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  1. Format your title as follows: [Type of Creature] [CA] MC or RP name MC Name: Demotheus Character's Name: Lotha Character's Age: like 600 Character's Original Race (N/A if not applicable): Dark Dwarf Transformed form: Izkuthii Creator's MC Name: FlamboyantSpigot Creator's RP Name: Katari Briefly explain the lore behind this construct or creature: Cursed individuals who have the ability to disguise themselves with powerful camoflauge illusions into another of the descendant races. Require feeding off of emotions (a full sweep, not just a passby 1 tap of emotion feeding) at least once every 2 weeks. In order for powers to be used a mask has to be worn that's imbued with the ritualistic magic of the curse somewhere on the head. Without the mask they are trapped in the unmasked form. Unmasked form is a spooky monster looking thing with no facefeatures and 8 ethereal arms each representing a basic emotion. The arms can't do anything in combat, and are aesthetic. The masked form is more or less the normal user, with the mask on them and two ethereal arms chilling by their sides. These can be covered with camaflauge unless said disguise is broken. They also can distort occasionally though this can't be used to become unidentifiable. They can forge masks, make a tiny illusionary space of 5x5x5. Within this space any illusion can be used on the person that is within this space. They can also fire balls of illusions that are not quite as good as normal sensory illusion. They are single target, last for three emotes, require lots of concentration, and will disrupt the disguise if it's up. They can also put people in an emotional stasis which will 'stun' them. Though this can't be used for combat purposes and is only for feeding on the emotions. Do you have a magic(s) you are dropping due to this app? If so, link it: No. Currently knows, in order of proficiency, sensory illusion, mental magic, telekinesis, (and soon to be this creature magic) Do you agree to keep the MT updated on the status of your magic app by using the Magic List Errors topic?: Yes Do you consent to accepting what may happen to this character?: Yes Have you applied for this creature on this character before, and had it denied? If so, link the app: No
  2. You'll never get as good as Rivenza (REALHORRORSTORIES) lel
  3. I see we have an early user of the druggie plugin. Looks like a good time. :)
  4. So the Order of The Mongoose will punish you for harming a mortal in self defense?
  5. MC Name: Demotheus List in Question: Alteration, Telekinesis Error in Question: I'm not a telekinetic learner Link to Magic Application (If Relevant):
  6. So Ascended can't defend themselves from a mortal "pure" soul who's attacking them for whatever reason?
  7. MC Name: Demotheus Character's Name: Lotha Character's Age: between 500 and 600 I lost track Character's Race: Dark Dwarf (Dark elf + Dwarf What magic(s) will you be learning?: Telekinesis Teacher's MC Name: Zachs_ Teacher's RP Name: Gredge Hevstil Do you have a magic(s) you are dropping due to this app? If so, link it: nope (this would bring total magics to three.) Do you agree to keep the MT updated on the status of your magic app by using the Magic List Errors topic?: Yessir Have you applied for this magic on this character before, and had it denied? If so, link the app: Nosir. Though I did play this magic in the fringe when magic was wild!
  8. Yessir, sensory illusion student here. One of my previous students died...of unrelated things to Lotha, and so I have a free spot right now.
  9. *backstoryspoiler* In the year 1200 she had been married to a wealthy Dwarf and had 2 kids with him. They had a modest keep together and a small town surrounded it. The Iblees Undead attacked it. She arrived a little too late. At the time she was far more of a fighter with melee weapons. She carved a path to the keep only to see her family being drained by necromancers. She lost all will to live at a crucial moment and they began to drain her, but her guard barged in just in time to save her from them. Just a summary. So Undead literally killed her parents and her entire family. :( So she hates the vast majority of undead, especially if they have link to the necromancers. She can put up with the odd wraith that isn't tied directly to them here or there, but as a whole she hates anything affiliated with the undead.
