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  1. ❆ Kelric Leodan Atmorice ❆ ~General Information~ ~Status~ A Descendent of the Atmorice Bloodline ~Nicknames/Aliases~ Kel / Keli / Leo / Leodan ~Race~ Mali’fenn ~Gender~ Male ~Birth~ 13th of Malin’s Welcome, 1645 ~Height~ 5’7” ft. ~Weight~ 145 lbs. ~Place of Residency~ Princedom of Fenn ~Further Information~ ~Languages Spoken~ Common - Primary Language Ancient Elven - Second Language ~Religion~ Wyrvun’fiyem ~Philosophy of Life~ “Life is but a reality to be experienced.” Leo wants to live life to the best of his ability. He always tries to find the good in everything and wants to do as much as he can before it is too late. He also strives to be the best that he can be, whether that is a talent of his or himself as a person. Leodan knows that there will always be those dark and tough moments in his life, but really he likes to think of them as challenges for him to overcome. ~Personality~ Leodan displays a cold exterior and appears to be pretty distant at first. but once one takes the time to get to know him, he is actually a sensitive, loyal, and caring person. Though, his work is a huge priority for him and he will spend most of his days honing his abilities and improving his talents. Of course, he loves to take time to socialize with others like his close friends or family. Family is also an important aspect in his family and he will willingly risk his life for his loved ones. This also applies to his friends and snow elven kin as well. Leo is gifted at hiding his anger. Even though he is a pretty calm person, he never forgets when others wrong him. it will take quite a lot to enrage him. ~Flaws~ No matter what he does, he feels it’s never good enough. He cannot help but see it in his victories, little defeats, and failures. If he were stronger, faster, smarter, or more powerful, maybe he could be better. However, stuck in the mind and body he has, he feels he‘s destined to never be the best that he wishes he could be. Because of this, he will often overwork himself. ~Talents~ Performing - Leo has always loved performing but often gets self-conscious over his ability to dance well. In particular, he specializes in contemporary dance. Figure-Skating - If he ever comes across a frozen body of water, he will always take up the chance to skate if given the chance. It is a sport that he values greatly and he spends most of his free time practicing on his skates. Horseback Riding - Leodan loves horses and animals for that matter and makes a great cavalryman. Lance Wielding - His bloodline specializes in wielding lances, spears, bows, and swords. He has decided to focus on fighting with the lance and has proven to be rather skilled. Knife Throwing - Other than lances, he also took an interest in throwing knives. He is training to be much more accurate with his throws, but is nonetheless a pretty decent knife thrower. ~Physical Attributes~ ~Body~ He exhibits a more thinner stature, but does have some muscle. ~Hair~ Long, pale blond hair. ~Skin~ Very fair skin that is cold to the touch. ~Eyes~ Icy blue ~Clothing~ ~Further Information~ ~Likes/Dislikes~ Liked Beverages: Most Teas Liked Foods: Most Stews Liked Colours: Light Blue & Purple Liked Flora: Athin & Frost Vine Liked Fauna: Snow Wolf & Horse Other Likes: Dance, Arcane Magics, Reading & Ice Skating Disliked Beverages: Grape Juice Disliked Foods: Mushrooms Disliked Colours: Bright Yellow Disliked Flora: Elrow Berries Disliked Fauna: Cave Cow Other Dislikes: Heartlessness, Laziness ~Relations~ Name: Arnaris Atmorice Relationship: Mother Details: - Name: Lothric Atmorice Relationship: Father Details: - Name: Antelyeun Atmorice Nickname: ’Ante’ Relationship: Twin Brother Details: They are identical twins and have grown up together. Despite being side by side for nearly their whole lives, they can’t be any more different. As almost all siblings do, they tend to fight sometimes due to their opposing views and differences, but in the end they always make up. Leo is often the one getting Ante out of trouble. Name: Chrom’ilvya Atmorice Nickname: ’Chrom’ Relationship: Older Sister Details: - Name: Jakir Atmorice Relationship: Older Brother Details: - Name: Eldrin Atmorice Relationship: Eldest Brother Details: - Name: Tinuviel Atmorice Relationship: Eldest Sister Details: - ~Romantic Relationship(s)~ He has never been in a romantic relationship before but is interested in starting a relationship one day. ~Inventory~ ~Other~ Leo wishes to study the Arcane Magics and someday become a Master Arcanist. He also longs for the ability to influence the world around him, whether that’s as small as a village or as large as a plane of reality. [[If bio setup is used please credit me, please! -TheLilNewt]]
