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  1. Okay awesome fantastic wonderful splendid. So now voidal mages have to basically flail their arms in the air, glow as a rule, and might as well be shouting “I’M CASTING FIRE MAGIC AT YOU GET READY!” While also being weak as noodles While also being unable to hold a weapon while connected!? In a server where I’m pretty sure people insist the rule is it takes a whole ass emote to draw a sword, but also takes a single emote to run 10 ******* blocks in an environment where fights are generally 20 blocks distance if the mage is lucky? I’m not throwing shade at tox I doubt he wrote the whole thing here or at least probably had to follow Flam’s “instructions”, but it seems to me that voidal magic was just nerfed to be even more useless than it already is in any given combat situation. Added note. While connected you can only walk. Well what does that mean? I’ve heard people say you can move 10 blocks in one emote, or 5 blocks, and anything in between. Never really specified what walking speed vs running speed is or anything.
  2. Lotha, a very cute ginger dark elf of 4 feet in height crumpled up one of these fliers and threw it in a fire place in a huff, and then a cackle. "what a joke! Everyone knows the best women are the shortest women with the fattest a-" she stopped abruptly as she remembered the specifics. "why such a specific height requirement." she cackled again. "ahaha... What a catch." she remarked with only a single drop of sarcasm the size of which could easily fill a vast ocean.
  3. Lotha started to read the letter she received – as an Ascended – and slowly drooped as she read it with shaking hands. Her posture, her expression, even her comically large ears – they all drooped and sagged. Lotha hadn’t really known Elvira too well, but she was a friend for certain. And perhaps...potentially worst of all...the thing Lotha pestered Elvira about on occasion...that delicious beverage...would be lost forev-hold on... Lotha turned the page over and saw on the other side...the recipe...the coveted...delicious mocha recipe...IT LIVED ON! Lotha squealed with mixed tears of joy and grief and stumbled around her kitchen through bleary eyed excitement. Many things were broken in that kitchen that day. However, Lotha had all of these ingredients handy as she had tried her hand at replicating Elvira’s secret family recipe ever since the blessed liquid touched her tongue for the first time. And then...it was done...she had a hot cup of that delightful happy beverage in her little hands. Lotha sniffed back more tears and nodded as she looked out her window at the moon. “This drink is for Elvira.” She said with her quivering, nearly quaking voice as she stood and enjoyed that drink in the company and view of the moon and – she hoped – her old friend as well.
  4. Telanir, I really don’t like your wishy washy explanation for the staff downsizing. I don’t believe for a single second that you “miscommunicated” the concept. You would have seen the complaints and concerns and addressed them immediately if your intention was contrary to what the belief was. Instead – as you said yourself - you played into it. Don’t apologize for the wrong mistake. Own up to it. If it really was as you say then you dropped the ball – and the ball was made of dwarf star stuff. Which means either you are incompetent, or lazy, or do not listen to your subordinates and community well or at all, or some combination of all that. Or. You had an idea. Thought it would work. Gave it a fair shake, and realized it was a mistake. I’m more inclined to believe the later because I don’t think you’re lazy or incompetent by any means. So apologize for that instead of some made up or hard to believe mistake that most likely doesn’t exist given the evidence. Otherwise, good to hear changes are coming through with that and other things!
  5. Yes, of course, but like any lore it’s all supposed to be part of a narrative. Being able to throw people around or choke them out with your mind doesn’t need to be over powered nor un-fun. Ways to balance it: Someone else tries to pull the person being choked down from their place in the air, or if on the ground they could shove or pull them harshly out of place. This triggers some kind of roll for an attempt to break the choke. Throw a good fist sized rock at the guy who’s force choking your buddy. Or run up to them and punch them in the face. Oh here’s a really easy one. Wear a fawking coif or some other neck armor. They could still pick a guy up by the armor, but since they can’t see the neck they can’t put force directly on it and thus no force choke or it’s at least harder. I could probably think of more. Plenty of options. Pretty much all the ways you can counter telekinesis can be used. If you lift a shield up to cover your neck that breaks line of sight. Take cover. Pocket sand!? The neck is the limit! I mean sky.
  6. I feel like those aren’t even remotely related. First of all, you can just telekinetically throw objects and/or enchant an object to telekinetically throw objects at speed. Ye don’t need lore for a fookin railgun. Just don’t make it look like technomagic and ain't nobody batting an eye. As long as it follows telekinetic and enchanting lore/rules anyway. Second of all, force choking can easily be balanced. Even if doing the force choke itself isn’t that “hard” for the mage, there can be many built in ways to break this. Basically make I t like a mage hand, but invisible. The person can claw at the force around their neck – as they’d likely do as a reaction – and can roll to break the force down or “pull” it away. “But but but that doesn’t work with moving normal objects!-“ shut up. It’s magic. You can come up with a slew of bs reasons why it works inconsistently for something like this. All it needs to do is make sense and be able to be countered against.
  7. So what? It’s always been that way and it’s always been stupid and felt unmagical.
  8. No. Enough of this nonsense. “Can’t manipulate inorganic-“ screw off with that. Dumb. Make. Force. Chokes. A. Thing.
  9. A note is written on one of these pamphlets. “If somebody publishes a book through your services do they get paid any of what is made by selling it?”
  10. What’s this thing about someone’s ban being extended cause they didn’t do CT’s job?

    1. FlemishSupremacy


      Basically, bardmainhere’s appeal is not being accepted cus it’s being passed around as “no, it’s an admin ban” “no you need to appeal it with CT”, if i heard it correctly

    2. BardMainHere


      My appeal was just denied by CT because “I didn’t do a good enough job of looking for dewper alts.” Thankfully, Muffins is a straight up hero and it is now being re-reviewed. 

  11. Light manipulation gimps illusion and makes phantasms impossible. XD
  12. 1 correction. Illusion has nothing to do with manipulating light. It's all in the mind.
  13. Lotha cackled to herself and started going from notice to notice to correct the title of their previous position to "lead drug expert".
  14. I was referring mostly to an overall description of how the magic functions and works fundamentally/as a whole. Or is that not a requirement?
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