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  1. Recovering The Ancient Tongue Of The Elves.

    Word update. Changelog follows: I feel like I meant to answer this but I must've forgotten. But for posteriority the use of "ito" is very consistent, it simply depends on the position in the sentence the word is placed in. "ito" when is used as "here" would take the place of an "Object" (although this is not strictly speaking a grammatical object), and it all other cases is a preposition. In RP, if you think you are being unclear you can add your character gesturing through emotes, which is not unlikely something the ancient elves might've done as well ;) The examples as "the forest walks within" obviously aren't very forthcoming about the usage of ito because they are silly sentences nobody would actually use, but it is consistent. Anyone that has questions can PM me.
  2. Suggestion - Voting And Advertisement

    The hero we need
  3. Feedback - Totem of the Undying

    so what I'm hearing is make totems work in PvP ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
  4. [✓] Server idea tent comes back?

    Topic moved to 'Noted Server Ideas'.
  5. [✓] Server idea tent comes back?

    theyre back
  6. A little polish on the lobby

    Unfortunately I dont know what it means. Wish I was a programmer :( Idk I think this is a internal bungee thing? A lot of messages end up going places they shouldn't with bungee cuz none of us really know what were doing so we just hack it together.
  7. There was a bug. We have a priority stack with knockout, totems and normal death and tried to make these all work together. Knockout takes precedence over totems in PvE scenarios but Totems take precedence in PvP. What happened was people confused the system by triggering a PvP knockout but using "/revive" rather than right-click-to-revive, thus temporarily registering their direct threat as a PvE related one. Should've been pretty obvious this was a glitch.
  8. hello its not working

    (is this a trend?)

    1. Archipelego


      fix your monkbread system

  9. hello its not working

  10. hello its not working

  11. Sup LotC, Not much to start off with except to thank all of you for voting. Thanks to the diligent efforts of the AT, the staff and of course the players we closed off March with an absolutely insane count of 211 new accepted applications. This is an absolutely insane number that has smashed record after record. To illustrate this, here is the application data we gathered in Axios with the new player counts of February and March of this year overlaid. LotC hasn't done this well in recruitment in a long time and it is all thanks to you :) For the Dev team, the next step is obviously going to be retention since we want to be able to actually keep the new players that are currently signing on. What we have planned for this will be a story for another time. Right now I just want to throw out some random update notes to keep in mind: After having spent some time optimizing we want to trial the supposedly more robust new systems. We've now brought down our scheduled restarts from 6 to 4, and finally to only once a day. The server will now only restart at 11 AM GMT, which is the time the least players are online. This does not include maintenance restarts, however. If this is going to cause lag due to lighting cleanups we might revert this decision, however. You should now be able to breed more animals. We've added /vote disable to shut off all vote notification messages for the next 24 hours. We've removed MinecraftServers.biz from our list of vote sites. They weren't giving us any traffic compared to the traffic we were giving them (sad). Don't bother voting there anymore as rewards will not trigger. This is not a bug. Apologies for people who were using the 12 hour window there to get more Minas. We are going to be implementing ways to get Minas from non-voting methods soonTM. We're looking into removing Monkbread for non-new players to combat farmer uselessness. Right now it's only available from voting. Might soon be given only to new players. Leave your insults on this change below. Monkbread can also be bought and sold at the Cloud Temple tavern. Party chat will now be /pty instead of /p (which will be used as /persona shorthand). Don't know if anybody uses party chat but there you go.
  12. Lobby Server!

    Couldn't be. Tythus has no sense of humor. It is known.
  13. Lobby Server!

    So this is what Tythus has been working on all these years. Every second well spent if you ask me.