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  1. [Your View] Metagaming

    As always I'll code it if the community wants it but I'd rather spend all my energy (since I only have 1000 a day now thanks a lot dev team) on Removing Nexus which is on a very tight schedule. Also another dev can probably do it :)
  2. [Your View] Metagaming

    BIRB PLUGIN! Honestly I voted against plugin I don't want to code it.
  3. Maybe the real Nexus removal is the friendships we've built along the way...

    1. overlord2305


      I heard you can get to the friendship folder by entering 'rm -rf /' into the command line

  4. just make 6.0 exactly like westeros fam

    if with true gym rats you mean broscientists who can't figure out caffeine is the only ingredient actually doing work in your preworkout then sure. Let's discuss it next time youre at the squat rack, maybe 2019? EDIT: Also I should probably respond to the actual message in the thread and basically I agree. GoT is hot right now so let's stop pretending everyone isn't just siphoning ideas straight off of the TV show.
  5. just make 6.0 exactly like westeros fam

    Lol you take preworkout?
  6. [Change] Character Cards

    Kowaman recently added a click for more...part to the character card's he's gonna love this thread.
  7. We can Remove Nexus because we have something Nexus will never have: Friendship.

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. Thoros of Myr

      Thoros of Myr

      Is Friendship the next crafting system?

    3. Sporadic


      No it's that warm feeling inside of us.

    4. Archipelego


      nexus is he-who-must-not-be-named and the only way to stop him is love


  8. Soul Puppetry [Lore Collective] + [Rewrite]

    Ah what I meant by Google is to just look up a guide on run-on sentences and apply it in your piece. For example I did a quick search and this came up: It may be helpful for you to read. On a more advanced level, writing is easiest for the reader when you vary your sentence length. Use mostly short sentences. Put a few longer ones in here and there but try to keep most of your sentences short. Sentences with 2+ dependent clauses should be rare.
  9. Soul Puppetry [Lore Collective] + [Rewrite]

    Ok so all the LMs already went deep into the power level of the magic. I had a raised eyebrow at the healing parts as well as abilities as such might eclipse the clerical dominion, but all right at the end of the day lore balance isn't a chief concern for me personally. What I am concerned about is how much I struggled to get through the whole piece which is mostly due to your tendency for run-on sentences. It isn't all that bad in this thread (Void Mites had it really bad), but it's certainly jarring for texts this long, and as a result it's painful to get past all the commas where a full stop would've been. I would recommend you read up on run-on sentences and try to incorporate the advice Google gives you into your writing. PS: is the backfiring of effects connected to a rolling system at all, or do you just handwave it to be around X% intensity?
  10. 6.0 Dev Blog 1 & Calling all Builders!

    Actually I call myself a Technician. But you're right I should try to convey my points with less harsh edges and more nuance.
  11. Good stuff, bud. Thank you for the edits.
  12. 6.0 Dev Blog 1 & Calling all Builders!

    Please don't instigate railroading RP motivated purely by OOC reasons.
  13. All good choices. I'd like to add Vaq's song of choice which also perfectly symbolizes the spirit of Nexus.
  14. Nexus Sucks

    You wanted fun? Too bad here's 10 more crafting timers.