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  1. Just received this harrowing private message. The IP matches yours. Thoughts?
  2. Sporadic

    7.0 Annoucement!

    That won’t be an issue. Unlike 501, we don’t have ambition 🙂 But for real stability > showmanship this time around. Everything should be ok.
  3. This is ideal, but not how it can be. There's too much precedent for people who have expanded the rules of combat far beyond what is representable mechanically.
  4. Sporadic

    7.0 Annoucement!

  5. Probably but we'll write something to redirect "*message" to the emote channel and "((message" to the correct looc channel.
  6. Some concern here and there about the chat plugin. To wrap that one up VentureChat has almost all of the features of the current chat plugin. There's channels, local chat, ooc chat, party chat, emotes, persona cards, and most everything else. Some features lost include customizable emote colors, mumbling and continuity (aka auto " this is my message-" buffering). There'd be a much smaller compatability plugin to preserve all other features. In return we are able to preserve chat logging, which was jeopardized by HawkEye being discontinued. We'll also gain on discord integration and cross-server chat which is the crucial first step in splitting server load and eliminate lag.
  7. I don't know how impatient people are, but I wanted to make sure people were in the loop as to why 1.13 is taking so long. Tofuus and I (but mostly Tofuus) have been updating the possibility on getting all the plugins 1.13 ready. This is somewhat daunting of a task, but there's luckily some progress that was made both on our side and that of the bukkit plugins. However, there's also many obstacles. Here's an overview. TLDR: certain features you've taken for granted will disappear. Worlds will break. Everything will take time and cost money 1.13 Spigot status is still officially in "development" status but is getting more stable. We might try to update on this map, although its just as likely we won't / have a temp map. Either way expect stuff in the current world to break when we officially make the switch. Break badly 🙂 Despite this md5 is a genius and a diligent Spigot release scheme has made most of our off-the-shelf plugins immediately functional in 1.13 HawkEye, our block logging plugin, is officially discontinued in 1.13. Because the logging is so closely related to the names of materials this one will very likely no longer work properly. This means we have to switch to the only option left available: CoreProtect. This will cause a lot of feature loss and a very big work effort to get the transition going, and can be considered the major holdup. The alternative is to do away with block logging, but suffice to say the GMs don't trust you guys 😉 NoCheatPlus is discontinued and likely not functional with the 1.13 protocol. I doubt this will upset anybody ArcheCore works, but we might turn off seasons altogether for 1.13 Our version of WorldEdit is mostly okay but important people up in the coding community have recommended against its usage. What we end up doing here is mostly a judgment call, but the choices are stability (less world corruption chance) vs speed (ability to do calculations without upsetting the main game loop). Regardless of which option is chosen we might have to ask people to use large WE operations sparingly or during server valley hours. NPCs have been very difficult to make compatible but Tofuus has been giving it his best efforts and succeeded. Most smaller plugins should work fine except when they do fancy/stupid stuff that calls the Minecraft code directly. Our disguise plugin has gone premium in 1.13 and might not be available. This breaks mob Hunting and the ETs ability to be a minecraft mob. Obelisk gets to be in a category all of its own: Most Obelisk modules should work out of the box Data conversion is really difficult for Obelisk modules because things are encoded in Base-64 for reasons beyond my comprehension. This makes it even more likely we will just move to a temp map when this 1.13 stuff is done. Our chat plugin named RPEngine is the largest issue as it is utterly chaotic and not maintainable. To prevent future dev suicide urges we will likely use this opportunity to switch it out for an off-the-shelf plugin like VentureChat. However, you can expect a lot of feature loss to occur from this, for example the continuity feature or the mumbled speech through walls.
  8. Sporadic

    Community Meeting Upcoming!

    Second... damn i knew i should've reserved a slot will edit
  9. Sporadic

    Admin Promotions

    https://lotc.buycraft.net/ should still work if you use PaymentWall. Mainly the redirect is broken for some reason.
  10. Sporadic

