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  1. [Lore Sub] Ghoul Ammendment (Small thing)

    Why would they want to go up the ranks? They're not intelligent enough to know about that.
  2. [Lore Sub] Ghoul Ammendment (Small thing)

    Because who the hell wants to role play a brainless minion for more than a day or two? It's not interesting. It gives you like one or two options for RP. It's STUPID. This isn't JUST a story. It's also a game. People like to enjoy themselves.
  3. [Lore Sub] Ghoul Ammendment (Small thing)

    ...Yeah, that's not the final form of a ghost. Paleknight's are so wildly different from ghosts it's amazing you even think that. The closest thing to what you say that would be considered even remotely true is that a paleknight is a ghost that is trapped in a stone body, basically. Idk why a ghost would want to be, for all intents and purposes, a DreadKnight and at the same time lose a lot of freedom. Invisibility, ******* with people, possession, etc. for less than living physical presence unless they just REALLY like killing people - and most ghosts aren't like that. Just a correction, is all. I feel like the final form of a ghost would be far more ghostly than a suped up golem.
  4. Lore Amendment: Plants Can't Have Babies

    Did you quote the wrong person...? Or something? Cause you've left me confused. I didn't insult anyone, or call people names. ...Nothing you said relates to the quote in what you said (which is a quote from me??) at all, as far as I can read. Pls clarify. lol
  5. Lore Amendment: Plants Can't Have Babies

    Yeah, people also argue about other video games, too. People are passionate about the things they enjoy, go figure! People don't like seeing stupid **** in the thing they enjoy that ruins the thing that they enjoy. HOLY COW, WHAT A REVELATION! Do you know how often overwatch players argue over who is and isn't balanced and who needs a nerf and so on and so forth? The mechanics of Lord of the Craft are it's lore, primarily. This is important to people who actually love this ****. Imagine if someone took your favourite book, say it's harry potter, and insisted that their headcannon was true canon and that conflicted with your own idea of what's right about the harry potter universe. Fan theories fly about and you don't agree with them, you say something. Maybe you're just devoid of any passion for anything other than **** posting, the both of you.
  6. Lore Amendment: Frost Witches

    You probably just didn't read half of what I wrote. Or missed the point. Which is, you're making my point. Men aren't and cannot be expected to just be 'cattle' to frost witches. It's not like humans and cows. Humans have never been cows. Cows do not become humans. If they did, we wouldn't be too keen on eating cows. Frost witches were women. They were women who, probably, liked men. Some of the frost witches became frost witches because their husbands were eaten, they were put in that vulnerable state, and thus marked for frostwitchdom by the frost witch who ate the man. They were people, and just because they are not frost witches, doesn't strip that status from them. They still have those feelings, they still are the person they were before inside, but the body they are now in requires them to eat the flesh of men. You are the one making the janked analogy to humans and cattle. I'm pointing out how that analogy is broken beyond repair due to the fact that human individuals have never been cows. Human women can turn to frost witches. Cows cannot become humans. Frost witches eat men because they HAVE to. Many enjoy it, many are sociopaths, and many also didn't choose to become frost witches. It was more or less forced upon them.
  7. Lore Amendment: Frost Witches

    They can get into genuine relationships with them because unlike people viewing cows as food, frost witches have been the same species as their food before. Not all frost witches are quite willing (in character) to be a frost witch, but were turned against their will. Your own screenshot says that explicitely. A known tactic of frost witches is to devour a married man and turn the grieving widow into a frost witch. Yes, she definitely wanted to join the creatures who ruined her life. She's heckin' jazzed about it. At the end of the day, people have never been cattle before. Frost witches are and were always people before turning. Why would turning to ice and craving man meat all the time in all the wrong ways strip away empathy and emotion? There's tons of examples of horrible monsters like vampires who don't want to hurt innocent people, but sometimes HAVE to for the sake of their own survival. Few humans enjoy the act of bolting a cow in the head so they can eat it later. It makes us uncomfortable to end something's life like that. That's why a lot of people are vegetarians, and others will only ever eat something that can be purchased in a form that doesn't look like the thing it was. They objectify it easier and consume it. I know I wouldn't be able to raise a pig from birth till butcher time, and eat that pig. **** I couldn't butcher it unless I absolutely had to. Like end of the world, either me or the pig, scenario. So, hopefully you understand how frost witches can have genuine relationships with men, as well as compassion and - remember they were people before - sexual compulsions just like any other living, breathing thing.
  8. Lore Amendment: Frost Witches

    *violently coughs* Goats *Cough cough*
  9. Lore Amendment: Frost Witches

    And just like Ascended, their true age would rapidly catch up with them. IE: frosty for 50 years turned as a 20 year old human would rapidly age to 70 year old gramma.
  10. Lore Amendment: Frost Witches

    You mean literally all the time?
  11. Lore Amendment: Plants Can't Have Babies

    This thread is dead. Why are you people still arguing about literally nothing? We've come to a conclusion. If you people actually read the stuff from Crayphish, they're in the middle of rewriting that part of the lore basically to be only between bryophites, to be ritualistic and non sexual as far as reproduction goes, and to be far more MAGICAL in nature. This thread should be closed.
  12. Lore Amendment: Plants Can't Have Babies

    No one's against them getting pregnant, but like Clayphish said earlier we had been speakin gand came to a better idea instead of normal sexual intercourse for getting a bryo pregnant, as well as making it certain that they are only able to breed with other bryo's. The ritualistic way is more interesting and unique anyway.
  13. why did you guys remove necrolyte buffs?

    Guys pls stop being tocksik