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  1. Can you throw a link to the striga lore pls
  2. Wtf man I invested in your woodworking! Why!? Also what'd that bastard Ikail do to you?
  3. I fully agree with this. I wasn't even aware of this particular change.
  4. haha. Not a lot of black characters who aren't literally black. IE: Dark elves. That's probably why they made that joke. Nice stuff
  5. I read that wrong...the heck is a deathknight?
  6. Dreadknights...can learn magic...?
  7. I don't think you can boil water in someone's eyes at any tier like you're describing. Most magic can only be cast to any usable degree close to you and then you usually have to propel it, right? I don't think even t5 could produce boiling water in less than 3 seconds. Furthermore, I'd still prefer that over the current emote system. When it's based off time, where everyone is on the same three seconds, everyone can try to interrupt each other. The system would need some refining to make it more seemless, definitely. I've never ever liked the idea of x amount of emotes. I've always preferred a time based system far more. It feels more natural, and there's still counter play like I've given as an example above. Are we clear, or am I missing something here? Let me know.
  8. Magic wouldn't really need a re-write. If a t5 can cast a small spell in 1 second, I don't think that factors in travel time, nor does it factor in other people attacking that person and such. For example, they can spend 1 second casting their magic, and another second for it to reach the target. Now, a small ball of water isn't likely to do much damage anyway. it's more like a quick distraction, maybe blinding the person temporarily. Furthermore, most RP combat situations I've been in ended with no one losing anything on them.
  9. What do you mean bills? What does LOTC have to do with that? Or are you cancelling your internet or something? :o
  10. I agree. But establishing voluntary modesty and fair play is harder than hardcoding it into the rules so that RP combat isn't such a fluster cluck. When everyone /has/ to play fair and in a certain way then, my theory is, they'll learn how to do it and wouldn't even need a system. But for now, since everyone wants to win (we're competitive by nature) this is the best compromise I could think of. Glad you liked it. :D
  11. That's not true. This system would in theory aid people into being more open about it, I think. And I don't have a whole lot of issue with that sort of thing myself anyway when I do RP combat.
  12. I'm not at all convinced you read this thread through. I have had many fine RP fights. The implementation of a system like the one I've outlined above, I believe, will be a massive leap in role play quality. It cuts down on the amount of possible metagaming and power gaming and bullshitting you can do in a fight, and makes it far easier to say "you can't do that in 3 seconds" or whatever is going on and easily flag for powergaming. I'm not saying make this place RP default, I'd prefer most issues were settled through RP than pvp. Forget about player skill as far as mechanical clicking goes. It's easy for someone who enjoys pvp and dislikes RP to say, what amounts to, git gud. People want to /roleplay/. They want to craft stories.
  13. Check out my post Cause like, all the problems you mentioned are addressed here. Let me know what you think after a careful read. :)
  14. After reading through a lot of stuff in the Defender Default thread I've thought about this for a little while and have decided to lay down some bare bones framework for new rules regarding RP combat that hopefully will address the core issues surrounding RP combat that have been presented. This thread won't be very long as I'm not good at making huge threads and talking on and on about nothing, so I'm going to be straight forward and to the point. I encourage people to put suggestions in on this idea and build upon it. To preface all of this, I am an avid RP fighter. I loathe PVP except in obvious circumstances, such as 10+ or something like that. I prefer any day to talk through power gaming issues rather than say screw it and pull out my mineman sword and armor and click them to death. However, I can see flaws in the system we have currently - in that there is none at all. What I propose a more free idea of a DND like system. Not roll-play, by any means unless it's agreed upon by the players in question. The core things I draw from this idea are as follows. Instance/Encounter of Conflict: The time between the beginning of combat and the end of combat. Due to the unavoidable nature of combat role play taking a somewhat lengthy amount of time even when it's only 1v1, this is to ensure that we have a sort of time dilation effect in place. Imagine the combat taking place temporarily on a different time line from the rest of the server. In real life fights only take five minutes tops. People rapidly grow fatigued by the end of it and someone is bound to make a critical error, or just get lucky in general. So it's universally agreed that combat only takes 5 minutes IRP, despite IRL the time to emote and such takes