  2. Please don’t meta-game the above information! Thank you!
  3. (Amonia Haglinadal) Name: Amonia Vanayaviel Haglinadal Nick Names: Vana Meaning for her name: She does not have an actual meaning for her name, but her nickname is from her middle name. Gender: Female Age: Unknown Race: Wood Elf Traits: She is very kind to others and protects those in need. She does not judge by their looks or race. She loves to spend time with her friends and can be serious at times. Abilities: She is very skilled with the bow and can run very fast. She can also speak to animals. Disabilities: She does do well in close-combat, she can wield a sword, but is not that well. Likes: She likes to explore and be away from other people in the woods with the animals, where she thinks it is peaceful and quiet. Dislikes: She doesn't like someone being treated wrong, because she believes everyone is the same and deserves to have a fair life. Appearance: She has natural long red hair and dark green eyes. She never puts her hair up. Tattoos/Scars: She has a big scar on her chest that she got when she was a little younger. Ambitions: To have a big family Religion: N/A ================ Family ================ Parents: Unknown Husband: Limdur Erusirdil Gwaloth Daughter: Eruniel Valanae Gwaloth Brother: Glanar Thalion Haglinadal ================ Pets ================ She has a bird named Toben. ================ Bio ================ Amonia was the youngest of her family with a brother, Glanar, who was about fifteen years older than her. She was very skilled with the bow and always had to use a used and worn bow. She did not have any parents for her whole life, and never knew she had any. She got the scar on her chest by protecting her brother from a man swinging his sword at him, hitting her chest instead. Amonia was very nice when she was little and as she got older, she met a Wood Elf man named, Limdur, who was a big jerk at first, but Amonia saw something in him. Soon he changed and they chose to marry each other. He made her a well made bow that she called 'Lucky Bow' because she would always make bulls eyes with it. When Limdur proposed to her, he gave her a green opal, just like the color of her eyes. Soon she gave birth to a girl, Eruniel, who looked a lot like her mother and had many of her traits as well.
  4. Good job! I really like it. Also, nice job on the art for Tauriel, it looks exactly like her!
  5. IMPROTANT NOTE: Please DO NOT metagame ANY of this information! Thanks!
  6. ꧁ Eruniel ꧂ ~Status~ Alive and Healthy. ~Nicknames / Aliases~ Erun ~ Common Nickname ~Race~ Wood Elf - Mali’ame with traces of Mali’aheral and Human blood. ~Gender~ Female ~Birth~ 27th of Sun’s Smile, 1526 ~Height~ 168 cm. ~Weight~ 50 kg. ~Distinguishable Features~ Her hair has been cut short and large burn scars cover an entire side of her face and a good portion of her right leg. ~Place of Residency~ Irrinor ~Sexuality~ Bisexual ~Personal Information~ ~Languages Spoken~ Common ~ Primary Language Ancient Elven ~ Second Language ~Religion~ Aspectism ~Philosophy of Life~ She is willing to put her life on the line for the safety of those she cares for greatly. She values the lives of her closest friends more than her own. ~Personality~ Eruniel carries an everlasting melancholy about her. She seldom ever smiles and when she ever does, it is rather unconvincing and listless. Her gaze seems perpetually distant and solemn. The elf has little tolerance for nonsense and bears an attitude of getting done what must be done. She is a cold woman, but can open up over time to be a little bit warmer with the people she cares for. She is also very selective with the people she allows into her life. ~Flaws~ Erun has difficulty trusting others. She can also be hot-tempered and has a tendency to be too quick to violence. ~Inventory~ Eruniel is always equipped with an elven blade and a dagger for practical combat. If she knows she is heading into battle she will bring along a bow, as it is her preferred weapon of choice. Erun keeps a book full of intricate and unique armor and weapon designs that contain various styles of ranged and melee weapons. This had became a hobby of hers after her uncle had designed a bow for her and gifted it to her on her fifth birthday. It was her first bow and had became the start of a newfound talent. Her uncle tried his best to teach Erun everything he knew, despite not being the best himself. Like her mother, she was exceptionally talented with the bow. She has been able to keep the bow in great condition after so many years, even after the incident which had caused her to bear her scar. Erun even managed to keep the bow after the transitions from Vailor to Axios and from Axios to Atlas. The bow has a great emotional significance to her and even though she is rarely ever seen with it, she does keep it safely hidden and protected. Unfortunately, since the incident, she could never be the type of archer that she had always wished to be. The burn scar leaves her nearly blind in one eye, her dominant left eye. Not only that, she is cross-dominant, meaning that she is dominant in her right hand. This causes a huge disadvantage in archery where one side of the body is used to aim and shoot. Not only does she like to conjure up various weapon designs, but she also likes to study battle-tactics and the differences in the ways of how the other races in the realm fight and use weapons that are more typical to their specific race. The history, cultures, and languages of the other races fascinates her as well. _________________________________________________ The bow that was gifted to her by her uncle is very unique. It is adorned with feathers, straw, string, carvings, and much more. Funnily enough, it was made using scraps of various things found on his farm. The feathers that are delicately tied onto the handle has some emotional significance. It was Eruniel’s first kill using the bow. It was tied onto the bow after she had successfully hunted and killed a fair sized bird to later eat that