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  1. Demotheus

    Sleep My Love

    Lotha slept within a dream, dreaming the same dream over and over again, constantly searching for answers, prying more and more. She was comatose for some time, her Ascended regeneration stalling her death. Her mind fractured more and more with every time she relived the dream within a dream, within a dream, within a dream. She lived for millennia in the grove for a time, and tore herself apart in others. She found herself eviscerated by the March Ash, testing every possibility of survival, of overcoming him, but there seemed to be none. By far the thing she dwelled on the most was the throne. Even knowing what it would do to her eventually, she sat, and sat, and sat. Eventually, becoming numb to the pain, finding a sick thrill in trying to fend off the inevitable descent into madness each time. "I have seen you die a thousands of times." The March Ash said, for probably the thousandth time. There was a pleading in his voice, or perhaps Lotha simply imagined it. She stared up into his mask for a long time. "I'm sorry." She thought. She awoke, weak, starving, dehydrated, and scarred in more ways than one, and with priorities that need rearranging.
  2. Demotheus

    [✗] [Holy]Caretakers[Self Denied]

    Okay. I get it, then.
  3. Demotheus

    [✗] [Holy]Caretakers[Self Denied]

    You misunderstand me, then. I didn't explain correctly. I wouldn't expect an ascended or cleric or whatever to "cure" a t5 shade or something. It would be a big deal to do so. Like, a lot of high powered ascended in a ritual or something. That sort of thing would also act like a disconnection in the sense that it tears at the soul. You can only be disconnected so many times from a long term contract with a deity before PKing, unless they changed that.
  4. Demotheus

    [✗] [Holy]Caretakers[Self Denied]

    Yeah I mean Ascended have the archangel at their back. Why would they NOT be able to fix **** like that? Their domain is SOULS. Just because you don't like it doesn't mean it makes any sense.
  5. Demotheus

    LoTC's donations and money.

    As a diamond VIP, I vote for subscription based. It will bring more money in for LOTC. Less commitment required. I think people above a certain VIP threshold should be grandfathered in for a period of time at least, and maybe get a discount as well on future subscriptions, even if that threshold is above my rank of VIP.
  6. Demotheus

    [✗] [Holy]Caretakers[Self Denied]

    in the eyes of Ascended, ferals are corrupted souls. So I just call em spooks anyway. Also, you must also be blind or never fight holy people. You over exaggerate the holy powers. Either that, or you're all power gaming cause every time I've come into combat with a spook they've usually taken measures to avoid getting fucked up by holy magic, like ARMOR. Basic armor. Not to mention, liches can conjure up magic pretty easily and zap us holy folk with lightning and stuff. Our concentration is disrupted just like everyone else, at least Ascended are. You also outnumber us by a metric fuckton. We can match you in a fair fight but when it comes to anything weighted in spooks favour it's as simple as letting a mook take a facefull of flame while someone else attacks from a more vulnerable angle. We used to be way more powerful, At least Ascended. But we've been nerfed time and time again. Another thing, it's all about combat. We've tried having more passive abilities put up, like being able to cleanse corrupted souls or something. Curing dark curses like frostwitchdom for example, but we get shot down every time for peaceful resolution magic EVEN if it's 100% willing. IE: Frost witch wants to be cured, but can't because...dark spook LT's say no? It's not all about combat. Nearly everything we propose gets shot down, while almost every single dark magic thing I've seen in the last year has been accepted. Swelling your numbers, swelling your abilities. We're talking necromystic, demon summoning, vampiric blood shades who play with voodoo dolls. Maybe I'm exaggerating a bit. But keep in mind that (usually) when you become a holy magic man or woman, you can only use that one holy magic. You typically can't use other magics, except in special circumstances like being useless with said holy magic in exchange for being able to use magic magic. (like blundermore, demi-ascended). We also have to follow tenants, usually. Spooks get to do practically whatever they want, while having batshit crazy powers that 90% of the server can't fight against. For Christ sake, necromancers can DRAIN OUR SOUL FIRE. It's banana's. All I'm saying is we could use a lil more diversity. Every holy magic user has one trick, and one trick only while spooks have a miriade of ways to cover themselves up, use various magics, and are also hard as bones to kill by 90% of the server, and not exactly easy to take down 1 on 1 holy vs spook either. TL;DR Spooks can do most of their magics at once, plus voidal magics, plus have little to no restrictions on who they can antagonize while also having a ton of ways to disguise themselves (sometimes innately). Holy's are one trick ponies who are severely restricted in what they can do and also get dunked on by spook sympathizing civilians more often than you'd think. We're routinely denied the ability to peacefully heal someone who wants to turn a new leaf and redeem themselves for...reasons??? + whatever else I said idk tl'dr's are garbage. Thank you for reading this far, and for your cooperation.
  7. Demotheus

