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  1. I am so done trying to deal with LOTC's trash forum editing software. The conclusion and the wall walking ability are buried in the same spoiler as the last ability and I can't figure out how to fix that. There used to be a time when I was able to click a button and make it so all the BB code was visible instead of this garbage previewed flustercluck that I have to deal with now. Idk where that button went, but it's gone. That said, all done!
  2. The Kōkuaʻia

    bad font color pls fix.
  3. Reviewing Tutorial Island

    I loved the island. My main points of critique would be that there are a few too many paths to wander off on and sort of get lost with and far too few signs for direction for when one inevitably does get lost so that they can get back on track, as well as the location of the boat. The boat for tutorial island should be a big freaking airship in front of the cloud temple when the newby walks out in the first place that has a big neon sign that says "THIS WAY FOR FREE ****". Then, they unwittingly get on the boat and are greeted with signs saying that they get a starter kit when they complete tutorial island's journey. Then, give them a freaking starter kit. Some basic stuff to get a foot in the door. And it should all be soul bound so that jerkoff's can't PVP Default them or shake them down or something. My theory is this will greatly enhance player understanding and retention of new players. +1 if you think this is a good idea. +1 if you think it's a trash idea. +1 anyway.
  4. [✓] [Frost Witch Addition] Enhancing the Curse

    Why haven't you addressed my points?
  5. [✓] [Frost Witch Addition] Enhancing the Curse

    I like it, but I have a suggestion for the mirrors. Ascended are blessed by the ARCH ANGUEL with immortality, however if they are disconnected from Aeriel their age will catch up with them. For example, Blundermore would be effectively dust in seconds if he was disconnected for any reason as he's like 1500 years at this point. Given that we aren't dealing with a deity stronger than an arch of any sort, I suggest that this mirroring ability come with the consequence of rapid aging just like the Ascended do. IE: If you have a mirror person around who's 20 years old but has been cursed for 80 years, they rapidly age until they're a prune or dead from old age. This all depends on the actual age, though. Otherwise it makes no sense, considering Ascended don't even have the ability. Basically, becoming immortal and then unimmortal should come with dire consequence, ramping up with time. Otherwise this sounds fantastic!
  6. [Update] The Draught of Incite

    Why should human and elf curses (funny enough probably the most common original ace of spook) be basically rendered null and void by this? Why can elves that are undead suddenly have children and humans suddenly become youthful? I mean, I sort of get humans to a degree. They're already undead, but why does an elf become fertile? I don't get it
  7. Increase the amount of gnomes?

    Seriously, what is a Gnome? I haven't seen that race round LOTC. Where's the /lore/
  8. Increase the amount of gnomes?

    wtf is a gnome? We have dwarves and halflings.
  9. Sure thing. How will I be contacrted?
  10. [Evocation][MA] Parkins becomes Storm from Xmen

    Storm is a lot more than Electric evo >=O
  11. #notificationSquad #robbingHalflings #rekt
  12. The powers of ghosts have long since been left to speculation and intrigue. No one ghost has all the same powers of another, and much of the time it seems to be due to how the ghost was raised. However, a small handful of descendants may begin to notice seemingly new abilities that stem from these spectral beings. With this, rumors also fly. Some swear they've seen ghosts walk through walls when before it'd never been heard of, while others say that people have been grasped by a ghost's chilled hand and have lost control over their own faculties. Even more speak in hushed, frightened voices of how a ghost can reach into your chest, and grasp your very soul and shake you to your core. No one seems to know fact from fiction as these powers begin to emerge, but the campfire horror stories of ghosts are becoming all the more popular to tell, making it difficult to tell speculation apart from the truth. Have ghosts truly learned new powers and grasped finer control over their ethereal bodies, or has someone just been spooked one too many times? Only time will tell. OOC: Taking Host - Living The Horrorchill Taking Host - Non-Living Taking Host - Non-Living Organic
  13. [CA] [Ghost] MerlinsBeard

    My ghost tricked her into jumping off a cliff.
  14. [✓] Izkuthii Vol. 4

    Read it and you'll know all! :D Nice lore. Cool additions.
  15. [Ghost][CA] Demotheus