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  1. Yessir. Demotheus is me.
  2. MODS PLEASE i'm apparently not whitelisted anymore? I can't connect. That's the error it gives me. Fix pls

    1. Mischief Managed

      Mischief Managed

      Server is down for update and some rogue gm shenanigans

    2. Catarrh


      Server's down. It's telling everyone they're not whitelisted right now. A GM apparently griefed lotc or something. It'll be down for like 4-5 hours. 

    3. Demotheus
  3. I posted about the bad meme in a to post and disagreed with the idea of using exact names so blatantly in rp and unexpectedly started a **** storm. Some dingus @lordb0rd or whatever his name is called me a racist. Check yourself friend. Even if I were prejudiced against Islam that's not a race. Furthermore I don't even care if people play a similar religion. My problem was the meme that was made from it in  rp post and the naming. For those who criticised me On the grounds that I didn't care about other similarities...you got me. So far as I've seen they've been sufficiently unique. All with some twists and such. That said I don't usually interact with any of these groups often. I don't care. I was irritated that someone posted a **** tier meme as if it were role play. That's all.

  4. https://gyazo.com/b18095473c97cbef887f22bcf7e3049e These people, or at least this guy, are trolls first off. Secondly, isn't there a rule against importing IRL **** like this to LOTC? Kind of unspoken, but you don't bring in a REAL religion to LOTC. We don't have literally Christianity. This is the thread for the above SS btw. This crap seriously needs to go. Not for any politically correct or anti muslim/islam reason, don't get me wrong. I know there are similar religions in LOTC to real life, there has to be. Not everyone can make one up off the top of their head. But these people aren't even trying. It's uncreative, it doesn't fit with LOTC, and I feel like it's straight up offensive to a wide swath of people, both muslim and non muslim. I think anything to do with Islam, Christianity, etc that is directly referenced to real life (literally calling this "Allah's" this and "Allah's" that") should be removed or changed adequately. The same goes to zues, Thor, Buddha, Yahweh, Jesus, etc. We SPECIFICALLY aren't supposed to reference JESUS (as in a character saying "Jesus Christ" as a curse) unless something's changed with that. Why should we allow any other 4th wall, immersion breaking nonsense?
  5. You mention potions of healing and poisons being less effective, but what about potions of strength and things like that? You specified mending/healing potions specifically so I'm left to ASSUME that someone like my character who's 4ft tall midget dwarfelf could pop a strength potion and still reap it's benefits, among some of the other potions available.
  6. Hey how do I get my diamond vip status recognized in discord?

    1. Amordrin 🃏

      Amordrin 🃏

      i think you have to ask an admin in discord

    2. Entspannung macht Frei

      Entspannung macht Frei

      pm it to @arockstar28 on discord and he'll give it to u.

  7. No one asking about maintance?

  8. Potions of strength in role play, how do they work?

  9. I saw something in the thread that mentioned "normal ascended strength". Do they get +1 to strength or something?
  10. RPing in public is made difficult if you walk out of RP range in the RP hub of a city, such as a tavern. Meh.
  11. There's also the flipside of that wherein a dozen people RPing together often becomes a total flustercluck of LOOC and lost emotes. That's why a lot of players don't like RPing in the main cities with a ton of other people on top of the fact that it's not their kind of RP that they enjoy and such. I personally prefer far smaller group RP for that reason.
  12. Perhaps the actual goal is to leave people alone. A raid of 8 against a group of 20 (which may have 5 on at a given time of day) seems like nonsense to me. "Circlejerk" or no. If you want RP in your city then make RP in your city. If you can't do that, and have to resort to PVP raids to crush the fun of others, your city deserves to be world edited out. If your first thought to get RP up in your city or other cities is "Kill the infidels until they assimilate" or other similar thoughts, you're not part of the solution but part of the problem. What's more likely to happen is that these smaller RP groups are going to get bent over and screwed with their face in the ground consistently until they decide to leave the server. So in actual practice, you're not bringing people to your or anyone elses main city you're just making the population of the server as a whole drop. That's just my opinion, anyway. Based on like 5 or 6 years of seeing that happen. 9/10 raids are for the pixel items and pissing people off OOCly. Want RP back in the main cities? The main cities should find a way to do that.
  13. Yeah that's not really how it works at all. People won't do that because people can't do it. People have lives, and some cities / towns can be relatively small. Whatever you think about small settlements, constantly pounding someone else's RP/RP area/RP group into the dirt will cause us to lose players. Plus, I prefer this to not be such a PVP focused server because this server says "RP" in the name.
  14. Somewhat unrelated but why does every antagonist we have spawn undeadlike enemies? Why is that the only evil thing we get from ET and such.
  15. I have a question! If you have a hommi of one element, like fire, and that hommi acts as if it's water, personality wise, is that lore breaking? Similar, say you have an air hommi and it has inhuman strength, is that fine? or is that only for fire types to have augmented strength?