land in Kaedrin (during mid-Arcas), was a member of House Carrion. From then, he only grew more esteemed within the ranks of Oren (of whom he served with honour). And he never sought to sow ill seeds, for with each action, came his striking intuition and proper ideals that would serve as pivotal roles in his progression and upbringing to righteousness.
  2. Let it still salt the wounds. It’s flavorful.
  3. Behold, The Sunless Sky There was a great, menacing hole at the bottom of the earth, in the lowest cave, in the deepest dungeon. Within it, there was only swirling darkness, with specks of white like stars to the universe. And the entire area fell subject to dimly lit torches, which shone unto the air, revealing a ghastly black smog that snaked throughout the cave with serpentine proficiency. Before this rift of darkness where the energy emanated, stood a pale man, with gray hair that was slicked back, and he adorned elegant red robes with golden lining; a man of wealth, it would se
  4. Ostromir loves parties. It was a shame indeed when he read such, but belched naught but bile - Finding himself too bed ridden to attend such!
  5. An elf clad in bronze reads this over, frown crossing his lips. “Why do we not fight them?” He’d ask, to no one in particular.
  6. Thoughts on me ? Why do you say Brb and then dip for the night ?
  7. ((A superbly put together piece.))
  8. Ostromir, a man, amongst many imperial men would've reached to read this parchment. "Who?" asked he, glancing about before tearing up his notice.
  9. Username: Lhindir_ Discord/ way to contact you: You have it Bid amount: 45$ on the family one If someone bids ahead of you @THEM
  10. War & Peace THE FRANCISCANS "From The Work Performed" Styled after the holy Franciscan Martyrs of old, the Franciscans follow a path away from the standardized path of Politik. Championing what they describe as ‘the right and good order’, the Franciscans stand for social and fiscal conservatism. The Franciscans are staunch supporters of investment into non capital regions an emphasis upon these far flung reaches of the empire, determined to ensure that the voices of the common Orenian remain relevant against the growing metropolitan influence in the capital
  11. In Search of Work A portrait of Caedwyn 1815 My name is Caedwyn Camoryn, and I am currently looking for jobs or a mentor in my continuous search for knowledge. I am eighteen years of age and would like to settle down from my otherwise nomadic lifestyle. Throughout my life so far, I have learned many useful skills that might aid you! I can cook, clean, and have learned and practiced basic herbalism. I can serve as a bodyguard, though I do not prefer to resort to violence. Mentor-wise, I would like to learn more about alchemy. I am alre
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