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  1. [mart] Deck Of Many Things

    Not at random. The ET can choose to include it as part of the event, as a reward afterwards, or as a kickoff to an e event. But no ET is forced to put this item in their story. yeah ok I added it but it's quantum mechanics so enjoy. Also updated some other stuff from people who slid into my dms.
  2. Burgûl'dagul, The Mischievous Spirits

    Okay that is pretty cool and I like the way you wrote it. This isn't the first trickster archetype lore I've seen, but it's nice to see this as a creature. I am especially pleasantly surprised you managed to avoid all of the things common in CAs that I get peeved about, so thank you very much for that. The first part though, the Mortal Tresspass, seems very un-interactive though. Also I am not quite sure if you meant for people to make a CA to allow their character to be consumed by a creature like this, or if you meant for some random NPC to be the starting point of someone making a CA. You may want to expand on their relationship with the Farseers a bit, though. You say Farseers can banish the imps. But how this might happen, I don't quite get. If these creatures need to hijack a Farseer for a spirit walk would the Farseer almost notice? If not, how often? And what are the governing rules for this?
  3. When people complain about antags motivation such as the above are usually something the community objects to. I can see the theme you are going with here, and I'm not opposed. But without the appropriate level of depth there's a significant risk that players will resent the one-dimensionality. Previous antags have been retconned for this reason.
  4. It... kinda reads like a biography of a PC that someone had played from Aegis. Perhaps a very advanced player character someone got very attached to. Except this character is grandfathered to its current situation instead of having learned and experienced all these things themselves ingame. This may be a good thing or a bad thing. At its worst, it could be a ET trying to quicken a character to maxed out development so they can be OP without putting in the effort. This is not the case here, since you yourself aren't ET. And since, in essence, any ET can pick up this storyline, it's of course not a personal boon. However in practice, I can fully imagine this is going to become a single ETs char, if that. But bottom line this lore focuses a lot on a very excessive backstory and way less on what a player will/should/can experience on the front end. That is, there's way too little about what would happen if an ET is going to make somebody encounter Buuzk. All this history is not all that important for an ET creature in my humble opinion. Thus, I don't think the priorities this lore has chosen are right.
  5. Fix Defender Default

    RP fights are only ever going to be fair if both players act in good faith and actually RP fight because they enjoy it, and not as a way to "not lose". You can make a million emote length standards but essentially it always comes down to whether or not somebody is willing to take the eL
  6. [Lore Sub] Golem Launcher

    Doesn't actually launch Golems -1 . No tis good but you are flirting a bit with the techlock here. I think there's going to be a bit of a discussion on which side of the "no steam engines" rule this falls. As you may know there's been a bit of an uproar when runecannons were allowed and normal cannons weren't. I'll admit I'm not the most knowledgeable on this but I intend to find out the specifics eventually. As far as the lore itself goes it's good but I find it hard to picture the contraption even using the picture of the MC creation and the way you described it. I can't quite construct the mechanical contraption in my head. I end up just seeing a metal trebuchet with some steamy stuff coming out of the pivot. Maybe a schematically drawing would help or maybe a description per component to help put it all together-- or maybe I'm just visually impaired. Either way good luck
  7. Appoline | Aengul of Harmony

    Perhaps fleshed out isn't the best term to use. I don't necessarily mean longer I just mean creative and original so that people feel it really adds a unique value to the existing pantheon of Aengudaemons.
  8. [Daemon] Ydea

    Wrong. It's a bit awkward to be here since i just posted this spiel on another Aengudaemon: But as a fellow LT you probably know this. You also know what happened to the last Aengudaemon who was voted on, specifically Argos the Daemon of war, which got denied (albeit narrowly) for being too cookie-cutter as it's "Daemon of War" concept. You also know some LT are of the opinion there's too many Aengudaemons and will be hard to convince to vote anything but N by default. Now I think the Memory Daemon has got what it takes as I personally believe it to be a very interesting kind of concept. But I've been wrong about these things before. So in the end all I can say is I like this. But I would change the "Gave WXYZ to each of the 4 brothers" piece as this is a bit of an overly familliar trope already used by Aerial/Iblees in creation lore. Since you'll have to strive for maximum originality, it's best to not have anything that looks derivative. But again, that's not me.
  9. Appoline | Aengul of Harmony