    Haelun'or, High Elves and Feedback

    I'd like to chip in 2 minas too: I was only involved with Helves a relatively short while, in Asulon. Massive props to the people currently hustling to keep the Mali'Aheral up on their feet and sticking with it through all this time. To me, it was insanely stressful. I can only say I sympathize and admire the people who've managed to kept everything up on their feet, through the good times and the bad. When the city does well it quickly acquires a lot of haters. People tend to not like the IC snobbishness and sometimes this leaks over into OOC 😞 . Not pointing fingers one way or the other btw, just reminding High Elves to laugh it off and not take anything too seriously. Even in a climate that is increasingly more raid-heavy, just shrug and RP the 30 minute forgetful window. None of it matters OOC. Nothing is a more satisfying answer to "your city will be dead soon if you don't fix your attitude" claims by sticking around for 5 years Kalenz is undeniably the greatest High Elf RPer there ever was but don't emulate Kalenz unless you are confident you have the same amount of time available and the same talents and tenacity that Connor has. Being in that position is not easy; there'll be a lot of vituperative people coming your way. I like racism better when it's subtle rather than outright. Leave the violent and conflict-instigated racism to the human playerbases. The High Elves don't have the numbers to back it up anyway; its RP centers around quality rather than quantity (although quantity is also important). Be funny! The greatest High Elves delivered their snobby, elitist, self-important attitude with a smile. Again, the humans have the grimdark alt-history xenophobia down to a pat so why take that road? Introducing humor into the interaction reminds people it's all in good fun. It's better to keep the lore simple and let every individual decide how to interpret it. High Elves have always been blessed by very engaged and creative character builders, and if you give them enough room to play around you end up with things that will pleasantly surprise you. It is very unfortunate there's always a wedge being driven between High Elves and the other Elven Races. This was never meant to happen. High Elves are designed as a foil for the Wood Elves, but for some reason in history the two were always plotting to overthrow and/or genocide each other. It's too intense. They can trade jabs back and forth and be nasty to each other but there should be an underlying acknowledgement that they are all in the same boat. Internal conflict doesn't always have to conclude in violence. If this is done right it can be good for all elven RP, not just helves. Don't make the cities so big. This is mostly LC's fault but for some reason people always have this urge to build the maximum amount they possibly can... but then they can't actually fill the city up with enough active RPers. When High Elf RP dwindles they usually default to "The Tomb" or similar, and it's usually a lot of fun despite being compact and architecturally uninspiring. If at all possible, don't make separate cities for High Elves and Wood Elves at all. But of course these are all personal opinions and it's up to every individual currently involved with Haelun'or to take things how they wish.
  11. Sporadic


    @AT I think the underscore (_) is wrong please confirm and /accept if necessary.
  12. Not necessarily the best place to see it for visibility. I just post here cuz I like to have my blog on archive. Either way with 1.13 you might see something on this from our coders 😉
  13. Sporadic


    Your poll results are neck to neck. When bringing back Nexus is a decision between upsetting one half of the playerbase or the other half, I'll pick the one that's less work. @Man of Respect it's time for you to face reality. These daily "Bring Back Nexus" status updates aren't getting us anywhere. Perhaps if you start identifying specific parts of Nexus you liked some coder will be able to bring those into the game for you without having to upset half of LotC.
  14. It's time to stop memeing about Nexus in status updates and check the Remove Nexus Club

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      I appreciate you Sporadic

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      Is stating opinions memeing?

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      @The_Real_Draegon if your opinion is a meme then yes

