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  1. the command worked fine you just didnt bother to try it before reporting a bug.
  2. If your dwarf RP isn’t at least this lit don’t bother inviting me:

    1. JokerLow


      Have you tried to play one?

  3. Thank you for your bug report. We've looked into the issue and are marking it as fixed. Please do not hesitate to report continued or other issues to us.
  4. RP fanatics get hype:


  5. The art’s really good. We should show it off on the twitter or something
  6. Downvote ability is now added as a VIP perk

    1. Harrison


      wtf i just bought aether and its not here ? wtf ?

    2. SourDough


      bro uve given me incentive t be vip

  7. Thank you for your bug report. We've looked into the issue and are marking it as fixed. Please do not hesitate to report continued or other issues to us.
  8. All I know is it shows up for me and it’d probably show up for anyone else with Admin rights maybe fireheart will make it show up for you too 😄
  9. Could you maybe make your thread titles a bit more informative?
  10. I made this for you guys a while back. It’s a simply text edit over the current Dev logo, but I figured it would be useful since you’ve made so many updates lately. USE IT AND FINALLY LOOK OFFICIAL.Dev_UPDATES_logo.png

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    2. PosidonX7


      p.s. I know it says game development. But mineman is a game, afterall. I dunno why the department name was changed. For all we know, you guys could be world domination development.

    3. Gilded


      Except Wendy’s is actually funny.

    4. PosidonX7




      The only Wendy’s I like.

  11. Chat System Upgrade TLDR FAQ: Q: how do I leave OOC A: /chat leave OOC Q: how do I talk in rp? A: #rp {message} or just #rp to switch Q: how do I view/change chat settings? A: /chat settings Q: My emotes don’t work / are a weird color / etc A: type /chat settings emotestyle and pick one of the settings. Quotations was the previous default Q: why is it #chat to talk in channels? A: Among other things, it’s because in Minecraft chat is async and commands are sync. Sync execution is done on the main thread which is where 99% of all work is done because Minecraft is not at all multithreaded so it runs the risk of clogging up at times. Starting a message with ‘/’ triggers minecraft to handle your message as a command instead of chat and pass it to us as such. But in doing so it competes with resources with everything else, such as ticking your horses or handling chunk updates or clicks. By relaying chat channels to # we sidestep sync execution and are able to keep chat flowing during server hangs and reduce lag. Q: I prefer the old tablist A: Use /tablist Q: I found a bug A: Post it here Sup LotC, So here is the chat polishing nobody asked for. I know some people have asked before “Why is this necessary?” I might do a dev diary / Remove Nexus Chronicle on the subject but the gist of it is a combination of Sync/Async event idiosyncrasies, the 1.13 Command System supplanting best practices in usage of the “/” character, the fact that the Obelisk custom command registration is a hack I don’t want to rely on, and the need for us as a community to have cross-server messaging in the near future. So with that out of the way I’d like to go over the final version of the changelog, amended in a few ways to accommodate feedback. There will likely be a lot of bugs on release. It's a big system and with big changes come big issues. The channel referencing system has been changed from commands to hashtag. You will no longer be able to use /ooc and /ooc [message]. Instead, use #ooc and #ooc [message]. Ditto for other channels. Most of the previous chat-related commands have been consolidated into the /chat command. Please look there before reporting and "missing" functionality. Also read onward to find explanations on anything that has been removed. Always report any missing (talk) permissions in chat with your MCName and what channel you were using, and what error message you are getting Functionality removed: The [Trade] channel has been removed due to the excess of OOC and low-effort trade being conducted. Stop Move Ping (left click player to ping them) was removed due to an excess of abuse opportunities. Continuity will no longer work on commands such as /edit info. Instead, use /edit moreinfo to add description to an item that already has SOME lore. It will allow up to 1000 characters in length now. PMs have been offloaded to the proxy node. Cross-server PMing is possible but PMs do not respect focus mode (/chat focus) filtering, and no filter exists for it. Also, focusing on a PM channel is not possible as before, but you must use /t and /r each time. Sorry. You should be able to use the OOC channels from the Lobby servers and hear people on other servers. You can no longer uniformize emote colours. Get used to me *smirking defiantly* in hot pink. The chat settings are no longer inside a menu but must be operated through /chat settings instead. Additions: Continuity is now triggered by using a double dash ( -- ) at the end of a message. A space will automatically be interjected when using this. Right now messages of up to ~750 characters are possible but this may be amended. Party chat is back but has also been delegated to proxy so we can have cross-server messaging and I don't waste any time. As a result /party status won't function. Please become familiar with the new party chat system before making reports (NB: to start a party you must join a party with yourself as the target player). /countdown and /emote were rewritten by Textarea (our new coder) and are now part of the lEver command suite. Functionality might change slightly. Report any bugs you encounter. You can now mention teams in-game with the use of @mod @dev @st @ct. Mentions will affect everyone that joined the corresponding staff channel for the team type. I always have my mentions off though so don't even bother. Friends can now be contacted throughout our entire "network" (basically just main and the lobby). Great for PMing people that got AFK kicked. Use /friend to navigate your way through the new system. You now have 3 different “emote styles” to distinguish if your rp text should be speech. The options are explicit, always and quotes. Try them out as you will. Text formatting for ^bold^ and /italic/ are still a Coal VIP+ feature after player feedback. You can now focus chat to only show messages that Mention you or a team you're in. The tab list has been redone to synchronize across our network. By default it organizes by Teams, Friends and VIP ranks. If you prefer the old unordered player list, you can toggle it with /tablist, which works except it is also ordered by staff rank (staff before vips before plebs). I’m running an experiment with VR mods. Specifically we have a mod called ViveCraft off the server which allows you to act out and receive body movements through VR (assuming you have the controls to make it happen). To make this work you need to have a client-side mod which can be found here. Note that this is an experiment which means it may be removed without notice and at any time. Thread isn’t locked. Go for it.
  12. Maybe buy a subscription for one of these bad boys
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