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  1. guy complaining he got banned from a discord 80 thousand upvotes you guys should stop using this stupid gamer chat app, go outside, go swing on a swing run your hand through some grass say hi to that cute girl/boy from school. it's early summer the weather is beautiful almost everywhere and you only get one shot at youth which is fleeting and precious. if i had known what i was giving up i would have never wasted so much of my childhood worrying about this stupid dogshit
  2. freebuild. if you don't implement it, you'll keep hearing it, eventually in your dreams

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    2. Laeonathan


      Oh you're volunteering to clean up after it?

    3. NotEvilAtAll


      I volunteer to be Wildlands jannie

    4. monkeypoacher
  3. agree with this 100%. jing artifice is the closest I've gotten to bog witch roleplay; crafting trinkets out of animal bones, sending adventurers on quests to bring me rare beast parts, etc. the idea of binding an enchantment to some awful flesh totem to create a pseudo-permanent conjuration spell that bends flesh to your will is so raw; it sucks that it has been redlined into oblivion besides that I think the magic just doesn't lean into how weird and eldritch it is as a concept but that's up to the player; imo should be rewritten to be more open ended while fleshing disjointed/jing conjuration out more
  4. I wouldn't say it's dead, but most of my stranger RP this map came from the roads and the cloud temple, weirdly enough. Cities seem to be hubs for people to idle while doing other things, and it's very hard to get RP started with someone who is only sort of there and wants to go back to watching MrBeast videos or whatever. It's hard to blame people for this because it's what everyone else is doing. The problem is the discord servers. You can't get rid of them, but you can at least limit their functionality. Delete all #housing-request, #citizen-doors, #trade, #campaigning channels, delete #events and move announcements in game (or tech team can sync it with some sort of in-game chat so that at least noobs can access it), encourage people to just log on and interact with each other as much as possible by paring these servers down to the bare minimum. I think some concerted effort has to be done by the staff to at least wrestle ownership of these servers from players who can abuse them to politick and metagame as unquestioned OOC despots, trivializing actual roleplay in the process. This sounds radical, self-destructive even. Why would anyone want to get rid of the helpful #events channel? The reason is that it is unhealthy. So much of this server has been built around contrivances to get around actually roleplaying and having fun, some things we think are necessary and healthy for the server are in fact cancerous growths suffocating out the last bits of healthy tissue in LoTC's aged, decrepit corpus. Also get rid of ******* citizen doors. Either keep your gates open and let in all kinds or close them and pay the price to have a gatekeeper on standby. If you do neither and rely on your players obediently asking Discord Daddy for door lwc I will flyhack into your city. Thanks
  5. will never understand people who read and write LoTC lore (VaatiVidya for people who stack even less paper). this information is straight up not valuable; most of it empty verbiage with no payoff, not even the expectation that some piece of it might be useful for traversing the in-game world. its only application seems to be limiting the scope of what other players can create.

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    2. monkeypoacher


      based outlook

    3. ScreamingDingo


      I will become, VaatiVidya.

    4. EX. DERFEY

      EX. DERFEY

      I partially agree with you.

      That being said, what mainstream players create isn't that great either.


      Half Endeermite, Half Enderman.


      His name?

      Reginald Birch, from Assassin's Creed.


      He has dual wrist blades he got from his MART. 


      He's unstoppable! Not only that, he's played in a high resolution skin.

      That must make it okay, right?

      Free form lore back in the day worked much better, especially on mech standard. The people who changed it (501) ruined a whole generation of LoTCers.


      BRB, plagiarizing Elden Ring for my next batch of TAWKIN mutations. Okay, there we go. Here I am getting the creative juices flowing. Getting my noggin joggin, my neurons firing.


      Point of this schizo post is lore sucks when it's made by LT and it sucks when it's made by players. 

      Let's just hope we never get another lore piece written by Druid players and that the extent of Druid lore memes remains the Bush Druid.


      This post is facetious. I just decided to channel Caelria type intellectualism for a moment. The real underlying message here is to give me reputation points on my main account or I'll find you in-game and burn your house down and replace it with a green top. 

      Bring back FreeBuild. 

  6. Lore literally doesn't matter. You can write a hundred thousand words of Tolkienesque prose about a magic, the inner workings of the void, the intrigues of the aengudaemons, etc., and it may never matter. There is a small, self-limiting group of people who will ever read it (in all likelihood, people who are learning the magic) It all comes down to the person using the magic, how well they convey the impression of the magic in the moment through minecraft emotes. If the lore is good, and the people using it suck at roleplay, the lore is bad. If the lore isn't taught to people AND ROLEPLAYED it might as well not exist. This is the folly of the Lore Auteur and Story Team Member. The constant insistence for substance over style in a medium which severely limits substance. The craving to make FromSoft-esque allusions to lore that no one cares about in the first place, because unlike in their games, LoTC does not convey an atmosphere of mystery, and has nothing to explore. Anyways my advice for Elementalism/Shamanism is this; Shamanism has immense potential - Minecraft is a visual medium. Have a magic about contacting an otherworldly spirit realm? Build parts of the spirit realm. Have people walk through them. Create a visual and gameplay experience that establishes the vibe. If anyone tries to stop you, ignore them.
  7. freebuild is the future

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      Freebuild is a chad move and should be brought back.

    4. puffables


      immaculate take.

  8. freebuild NOW freebuild NOW

    1. argonian



  9. "I think half of these people are dead" says J. Clownstburger high-powered orenian lawyer
  10. the nation system may suck and most people hate it, but it lets like 8 people play a less-fun version of EU4 with the server. so it's impossible to say if it's bad or not,

    1. argonian


      i think the hope is, as with most shitty systems, that they can drag them out long enough that people who don't remember a time b4 them outnumber all those that do (and universally hate them)

  11. people have always been unwilling to be challenged on core tenets of their worldview, the internet just forces you to interact with them, maybe without the filter of common courtesy expected of a walgreens cashier also in any case this book was written about college campuses. hard to see where or what part of it applies to kids calling other kids pedophiles on a minecraft server
  12. yes and I think the sentiment is insincere
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