  15. The Remove Nexus Chronicles Will Nexus Come Back? Short Answer: No Long Answer: There's been an argument going on in status updates for several days/weeks now by a few dedicated individuals who want to see some features of Nexus reintroduced. In a nutshell these are all advocates for a mechanically feature-rich Roleplay Server as opposed to the feature-light philosophy that the Dev Team has committed to in Atlas. Certainly, with the stagnation that always comes when maps pass the halfway mark of their lifetime it is natural that people just want " more things to do". There's also been a distinct lull in staff proactive-ness which many people blame many different causes for, further reinforcing the stagnation. Indeed, then, any system, even one as grindy and antithetical to roleplay as Nexus might seem like a welcome diversion from the monotony. So why aren't we just "reactivating" the plugin? Maybe bring it back temporarily while we wait for 7.0? Why don't we just take SOME features which SOME people might have liked and release Nexus-lite? The reasons for this are many, but there's 4 I'd like to discuss off-the-cuff with you all today. Reason 0: Roleplay IS the content I really can't put it any easier than this. At the end of the day, this IS a roleplay server. Content plugins such as the Magic Plugin and the Skills Plugin have been pitched in Aegis and Asulon as a way in which Roleplay can be guided and enhanced. However, this is no longer Aegis. LotC has grown far beyond anything that could be encompassed by a mechanical plugin. We have a massive history, endless lore, and an amount of playstyles equal to the amount of players we have on this server. Every single one of you has their own unique way in which they enjoy LotC. And your only limitation to this enjoyment is your imagination (and the server rules!!). Nexus, on the other hand, is a mechanical plugin governed by global rules and hard limitations. It's a plugin that tells you what you can't and cannot do. And in order to make a plugin function it needs rules which are universally valid. This runs amok with the way a lot of people choose to enjoy this game. Not everybody falls neatly within the context of Blacksmith or Stonemason or Mage. In fact almost nobody does. To force people to pick such "professions" kills a lot of the magic of LotC (the metaphorical kind, not evocation). Nexus is a lot like a vending machine were people need to chuck in coins (in the form of grind) in neatly-defined slots in order for the candy to pop out. This experience takes away from what is most important on this server: To tell a story, and to share an experience with other people. In more recent plugins, I've opted for a much lighter experience where centralization is key. Hunting and Caravans are both plugins that are relatively light and force people to come together in the same space in order to enjoy it. For better or worse, this have let to people meeting each other in a way they wouldn't have before. The grind, furthermore, is not mandatory as Minas are not strictly necessary to gain a PvP advantage. While you might have your qualms with the plugins, they are at the very least unobstructive to the main attraction on this server, which is Roleplay. Reason 1: The Inescapable Cycle Anybody that's been lurking feedback threads as long as I have knows there's a cycle the forums go through. A feature is introduced, and the people who hate it take to the forums and ask for its removal. The feature is then amended, but for the really discontent people this isn't enough, so eventually whatever was the issue gets removed. Then the people who actually liked the feature want it to go back the way it was, and so the cycle continues. Limited Creative is the best recent example, but similar things can be seen in the never-ending "Remove Freebuild" vs. "Bring Back Freebuild" discussion that starts with every new map. More vs Less Nations is also popular, when any removed Nation will take to the forums and demand the criteria for nationhood be revised, which will inevitably only lead to a surplus of nations requiring the tightening of the rules once more. Should Nexus be brought back in any form, it will be greeted by the same people who hated it before and still do now. Although many people consider the Energy System an improvement, there were just as many who vehemently oppose any kind of resource gating on a Roleplay server. There's also dedicated Lore Keepers who were against the conflicts of the mechanical nature of the plugin against the free creativity of lore. There were a lot of discontents. Nexus was a massive project and it wasn't discarded "just because". It in fact took months of (ultimately futile) tweaks and rebalancing, and subsequent criticism on these measures, before the plug was finally pulled on the project. People who liked Nexus probably never saw the forum as much as I did in those days, but you will just have to trust me that the Remove Nexus camp was large, and they weren't the friendliest or most reasonable of chaps. Reason 2: Time Investment Big projects require a time investment much longer than pretty much any other team's project. Nexus, for example, would require no less than a year of coding up to a release, followed by at least 6 months of heavy rebalancing of the various features, and a lifetime of light tweaking and rebelancing as the community shifts and evolves. This is a huge time investment. Even just "reactivating" Nexus won't just work out of the box. The codebase of LotC has since changed to be completely incompatible, and Nexus had become a very unstable beast to begin with. Just getting to the point we left off would take a large amount of work. And this is the Nexus that so many people hated to begin with. To actually begin improving the system beyond its foundations to a point where it will be welcomed by the majority will take a lot of planning. Planning which will likely require multiple teams to work together and give their opinions, but only a single or duo of coders to actually do all of the heavy lifting. I like to think in similar terms whenever someone comes to me with a "Magic Plugin". I know that coding such a thing, given the amount of highly divergent lore we have, would be an absolute mammoth of a task. There's been a lot of people in the past that have wanted to code such a thing, but I just know they won't have the willpower to push through a hesitant community for the better part of a year. It's in fact an arduous journey a coder will have to go through to make a fully completed Magic Plugin. It's going to take a really special person to pull it off. Reason 3: Opportunity Cost Devs don't just code and produce content plugins for the community to enjoy. Our task list is expansive and any commitment to one task means less time to spend on the other. If nothing else, the day-to-day maintenance, bug-fixing and support queries make up a sizable chunk of work. And we're a small team. Our caurrent team has individuals such as Seventh and Wrynn who can focus on smaller content plugins, but the main crew is either inactive (such as myself and 501) or focusing on more important things such as updating to Minecraft 1.13 (Tofuus) or facilitating functional tools for an increasingly complicated staff roster (Kowaman). Without a doubt there will be people who (rightly) point out I should just quit if I am inactive. And that's fair. However a large amount of this server runs on code I've written so it's likely better for all of you if I stick around just in case things get out of hand. Beyond that my time is my own to spend how I'd like, and right now I am just not too inspired to launch any large content updates for LotC. However, I did release smaller content updates that I believe worthwhile without obstructing RP (Hunter, Caravans) and pushed work on things I believe in such as the application and voting overhaul. In Conclusion I wrote a lot, so thank you if you actually chose to read through it all. I didn't go back and edit because I want this to be a honest, from-the-heart discussion where we don't diss each other or point fingers or act like we know better than everyone else. So to conclude I invite you to pitch in your own thoughts about this server and how you interact with the content plugins in it. Which ones you enjoy, which ones you'd like to see, and which ones you can live without. Also let me know how Nexus has affected your roleplay and how the way you roleplay has changed after it, if at all. Hugs and kisses, Sporadic.