  10. Doomforged is a specific clan and APPARENTLY aren't actual elven at all. I can't remember but this was a while ago.
  11. Is this yoru dark elf? idk.
  12. Name: Lotha Age: Between 400-600 years old. Gender: Female Race: Appears to be some kind of Halfling and can be mistaken for a doom-forged by the ignorant. She is half dark elf, half dwarf. Appearance: Lotha stands at a diminutive four feet tall. She is rather pear shaped, or bottom heavy. She is almost completely flat chested granted by her elven heritage while her hips flair out and her legs are thick and sturdy, lending to her dwarven heritage. Her skin is a dusky charcoal color while her eyes are a crimson red. Her hair is a shocking fiery contrast compared to her dark skin. From a distance and in various lightings it could seem she were ablaze but in actual fact it's just her long main of dwarven, fiery hair. She often wears a purple robe or dress, being one of her favourite colors. Her facial features are soft and cutesy. She has rounder cheekbones and a narrow chin with a little more fat in her cheeks than the average elf. She has many, many piercings, rings, and other such jewelry due to her dwarven greed as well as a paranoia of the undead. Furthermore, her body that is usually covered by clothing is riddled with various assorted scars, from stab wounds to lightning strikes. She has taken it upon herself, except in places she cannot reach, to tattoo over these scars in a light blue body ink that curves from scar to scar in a tribalistic style. Her demeanor can vary wildly depending on who has command of her. Personalities: Lotha suffers from something akin to DID (Dissociative Identity Disorder) and has so from early on in her life. Being the half breed she was, she was found impure and unwanted by most and ridiculed by most of the most. This took it's toll on Lotha's mental health and eventually she had her first split. From Lotha to Lotha Scylla. While her name from birth was Lotha, and "Scylla" was the original commander of her vessel, Lotha developed a habit of speaking in the third person and identifying herself as Lotha and so Scylla, unable to convince Lotha to refer to herself as a different person, caved and named herself Scylla. Over the course of many years more personalities took form in Lotha's mind and eventually mustered the will power to be able to take control over her at certain times, some more than others. The separate identities that are less seen will not be listed here. Only Lotha's personality will be written about in this fashion. Personality of Lotha: The one who identifies themselves as Lotha takes several different forms, however the most dominate one is a childish, immature and chaotic being that is headstrong and opinionated. They are obsessed with magic, and like all of her personalities, loathe the dark art of necromancy and any being that aligns themselves with it. Due to losing her family which included two of her children, her parents and her husband around 1200 in Aegis to the undead army which attacked her modest holding she lives in paranoia of such beings returning. She is not convinced that Iblees is gone or dead, but simply biding his time. She wears many golden pieces of jewelry as a result of this to ward off a would be undead attacker. She is addicted to night-sap and has held this addiction for centuries at this point, and will often try to spread her favourite bedtime snack with unsuspecting victims. There are, of course, several other personality fragments that identify as Lotha and speak with her mannerisms or those similar to hers. It's difficult to define whether those are just mood swings or entirely separate personalities within her. She remembers fragments of what those other personalities that identify as her go through however often cannot recall most of it. As a result she has an existential crisis with herself. Hence, she developed the nervous tick of speaking in the third person to separate herself from herself in an attempt to see into her mind from an outside perspective, rather than be confused inside of it. Contrary to popular belief, she is able to retain more of her sanity in this fashion and is probably one of the least insane things her collective self has come up with. Skills and Magic Prowess: Lotha is a jack of many trades, so to speak. However she shines best in her magical arts. She has an obsessive love for them, more than most anything in the world. She has been a master of illusion for over one hundred years and is currently learning mental magic at an impressive pace. Lotha is more than capable of teaching illusion, as well, and has four students currently. As a result of her learning illusion she learned to keep an eye for details and notices little things more readily than most would as she has to replicate to the best of her imaginations ability her illusions in the most realistic ways. Furthermore, however, she has learned many fighting techniques, smithing techniques, and a multitude of other techniques well enough to fool even experienced, but perhaps not masterful, users of those crafts and skills. While being physically weak she knows how to fight with a weapon and relies heavily on redirection of force, parrying, and faux attacks to win a fight should it come to close quarter combat. She can couple this with small but impactful illusions to redirect her opponents attention, often forcing them to defend against an attack that never happened only to be struck where they can't see. However she prefers to cast illusory lightning on foes to cripple them. Background [WIP]:
  13. not sure if it's been asked yet, but what about RP on these travels during the travel time? Can fighting be allowed or is it protected?
  14. Are you serious? In fictional writing facts don't matter? I'm sorry but you have no business going anywhere near story writing if that's actually what you think. All fiction is based on real life. The best writers do TONS of research on all of their story elements to make a something believable. You insult hundreds of writers by saying this. +1 to this lore.
  15. How long did this drawing take?