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  1. Sporadic

    The Community Manager: Who, What, and Why

    There's a certain statement made by making BG anything less than a full admin. Community Admin always came with the red tag, yet now justifying the course of the server is going to be handled by someone who doesn't get to decide it, and the person who is supposed to represent the players won't have equal voting power? What is that saying, really? In private circles it's known that I denounce and oppose any attempt to erect more layers of bureacracy. And here we are with yet another one.
  2. Sorry lads. Currently on hiatus. Laptop fried. New linux. You understand. Actually you probably don't. However this feedback is very much appreciated. I do mean that. It's detailled and actionable. If I ever get back on my feet changing the hunting plugin accordingly will top my list. I know that doesn't sound reassuring but I'm dealing with other stuff and LotC just doesn't feel as important as it did a few months back.
  3. Apply for GM so I don't have to.

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      aye aye cap't

  4. Sporadic

    Herding using the Lama mechanic

    It's not impossible but it's sufficiently annoying and harder to maintain that we won't be pursuing tweaks like this at the time.
  5. Sporadic

    Applying Process Feedback

    @MyLittleUnicorn without a doubt you're one of the people most acquainted with the current intake of new players both during the application process and thereafter. I'd be interested in your observations. What have you noticed about the recent applicants in terms of behavior? What was their RP like and how eager were they to learn and adapt, what were their obstacles, etc. For people who played in 2011, you probably know that the quality of roleplay was not even close to the level we consider the standard today. Anyone can go back to the Aegis RP forum threads and confirm this. We were not any better than the average newbie today, but we learned along the way thanks to a welcoming and patient peer group whose warmth and patience made it worth sticking around for almost 7 years. But it's not all sunshine and roses. On the flipside, our standards for metagaming have slackened considerably, with most people exchanging ingame information such as locations or happenings in Discord or OOC without second thought. This no doubt confuses newbies, who inevitably look towards veterans to establish what is acceptable behavior. There is certainly room for improvement. Solutions are plenty. Raising the application threshold certainly is one, but it is incidentally the laziest one, as it completely puts the burden of quality control on the newbies, the ones least committed to LotC and its growth. Personally, I've long doubted the efficiency of the current metagaming/powergaming questions. They are too abstract and meaningless for people who have not had the pleasure of actual RP. The late Sky once suggested instead a quiz-like format to test people on rules, metagaming and powergaming. I think having a mandatory questionnaire ingame, coupled to a brief tutorial on the concepts (as well as other things such as commands and chat functions) can be beneficial across the board. However, compared to just adding tougher questions it is a lot harder and asks more from us as staff members. I guess it's all about what is more important and who feels like stepping up to the plate.
  6. Sporadic

    AT Update Log- May

    I count 260 accepted new applications for May 2018, compared to 107 we had for May last year. You guys are moving mountains and it's been my privilege to work with ya'll. Next step is 300 accepted and 50% increase in retention rate.
  7. Sporadic

    Votes Don't Register

    @Llir anybody else have this issue?
  8. Sporadic

    LotC Twitch Stream Info/Update (BGBuster)

    Always liked your LotC vlog back in the day. Best of luck with the stream.
  9. Sporadic

    LotC 6.2: *notices minas pouch* owo what's this?

    We will see. @The Pink Lion has been very supportive towards getting Alchemy linked to something plugin-wise, so the only real limitation is the fact that I have so little time and so much to do. Can''t wait to see it Sounds like a minecraft things Have you considered 2 iron doors next to each other? Right now we can only speculate. I'd like to see what actually happens. Sure it would be bad case scenario if the trade route was a constant raidbait with neverending PvP battles but I also believe the system is self-correcting in the same way predator and prey populations are self-correcting: If every trader gets raided they will stop bringing their Llamas and as a result there won't be any point for nations to camp the routes. Besides, for all we know the trade routes become an integral part of a warclaim metagame. Or of a new generation of roadside RP. Anything can happen, but we will have to wait and see if all the fears and desires come true or not,
  10. @Sporadic Are the Minotaur trophies not up yet or is there another reason why they aren't present on the trophy list? Also i'd like to thank you for all the hard work you and your team does, I quite enjoy a lot of the updates and even though I don't agree with all the changes a lot of these changes are a welcoming sight for certain.

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      uhm i forgot

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      @Sporadic I think you forgot to add the bogbeast tongue, unless that was removed from the equation I haven't hunted them for quite a while so I suppose that could be possible. Thought i'd give you a headsup just incase.

