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  1. Sporadic

    Christmas Update Suggestion

    Sure. But if you want to give it to someone specific just do it in person.
  2. Did I travel back in time or are you guys getting the band back together?
  3. What we really need is to all have a good look inside ourselves to see how we can help make the server better through our behavior rather than point blame outwards for our woes, but I’m tired from the work week so sassy remarks will have to do.
  4. So to sum up your ideas to make LotC great again are: Stop moderating people who repeatedly break rules and roleplay in bad faith Allow extensively banned Players to come back as a “trial” Stop enforcing rules that serve as protection against these players Wish I could find a flaw...
  5. Sporadic

    A Crow Flies Once More

    if you leave now the bullies win 🤔
  6. Sporadic

    ooc chat

    What a trainwreck... Four pages of jokes and the nature of free speech and whether or not you’re allowed to say whatever you want on the internet. You are. Sure. But would it really kill us to give the impression of a community that is kind and respectful towards one another? 501 has always resisted any and all attempts towards making OOC not the default channel for new people to end up in. And as long as that’s true, it’d be really swell if the first impression of this community isn’t this kind of talk.
  7. I sanction this thread, whatever that means. The 3 of you who I brought up are the most serious from what I’ve seen about a mechanically-based economy system. You also have vastly different opinions. How to achieve it, therefore, probably will require a lot of discussion. So it’s up to you to work through it and reach a consensus that also appeals to a majority of the community. With this, I wish you the best of luck, because I know it won’t be easy. Anybody else with a proactive attitude that you can involve in this will also be welcome. In the meantime I’ll be working through a 1.13 setup that will hopefully be self-sufficient enough to the point that I have time to actually code something. @SeventhCircle will also have to be convinced since he’s the most involved with 7.0 and can do the resource nodes, scarcity, and most importantly decides how land is to be distributed (real estate being one of the most valuable resources for nations). Cheers.
  8. Sporadic

    Admin Update Pt. 1

    You’re welcome :) No in all seriousness it was “a parting gift for Britt”. I admit I was wrong about guest apps. I really wanted to have a statistically significant sample on it though to figure out what stood between newbies and premium minecraft roleplay. Now we have that. My sincere apologies to all AT past and present that had to put up with it along the way.
  9. Sporadic


    Thanks for making the thread this way. The results from the first question are not particularly surprising. Custom Foods and Extra Crafting options are very popular, while RPG-like items are not. Luckily people much smarter than me have already figured this out and so I would predict extra food options aren’t too far away now. 1.13 is our major hurdle: When it is completed you will also be glad to know Minecraft Recipe book has received extended options that will make it possible for us to extend the book to make easy, clickable custom item recipes right into the vanilla crafting window (hopefully... I’ll keep you posted 😉 ) . We will be able to do the same for Furnace recipes. The combination of which should make a custom crafting system a possibility. What is also not surprising is that despite the clamors in mid-Axios that Nexus was absolutely abysmal in every conceivable way, that very few people (5 out of 58 by time of posting) voted that they didn’t like anything from Nexus at all. I very humbly implore the community take a lesson from this and understand this is why angry feedback threads filled with hyperboles aren’t usually met with a kneejerk changes. What is rather surprising is that the sum of people that want PvP-light gear is larger than the people that want nothing at all. What we will do with this information is unknown at this time, but it made me look differently at the Berserker Axes added differently which, while not strictly stronger, are different from regular swords.
  10. Sporadic

    Petition to replace Hou-Zi or Kha with Ratmen

    No man of reason would deny us the ratmen and you better not hide my post
  11. Sporadic

    Petition to replace Hou-Zi or Kha with Ratmen

    What has made you so angry?
  12. Just received this harrowing private message. The IP matches yours. Thoughts?
  13. Sporadic

    7.0 Annoucement!

    That won’t be an issue. Unlike 501, we don’t have ambition 🙂 But for real stability > showmanship this time around. Everything should be ok.
  14. This is ideal, but not how it can be. There's too much precedent for people who have expanded the rules of combat far beyond what is representable mechanically.
  15. Sporadic

    7.0 Annoucement!