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  1. They don’t meant retcon.
  2. Are those regeants official or aim to be official? Because you can't and never have been able to break an illusion just because you were told by the illusionist that it's an illusion.
  3. If anything is an actual “end game” like Archons it should be suitably difficult to get to that stage and not be even remotely close to inevitable.
  4. @The King Of The Moon So who actually knows/can teach the material alphabet???

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. Demotheus


      What about illusionists xD

    3. The King Of The Moon

      The King Of The Moon

      There is no logical reason for Illusionists to learn or comprehend the Material Alphabet in a manner any different to non-Illusionists. 

    4. Demotheus


      Was a bit tongue in cheek m’dude. 


  5. Dank rp from @MinaGobbler and... That... Ooother guy in sutica.


    Ninja or something. Idk lol. @ninjaclimb1

    1. MinaGobbler


      Thanks mate, was fun 

    2. ninjaclimb1


      ninja or something

    3. Demotheus


      Fixed it. I tried to @ u earlier but couldn't find your name lol

  6. Lotha stared at one of the notices that had been pinned in Sutica for a while. After about ten minutes of staring she blinked a few times as she snapped out of her strange little trance. She squinted at the notice which was probably put up while she was staring at that spot on the wall and finally read it. She hummed a low note for a few seconds before she withdrew a pen and paper and made off to find some place to write and subsequently send a letter. “Dear Umi, Lotha has seen your request for a voice-box. While Lotha is unable to create such a thing Lotha may possibly be able to assist in one or two ways with her endeavor should Umi require such. Lotha is a master Illusionist, though she does not know much of Animii she is willing to assist if constructing such a thing would require the aid of something like Illusion. A second way Lotha can assist is if Umi is contacted by a Transfigurationist, Lotha can work with this person to help create some item which can serve as a conduit for Umi’s voice. The third way is – if all else fails – Lotha may be willing to teach Umi Illusion and as such she would be able to do so of her own will. However, we would have to meet first and discuss and Lotha would need to make a judgement as to whether Umi would be a good fit for the magic. Do mind that for some reason magic is not able to be taught at the moment. ((Lore games)). If Umi requires Lotha’s assistance feel free to send a letter! Signed, ~Lotha Scylla” OOC: Discord: Detrimental#7014 Minecraft Name: Demotheus
  7. *hears meme soviet song in the distance slowly growing nearer. * "the **** is that?"
  8. Nah nah. Works great for China. I support this.
  9. ((how will this archery contest be carried out? Mechanically? RPly? Rolls?
  10. ((is this book rply available in a place such as Dragur Library at Cloud Temple?))
  11. Lotha cackled as she heard the public news and gossip in sutica. "Lotha thinks the dwarves must have infiltrated their government!"
  12. ((probably because no one wants to think about grandparents having the diddly doo, specially when theyre old. Feel bad thst he took his posters down tho lol. Lotha was mostly self deprecating. Rip southorons
  13. “Hah!” Cackled a four foot tall dark-elf dwarf hybrid. “Aaaahahahaha!” She cackled some more. “No one wants to marry an old geezer!” Said the probably 700 year old elfess.
  14. Alright I actually finished reading this entire thread now. First thing’s first; insults do not make your argument better, they make it worse and only serve to escalate a shitstorm. With that said... Mina’s depiction of what happened – and I’m going to assume that for the most part it’s accurate – would leave me as satisfied as I really could be with the situation. This is coming from someone who LOATHES PvP as it is currently on LotC. Even if Bepis hadn’t stepped up to end the bullshit arguments that were happening and the orcs wound up slaughtering nearly everyone I assume they’d have laid out the same offer regardless. Everything seems like it was justified in that sense. It is true that the 10+ rule doesn’t apply like you assumed it does, Mina. But that’s a minor issue which is easily corrected, as someone already mentioned earlier. Honestly, it’s been years man. Magic. Plugin. When? Likely not for a long time if ever cause the dev team bailed. **** I’d be happy with mages being able to run a command to give them items like a bow, arrows depending on their magic tier or type of magic. Maybe give them certain enchantments or effects, and armor. Why should we have to buy or make armor for an OOC reason of being prepared for PVP? It’d be super easy. Some magics might have specific stuff, but **** it man. It’d at least make it feel slightly more like mages actually have a shot without having to grind or buy iron or make weapons that they’ll never use ICly. Just a representation of their abilities as a mage. And soulbind those items so people can’t just basically dupe arrows n **** lol. Figure out a decent cool down or other system so that you can’t just spam the command and maybe have the items expire after a certain time all together so you can’t stack them. Probably expire after the cool down ends. Which shouldn’t be more than like 30 minutes, except perhaps in times of war. Maybe I should just make a separate thread for that idea. But Mina, assuming what you said is even mostly correct, that is indeed it, chief. For how PvP is currently, that is it. That’s how you fuckin’ do it. As for that other guy who said “logs can be altered”, he was referring to logs which caused a GM to see fit to teleport the “ninja olog” back, which probably means the gm saw the logs themselves by running their gm command or whatever, and agreed it was bullshit. In that case it’s pretty strong evidence.
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