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  1. Sporadic

    [Fixed]Bug Report: VIP Edit plugin malfunction?

    thank you for making your bug report so detailed.
  2. Sporadic

    [Fixed][Bug] TokeBall Neutral Mob AI

    Thank you for your bug report. We've looked into the issue and are marking it as fixed. Please do not hesitate to report continued or other issues to us.
  3. Sporadic

    [Fixed][Bug] TokeBall Neutral Mob AI

    should be fixed
  4. Sorry for the unannounced restarts. We had some issues with the Wandering Soul plugin of an urgent caliber.

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    2. Sporadic


      hey at least our server comes back up after bugs 🤔

    3. Elennanore


      man the lotc devs won’t stop taking shots at warlords

    4. Harrison


      its payback for the time they cried about people bullying them in a discord chat

  5. Sporadic

    Heh. Not Bad. You made me use 10% of my power.

    No you make a good point. We will change it so that the items transfer to your ender chest instead. i doubt it
  6. Sporadic

    Heh. Not Bad. You made me use 10% of my power.

    fucking never.
  7. Sporadic

    Heh. Not Bad. You made me use 10% of my power.

    the items are collected in a vault of their own and you use /itemcache claim It’ll only ever give you the items you have room for and keeps track of the rest for you until you’re ready to claim them. It shouldn’t ever happen that you’re walking around and suddenly your inventory bursts with items because somebody somewhere evicted you.
  8. Sporadic

    Heh. Not Bad. You made me use 10% of my power.

    try replying “Bring Back Nexus” to everything it’d work on me. thats just racist towards people who have a life. the title was the only reason I made the post
  9. Sporadic

    [Fixed][Bug] TokeBall Neutral Mob AI

    thank you for your report. looking into it
  10. Thank you for your bug report. We've looked into the issue and are marking it as fixed. Please do not hesitate to report continued or other issues to us.
  11. Sporadic

    Heh. Not Bad. You made me use 10% of my power.

    it wont unless your permissions are set up horribly incorrectly gms are immune.
  12. Sporadic

    Heh. Not Bad. You made me use 10% of my power.

    your posts are literally just tldr versions of my posts miss me with that.
  13. Sup LotC, Presenting today with all the features you didn’t ask for is me, celebrating the official launch of Tythan 0.5. What’s Tythan 0.5? Don’t worry about it it certainly won’t impose horrifying restrictions on every Minecraft action on you very soon. What it will do is give you features that allow us to test for something greater. Such as the things I will now explain below Eviction Hate Biased GMs? Modreqs always being closed by GMs when you’re offline? Do you call them GMs just to spite Fireheart in an attempt to mock his team and his power? Well you’re in luck because the #1 Modreq message has now been automated. No more will brave and handsome PROs have to wait for hiatusbotsadmins before burning a city to the ground and remove everyone who wanted to RP there. Enter /evict . Just one command and 1 click is all you will need to unlock a lock from someone who needs it. It does require that you are a moderator or be an owner of the region the lock is situated in, but as long as that is done you can clean up all the old locks from vanished players to your heart’s content. Now I know what you’re thinking: “Pwah! I, the steward of [insert human nation], will just unlock all the chests and gain all the pixels I desire”. Well unfortunately we thought of that. Chests unlocked through /evict will have their items returned to the owner of the lock. If you want to steal someone’s items you will have to do it through Roleplay. Ask your dad... he might still know what that is. Repairing Nothing gets me more excited than taking commands away from mods. Their indignant shrieking really soothes me right to sleep. So needless to say when I removed /repair from the command list I got a semi. Then I realized Tythus might not pay me this month if I caused too much ruckus for him so I decided to automate the repair process to put you, the player, back in the driver’s seat Now repairing is extremely pointless given the fact that materials are cheap and repairs cost 1,000 minas as per Mod policies, so most of you will never need this feature. However I still coded it because I wanted this news post to have 2 items. However if you have damaged roleplay items and you really dont want to break them this feature might be for you. Also when it comes to repairing we are running a temporary experiment to gather infield data. This has to do with a feedback item that has been coming up a lot lately. Some of you will never find out what the experiment entails while others will spoil the surprise by lamenting it in an angry feedback post. Please enjoy. What Else We’re testing an experimental feature with Inventory Backups. A semi-common issue is people losing valuable RP items from glitches and crashes and whatnot so now we can possibly recover these items more reliably. This is great news for you because next time you request your gitched items back instead of hearing We Can’t you will instead hear We can but we won’t. You’re welcome. The sprinting boost plugin may or may not be removed soon because the chunk loading is really doing a number on our performance and players going too fast is a major cause of these issues. Same for horses on cocaine and sprint jumping. Just don’t do it please. We’re at 14 tps and I’ll literally explode if it goes below 5. It’s a bet I made with Tofuus (which I’m winning btw). You can now use /freja pm to send forum PMs to players that are offline. Wow great for birds and stuff right? All it needs is that both you and them are forum integrated which means running the other Freja commands. USE THIS because it will give you free diamonds from gamebreaking bugs. As warned before some people will have their alt accounts unwhitelisted soon. This means you have to use the /whitelistalt command. Even if your alt is NOT unwhitelisted you will still have to use /freja forum on both accs to register. Oh and we have commands to find potential alts with great reliability so please just do it before I start manually banning you until you integrate. Unlike admins with their cute little VPN whitelist I actually can detect you for trying to skirt past me. Looking at you potts and your other potts it’s bugging me out just do it please 😥
  14. wow you’re right. thank you for the detailed report. We’d seen tab completion worked well on some names and not others but I couldn’t pinpoint exactly what the difference was. But you’re right it’s case-sensitive. Now we can fix it. will be worked on. cheers.