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  1. I vouch for james2k he'd make a good tythus ltd. ceo and he's good for the money +1
  2. Pseudo-Constantius Horen de Savin, hearing of the recent humiliating defeat of the Ferrymen, resolves to start his own mercenary company for fame and glory. He browses a Sutican stationery vendor for templates, inwardly pondering a name for his company. It was to his great dismay that "Hangmen" and "Ferrymen" were both taken by prior Imperial claimants. "Headsmen... Highwaymen - no, too generic. Ealdormen... Oystermen... Hmm.."
  3. @Telanirheard a key UX metric for lord of the craft is number of FTBs per day. can you tell me more about how you collect this data?

    1. NotEvilAtAll


      Road to 500 daily FTBs

    2. Telanir


      We like to measure the fluctuations in moderator tears throughout the week and compare it to our average quota for suffering.

    3. Ryloth


      32 minutes ago, Telanir said:

      We like to measure the fluctuations in moderator tears throughout the week and compare it to our average quota for suffering.



  4. removing the plugin doesn't invalidate any of the work you did for the server. thanks for making the right decision dude
  5. Achille Nicéphore croaks over his afternoon tea, holding the lukewarm mug in both of his quivering, liver-spotted hands. He took a deep breath of the licorice-scented vapor, filling his catarrhous lungs, noisily clearing his airways. The exertion of speaking seemed to tremble his decrepit body as he dictated: "It has been the great irony of my life to witness the bandit kingdom of Nordland turn face. A nation of men who once made a grim triumph out of spiriting women and babes from the gate of Helena to their ritual murder are now reduced to mewling pathetically about the fate of
  6. Sorrel carved off a shaving of dry-aged, salted boar hock with the gleaming edge of his dirty knife. He shoved it in his mouth, chewing it with a particularly obscene smack of his lips. He quietly wondered when he would be called again to fight for the Canonist cause, or to engage with civilization at all, for that matter.
  7. what is the #1 problem with lotc's setting, from your perspective
  8. A young mage hears word of the Act, preparing his things for travel. "It's time to d-d-d-d-d-ddd-"
  9. "Oh no, a woman is missing," exclaimed disheveled Tony Jr., as he wedged himself into a corner, hastily retrieving his blue overcoat and white gloves from his bag. He frantically donned the uniform over his sweat-soaked wifediscipliner, half of his body plainly visible to passersby as he finished the covert act. "This sounds like a job for... The Ministry of Justice!" The man declared, emerging as Constable Nicéphore, renowned crimefighter.
  10. freebuild

    1. argonian


      ave freebuild

      please be sure to +1 this comment if you support my content!

    2. NotEvilAtAll


      I miss being able to plant forests on my own by spamming saplings and flowers everywhere. Looks surprisingly good for how little effort it takes.

    3. Timer



  11. bring back resource pits

    1. SirTimothyDexter
    2. NotEvilAtAll


      resource pits required less staff involvement than setting up a bajillion nodes everywhere IDK why we stopped having the pits.

    3. monkeypoacher


      having gravel and clay nodes scattered around was a cute idea but the economy team ruined it by making each one cost 1000 mina 

  12. Do as much human resources LARP as you want but the "appropriate channels" let sexpests back into the community. how about that Is it "protocol" to ignore evidence of sexual harassment until it builds up to the point where you can't ignore it, & then quietly unban offenders if they say sorry to you in private? btw no1 with a brain that hasn't been turned into loose oatmeal by Twitter thinks this is an Israel-Palestine issue. There is no political dispute involved in this exceedingly simple and blatant case of harassment and you should be ashamed of yourself for tryi
  13. Yea I mean I'd make him give ppl 200 energy & bring back vanilla 1.8 iron only. I'm not a huge fan of surge pvp, I think swing timers fundamentally don't work at lotc's average tps, but I don't believe in shitting on a guy for no reason while he's trying to do something creative. Just think the absolute bottom of the barrel criticism is "umm... isn't a roleplay server?" Especially in response to a legit improvement in the pvp plugin. It's as if these ppl think nickrocky is procrastinating on the plugin that makes everyone roleplay
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