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  1. To any ST reading, I took no part in writing this, knew about this or otherwise inserted any ideas into this.
  2. @BenevolentManacles Hey can I please get some builds (Which I paid cash for) off the Oren Build Server before being banned? Ty.

    1. rukio


      Give him his builds or catch these hands

  3. (Real elected) Adria moment 

  4. "Who?" Asked Ser Khroll, the Marshal of Ves. "Franz is right here, happily married."
  5. Ser Khroll, the last marshal of Ves, spits at the idea of Imperials circumventing the Duma.
  6. A being, Far below, is startled by such news...
  7. Dead Otto, sitting upon a wretched throne far, far below, manages a smile across a cold and unliving face.
  8. Adreniel Elibar'acal cheers from his cage in the sky.
  9. Adreniel Elibar’acal wishes he could speak with Saevel, but he cannot , as he is locked in a cage in the sky.
  10. “Three hundred years, I have fought you.” Boasted a Drakonid, pride lacing every word. “Three hundred more, by the titan it shall be so.”
  11. An entity from beyond watched, as its last living kin dwindled by the day.
  12. I HATE THE MALIFICAR I HATE THE MALIFICAR I HATE THE MALIFICAR Chanted a cloaked figure , taking the notice with some measure of contempt.
  13. Ban birds and stop huffing the copeium lol
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