night. A couple feathers were saved and used to decorate the bow. The usability and durability of the bow is a bit questionable, but it has much significance behind it. It is now the only piece of her Uncle that Erun has to remember him by. ~Special Skills~ Due to living on a farm as a child, she now knows a lot to successfully growing crops and raising livestock. She is by no means as talented as the Halflings when it comes to farming, but she wouldn’t mind learning a couple of techniques from them one day. She also knows a bit when it comes to smithing, fletching, and making weapons and armor in general. She is nowhere near as skilled as the dwarves, but she wishes to learn more of the art of smelting and shaping blades and the like. ~Physical Attributes~ ~Body~ She is pretty agile due to her thin and slim body. She has a wiry strength. ~Hair~ Short, wavy locks of dark red hair that is sometimes tied into a very small ponytail. ~Skin~ Her skin is lighter than the usual wood elf due to having a family history of human and a bit of high elven blood. For the most part, though, she is primarily a wood elf. She also has little specks of freckles that cover her body. ~Eyes~ Seaweed green eyes. ~Clothing~ ~Likes / Dislikes~ Liked Beverages: Eggnog Liked Foods: Potatoes Liked Colours: Dark Green Liked Flora: Elderwood Liked Fauna: No particular favorite Other Likes: Nature, Culture, Language Disliked Beverages: Carrot Juice Disliked Foods: Mushroom Stew Disliked Colours: Hot Pink Disliked Flora: Cerridwen’s Curse Disliked Fauna: Basilisk Other Dislikes: Fooling around, Small talk ~Important Relations~ Name: Amonia Type of Relationship: Mother Details: Eruniel has no memory of her mother because her parents had mysteriously disappeared after leaving Erun in the care of her maternal uncle. Eruniel was told by her uncle that she had inherited Amonia’s exceptional archery skills. Eruniel sometimes wishes that Amonia had never left, but then again, she never knew what her mother was like in the first place. Name: Erusirdil Type of Relationship: Father Details: Eruniel has no memory of her father because her parents had mysteriously disappeared after leaving Erun in the care of her maternal uncle. Eruniel was told by her uncle that she had inherited much of Erusirdil’s physical traits. Sadly, she doesn’t feel as much of a loss for her father as for her mother due to having another father figure growing up. She still does wonder how things would be different if they never have left her. Name: Glanar Type of Relationship: Maternal Uncle/Guardian Details: After her parents’ disappearance, Glanar raised Eruniel on his farm where she was later taught basic combat and how to raise a farm. Glanar acted as the father figure Eruniel didn’t have. He later died in a fire incident, which was also when Erun was given her burn scars. ~Other~ She has never had a mother figure and thus, generally acts more boyish because she has been exposed to more manlier mannerisms her whole childhood. Erun will never be able to experience what it’s like to have a mother figure in her life, and will always feel that void and emptiness of not having one. Because she has never had a mother, she has trouble projecting affection as strongly and as often as most would. Secretly, she worries whether or not she will be a good mother in the future. Even though she doesn’t want to admit it, she feels a bit of resentment towards her parents for leaving her in the first place with no explanation. She, in a way, blames them for the terrible things that occurred during her childhood. Eruniel also had a fear of fire for a long time after the incident. She now has a deep respect for fire and the damage it could cause if not handled properly. Erun has learned to accept what had happened in the past and move on instead of letting her past memories haunt her for the rest of her life. The scar on her face is a symbol of how she has grown to be the person she is today. After the incident, she was left to wander the streets alone. Erun later befriended a human girl, Abigail Windsor, and was able to take refuge in her adoptive father’s hold located on Dwarven lands. There, she met a mixed dark elven / snow elven servant boy and befriended him as well. A while passes and the residents were forced to abandon the hold, thus leaving Erun homeless once more. Not once did she think about returning back to her own people’s land, as she still felt she was not ready to go back. She spent the rest of her childhood growing up in various Human cities, with Abigail and the once servant boy, Lylion Khainlen, by her side. Over time, their friendship had changed. Lylion’s mental health had started becoming questionable, but Eryniel had not thought twice of cutting the relationship off as he and Abi were her only friends growing up. And, after having lost someone important to her, she couldn’t bear to lose more. As a consequence, she and Abi were emotionally and physically abused and later forced to be his slaves, where more intense physical abuse had ensued. He had even managed to beat Abi enough to where she suffered retrograde amnesia. Fortunately, Abi and Eryn worked together to escape and permanently cut Lylion from their lives forever. Unfortunately, her relationship with Lylion had drastically affected Erun and led her to have serious trust issues. It may also be the cause of her short-temperedness and how she is much more quick to violence than most. The fire incident from long ago had not only caused her to lose her only remaining relative, but also led her to bear her burn scars for the rest of her life. To this day, she still sometimes experiences flashbacks. During her sleep, the nightmares will frighten her back to consciousness, which makes sleep difficult for her. It is not rare to see Eryniel with dark circles under her eyes from lack of sleep, though nowadays it does not occur as often. She hates reliving that night, as it brings her much pain to do so.
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