far longer than that on average. Maximum Combat Range: This is stemming from the time between the above concept, but protects both parties from a common rage inducing usually hard to prove metagaming situation. I propose that due to the fact that fights take all of five minutes, and travel from outside of a city should realistically take anywhere between hours to days for the most part on this server after accounting for the minecraft distances, we should make it a general rule that those outside of shout range cannot introduce themselves into combat. To ensure this is followed, in open combat (not something secretive or something that's out of the eyes of the majority of people) one should begin it with a shout emote, announcing that open combat is to take place and if anyone wants to join make themselves known within 2 minutes or something. After 2 minutes no one else can join the combat. This rule needs to be a little flexible. No one is going to want to shout out when one is being attacked in a secluded alleyway, that wouldn't be fair. So some nuance should be introduced in various cases. Additionally, I think there should be a few exceptions, maybe less, to the rule of no joining combat. Outside parties can join after a set period of time/turns has taken place. This is to simulate travel. Essentially, you are NOT allowed to run into the town square and straight into combat. When you round the corner and see combat, and you'd like to join it, you must emote first noticing the combat, and then traveling to the combat. Something like that. This leads me into my next idea. A Time/Turn based system: DnD, to my memory, has a system wherein each turn is around 6 seconds, usually. First and foremost, a turn order needs to be established, either by logical sequence (Ie someone surprised attacked someone else, so the person who first initiated obviously goes first) or by people agreeing on a turn order in some other means (ie rolling dice,). Then what needs to be established, ideally on a server wide basis, is how long a 'turn' takes in combat. Time and time again I've seen people say that this should take this many emotes, and that should take that many emotes to do, especially in regards to magic. Rarely does anyone elaborate on how long an emote actually lasts on an IC time level. Is it one second? Three? Ten? If one emote is three seconds then a master mage would take two emotes to create your average fireball or something like that. One must ration out how fast someone can go, or how far they can travel in this one turn. How many blocks is acceptable, taking into account size, fitness, training, etc. All of which are role play factors. This prevents a ton of things and establishes order to an otherwise currently chaotic system. It sets a standard of time passing per emote, or per turn. This makes powergaming easier to identify, and sets a pacing. What does one emote really mean, after all? You can fit a lot into one emote. You can also fit a lot into 3 seconds. Combat happens fast. Someone can attack you, you can block, move your position just a smidge, and counter attack in that time. Or you can dodge and put distance between you, assume a defensive stance. Or you could deliver a flurry of blows to try to overwhelm your opponents defenses, and so on and so forth. It's all just a matter of making this idea uniform across the board. Three seconds is just an example. The time can be anything, though ideally should be a relative handful of seconds at most. This also ensures that people can just move their minecraft man or woman into a fight and emote attacking someone, despite a moment before being on the outskirts of the fight. They have to emote traveling. One must think of how far someone can run in a certain time and take the appropriate amount of turns to do so. An extension and more realistic portrayal of this system, though a little more complicated, could be that each ROUND of turns is a set amount of time. For example, here's a scenario. Combat Time: 0:00 - 0:03 (Joe declares combat, ben is the target. Guardsman Sam announces he will join combat as well. No one else is joining in at this point. Turn order has already been established at this point.) Joe draws his sword after Ben insulted his [insert noun here] and attempts a quick horizontal slash towards Ben's stomach! Ben, alarmed at Joe's sudden bout of aggression sees Joe draw his sword and leaps out of the way just in time, drawing his as well. "What are you, insane!?" He shouts. Guardman Sam (herein referred to as Sam) notices the scuffle from about 10 blocks away and curses. He draws his sword and starts running towards the scuffle, traveling about three blocks in that time. "Enough of that!" He shouted. (average runspeed beying around 4 meters/second from some source I can't really say is 100% credible or not.) Combat Time: 0:03 - 0:06 Joe growled as his blade caught only air and cursed at Ben. "No one insults my [insert noun here]! Prepare to be gutted like a fish!" He grandstanded as he swung a heavy arc the opposite way with his blade, trying to make good on his words and gut Ben. Ben parried the blow with his drawn sword, causing a loud