    I dunno I personally welcome the idea of new Aenguls, so I guess I'm in opposition to most of the comments here below. I also don't think shorter lore and a peaceful type of Aengul is grounds for denial. This is because I don't believe the lore that was submitted by people that just happened to get here first is necessarily the best lore nor should it, considering the original writers often went inactive, cause budding new creative minds to find locked doors everywhere because all the obvious stuff has already been claimed. I personally propose a lore system where written lore cycles way more often and quickly to keep it fresh, However, the above is a bit of a tangent and points towards a whole different discussion. Mine is definitely a minority opinion among the LT. Instead, to help OP out here's the consensus among the team: Aengluls generally don't get accepted unless they are thoroughly fleshed out and fill a unique new profile that isn't yet covered by any of the other deities LotC has. You will have to check the entirety of the current pantheon and make sure you don't step on any toes. You will also need a creative twist to a generic concept to surprise and delight the people judging the piece. Best of luck.
  10. [✗] [ET and LT] Celestials

    This Lore has been denied. Topic moved to Denied Lore forum.
  11. [Druidic Subtype] Wardens of Cernunnos

    Great stuff. Well-written, thematically consistent and well balanced with a lot of added downsided. Here's my notes. You repeat yourself on this in the first two paragraphs. What about animals tamed by someone else? Could my horse be commanded "with little regard to themselves" just ride itself off a cliff in order to kill my PC? What about less insane scenarios like someone's loyal wolf just turning on them? You've got a run-on sentence here. I do feel like it's worth pointing out how similar this is in motivation to the previously considered "Ferals" lore. Although the origin and physiology and abilities is radical difference their allegiance to Cerunnos is very similar. This is worth realizing for future compatibility and lore unification.
  12. Druidism Addition [Feat] Druidic Transcendence

