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  1. I've been fixated on the 118 reports, 109 bans statistic. I'm sure as a proportion of everyone who's filtered through our community in 12? years, it's not huge. But, like, that's a lot of pests, right? Who would have thought a server where you can play an all-powerful emperor or gallant elven prince and meet other quasi-anonymous people playing starry-eyed elf maidens would have this problem? I'm being facetious, obviously. It strikes me that in our community context, the "What is Grooming" bullet points via RAINN point out serious vulnerabilities in our community: Access? It's an all-ages roleplaying community where standard practice is to share links to a totally different, unmoderated chat application. The chats vary from pseudonymous to uncomfortably personal, and they allow anyone with access to private message any of our users. Victim selection? Welcome to Lord of the Craft! A community of mostly young, introverted people who are just starting to develop artistically - Wait. I know. I know, this already sounds bad, but wait- Isolating the victim? Trust development? Can I introduce you to any one of our many private guilds, noble houses, or bizarrely powerful good-ol'-boy friend groups? They all congregate on the above mentioned unmoderated chat application, by the way! Did I mention that trading favors for political influence or magic is endemic to our community culture? And that older members are frequently put in positions of power and influence over children? I'll take a break from the spiel here. Nothing I've just said is unique to LoTC. They are equally true of, say, a World of Warcraft guild or a Discord sever. We are also free from the arguably much more dangerous dynamics of larger unmoderated social media sites like Instagram or TikTok. But we are better equipped than both smaller communities with fewer resources and much larger, more indifferent internet platforms to protect our users. I think it's completely unacceptable that we do not address the final point: Desensitization to / discussion of sexual topics. There is no reason we should allow "romance roleplay" on this server. Full stop. I've been on this server since I was 12-13, and looking back some of the things said to me under the plausible deniability that it was "in character" make me want to climb out of my skin. Even purely in-character relationships between players toe an unacceptably dangerous line between collaborative fiction and real emotional vulnerability; they are a vector for exploitation. Besides BANNING ROMANCE ROLEPLAY, there are some other affirmative actions we can take to protect our users: We need to rethink how we use Discord. Private discord servers and DMs are difficult for staff to keep track of, let alone moderate. Access to our community via discord is impossible to revoke; Even the official LoTC discord is trawled by spambots advertising other minecraft servers. What's our game plan when one of these servers, official or not, is used as a launchpad for targeted harassment? We should look into alternative, safer, easier to moderate options for player chat. What Rukio just said 1000%. Knowing general warning signs are important, but we need to acknowledge our own unique vulnerabilities as a roleplaying community. We should use concise and relevant language to warn players what to look out for and encourage them to speak out if they feel unsafe. There are 109 confirmed cases of unsafe behavior. This is a small but epidemiologically significant sample. There are undoubtedly patterns in this data which can be used to direct moderators to and create a better warning system for unsafe behavior, and determinants we can use to find out players in need of safeguarding. If you read through my unstructured, poorly written, tasteless post, I just want to say that I'm glad that there's a dialogue about community safety, and that we care enough about our users to have these difficult conversations. My only hope is that we can recognize some of our blind spots and take a sober look at how our community dynamics enable grooming in the first place. ps unban frill can't believe i forgot to work that in there
  2. i hate it when someone smacks my rat

  3. If I was Tythus/Telanir why would I agree to any of this? Wouldn't I rather handle my company/minecraft roleplaying pet project's own finances? Not trying to be overly negative here, but besides LoTC's current roster of coders and their projects, none of these "professional services" are being rendered - I can't tell if there are plans to actually hire artists/video editors/minecraft skinners (?) in the future. You're proposing that we start raising money for ill-defined projects that might happen contingent on a revenue stream that we have never tried before.
  4. always thought it would be fun to play an orc but composing sentences in blah gives me a migraine headache
  5. ((Sort of a weird tangent but this took me back to the setting of the schism war, which was when I started out as a serious roleplayer. Was a blast to read this, and I can't help but wonder how many other stories were just out of emote distance back then. Really nice work as always, and I hope you write more of these!))
  6. imo this doesn't require staff intervention. ppl can reap the rewards of leaving their city open or suffer the consequences of keeping them shut. one size does not fit every community, and some places make more sense if you're not allowed to just walk into them (high elven racist capital, druid grove, etc.) it would be cool if staff cracked down on fugly parkour-proof ladder-proof walls though. or the number of citizen doors you're allowed to have, while simultaneously making it harder to raid a community into submission. it would be fun if you could sneak into the seedy underbelly of a city thru the sewers or climb over a gap in the wall where it's still being built or something, but because adding these features leaves you at a disadvantage to everyone else no one bothers and the character of the world suffers
  7. no I mean I can't find a city w/ more than 2 players in it who aren't randomly sprint jumping around WHERE ARE THE MINECRAFTS STEVES
  8. i mean the server population is at its normal seasonal nadir when people go back to school etc staff should accelerate towards whatever it is they're trying to accomplish. more bans. a lord of the craft with no nation leaders would be worth playing imo
  9. i find it very interesting that lotc has a dude get outed as a sexpest every couple of months and each time it makes a lot of people feel like they need to signal they are not also sexpests

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