CLANG to be heard. "Damn, stop this nonsense!" Ben put distance between himself and Joe, moving backwards about one block further and readying his blade in a defensive stance. Sam continued to run at the fighting duo, nearly reaching Joe. He turned his sword like a bat, readying it above and over his shoulder, poised to swing the flat at Joe when he gets within range. He shouts out, only two meters away by the end of these motions, "Drop it!" Combat Time: 0:06 - 0:09 (Here Ben recognized that Joe still had some time to reach Joe and that Joe's movement would be faster than that. So he emotes taking damage.) Joe's blade was knocked aside and he cursed, "Damn you!" at Ben, and completely ignored Sam's charging form. He would lunge forward at Ben, aiming to stab him in the shoulder. Ben shouted for Joe to "Stop!" once again and staggered back and swiped at the sword with his own but he wasn't fast enough. He shouted out as his left shoulder was pierced by the tip of the blade. Sam had finally crossed the distance between himself and Joe and by the third second he swung his blade at the back of Joe's head in a heavy, primed blow that had his full weight behind it, aiming to strike with the flat of his blade! Combat Time: 0:09 - 0:12 Joe pulled his blade back by only a fraction, as in that moment he felt the heavy blade slam into the back of his head. His vision filled with stars and he was forced to his knees. (Joe rolls a personal roll to see if he is rendered unconscious by this blow, because knocking someone out isn't as easy as it looks in the movies!) Joe groaned and crashed onto his side, dropping his blade and clutching his skull, feeling a concussion coming on. He had no words for this moment, and all the fight was knocked out of him. He clung to consciousness. Ben stumbled back and fell onto his backside a meter or two from Joe and dropped his blade. He clutched his bleeding wound, finding that it wasn't life threatening, but it hurt like nether. He seethed there, glaring at Joe. "Dumb bastard." He muttered. Sam, having put all his weight and momentum into that strike was off balance and took a bit of a dive, rolling away from the duo to safety, should his attack have not worked for some reason. When he came to a stop he saw that Joe was incapacitated and sighed with relief. At this point, combat is over. This whole thing took me ten minutes to write, yet only 12 seconds passed in character. But it went smoothly. probably because I wrote it for all the characters involved, but there's few reasons why it shouldn't go this smoothly or close to it most of the time. Notice how no one had to die here. Notice how there are intentional wounds to be RP'd later. Ben's shoulder puncture wound and Joe's concussion. This all happened in a natural and fluent way that you just don't get with Mechanical PvP, and on top of which no one had to die. Progression happened, even if Joe had intended to gut Ben like a fish - he didn't get to. While there's a lot you can pack into 3 seconds, there's also so much you can pack into 3 seconds. His entire attention was focused on Ben, he knew this. He couldn't attack ben and block the guard at the same time. So he decided to do his best to leave Ben a little mark to let him know not to insult his [insert noun here]. There are many ways this could have played out, and that's what makes RP combat great - as long as everyone is being realistic. So this bare bones system is what I propose to help guide people into a more friendly, character driven role play fight that is less fraught with metagaming squads, less powergaming, etc. This prevents people from mechanically running from the gates of a city to the fight itself in a ridiculous amount of unrealistic time and joining combat instantly. It sets a standard pacing and expectation. This means things like magic would have to change as well. One would think 'how long does this take' instead of 'how many emotes does this take' instead. Emotes are too vague. With this, the tier system that we totally don't use for magic to decide how fast someone can make your average fireball would shift from this takes 2-3 emotes, to this takes 3-6 seconds. Or something like that. More specific. Easier to follow. To build on this, things like magic and special weaponry that a character possesses should be linked in their description as a rule or else they can't use it. (or at least be on their person as a MA approved item for example). What I mean is, everyone should make at least a bare bones character sheet with a list of stuff their character can do. If it's magic, they should have their accepted magic apps there, and there should be a COMPREHENSIVE LIST of magics and short and to the point magic guides that anyone can look at for reference in the middle of a fight to ensure someone isn't breaking the lore or the power gaming rules. This combined with a system like this, I think, would put roleplay back into lord of the craft and we might even see people who despised fighting enjoying it far more than ever before. So, let me know what you think, any suggestions, etc.
  15. Merylynn scowls at this place. "This place was stolen from Karysmov!"