    [✗] [Holy]Caretakers[Self Denied]

    Yeah, I have gone up against them. I'm an Ascended. So idk what you're talking about, because all I've seen is Holy magic getting shafted for more and more and more AND MORE AND MORE dark magic. Also, claiming that you have problems with power gaming isn't a good point for your argument. Everyone has problems with powergaming. Spooks powergame just as much as holy's powergame, and "normal" people powergame just as much as well. So that's a moot point.
  8. Demotheus

    [✗] [Holy]Caretakers[Self Denied]

    yeah. The Creator should make an appearance and destroy like 80% of magics or something.
  9. Demotheus

    [✗] [Holy]Caretakers[Self Denied]

    To the people who are saying "no more holy magics pl0x" and stuff, why? Do you know how many ******* dark magics there are? Necromancy, shade, blood magic, naztherak, Mysticism, dark shamanism, frost witchdom, being a ******* werewolf, there's vampires, too! And to the guy saying more dark magic that's the last thing we need. There was an issue a while back about holy people complaining about all the dark magic bias in the LT and the LT literally said the fact of the matter is, people aren't writing lore for holy magic, while dark magic people like swgrclan (fear the old dark) pump it out like they're on an assembly line. We NEED more holy magic, or extensions of the current ones. Dark magic is OP and business for them is booming. Do you people even play LOTC anymore? Or are you all Halfling mains or something? That said -1 to this lore. Like people said, soul puppetry does it already, and there's little point to it imo. But the other arguments against this are just stupid.
  10. Demotheus

    The Second Tome

    "But I thought you were a ghost, and dead?" Asked Lotha to a book.
  11. Demotheus

    [✗] [Lore Submission] Ghost Drain

    That's why I have a caveat about killing people...I also wanna do another lore peice on ghosts regarding moving on that you'll like.
  12. Demotheus

    [✗] [Lore Submission] Ghost Drain

    They're both lumbering construct like slaves. The differences you list are negligible and don't really address the main point I'm getting at. Paleknights are not ghosts. They are not an upgrade to ghosts. Furthermore, people who will play ghosts just to be strong aren't doing it right. People who align with a faction as a ghost and help serve them aren't doing it right. That's my opinion anyway.
  13. Demotheus

    [✗] [Lore Submission] Ghost Drain

    Paleknights are NOT ghost upgrades. They are not even close to resembling a ghost and I hate when people try to pretend they have anything to do with ghosts other than ghosts being stuffed in a rock. They lose all of their ghostly abilities from what I've read, and are essentially completely different creatures in my eyes. I want ghosts that are like in horror movies. Not a ghost-filled construct that is designed to serve a master. That's not how ghosts should be. Ghosts shouldn't be the sort of creature that serves anyone. They should haunt, and be scary, and provide RP that is high tension without it involving the balance of the world or some crap like that. Paleknights are mystic brand dreadknights. Not an upgrade to a ghost. People role play ghosts for certain reasons, and I don't think it's to become a discount dreadknight. Ghosts provide a substantially different kind of roleplay than that, and in my eyes, more valuable. TL;DR Paleknights are not ghosts.
  14. Demotheus

    [✗] [Lore Submission] Ghost Drain

    No problem. I think I wrote at one point how this differs from Izkuthii (the emotion eaters). I'm kind of using pseudoscience stuff regarding real life aura's, and how if you're not happy, or if you're miserable or afraid, your aura (think chi stuff and what not) is thrown off, and reflects different colors. In LOTC terms, I take this as compromised aura. They don't actually feed off of emotions, they utilize emotions in people to steal the mana from their aura (which makes up a large portion of ectoplasm) with a wee bit of life force from their normal drain, and change it into usable ectoplasm. Izkuthii eat emotions. Ghosts use emotions to exploit weaknesses in their aura and steal it and transfer it into ectoplasm. Shades straight corrupt the aura from the getgo, no matter their emotion, and turn that into amber. If I've understood you properly, this is the main point of contention you specifically mention and hopefully I've cleared it up a bit more.
  15. Demotheus

    [✗] [Lore Submission] Ghost Drain

    That response is straight cheeks. -1, but...+1...so +0. Meh. I actually LOL'd when I read this. Anyway, can you elaborate on what you like and don't like? it'd be more helpful, thank you. :D