  11. Hello LotC. This patch brings a plethora of rather unrelated features to let's just turn this news post into a listicle. We're taking Llama Caravans out of Beta officially now that we have chosen the 3 trade routes to use and the prices to balance . Here's hoping on a productive centralization method that will get new players meeting new people quickly. Shoutout to @MadYeAd and @MyLittleUnicorn for taking the initiative on this. just to clarify the 3 items you see for sale are meant to rotate, so only one will be available at a time. The Cloud Temple Tradesmaster will tell you which one. If the AI improvements are lacking there might still be the possibility of a Pet Protection plugin, we shall see Llama restrictions such as being offroad or max caravan length only apply to llamas that have items in their inventory. If you need to transport a large amount of llamas to/from stables it helps to keep their inventory empty. Native-Hunting is now being taken out of beta and to celebrate this the mob trophy shop is officially open for business. Happy mob-slaying There's 12 mobs that rotate on a per-restart basis which SHOULD be daily but almost never is due to us devs restarting all the time. There's a few useful drops that don't get bought at the trophy shop, as well as some secret drops on SOME mobs that MIGHT be useful. I'm coding up to 2-3 additional mobs based on your suggestions when I have the time. Here's the full Hunting moblist at this point (with some secrets still being kept from you): The Cloud Temple mini-bookshop is open, featuring the first of 3 Minas sink shops that have a collectivity of useful items. To see the philosophy behind these changes, make sure to visit the Remove Nexus Club. There will be a plethora of useful items to give you temporary and permanent boosts soon enough (permanent being the remainder of Atlas and likely any transition maps). The first of these is a small bookshops. With an increasing selection, this shop can be used to give your Persona that extra edge. Make sure to visit the Little Library on your next trip to CT "Ellir's Elixirs" is an upcoming CT shop that will give your Persona access to consumables that serve a similar purpose, as well as potions such as Antivenom to give you an edge against poisonous mobs present and future. "Earl Edge's Exotic Equipment" is a shop where we experiment with the often-requested concept of Weapon Variety. Something people liked in Nexus was the ability to swap out your sword for a battleaxe, spear or warhammer, but without the idea that some weapons were just vastly better than the others and must be grinded towards to be unstoppable in PvP. Right now this concept is in a discussion phase, but people who keep their eyes open and experiment with these changes might have a sneak peek somewhere in the Hunting plugin. The Soulstone plugin has received an overhaul. Most notably, all Pillar Tiers have been removed from redstone pilllars and you can now have a Pillar for each of your Personas. This comes at a price, however. Specifically a Minas price that can be exchanged at the aforementioned CT bookshop. All your existing soulstones have been transported to the new system and should work as expected (although the total slot amount will have reset). Let me know if something is odd. Note that I had to guess which Persona should have your currently existing soulstone transfer to.I hope it was the right one ? Your soulstone will now show a visible cooldown ticker to show you when it can next be activated The Shop Of Wonders will sell a Greater Soulstoine that gives bonuses similar to a full month of voting milestones. However, the Greater Soulstone stacks with any voting bonuses you might have had, so you can expect a massive amount of fast travel options coming your way on a fully decked out Persona, KnockoutPlus has received some changes to combat meta-revives from people who shouldn't. This may or may not inconvenience you when Hunting so make sure to accept the consequences of dying before you thread in dangerous territory. Note that the "Bleedout Time" attribute can be boosted to increase your time being knocked out before you die. Peace out.
  12. Sporadic

    BETA: Plugins that white people get turnt to

    it's only that way if the llama has items on them so tyo get them out of stables make sure the inv is empty.
  13. We've rolled out a new update to Llama caravans over here:


  14. Sporadic

    BETA: Plugins that white people get turnt to

    BETA UPDATE 3: Southern Trade Route (extended) Hopefully the last adjustment to the plugin mechanics. A new cycle of Llama trading starts, meaning a new trade route and new updates The new year will probably mean Eastbight is the new caravan destination to the south We've rolled out a greedier Entity AI which will hopefully make Llamas a lot more responsive for traders to compensate for the added lag this brings we've limited caravan length to 3. HOWEVER, the caravan length allowed increased by 2 for every player you have riding a Llama in your caravan. To compensate for the shorter caravans we've improved the profit margins you get for ferrying back and forth a shipment of items.