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  1. Valulaei'Leyun "Beautiful moon" my wood elven name, i honestly prefer seeing elven names, granted i know elven hasn't been around, but in a lore state of mind, technically it /has/ been around, but wasn't used or discovered before until Asulon. My character's bio sort of retains why she's named that (she was born during a natural occurring red/blood moon). Her hair's red and brown, match that of a wood elf, her height is at a prompt 4 foot. The elven lore naming is i see along the lines of a "art" since the language itself is lore and "art" in a sense. but, who am i to talk about it, just my opinion, i can see things on both ends of the spectrum argument here.
  2. OOC Minecraft Name: malicoreman Timezone: Eastern US, EST Skype: malicoreman Anything you'd like us to know?: not much, just been around periodically on LoTC since aegis, aside from that nope :3 IC Name: Valulaei'Leyun Age: 216 Race: Wood Elf Gender: Female Alignments: None (Neutral alignment) Skills: Hawkeye'd archer, Professional Breeder, quick melee combat starting from my stout 4 foot stature. (Vigilante) Anything you'd like us to know?: Have been in guilds from long ago, but none currently exist now, in the land of Athera. Have traveled and know my way around the lands plenty well. Internal lung wound due to Uruk schemes.
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