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  1. It's hard to phrase. Either way, if emotional feeling is considered a sense to sensory illusion it only makes sense to alter that sense. I never did say that they would be forced to do anything in particular to react. Basically just an emote for example would be [Illusion] You feel anger rising inside of you. Or furthermore [Illusion] Whenever Jim is in your field of view, you'd begin to feel anger/frustration. Tell me if I'm wrong in this.
  2. Check the guide though. Phantasms are a core of Illusion, with Glamours and Figments. Phantasms are literally the creation of illusory emotions.
  3. Then you dislike illusion as a whole. Your character isn't being taken control of, anyway. It's their senses. Just like you can't really control what you perceive, you can't control your own emotions. While an illusionist can and should be able to influence your character's emotions with a phantasm, what they do in response is up to them. If a phantasm is changing what one is feeling to something that doesn't make sense, a character is less likely to act in direct response to it, for example. Your character is happy, suddenly she's mad because of an illusionist. The logical part of them will probably realize either they're being manipulated in some way, or they're angry over nothing...though that does leave them more vulnerable to things getting to them, for example. You are still in complete control of your characters actions in either case. Alternatively, if a character is already angry, it's all to easy for an illusionist to phantasm more intense anger. This would, depending on a given characters degree of self control, be more likely to more directly cause said character to react/act. As a further note, we can't see what your emotions are. We can't read them through thoughts. Illusionists must use empathy to guess and assume if they really cared. It does help to know what the character is feeling, or at least have a good idea of what it is, in the first place. If a character is feeling a negative emotion then it'll be easier to change it more convincingly to a different negative emotion, and vice versa. But we can't directly peer into a characters mind to do that, unless we happen to also be a mental mage...but then why bother phantasms in the first place?
  4. Of course!
  5. Well, it's been in the ancient guide from Supremacy Ops for ages as the descriptor to what Phantasms are. That being said, I'm working on a revamped illusion guide that goes into way more detail. This is one of the things that got me thinking about Phantasms.
  6. Maybe I can change that for you ;D
  7. I'm not going to bother making this pretty. This is a simple thing that's always bugged me about illusion - a magic which I've been RPing for real life years now. Sensory Illusion contain three types of magic. Glamours, Figments, and Phantasms. Glamours are edits to existing objects, figments are fake illusory objects, and phantasms are best described as figmented emotions. Phantasms are the problem here. Regardless of whether it's a figment or a glamour, sensory illusion is the alteration of the senses. Phantasms are not an alteration. They are a creation of an emotion and the insertion of said emotion in conjunction with whatever that character is already feeling. This doesn't make any sense. If Phantasms are to be included in illusion, they should ALTER what one is sensing through one of the extra senses (ie, emotional sense/empathy). Whatever emotion that person is already feeling should be capable of being modified, much like whatever someone is seeing can be modified with your typical sensory illusion. It only makes sense. So my proposal is to have Phantasms be the alteration of one's emotions, not the insertion of new ones. It's kind of a semantic issue, but I think it's an important distinction as to how one RP's it and understands it, and how inserting another emotion rather than altering what that extra sense for emotions is perceiving doesn't make sense when you put that in context with the basis for the lore itself.
  8. Christ Almighty...
  9. The only funny thing here is how wrong you are. Let me just pretend you're not aware that this over 2 years ago and that people might change in that span of time. Even if it was not two years ago, my lore and my et app had no relation. Neither mentioned the other, so far as I could see. My ET app was so that I could make events with existing event creatures. My proposed lore was a non staff, and non et based lore. So now with that in mind, let's stop pretending this wasn't 2 years ago. You had to dig up to two years ago to find this. This is entirely irrelevent now. This was so far in the past Trump wasn't a candidate. Even if your statement had validity back then, it doesn't now. I find it weird that you even remember this, let alone care enough to find it.
  10. Hi. I'm a mental mage.
  11. Mori had their own magic and **** too.
  12. Not likely, given how the Mori died out. Or were assumed to die out.
  13. So wait, let met get this straight...your argument for why they need to come back is essentially because you want to play one? Well I want to play mori'quessir. Those were bomb ass *******! But guess what, they aren't coming back. No matter how many new players want to play them. Your argument has basically no validity.
  14. True to the lore? IF the lore has been "Axed" as you say, it's not true to the lore. It's gone.