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  1. I personally don't have a preference between swing timer pvp and autoclicker pvp, but I don't like any pvp where it takes like 50 hits to kill someone. I've never bothered to play on epic zoomer potpvp factions and I am simply not used to wearing down the ligaments in my right hand clicking someone over and over while they run away from me and heal. That's the feel that Surge PvP gives me; ferrum armor is the equivalent of vanilla diamond but ferrum weapons don't do more damage than vanilla iron. You can kite people for miles and bows fire foam tipped arrows. I may just not have th
  2. this map is essentially just axios 2

    1. NotEvilAtAll


      Oversized map, check

      Controversial crafting mechanics, check

      Nations owning multiple tiles to spam out baronies, check

      Cut into sections, check (warp hubs might as well be the separate islands of Axios)


      Main difference in Almaris is that it's harder for you and your pals to get independent land out in the sticks due to activity checks and hefty minas fines. Also, Almaris hasn't had a war yet and probably won't have any until some solution is found to solve wars without 200v200 mosh pit battles that lag out and leave no resolution.


      LOTC goes in circles. We move forwards in a direction until there's a change in admin/staff policy and we go in the opposite direction.

    2. monkeypoacher


      the tile spam is pretty egregious

    3. NotEvilAtAll


      @monkeypoacher ye it's kinda strange hearing staff talk about the need to centralize the map leading them to impose activity checks and big ol' fines on settlement creation and whatnot while giving every nation a blank check to spam out as many baronies as they want. Feels like there's much more focus on political centralization than anything else.

  3. what r the nordlanders/suticans mad about this time

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. altiar1011


      people are mad?

    3. Nug


      id be mad if i were a norlander or sutican too

    4. jdesarno
  4. this is cool I like this cost should b reduced (like maybe somewhere in the double digit minas) though. don't know why we need to add more mina sinks to an already deflationary economy
  5. i really appreciate these king of the hill elves
  6. "ANTIPONTIFF! ANTIPONTIFF! ANTIPONTIFF - .. Oh." A young man stops cheering.
  7. "How far the Azdrazoid conspiracy goes - I guess the horns are easy to hide beneath the papal headpiece," remarks noted crackpot Ancel de la Baltas. "So many misremembered words, so many half-forgotten glories that we now vainly claim from our forefathers - when will the madness end?"
  8. Telanir can have as many ideas as he wants, it doesn't change the fact that he never logs on so the actual people implementing those ideas are individual admins/team managers. Don't misquote me as praising Telanir's "vision" or suggesting he even has one. I've written so much anti-Telanir invective that at this point I don't believe he'll ever resign, or that it would accomplish much if he did. He's the admin who doesn't do anything, remember? The problem is that no one has the tools to make necessary decisions. Let's take moderation on this server: Every GM has a manag
  9. amazons? orcish dommy mommy? what if...? what if?
  10. the athera undead were so hit or miss. you'd either get these huge sprawling combat events with awesome visuals or some random dude powergaming you to death and then calling pvp default and abusing the magic plugin when you called him out if you just took the good with the bad the undead were bretty good. definitely nostalgic for when antagonist groups could actually come over and **** you instead of being constrained to scripted, players-win-at-any-cost storylines
  11. we need to change our expectations for the staff before we change the staff. lotc has had far worse admins in the past, openly abusive ones, we need to make sure we don't just accept admin decisions that harm most of the playerbase and obey rules that don't make sense. not to shill for telanir too hard but as the guy who only gets called in when every other channel has failed he's not that bad. The problem really is that when he tries to stand in for an active admin his "vision" always ends up filtered through several layers of bureaucracy and never implemented. At most
  12. 2013: joining the arcane delvers and then never getting picked for any adventures because my skin looked like this:
  13. Any player who wants to do even something moderately ambitious is squeezed to death in the iron grasp of server rules and lore and procedure. I don't think the ST should have to write a story top-down to fit the entirety of the server, but they should have a reason to exist other than to police and means test every magic and creature. Also, it's just nice to have an event team that's detached from individual roleplay factions, because they can create spontaneous, fun encounters. The Undead were player ran and Aegis was a different time for this server. The thought that you could e
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