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  1. A lone elf dyes his hair blonde and embarks on the ferry to the Silver City.
  2. REQUEST FOR JUDICIAL REVIEW The City of Providence As Represented by ACHILLE NICÉPHORE, CITY SOLICITOR. DESIRES TO SEE THE LEGAL CONTEXT OF THE FOLLOWING REVIEWED The Medical Documentation Act, 1803 ON THE BASIS OF THE FOLLOWING PRINCIPLE(S), DOCTRINE(S), EDICT(S) OR ARTICLES OF LAW: IMPERIAL CHARTER FOR THE CITY OF PROVIDENCE: "That a city legislature be established and hereinafter entitled the Assembly of the City of Providence (...) which shall have the power to enact legislation particular to the jurisdiction of the City of Providence." “
  3. "based. lit" says an orenian performer, in imitation of the sutican parlance of the day
  4. Achille Nicephore furrows his brow, reflecting on the tendency of febrile, scurvy-maddened Norlanders to make catty comments on Orenian disability legislation.
  5. tales from wienerwald!
  6. an improvement over last map
  7. as a texas a&m computer science graduate you should know how many sleepless nights nickrocky123 put in to design his pig leather gathering plugin. sort of shameful that you'd even make this thread with that knowledge!!
  8. You'll be missed around here dude. Lots of people on LoTC have been doxxed if you need any help or support.
  9. This paragraph is a tell: Your character is fallible and not meant to make the "correct" decisions in a fight 100% of the time. Your "CRP knowledge" isn't supposed to map onto your character perfectly, especially when your character is under extreme duress. People who write that they're 'skilled' at CRP because they watch youtube videos about swords also tend to vastly overestimate their character's stamina, reflexes, and tolerance to stress. Besides, this isn't an RPG with progression where you can meaningfully level your character's combat skills. To play a master swordsman all you h
  10. in fairness if you make 1200 mina that week, you're losing 3% of that so like 36 mina. I don't know what a "nation owner bank" is but I assume you'll be able to store money with them to avoid the fee so it's really just another world team "let's **** with new charters" thing. Distasteful, but not really gamebreaking.
  11. for real though, I don't see this system working out with the way the economy is currently planned. You log on the server looking to do some roleplay, but you need a sword. If you don't know the crafting recipe for the sword, or don't have the time, your natural conclusion might be, "Oh, okay. I'll just buy the sword instead." Except you have no income. Voting minas have been removed. Even if you have money, since minas now mysteriously vanish out of shopkeepers' bank accounts every week, anyone selling swords for mina is selling them at a price you cannot possibly afford. Your cur
  12. if you do not want to engage with the crafting system and simply want to roleplay may I suggest browsing some fine helena heavy industries merchandise why craft what you can simply buy --- That being said, this guy makes some pretty good points. Vortex, whether you like to admit it or not, is going to make role-play harder, while doing very little on its own to create an "economy." People do not come here to play an MMO; Wynncraft and DungeonRealms already fill this niche. We should prioritize serving our audience over chasing abstractions. p.p.s.: her
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