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  1. Oddly enough, nothing stops you except for the request to make the rp ftb.
  2. Midna's shadow magic from twilight princess. I might try to do it anyway tho.
  3. Which is stupid. Idk why they insist on that crap. It's fuckin magic.
  4. Another random Mali’ker was passing by as the other Mali’ker said his vulgarity directed towards the nation of Oren. He paused for a moment, wondering why he would say such a thing out of the blue in the middle of who knows where they were. Then he remembered they were at war with them, as well as Oren just sucks in general. The Mali’ker grinned to the other Mali’ker and nodded. “Yeah, **** Oren! The **** is ‘messy medieval’ anyway? Just looks like they can’t pave a road to save their lives and use the streets as a latrine!” The Mali’ker laughed a mirthful laugh and carried on with his day, throughout which every so often he would mutter, “Heh, **** Oren, ahaha, yisssss” and chuckle to himself every time.
  5. Somewhere in Irrinor some random Elf’s ears twitched and perked as he somehow managed to hear a conversation leagues away from his own location. “Hmm...strange...I thought we had killed all of those mutts, yet I can hear a couple of them talking about something which they, in all likelihood, shouldn’t really have much knowledge, – if any – about. No matter! These Valah possess a monumental amount of hypocrisy, don’t they? If I recall correctly, they raided some Elven settlement at a particularly inactive hour and caught it’s inhabitants by surprise, yet found such a small victory sufficient enough to vigorously stroke their massive, grotesque, throbbing egos over it.” The Elf then laughed in a long, drawn out pompous way that sounded a lot like “AAAAAWWWWNGHONHONHONHOOOON!” which drew the attention of an Elven guard who shouted and drew his sword. “I thought I told you to stay out of here you crazy bastard!” The deranged elf squealed in fear and sprinted off, deep into the dark Forests of Irrinor but not before tripping over several human corpses in the process.
  6. Fuckin low effort responses to roleplay threads that have no reason to be responded to in roleplay cause they're just narratives of a thing that happened with no indication it was written anywhere or spoken about or meant to have any sort of rp response at all really make me tingle. 

    1. Show previous comments  20 more
    2. Dunstan


      End smug posting ra ra ra

    3. jdesarno


      Ya’ll are literally acting children on a playground. People leave Lotc for a reason, ya’ll are sayin toxicity is only mutual between people, it aint. It’s unhealthy, it’s driving people away, it’s ugly. 

    4. Demotheus


      @frill you're not wrong. 

  7. A rather confused peasant standing next to this ‘Farley’ individual stared at Farley with a look of apprehension and a little bit of concern as Farley appeared to have some mental illness owed to the fact that they had randomly blurted some insane nonsense in the middle of the street. Perhaps the peasant had missed a key piece of information and so they glanced around in search of a poster or some other thing or person that might have served as the source from which Farley had made his statements in response to. This peasant found nothing of the sort and so they decided it’d be best to take a few steps away from Farley and then paused for a moment for some contemplation before taking a few steps further. “What in Iblees’ arse are you goin’ on about? You talkin’ to th’ voices in you’s head or some’n!? Agh, slag it!” The Peasant chastised the poor, deranged man. The Peasant cranked his head to and fro’ and called out loudly as he started to walk away from Farley. “Ho! Ho! Guards! Any guards ‘round here!? We gots another head case over here! Damn it all! Bastahd’s never ‘round when they needed. . .” With that the Peasant sought with haste to make as much distance between himself and the perceived ‘head case’ called ‘Farley’ in the off – or perhaps very likely – chance that the voices in Farley’s head started telling him to drink his blood and gorge himself on the Peasant’s entrails.
  8. Wow that was a fun event too bad i missed the very end of it 😧

  9. @forum moderators who removed my reply to that post about the question about the mines? Am I getting a warning for that or is it just a “**** outta here with that shitpost” post removal sort of deal? Just wanna know what’s up, thanks.

    1. mitto


      there’s no point for that dude it was just a case of potentially misinforming an impressionable new player, no harm done

  10. @ZythusRequiem Yo my dude I hope you don’t mind if I borrow a LOT from your splendid formatting for use with my rewrite of Illusion. 


    Like, if you do mind, let me know. I doubt it though, since you wanna be an LT I’m assuming you’re trying in part to set an example of that sort of thing. 

    1. ZythusRequiem


      That’s fine 🙂 

  11. OKAY HERE IS MY REQUEST, SIR! Character Name: Lotha Scylla, often referred to as “Lotha the Imp” or “impish” Link to Skin Reference: https://namemc.com/profile/Demotheus.1 The color palette for that is more or less accurate. Alright now some details... Race: She is a dark elf and mountain dwarf mix. Hair: Fiery ginger hair that reaches as far down as her lower back and is just a little bit wavy. Eyes: Crimson Irises which (this is optional) when channeling magic glow crimson and also glows a sort of shiny bubble gum pink colour around the edge of her irises. Ears: Big, stupid, pretty floppy, kind of tattered. It gives her a very impish look. They’re also drapped in various piercings, preferring pretty gemstones over things like studs and metal. Have fun with those possibilities haha. Face: She looks quite young, and almost childish. She has a small, cute nose with sharpish angles making it closer to a triangular prism in shape than other noses, but isn’t so sharp as to be referred to as pointy. Her lips are in the middle as far as fullness is concerned, not thin, not botoxed, pretty average. Her face has only a little softness to it, enough that she doesn’t have particularly sharp cheekbones or anything, but not nearly enough to give her a baby face look. She wears a fairly mischievous expression most of the time and is prone to grinning. Her teeth, from some psychotic break centuries ago, are filed down such that they are pointed and sharp looking. Think frost witch wannabe phase or something like that. Neckline/bust: She doesn’t have much of a bust. Her robes are thick traveling robes of high quality make. All over her body excluding her face, upper neck, hands, and feet, she is covered with tribal style tattoos which glow gently with a blue-green color. Some of these are visible as they reach up over her collarbones and sort of wind around her neck and shoulders. So, when I made this character like 6 years ago or so I was a big, big, big fan of Midna (specifically her cursed form) and drew heavily from that when I was creating this character’s aesthetic. I amplified a lot of the things I enjoyed a lot about her, so you can reference fan art of “Imp Midna” for a little extra help – especially with regards to the tattoos, the hair, the expressions, and the ears. But she’s not a complete carbon copy of Imp Midna...because if she were she’d uh...well, have fur and ****. Anyway, my discord is Detrimental#7014 so if you decide you want to do this one you can send any questions you have my way as well as the rough preview sketch through there as well.
  12. Right on. I'm at work right now for the next six hours lol but I work overnights at a condo so hopefully soon I'll hit you with a request.
  13. Yeah my guy that's exactly what I'm talking about! I might make a request tonight then. How much longer from now will you be up?
  14. I once did an art commission thing a long time ago with some artist and the way she did it was she laid out her prices and stuff but before she made me pay she did some rough sketches (no color) and sent me LOW QUALITY/RESOLUTION versions to basically make sure she was on the right track for what I wanted and once I confirmed with her that it was good she had me pay her and then she finished it. Would you consider doing the same?
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