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  1. [Fixed]CEX Creature Slot

    Thank you for your bug report. We've looked into the issue and are marking it as fixed. Please do not hesitate to report continued or other issues to us.
  2. Extended Cards update.

    As far as I'm concerned the slower regeneration is such a setback that nobody will want to be any of these creatures in a PvP situation. They are purely convenience buffs meant to give immersion to players that usually resolve their conflict through RP fighting anyway. For them, this set of buffs is nice. For anybody else not so much. If anybody does choose to abuse it for PvP I promise you that finding players who don't have a valid CA is extremely easy and we will bring the hammer down on these people. But I don't think anybody will due to the regeneration debuff. We also considered a weakness to gold weapons and might have a poll for this in the future, but this is going to be a bit more difficult to get working. I've discussed with fellow LT and the problem is that using this as a balancing tool is that it leaves a few creatures (e.g. Golems and Tree Lords) in a VERY beneficial situation: They would have both no weakness to gold AND the above immunities. We don't want to accidentally create mechanical "tier lists" for creatures which should be chosen based on RP motivations. For people lamenting our buff policy: we did excessive polling and this is the majority opinion. In fact, it is the supermajority opinion. I've never seen a poll outcome this decisive since that one about Telanir and Beast having to be kicked after the whole Full Disclosure drama llama. That includes polls we took on Nexus, Diamond Armor, 1.9 combat, and everything else that was so heavily discussed at the end of Axios. Especially note that the aforementioned drama was about Devs listening to community opinion, which we are hereby doing: Players don't want PvP buff for regular races, but they do want convenience buffs for these creatures. Done and done.
  3. [✗] [Plugin Suggestion] Player Tangibility

    Topic moved to 'Denied Server Ideas'.
  4. [✗] [Plugin Suggestion] Player Tangibility

    The player collision check has been one of the more lag-creating things in what is already the biggest CPU hog of our MC server currently. We can't bring it back in any form. Sorry.
  5. Fix problems Instead of just staring at them

    You are right it is a massive security flaw. We really want to move to C++ and tried to fix it over the last few years. The problem has been that Telanir wrote all the Nexus code on his mac, an Apple product. So of course he wrote in Objective-C instead of just regular C. Normally we'd want to use C++ as it is plus2 and thus a lot better, but of course this doesn't run on Apple due to their copyright methods: they really want to force you to use SWIFT, their new product. Normally this'd be fine but through forced obsoletion (same thing they do with old iPhones) they are furtively introducing all kinds of new bugs in later versions which they refuse to fix so you buy SWIFT. This is why our server got slower over time until we removed Nexus. So yeah, we were forced to use Javascript. Javascript runs fine with mac codes (luckily, else nobody on Macs would be able to use websites with java!!) but of course, but this does mean we inherit a lot of Python's problems as its a python-like language. Since python is the main web development language (alongside firefox) we run into a lot of bugs from people trying to use their browser to connect to our server, which as you aptly pointed out can theoretically cause people to abuse our polls. They would need to find a hacked browser for this though which are illegal.
  6. This players questions have been answered and the situation resolved. Should you wish to have this reopened, please PM me your reasons why it should be so.
  7. [Fixed]CEX Creature Slot

    Thank you for the report. I see the issue and will fix it shortly.
  8. Extended Cards update.

    Starting next restart: We will have hunger/drowning immunity where appropriate. If you notice a Creature that has them but shouldn't or doesn't have them but should please report here. My fingers may have slipped here and there. To balance these boons, Creatures with hunger immunity regen at 1/4th normal speed and won't have any saturation speed-healing, although due to maximum hunger they will regen constantly. You can now add a Culture tag to your Persona. at will. Only use this for actual RP-supported cultures. Note that if you abuse the Culture and Creature tags (that is, enter a meme culture or apply a Creature tag without a proper CA attached) you will get tech blacklisted and will have certain PEX taken away from your account indefinitely. This is done by adding you to a blanked PEX group which takes away a range of PEX that will range beyond the permission you abused. You don't want to be on this list. So be smart and don't abuse the system for malicious ends.
  9. Fix problems Instead of just staring at them

    And as soon as we determine that the North Koreans care about whether or not creatures on LotC have hunger immunity I will make the poll results public :^)
  10. Fix problems Instead of just staring at them

    Whatever happened to "do what the majority of players want!!"? :^)
  11. Allow Players To Open Shops At CT

    It's a controversial topic; some people might not like that. Personally I am fine with it. First of all I'd like to see some people step up and say if they'd be interested in being an active shopkeep at CT.
  12. Topic moved to 'Noted Server Ideas'.
  13. The poll "Should creatures have hunger and drowning immunity if this is lore-appropriate?" has ended with 426 voting "Yes" and 151 voting "No"

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    2. Dreek


      i suddenly have an urge to play a special beast who can regen faster than normal players in fights and camp at the bottom of rivers

    3. Sporadic


      @Master Sage Delaselva Actually the reason we removed diamond armor is because the majority wanted it removed :D


      @Teegah werent you leaving?


      @Quirkyls someone else made those polls so someone else will handle em


    4. TitanOfTheDepths



  14. Fine then since I want people to know I'm also an LM. Still waiting for that 9.50 though :thinking: The issue is that a lot of the groups are set somewhat wacky. For now I've set a PHP flag that makes sure duplicate icons aren't added. This is not a beautiful solution but it works as you can see (since I'd normally get Lore Team twice for being part of multiple forum member groups giving LT as an icon). Another issue is that sometimes Admins/Directors dont set member groups correctly and they end up with no VIP group alongside their staff group (which I noticed I had as an issue). T'works though. I might switch out the theme to use with this new feature later on.