    A druid-shaman friendship agreement? Count me in. This, however, is a very important thing to have straightened out first. I can see why the Orcs would not want to volunteer themselves to give Druids a buff without getting anything in return Also, how is this "influenced to move outside of the Fae Ring" catch going to be monitored? I doubt many people will willingly risk themselves getting PK'd and will likely not RP this happening unless there's crystal-clear rules compelling them in some way.
  13. Name of Artifact: The Deck of Many Things MC Name of person(s) currently in possession of Artifact: This is an event item and must be given to players by an overseeing ET. RP Name of person(s) currently in possession of Artifact: None. The deck will present itself randomly to inquisitive adventurers and stay in their possession only a short while. MC Name of creator(s) of Artifact (N/A if not applicable): N/A RP Name of creator(s) of Artifact (N/A if not applicable): N/A Effect(s) of Artifact: ((TLDR: The deck is an extremely unoriginal D&D ripoff featuring high-risk high-reward gambling for people who've gotten bored of the status quo of their character and want to shake things up at enormous risk to themselves.)) The deck of many things is contained in a faded brass case embossed with a 4-pointed star. The case is indestructible and impenetrable by normal or magical sight. Within the deck are 20 cards, each about 7 inches long, 5 inches wide with a metallic finish. Each card back is indistinguishable, but each card face holds a distinct picture hinting towards it effects. Cards may be removed from the deck one at a time. The deck's case will telepathically confer its powers to any one individual holding it. This includes the (potentially harmful) effects of each card. Players of the deck can randomly draw up to three cards, each of which will have a unique and irreversible effect. When three cards have been drawn from the deck, it will irrevocably vanish. Trying to tamper with the deck's intended usage will cause it to vanish. When the player emotes drawing a card, they may roll a 20-sided die, the face of which will determine the card drawn according to the following list: 1) Ruin: all minas owned by the character will vanish from the universe, including banked Minas or Minas held by another character on their behalf (if ET is unsure player will honor this card, contact a tech). 2) Glutton: This card does nothing, but will compel you to use up all of your remaining draws from the deck. 3) Cloak: The player is permanently immune to the effects of non-magical heat and cold. 4) Vengeance: A random creature will appear with the singular intent of killing the player. Suggested creatures are Gravens, Cyclopes, Voidal Horrors, Trolls, Rogue Golems or Aberrants, but is up to the ETs discretion (and dependent on what they can reliably RP as). 5) Serf: The player will become indebted to the first intelligent being they encounter. They will be magically compelled into servitude (all slavery rules apply) for a period of 2 years or until their master unequivocally releases them. All hostile actions against the controlling character are forbidden while under these effects. 6) Savant: The character will receive a momentary flash of brilliance and learn at greatly increased speed. They may increase any of their currently held magics by a single tier (up to T5) permanently, provided the tier to be achieved does not require a teacher or otherwise special requirements. 7) Companion: The character will receive the everlasting friendship of a random animal native to the location of the draw. The animal has no special abilities or intelligence but can understand simple somatic commands of the owner. 8) Might: The character's strength will become Orc-like for a period of 5 years, or Olog-like if character is an Orc. 9) Cabinet: A random item in the character's inventory turns into a ring. When worn, the ring can be transmuted back in the original item on command. 10) Plague: The character is immediately stricken by a magically-natured disease causing fatigue, loss of physical strength and loss of all magical abilities. Magical items, apart from the Deck of Many things, cannot be used and will cause burning agony if wielded. The disease must be cured by a Cleric, Ascended or Druid of at least T4. 11) Lightning: A random weapon held by the character will receive an additional enchantment: Its effects will mimic that of Aurum, and become effective against all creatures weak against Aurum. The physical material of the weapon does not change, however. 12) Patron: The character will begin to heal as if having ingested a powerful potion of regeneration 13) Fool: The character will experience permanent amnesia. Their lowest-tier held magic will reset. 14) Smith: A random metal item in the character's inventory will become weightless. 15) Feast: The character becomes permanently immune to the effects of hunger and thirst. 16) Moon: The character experiences a spell of lunacy lasting 1 month. During their lunacy, they will be compelled to lie about every direct question asked of them and compelled to provoke all characters they perceive to be more powerful than them. The player cannot draw from the deck while a lunatic. 17) Sculptor: Up to two random items in the character's possession (that aren't the deck of many things) will turn to stone, losing all magical qualities in the process (Which items are petrified is to the ET's discretion, and the player must discard them) 18) Crone: The character will immediately and permanently take on the appearance and vitality of an old man/woman of their race. Their remaining lifespan will not change, however. 19) Flame: A random weapon on the character's person will become magically charged: the weapon, excluding the hilt, can be set ablaze on command, although the fire is non-magical in nature. 20) Wealth: A sum of 20,000 minas will immediately materialize before the holder of the deck. When a card is drawn, the effect will resolve immediately and the card will crumble to dust. The same card cannot be drawn twice, and consequent rolls are invalid if they land on a number of a card already drawn. Overseeing ET may add cards at their discretion and ask players to roll higher than 20, but must inform them of the additional options. Red Lines of Artifact: The intention of drawing a card and the corresponding roll must be clearly stated, screenshotted, and performed under the guidance of an overseeing ET/GM. One cannot change their mind about drawing a card after having rolled. Nobody can draw cards on your behalf, and handing off the deck will confer its usage to the new holder. Characters cannot be forced, coerced, or tricked into drawing cards. Cards drawn in this matter will have no effect. Characters must be in their full mental capacity to draw cards from the deck. The deck will not function if players are under magical protections intended to allay the negative consequences of drawing a card. All creatures using the construct, necrolyte or spectre base race cannot use the Deck of Many things. Caleb wanted me to point out you pervs can't use the Serf card for sex or romance stuff, nor any of the other cards for that matter. Effects of the Artifact: The Deck of Many things is a monument to unpredictability and the randomness that govern our lives. Very few magicians are even able to grasp at the exact mechanics that take place in the case that holds the deck. The prevailing theory, however, is that the deck of many things is a pin that so very briefly joins an infinite amount of universes stacked on top of each other. The deck does not so much cause the effects of the drawn card as the drawn card is a depiction of the particular universe the player resides in. An infinite amount of parallel players would simultaneously be drawing an infinite amount of other cards, thus diverging the many universes into every single possible outcome. Number of duplicates of this Artifact: The deck transports through time and space in an unknown manner. Although it is unique, it may exist concurrently at any instance in time. Do you agree to keep the MT updated on the whereabouts and ownership of this Artifact by using the Magic List Errors?: Sure, although not really applicable. Have you applied for this Artifact before, and had it denied? If so, link the app: No.