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  1. Paul sets to work drafting a legal rationale for Adrian ownership of the Lower and Upper Petra.
  2. the tythus ltd. style of corporate conflict resolution >infant_skull_depresser banned for sending faerie_goth_queene (new mom! congratulations!!) pictures of babies with the soft spot of their skulls pushed in >4 years later read ban appeal, decide infant_skull_depresser (now gustavadolf1449) has sincerely reformed through Christ >unban without consulting faerie_goth_queene or any member of the community >leave it to faerie_goth_queene to find out on her own bc roleplay, write a forum post reliving and detailing her abuse >let community “discuss” whether unban is deserved (WE ARE HERE) >ban gustavadolf1449 a few days later for raid rules or something >never elaborate >repeat 4 years later
  3. An uneasy calm swept through Veletz in the wake of the Adrian soldiers' march. The east wind rippled the red-and-white banner hanging over Vasile tower. It bore gray clouds over the horizons of an abandoned watch, and the cries of gulls that settled on the tops of barricades and the roofs of vacant homes. A mule toddled through the square, unburdened and sniffling its nose into the tents and shanties of soldiers.
  4. Paulie S. had daydreamt when he was younger of defending Adria from the forces of tyranny. Though, being limited in his imagination, he pictured himself writing impassioned speeches to deliver from the rostrum while sabatoned thugs pounded at the gates. What rich irony, he thought to himself, that it turned out the other way around.
  5. Paul Sarkozic suffers a nervous breakdown.
  6. "Four old men, terrified of their irrelevance, will pose no obstacle to the righteous and unstoppable cause of Adrian liberty. Fight on, men!" says Paul Sarkozic from atop a stump!
  7. I'll echo everyone else in the thread and say that the best way to deal with burnout is to take time to read. Or watch movies, or play games, listen to video essays on 2x speed while playing games, or do whatever the source of your inspiration is. A large part of creativity is the function of your brain taking apart and recombining stuff that it's exposed to; it's hard to wrap your head around how much more stuff you were taking in as a younger person - between having more claims to your time, no one forcing you to take on challenging material, etc., it's not that anything has fundamentally changed about you - no one loses their imagination, but time and circumstances radically change to interfere with it. I can also recommend looking up literary magazines for topics/genres you're interested in. I say this not because I'm a pompous jackass (I am) but because they tend to publish a variety of curated fiction + articles from people who have read a bunch about some interesting but somewhat inaccessible topic and are inviting other people to look into it too. There are lots of great fantasy fiction zines, for instance, who publish stuff by authors who are honestly not far off from LoTCers in background. Regardless of what you're into, there are lots of ways to make the internet do the legwork of finding stuff to read for you. I'll also add a word of recommendation warning for the wonderful world of online piracy. Definitely do not use sites like Library Genesis or 12ft to get material that's too expensive or obnoxious to obtain. The purveyors of paywalled online articles and ebooks provide you with the ISBN/DOI for their content out of infinite generosity and a commitment to academic rigor, not because you can copy-and-paste it into the search engine of a Kazakh piracy website and get the full text for free.
  8. "I don't know about you all," Paulie S. says, the tankard of Carrion Beige sloshing as his arm stretches out for emphasis, "but I LOVE Adria."
  9. "I'm right here." says Paulie S. in his sultriest voice.
  10. Paul Sarkozic frowns as he reads the signatories. No matter who wins the inevitable conflict, the loss to his beloved nation will be incalculable.
  11. Pavel Sarkozic has to hand it to them, it was good soup.
  12. "FOR THE DUMA, FOR THE DUKE, FOR LIBERTY!" Paulie S. screamed, his last clear image that of the buckling Aaunish ranks before he was swallowed into the mass of writhing, struggling bodies. When he arose, the chainmail shorn from his body as he stood bloodied and beaten above the defeated invaders, the Dumacratic nation he had defended all his life still stood with him.
  13. an old adage says: "the more words you write the less mad you are" i have the flu right now. so feel free to argue with james2k (who has power of attorney over me). i hope you get well soon squakhawk internet gamer
  14. No lmao I'm not going to comb through the entire corpus of LoTC lore or produce screenshot evidence to prove a commonly held (and mostly subjective) belief. Everything I said came from my personal experience. Source: I made it up. Besides, I was arguing w another player about something else entirely and threw out some very generic misgivings about magic lore, none concerning you or the lore team or anything you might have done in specifics - which struck such a raw nerve with you that you took the time to open photoshop and write 400something words to cry about it Since I wasn't arguing with you and you didn't address anything I said besides questioning my bonafides as a minecraft sorcerer, I don't really know what to say except you're entitled to your feelings. You are also entitled to run your team and your roleplay however you like. But maybe your time would be better spent on something other than trying to start an argument with me on the forums. also find it kind of grotesque that the part of the "lore iceberg" below "can I please have magic?" and "is this an event site?" (which I think are perfectly reasonable questions) is a joke about players grooming minors into doing fetish roleplay. which is apparently something I'm supposed to know about to be a true initiate into the esoteric art of roleplaying a wizard online? I don't know how to interpret that.
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